Three Weeks Until Surgery! - Kirkland, WA

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I'm officially three weeks out! I'm still very...

I'm officially three weeks out! I'm still very excited and nervous.. I've wanted a BA ever since I was fresh out of puberty and realized 'they' weren't going to grow anymore! So.. after having my third and final baby (breast feeding too) my husband and I finally decided that it was time! Yipee! My nerves are coming from the results from my last consultation with my doc.. I met with a very nice man who is board certified with extensive experience and through all of my internet searches had one complaint to his many happy customers. That being said, there were a few moments during the consultation that I got a little concerned.. maybe someone can share their insight? I went in explaining what I wanted. I'd like to go from my sad little A cup to a large C or small D. While speaking to my doctor he said that he didn't want me to be known for my 'boobs' after the surgery and wanted me to fee like 'the whole package'.. he was stressing an end result of proportion where I was stressing my distaste for going through all of this and spending $8k to still feel small (I can't imagine going through all of this and STILL wearing a padded bra). He said that 'anything' would feel big from what I'm 'starting with'. -_- .. at the end of the consultation, we agreed on 450cc's of high profile textured silicone implants placed under the muscle. He also said that he's planning on lowering my natural breast fold to add proportion and that he will make the final determination for size while I'm 'on the table'. I'm a bit concerned about what that means to him as it seems that we want different things. Also- the lowering of the breast fold. I'm a bit nervous about the potential for a 'double bubble' after surgery due to some of the other reviews on this site.. I feel a little more confident that we are going under the muscle and that I was a D cup while breast feeding my first baby (I've read that the double bubble can be caused by a surgeon attempting to go too big- because I've already been a D cup, I feel that my body will accommodate that size again nicely). Do any of you have experience with this? If we do go with 450cc's, what size do you think I'll be left with? What's the best way to let my doctor know that I do NOT want to end up with a lackluster C cup? Thank you in advance for your feedback!

5 days until pre-op!

I cannot WAIT! I've been waiting for this for what feels like my whole life! Here are my 'wish boobs'.. Mostly other real self ladies. I tried to find women similar to my in get they are going from an A and getting 425-450ccs. Will be bringing these photos to my doc for pre-op and making sure that he understands what I want. This girl is SO done with padded bras!

A couple more 'wish boobs'

Last two wish boobs! Finally got my leave paperwork submitted at work so I can bum around my house and let my hubby take care of me! My team is sad and I'm not telling them what I mean when I say 'elective surgery' .. Let's see who notices. Ha!

Pre-op today!

I had my pre-op today! after the first consultation I wasn't sure that my doc and I were after the same things so I showed him my wish boobs during our appointment.. Turns it I was worried for nothing.. He had intended to go BIGGER! Woohoo! I'll happily be a small D after surgery on the 19th.. What a relief!

By the way

I forgot to add my stats.. Bummer that the app doesn't let you edit prior posts.. I'm 5ft 9" 130lbs, 34 y/o with 3 kiddos.

Surgery paid for! Countdown begins!

I can't WAIT! Surgery in 11 days! I have my care plan in place (very important as I have a 6 month old) and have requested the time off of work. I'm going to take some before pics so that I can counter this 'boob greed' I keep hearing about ( everyone says they wished that they'd gone bigger..)so that I can remember- and commemorate- my days in the IBTC ????????. I just got a new boss at work and thank goodness they can't ask me what my up-coming medical leave is for! We're having some flux in my department and if they new I was taking two weeks off to get a boob job I know they'd ask me to reschedule! ????

We're in the single digits until surgery!

9 days left on 'the committee' (IBTC)! Very excited! I've heard that I should be sleeping upright for the first couple of weeks following surgery so I should make sure that I have an appropriate nest.. Anything else I should have on hand ladies? Thanks in advance for your advice! :)))

8 DAYS!! 8 DAYS!! 8 DAYS!!

Over the moon! The time can't pass fast enough!

A few more days in the committee!!

This is my last Thursday in the committee (IBTC)! Surgery on Monday!

Its done!

Its too hard to tell what size I am because the the swelling.

To reduce that, I've put a bralet over my post surgical bra to keep the ice right against my skin. Lots of pain and horrible sleep but am doing ok with the doc meds.
I spoke my surgeon over the phone yesterday and he said yesterday would be my worst day for pain.. here's to that????!

Day three post-op

23a with 400cc's of textured silicone. Under the muscle.

Photo didn't load!

Warning to my pre-op gals!

Icing feels great and reduces swelling which makes your new girls softer.. the downside... leaving those lovely ice packs in your compression bra for too long will cause you to give yourself freezer burn..( booooo! ) Here's what freezer burn looks like:

Post op progress

Feeling pretty good! I took a few photos to watch my progress and have to say, my new additions are coming along nicely. I was a little worried about righty's progress as it didn't seem as full as the left side or dropping as quickly but it appears to be working itself out. What do you ladies think?

Love these boobs!!

I swear- there would be far less divorce if we just spiced up the boudoir with a nice augmentation ;)... haven't had this much fun with my hubby in years. Absolutely my fault as I haven't felt very sexy (no matter what he said) with my 34A's. Three weeks post op I'm closer to a D cup and feeling m'self if I do say so m'self : ) .. that being said, the extreme nipple sensitivity began at two weeks so I'm waiting for that to resolve itself. No broken stitches and all tape removed at my appointment last week. Released for exercise so I'm back on the treadmill and feeling great. :) :)

Freezer burn almost gone!

It took two weeks but the freezer burn is almost completely gone! Woo! No more weird grey! Still sore from the nerves coming back but improving every day!

Three weeks post op!

Dropping at different rates but settling ok. Doc is watching my left side for the slope at the bottom. Because the left is dropping faster it is looking larger as well. I'm told by the time they both settle they will look the same. Cross your fingers for me please!

Progress pics!

Follow-Up with doc today!

Tomorrow is one month post op! Followed up with my PS today and he advised that everything is going perfectly and that my new boobies are doing exactly what they should. The slope is resolving and he said that I should expect more fullness in the bottom of my breasts in the coming weeks. Woohoo!

Forgot to post a pic

Tomorrow is one month post op!
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