39 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5' Tall with DDD Breasts. Kingston, ON

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I'm not one of the ladies who hate my breasts....

I'm not one of the ladies who hate my breasts. Actually for many years I was quite proud to show them off, but now at almost 40 I'm over it! 5 years ago I was approved for a reduction. A surprise pregnancy stopped me at that time and I've had 2 more children since then. I'm finished with having kids now so I called my surgeon in December and got the ball rolling again. I had to be approved again and by January I was approved. My surgery is this Thursday! I have been following the stories here since December and I thank you all for taking time to do this. It really helps so much to see the different experiences. I can't wait to be a more balanced lady who can wear everyday clothes without looking like I'm busting out. I look forward to no rashy sweaty breasts this summer and I can't even say how excited I am to be able to live a daily life without shoulder, neck and back pain.

Pre-Op Bloodwork today

Hi everyone, I had my appointment for the bloodwork this morning. I am a little nervous because I've had absolutely no contact or instructions from my surgeon. I just got the call an hour ago that my surgery time is 7 a.m. on Thursday (today is Tuesday). They didn't give me any instructions as to if i need to bring a bra or anything except for no eating tomorrow after midnight. I feel like if I didn't have this page, I would know absolutely nothing! Maybe they are just assuming that people look online for everything these days so they don't need to tell us much? My husband is feeling mopey because the girls will will be put away for a while. Do any of your hubbies feel sad at the loss of the larger ladies? I have arrange for my 3 kids to be away for a couple of days. I will be sad not being able to put the baby to bed but it really will be such a short time. The office told me that I will likely be on my way home 2 to 3 hours after my surgery time. Did anyone else go in and out that quickly?

Surgery is finished!

Well the reduction is done and I'm feeling pretty good. Was pretty worried about anesthesia and waking up but it was not bad at all. Havent felt sick just woozy. I dont have drains, so glad. I'm back at my mom's house and it's been 5 hours since I was put under. I feel very happy about the size! They look nice a small. He didn't tape them and says he doesn't use tape at all so just wrapped in gauze and my front closure bra. Having some bleeding on the right but no too bad. Here's my best attempt at a pic!

Some 1 day post surgery photos

My pain level is quite good. I'm taking tylenol and advil and keeping calm and still which is a bit hard for me. My kids are out at daycare so I've had a quser day of napping and TV.

All is well... on the mend

I haven't posted in a couple of days but wanted to write a quick post about how things are going. I'm feeling really great! I'm finding the horizontal incisions under the breast the mist uncomfortable but Im off the tylenol now and planning to return to work on Thursday. I do find that I like having pressure on my breasts so I've been keeping a fairly tight bra on, it seems to feel less achy. I'm sleeping well considering back sleeping isnt my favourite. I kindof tilt to one side and helps a bit. I feel like my breasts are a funny shape and nipples look a bit low but I'm hopeful that that when they fall a bit it will look more normal. As far as I can tell my measuring I'm a C cup now which is what I hoped to be. Its a drastic change!! I didn't tell the people at work so it will be interesting if they say anything. I'll post a pic soon!

Some 5 days post surgery photos

My PS office just called to book my stitch removal for next Wednesday so that's 2 weeks after the reduction. I'm a bit worried about my right nipple placement. Looks like the nipple is a bit low. Could be swelling on the top of the breast? Bruising is looking good.

Getting more sore?

I have been really lucky I guess as I really hAvent felt took much pain. Seems like now they are more sore then least week. Maybe the nerves are firing up. I'm getting sensation back in the nipples and I can't wait to have stitches removed on wednesday. They are poking me and it's very annoying. I returned to work last week and it's going well. My husband was injured on the 4 wheeler this weekend and had abruptly placed me back into the role of childcare. My 16 month old still needs a lot of care and I've been forced to lifting and dressing etc. This could also be why I'm feeling g more pain then I was last week. Gotta do what you gotta do I guess. We went our for dinner the other night and I was so excited to get dressed and get pretty. Here's a pic of my cute c cup cleavage :)

5 months later

I absolutely love my breasts size now. What's really awesome is I never think about them! I'm not self concious or embarrassed, it really never crosses my mind. Super happy. My scarring is still quite red and puffy though. I started using a silicone gel so I'm hoping that will help. It seems where my stitches were is the worst. I'm wondering if I had a bit of an allergy to them. Anyway, here are some updated pics of the new me!
Dr John Watkins

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