40 Y.o. with Breastfed Teenage Son and Ready for New, Perky 400cc Biddies!

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I have waited literally DECADES to afford myself...

I have waited literally DECADES to afford myself this gift. I unfortunately suffered sagging in either breast since I was a teenage; first the left and then the right. As you may notice from the front pictures, my left breast is significantly larger than my right. So much so, that I would say, depending on the time of my menstrual cycle, it can be as much as an entire cup size. Though I’m a pretty confident woman, my boos has continued to make me rather self-conscious throughout my adulthood. It has even made me weary of becoming intimate with the man in my life, regardless of how comfortable or emotionally connected I may feel with him. I am fortunate now to be loved by a gentleman who doesn’t tell me”Oh no, I’ll love you regardless of how they look.” I have someone who is as excited as I am. “Honey, as big as you want them, get BIGGER! I can’t stand blood, but I want to be there when you get it done.” My 18 yr old son is compassionate but honest “Mom, you just really shouldn’t wear those tops (strapless). They just don’t look right on you.” And we both know why, it is the completely flattened plane call my chest before you get to those droopy boobies. I am not sure what it may mean to some women, but for me this is a very emotional and liberating experience. Another reason I am so adamant in having it done as my 40th birthday present!

I have visited no less than 5 surgeons in-person and via phone and skype to ensure that I found the professional with the right technique and best bedside manner. I’ve contact 2 surgeons in Venezuela based on referrals of 2 people I know with amazing results! I mean, their results are TOP NOTCH and pricing was amazing, but I just couldn’t get past the concern of how tedious it would be to get to and from. I would make the sacrifice/effort for the procedure, but I am concerned about having to return in case of complications or for a check-up. Two of three local surgeons have shown excellent work. One surgeon was just a complete turn-off, where his after pics were undesirable and the public record about his past malpractice lawsuit freaked me out. Once my bff decided on a whim to return to her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica for a reduction/lift, she could do nothing less than sell me to her surgeon. Her results were AWESOME! While it is not the same procedure, his workmanship showed in the complete absence of dog-ears, virtually perfect suturing, and the scarring is negligible. His workmanship is comparable to the 2 surgeons I like here locally, but for half and one-third the price. My bff is also a doctor and has taken vacation to care for me 24/7 during the next week beyond the recovery. AM I NOT LOVED???!!!

So now that I am 3 weeks out from my surgery date, I am getting nervous, but I am in no way considering backing out. Life as a worry wart. I’m just ready to have those beautiful perky boobs already!!! I feel like I’ve missed out!

I’ll be going with an anchor-cut (truly wish I could get something smaller or less invasive, but there is a lot of repair to be done), and 400 cc high profile silicone implants. I tried some sizers on at one of the local surgeons, and really wanted 450cc, but my current surgeon was suggesting 300-325cc. Eeeekkk!! How tiny would that be? So we’ve compromised. I need to google (unless one of you tells me ????) how to create the rice sizers. Maybe I’ll play with them for a bit to be sure.

I’ve started a Prep shopping list. Please let me know if there are any additional items you’d suggest so that I’d be prepared.
- Silicone Nipple Covers (in case of excess sensitivity)
- Arnica 30X quick dissolving tabs (decrease bruising and swelling)
- Mepiform silicone sheeting
- Carole Martin Full Freedom Comfort Bra – one size up
- Carole Martin Full Freedom Comfort Bra – two sizes up
- Ice pack
Thanks in advance for all of your support!

Count-down has begun!!

T-13 and I'm finally getting a little excited and maybe a little nervous. I've sent my pre-op questions to my surgeon and packed my clothes. A little early? Not really. Needed to figure out if I had enough clothing that would be suitable for my newly expanded chest but didn't require me to raise my hands above my head. Planning and prepping is how I deal with my anxiety I guess. Eek!!

Can't believe I'm about to do this!!!

Bought my Post-Op Bras!!!

Just received my post-op bras from Amazon today, and I'm really happy with them. My surgeon places his patients in "straps" upon completion and 2 days later, you're allowed to wear a sports bra of your choice. Since I will be traveling to another country whose shopping I'm not terribly familiar with, I wanted to make sure I had much of my items on-hand.

