Going in Tuesday for Surgery - Kinston, NC

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Ok so I'm 26, 5 foot tall, and around 115lbs. I'm...

Ok so I'm 26, 5 foot tall, and around 115lbs. I'm a 32b in most bras. I'm really just hoping to get some fuller, prettier, natural looking (and feeling) boobies! I'm going to Dr. Richard E Cummings Tuesday for my surgery. We're doing under the muscle silicone gel implants with an under the breast incision. I got referred to him by a friend and hers look great! The closer it gets the more nervous and excited I get!!! Has anyone been to him for a Ba?


I never reeeeally thought about things that can go wrong with a Ba until last night. I've watched botched and heard stories but nothing like that seems real till someone you know has it happen to them. I was reading reviews and other people on here's experiences. Some were great others were down right scary. :/ and all of sudden I have this anxiety about what if they Feel hard and fake. Or what if my body rejects the implant or I end up with nasty scars...Or my boyfriend hates them. I know it probably sounds like I'm being paranoid but these are very real possibilities. Im so excited but I can't help but be a little worried at the same time

At peace

Tomorrow is the big day! So excited and not at all nervous anymore. Super grateful I've gotten to see and feel some of Dr.Cummings work since my last post. Back to just being excited!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that i get beautiful boobs & a speedy recovery!

Last time sleeping with these????????

here are some better before pics

Already feeling great!

Ok so I ended up with 240 ccs smooth round sientra silicone implants under the muscle. Dr. Cummings suggested showers every 30 minutes to ease my chest muscles and I can NOT believe how good I feel already. When I first woke up from anesthesia I felt so sore and out of it, it even hurt to take deep breaths. It's been maybe 5 hours since I left and I've only had to take one Tramadol.???? Really hoping my recovery stays going so well. My boobs feel and look like potatoes right now but I know they will take time to soften and drop.

Day 2

Let me just say my ps and his staff are so sweet. They've checked on me twice. One even messaged me on fb last night just to see how I'm holding up. This was so important to me because it's a lifechanging surgery and they definitely realize that. Feeling only some mild discomfort today. My boobies are still high and hard but gradually starting to soften:) my incisions were really tender this morning but overall it's gone so much better than I could have imagined.

3 days post op

So not much has changed other than my chest isn't as tight and I'm able to get around more comfortably. I'm completely off pain meds and back at work. My nipples are just sensitive to make me hate bras right now. My ps recommended me going bra free but I couldn't imagine going to work with my nips staring every one in the face ????lol OMG almost forgot today is the first day I've been able to poop since Monday...talk about bloated. Took some stool softener and hoping to lose this poop baby I've been carrying for 4 days. Sorry if that's tmi but I think we're past that lol Really hoping I fill out a little more when they drop and fluff. Was kinda hoping they'd be a little bigger but I know you can't tell how they will look until at least 3 months out. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed ??

Potato update!!!!!

Almost forgot! The potatoe bitties went from rock hard to half boiled and almost mashed in some places. The bottom is so squishy already I can't wait till they are done healing!!! I touch them all the time. Praying my scars are minimal. That was my bfs only concern. We shall see! I bought stuff from the ps. Hoping they heal in a timely fashion. I don't want him distracted by my scars :/

Up and down..

So last night I could not get comfortable to sleep for anything. My nipples are so sore I could cry. My incisions are bruised and tender too. Sleeping on my back is really getting old. Ok now that I'm done complaining... My boobs are finally starting to drop and soften a little but. I'm trying to keep that in mind with my discomfort. Photos to come tomorrow


Still tons of nipple sensitivity but loving my size!! Waiting on my right side to drop any day now

Long time-ish

The potatoes are taking their time dropping and fluffing, but I'm super happy with my size. My right is still high but I'm trying to be patient. Waiting anxiously for my tape to come off to see my incisions!! Can't wait to start using the stuff I got from the ps. It's called biocorneum? I think lol anyone had any luck with it??


Dr. Richard E Cummings

He and his staff are amazing. Totally listened to what I want and made sure if look proportioned. Couldn't be happier so far. Will update in a few weeks after they have settled

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