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I am 52 years old and have had two sets of...

I am 52 years old and have had two sets of implants. My first set was put in 23 years ago and they were saline over the muscle. This set leaked so the Second set was silicone under the muscle. I how have a capsule contracture on the right side and they just look too big on my body, especially in clothes. I have gained 45 lbs. since I got my first set so I know I have more tissue than when I started this journey. I am scheduled for an explant and lift on April 22nd and am of course scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. Thank you to all the ladies that have gone before me and have so graciously and generously shared stories and pictures.

Before photos

Two days...nerves are in high gear

Two more days and its my turn to have these hard bags out of me. I am definitely nervous and not sleeping to well. Its going to be a huge change as I have had these for 24 years now. I am excited too as I don't like how they look or feel as they are hard and my real breast tissue is drooping off the ends of the hard implants that are stuck to my chest wall. Ugh. Trying to stay positive and think of all the real reasons for having these removed ,besides just looks I am sure my health will improve. I have a lot of the symptoms other ladies on here describe and I never realized it could be from my breast implants. Thank you everyone for all the honesty and encouragement on this site. It has helped tremendously. Wish me luck!

Gone! Bye bye

I had my surgery this morning. Came out pretty groggy so didn't ask to see implants. I just wanted to stay asleep! ????. I have one drain on the side where I had the CC. Pain level is about a three maybe, so I have taken two half of Percocet about four hours apart. It turns out my implant was ruptured. I dint know for how long since mammograms didn't show anything. As nervousness as I was, just knowing I got the implants out is a big relief. I also got a lift which is contributing to some discomfort but over all not bad I can tell the numbing is wearing off. Surgery took just about 3 hours. I will get pictures soon. Sorry if this is scattered. I'm a bit groggy.

2 days post op

This is two days post op. Explant with a lift. I thought the Dr. was going to do an anchor lift but it appears to be more of a lollipop lift. Stitches around areola and straight down. Nothing under the breast which is fine with me. They are very bruised and tight at the moment and still taped up. I'm doing really well pain wise. I haven't had any pain killers since 6 hrs after surgery and only Tylenol after that. I must say this is a huge change, but so far I really like the new me and my husband is very complimentary on my new breasts. :-) I don't have any cleavage but I never really did, with the implants I just had a big valley in between. I will get more photos as the days go on.
Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement

Slight depression

Has anyone else felt a sense of loss or slight depression after surgery? Its mild but definitely there. I went and sat out in the sun to get some fresh air and vitamin D to see if that will help. I am already thinking I will need fat transfer but I may just be skewed thinking at the moment. I know it takes time but I see others on here that look so much better than mine the day after surgery.

Drains removed today

Hello, Today I had my drain removed and once again the anticipation was far worse than the actual removal which was quick and painless. Just felt a little weirdness but no big deal. The bruises are still pretty ugly but definitely fading. It is day 6 post op and I feel pretty good. No pain meds needed. I drove today for the first time and after a while I felt sore so was glad to get home to relax. I am looking forward to getting the surgical tape off next week so I can get a better idea of how the stitching looks. They changed it today and I just got a quick peek. still raw looking.


Just a quick update. Today is 8 days since my operation and although I am still far from healed I was able to put on a sundress today and WOW do I feel good. I look so much better without those ugly implants. I could/ would never wear clothes like this before. I was even able to put on a cute jean jacket which I never did before because from the side I looked huge. I am standing taller and just feel so light. This has been such a journey of ups and downs. I knew for 15 years that I wanted them out but due to money and nerves I always procrastinated .Worried about what people might think or say..ugh. So glad I did this. I am anxiously awaiting being able to get into working out and enjoying the summer. Thanks again to all the brave women who are on this site. IT really helped me to go forward with my decision.

Two and a half weeks!

Amazing...that is how I feel everyday single day! I am still healing as I had a lot of bruising but they are coming around nicely. I still have the surgical tapes on over the scars for my lift which may come off this week. I feel absolutely full of energy, which is kind of bad considering I am not suppose to do anything for another week according to my PS. I have been doing light housework, cooking and walking though since about one week out which made my bruising worse but now they are doing great. I love how my breasts feel warm and soft and have their own movement. I am wearing clothes that I never could have worn with those stupid implants....What a waste of time and energy those thing were, not to mention money! But, due to having them I now really appreciate having my real breasts back so much more than I could ever imagine. I feel new and young and light! I know I don't do the best pictures but I am trying :-) I hope this review helps someone out there who is nervous or on the fence about explant. I was SOOO nervous before hand and had a moment of sadness at day four due to the changes. But now I couldn't be happier. Please feel free to ask any questions. I would love to help!


so yesterday I posted a review for my 2.5 weeks and wanted to elaborate a bit more because I am so happy I didn't state all the little things that also are bothering me and I feel ladies should know the whole story. so with that being said. My breasts are not perfect, at this moment the one(right side) with the CC is smaller than the right. Not sure if this is because more tissue was removed when trying to get the capsule out or because they only put a drain on the CC side and the other is still swollen. In addition to that, it seems to be tethered where the implant once was. I know they didn't take out the whole capsule as she thought it would make things look worse. So I just wanted to give the other side of the story as well. But, again I am so happy I did this and I love my imperfect breasts so much better than the implants. Every day I am glad I made the choice and grateful for the ladies on here that went before me and gave such detailed accounts of their journeys. Best of luck to you all

6 weeks

so I am six weeks post op and am healing and changing daily. The worst part is the lift scars although when I am dressed I love the fact that I had the lift but they still have some healing to do. I have ordered some scar gel so hopefully that will help with the healing. I was hoping for a little more upper pole fullness but at this time I am just happy to be natural again. Its been an interesting "adventure" to say the least. I feel at times that I am learning to dress all over again as clothes do fit much different. I love the feel of my breast and the natural movement they have. I know I don't take the best pictures but hope this helps. I am sitting here in a cute Betsey Johnson Bra in a size 36C. I also can wear some D styles but think I am more true to a C cup
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She is a no nonsense doctor who is more concerned with perfection than money. Although I have only peaked at the final results so far they look pretty good.

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