Bra# 1 is essentially a sleeping nursing bra. It is very soft and not at all a thin material. Quite breathable which I think will be helpful in the tropical heat I'll be enjoying during recovery. There are adjustment loops at the front near the cups and again at the back, right above the fork of the racer back. I'm sure those will come in quite handy as the swelling dissipates. The cups are formed and shaped, but with no underwire. Cups are lightly padded. I wear VS 32DD currently and the band on this US-M/Asian-L fits firmly, but not yet snug (my world = perfect). As such I don't think it will ride up to irritate my incision. The front snaps open fully so that I can put on and take off easily on my own (I hope).

Bra# 2 Is a high impact bra that zips at the front. The straps are adjustable with velcro strips closer to the fork of the racer back. Cups are lightly padded. There is a hook and eye adjustment at the back to tight the band. While this is also an Asian-L, the band is a bit looser than bra# 1. Since my intent is to use it immediately after coming out of the breast straps on Post Op day 2, I anticipate that this would be firm/snug with the amount of swelling I am likely to have. Thank goodness for Amazon, so that I will be able to return if I don't use it.

My greatest concerns with picking the right bra for post-op is getting adequate support to these new heavy puppies.

Please feel free to offer my feedback, suggestions or even questions. Thanks RS Fam!!!!

Dream boobs

This is the look I'm going for. Can a gal dream?


I can't believe than in less than a week, I'll have new biddies! The excitement is killing me. I've started getting a little concerned with the possibility of "boobie-blues". A friend of mine had a TT and BA 5 wks ago and is already shopping around for an explant. ???? She's having some serious challenges with getting used to the 2 cup size increase. I empathize with her and am keeping my fingers crossed that she begins to feel more positively about her decision.

Anywho...I'm excited and still looking at the possibilities of what my new biddies will look like. Also can't wait to get back into the gym. Decided to give my body a rest so it would be nice and "soft" for surgery.


3 days from now I'll be talking about "post-op". What the what???!!! I'm finally getting excited. ????
I just pray that I will be patient and at peace with the first couple weeks of recovery. Handle and deal gently with the pain. Go with the flow. Not expect too much too soon or rush recovery. I won't lie though, I really am excited to get back in the gym and get the ENTIRE body back in order. Summer 2016 WATCH OUT!!!

Up, up and Away!!!!

I'm on my flight, nervous and giddy inside as the plane rolls down the runway. My PS told me to come directly from the airport to his office for our in-person consult since on the table I go in the morning.
God be with me. ????????

Less than 12 hrs...

Less than 12 hrs and I can't sleep. I even took a Valium so that I could get some rest...wired. I hope I can fall asleep soon. I don't want to feel fatigued before going into OR. Travelled for a little over 8 hrs to get here (Kingston, Jamaica) btwn flights and layovers. Fortunately I wasn't fatigued from that; my PS was concerned about that and I get the impression that he may have put off the procedure if that was the case.
He's suck a gem! I was a little late arriving and he and his staff had already left their office. Once I contacted him at 7 pm, he called his nurse and they opened back up the office to do my consult. Upon meeting him for the first time, like most Caribbean people (I'm from Trinidad), he offered me a handshake and then pulled me in for a big hug. ???? If I was nervous, he was surely putting me at ease. We reviewed what it was he anticipated doing, which to my pleasant surprise will be a lollipop lift as opposed to an anchor lift! He has always felt that the scarring is unnecessary especially when dealing with African American skin. He seemed very concerned about the way in which I heal, as he wants to avoid keloids at all costs. How conscientious! On doing the physical exam he remarked that my pics are so much worse than the real thing. ???? There seemed to be more volume than he anticipated and less assymetry. He said my procedure is likely to last 2-4 hrs. That wide timespan concerned me, but he said if it was just 1 procedure it would only be 2 hours. Still skeptical. Now that he sees so much volume, he feels he will be removing less skin for the lift to be able to cover the 400cc. I'm beginning to worry that these biddies are going to be too big. Oh well too late to be too bothered.
Please pray for his skilled hands and my smooth recovery. Thank you RS fam.

Day 1 Post-Op

Well....I have good news and not so good news.
Good news was my doc scheduled me for a reasonable time of 10am and even suggested a light breakfast of tea and toast @ 6am. I guess that was to coat my stomach for the Percocet and antibiotics he wanted to get into my system.
The staff at the surgery center was very, very pleasant and patient. They were warm. (I love my Caribbean people). Intake was short and simple. Pre-op prep made me anxious since taking my vitals took less than 10 mins and I have another 40 mins to lay there with my thoughts. My PS arrived @ 10am on the nose as promised. Greeted me with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. It put me at ease. They allowed me to walk into the OR since I was still quite capable. PS did all my measurements while I was on the table, all the while humming a tune and explaining why he was taking these measurements. He then apologized for hurting me before even putting in the IV. I handled that just fine. It's only a needle. Not even sure when but I passed out until...
Bad news: while sedated I didn't feel his cutting off the nipple, nor the vertical incision for the lift itself. I IMMEDIATELY woke up when he started lifting the muscle to create the pocket. I couldn't help but cry and squeal through that process and the shoving in of the implant and then again on the next breast. All the while, btwn trying to adjust meds and follow the doc's orders, the anesthesiologist held my hand and rubbed my forehead and hair to console me. I passed back out once PS put in last implant. Didn't feel any of the stitching. I'm not mad at them at all. I already knew I have a resistance to pain killers (no I am not a recreational/narcotics user). It's just how my body metabolizes pain meds.
Once in the recovery room I was groggy and horribly thirsty. Sadly nausea came on in and I couldn't even hold down water. Each time I had a sip of water, I threw up. Had a cup of tea, threw up. At once point I was throwing up bile. My body just wasn't having it.
My bff finally came to pick me up and gave me some anti nausea meds (thank God she's an ER doc). Once she got me home she gave me another Percocet and another pain med. That put me down and I napped for about 3 hrs. I felt so much better when I woke up! My butt is sore from constantly sitting but I'll get over it.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. Catch you later.

Day 2 Post Op

Well day 2 post op isn't as easy as day 1. Think I overdid it just a tad. I was feeling so energetic I figured I could enjoy the warm Caribbean weather outdoors. I even helped chop salad ingredients, but 15 mins in I felt the strain. Turned in for bed by 8:30 (that's crazy early for me) and forgot to take my Percocet ????. My body reminded me by 2am. Won't be forgetting again!
Part of my travels yesterday was visiting my surgeon for a check-up and change dressings. He felt they weren't badly soiled at all and that I was looking pretty good. Apparently he had a bit of a rough time with the left breast since it sagged considerably more than the right, and veered off to the left significantly. So he had a good deal of reconstruction with nipple placement. He said he had a lot of stretching to do with inserting the 400cc and would've preferred the 350cc, but I'm fine with this size.
I'm laid up with ice packs on my chest that feel sooooooo good. The swelling made my skin feel like it would burst. We're supposed to go out and enjoy some nature walks today, but I think I may take it easy today. We'll see.
I've added my pics below.
Thanks for the love RS fam!

Day 5 Post-Op

These biddies are coming in nicely. I woke up with significantly less "morning boob" pain. Constant twinges and tingles throughout the morning, but nothing to stop me in my tracks. I had my 2nd post-op around midday and was really afraid of the steep downhill drive on a craggy and bumpy road, so I conceded to the Percocet.

Doc replaced steri-strips and surgical tape. He seemed slightly concerned of the pain I complained about in my muscle btwn boob and armpit (pectoralis major). He said that is the major chest muscle. But he made no additional mention of it. He's going to have me continue to wear surgical tape for at least another 3 weeks, even after stitches are removed. He wants to keep the incision sites flat to avoid any chance of keloiding. He doesn't believe in silicone tape, and feels it's virtually useless. He's done a very clean and neat job, and I to.d him as much. He started to give me a timeline as to expectations for recovery. I honestly am patient. I e waited this long for this procedure, I can wait 6 mths for final results. He assured me that it will be sooner.

My shirts and dresses still fit fine, which indicates that he took out the right amount of tissue and added the right size implant. People who don't know, shouldn't detect any change. I don't care either way, because I need to be happy looking at myself in the mirror naked.

I am content. ??

Day 6 Post-Op

ERMEHGAWD!!! I am fatiguing sooo quickly it's insane. I sat up for 3 hours working on my laptop and was wiped out! I'm concerned about going back to work full-time next week. Thank Hod I work from home full-time. Going to order a laptop tray for the bed. Can't afford professionally or financially to take additional time off.

Tried on my "old" 32DD bra and it fit for the most part! Looks like I may only go up to 32DDD!! YAY!! I feel so justified and happy with the decision I've made for lift and size of implant. This only gets better!!

Already showing off!

Had to wash the only 2 bras I brought with me to Jamaica, but needed to make my last doc's visit. Oh well, guess I'm going to have to go braless!!! ????????
I'm loving this freedom!! Never been able to do this!

Excellent find!

Ladies!! Popped in at Ross' Dress for Less this mo Ning randomly and found these beauties! It is sold as a pair and for only $3.99!!!!! Coincidentally my high impact sports bra that I wore immediately after surgery 10 days ago was causing waaaaaaay to much restrictive pain for the last 3 days. My PS suggested "less restrictive" clothing. So Fter 3 days of wearing solely my nursing bra(bra #1 in earlier post) it was time for a washing and diversity.

Ross' location is proximate to Dr. Chiaramonte on National Harbor, MD. This treasure was too good not to share. They are soft, comfy and provide light support.

2 Week Post-Op

It's been 2 weeks and not a single regret. The girls are dropping little by little. I don't "schedule" time to massage, but I do end up massaging no less this once a day. They are so lovely I can barely get over them. On the other hand, I am so much more comfortable with a bra on, that I really don't take time to admission them. I may actually consider finally investing in a full length mirror this summer!

Meanwhile, I'm still having a hard time pacing myself. I feel good when I wake up on a morning and try to do a little more. Well yesterday I eff-ed up completely! I finally had a full night's sleep (11-5 ... Good enough). Got up and did a coup,e small loads of laundry. Washing the comforter was a little tiring since it was heavy when wet but I was still trying. Tried going out for a little happy hour to celebrate a friend's bday. Two and a half hours; that was IT!!! Went home and got into bed by 11:00. Well 2am I awoke in excruciating pain!!!! Apparently the light dancing (sat most of the time and didn't jiggle much) was enough to set the bottom poles of both breasts ablaze. I laid there for maybe 5 mins thinking it may dissipate; then decided not to fool myself and took a Percocet. A bit disappointed in my recovery because today I'm wiped out. I won't make it through the workday despite working from home (thank God).

Heed my (and my doc's) warning, TAKE IT EASY!!!!

I've added a couple pics. Please let me know if you see any unevenness; it'll help me to focus on the particular breast that may need more massaging. I've also included pics of the bra that I purchased yesterday in a 2-pack from Ross' Dress for Less for $3.99

3 Week Post-Op

Has it only been 3 weeks that I've had my precious? A part of me feels like it's been forever and another part of me can't believe they're mine. ????

From the pic it looks like the left is dropping quicker than the right, but when I look at the distance from collar bone, it seems the other way around. Need to get someone else to take pics. Either way, they're dropping nicely (I hope). I really don't want them to bottom out. My PS said I can start to massage but only gently and only for 2 wks.

My little "wounds" (or denuded skin as the docs called it) seem to have dried up nicely especially with the second round of antibiotics. Since I'm staying bandaged for first 4 wks (avoid keloids), I'm back to showering every other day and sponging twice a day (thank God it's winter and I work from home). Though my PS doesn't think showering regularly is just fine, I'm taking no chances.

I'm surprised they feel "squishy" already. Too bad I don't have a S/O or bf to test them out. ???????? Soon enough.

Has anyone tried the scar strips for keloiding, and have they worked? Any ticks that have worked are welcomed!!!!
Dr. Guyan Arscott

Dr. Arscott has a warm and relaxed demeanor. He has remained open and available to each of my phone calls whether weekday or weekend. He's even made it a priority to return may call after 8pm on one occasion and hasn't even operated on me yet! I feel very "at home" with this professional and am excited to work with him.

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