My Journey! 5 Days Post-Op Pictures!

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I've considered having a breast reduction ever...

I've considered having a breast reduction ever since I was around 12 years hauling around a pair of DD's. My breast development started extremely young, getting "the talk" at 7 years old, due to my breasts steadily growing. By 10 I was a D. Of course, developing so young, you get teased and harassed by the fellow kids around you. Even being left out because of my breast size.

When high school came, the teasing continued and the attention of boys obviously came along and it seemed they could never maintain eye contact and that when you were asked out, it was obvious that it wasn't for the person I am, but the two things beneath my neck.

Along with the emotional havock it had caused, it gave me an early start on physical pain. When I was 10, I started getting the grooves in my shoulders, the pain in my neck, shoulders and back. The headaches and migraines, and an early start on poor posture. I started going to the chiropractor to try and relieve this pressure and pain and discovered I have Scoliosis that was irritated by my breasts offsetting my posture.

Once I turned 16 with 36G cups, I started seriously engaging my mom to take me to the doctor to look at my options. They said that since I was still developing that I would not likely be eligible for a reduction. Once I turned 17 and was constantly taking Naproxen for the constant back pain and aches the doctor took my request more seriously and sent me to the Plastic Surgeon.

My appointment took around six months to get to. Once they got me in they instantly assured me that the insurance company will cover it with no issue. I was approved within three days. They started the process of everything and said my surgery wouldn't likely be until another six or more months due to the wait-list. Now at 18, getting measured they said that I was a 36HH. Custom bra's. Not that I could fit into the plus sized ones anyways since the lowest band size was 38 so I would sinche up the band to fit.

The doctor called me mid December to give me the good news of my surgery date. Febuary 27th, yup .. Tomorrow! I did all of my pre-op and am now just awaiting for 7:00 am to arrive and be at the hospital for surgery.

This past week I have been an emotional wreck, looking at myself in the mirror, bawling my eyes out, that after this I am no longer gonna be the original me. My future husband will never see how I really was, the unaltered me. The worries of pain, and ugly results scare me. At 18 I have the breasts of a 50 year old woman. I hope to have look of 18 year old breasts, finally. I'm scared of the scarring and of the healing. I'm scared of being put under.

My mother keeps asking me if I want to go through with this whenever I get emotional. I know I want this, and I need this. It's just difficult to say goodbye to the original you. The you who was teased and made fun of. The you who you would see in the mirror in the mornings. The you who even you would criticize, but now that it's time for goodbye, you see that it is a part of you and partially made you who you are. I just never imagined that getting rid of flesh played such an emotional role in my life.

I know that once I'm done that I am going to be happy with the lack of pain and the new me. It's just a scary thing to think about before it happens! Gahh well enough of my ranting on, I shall post my before pictures and I will post my after pictures once all of my bandages are removed!

Wish me luck everyone!

So it's been done!! The procedure was by the book,...

So it's been done!! The procedure was by the book, minimal blood loss and done in a short amount of time. They went out after my surgery to inform my parents that I did well and that they took off 2000 grams of breast tissue! (That's 2 kilograms or 4.4lbs!!) I'm definitely feeling a little tender but I have my meds which do help. I took my bandages off today and the nipples are kinda looking a little weird and goofy but I think with healing and getting the steri-strips off that they will look a little better. Will post my new pictures ASAP!! :) so glad I had this done, I feel awesome already!

Well guys here is my new post-op pictures. I love...

Well guys here is my new post-op pictures. I love the shape of the right breast, but leftie is lookin a little down! Lol

I am going to go talk to the doc for my post-op but he said if there is a problem that he can fix it up so I was not to worry too much. Plus I'm still swollen so maybe they will even out.. God I hope so! Lol

I also thought my bruising was too bad, holy cow after I saw the pictures I take that back!! Quite a bit of bruising..

I'm also running a bit of a fever and my right breast is hurting quite a bit more than the left, so I'm gonna go see if maybe I have an infection as well .. Blah! I started side and belly sleeping (not by choice, it just kinda happens when I fall asleep) and boy do I feel it in the mornings!

As they said my nipples are completely numb with no sensation at all. The right one you can feel a little bit of sensation but the left is completely numb. The left is also quite a bit darker then the right nipple. You can't really see it in the pictures. Hopefully he was able to maintain the nipple enough for sensation and that it will come back eventually. Also hoping that I can breastfeed once I do have kids!

I am unbelievably happy with my reduction and would do it over and over (hopefully the over and overs would have better shaped boobies too :P lol).

Well here are the post-ops and I will keep posting as the tape comes off and the healing process gets better.

My One Year + Update w a Pic

Well it has been over a year since I had my surgery, and I am so happy to have gone through with it!

Yes, I do have days where I look back and miss them a bit, but looking back at the before photos, compared to my after? I'm much happier with how they look now. Yes, they have scars, and yes, I am self conscious about them, but as time continues to pass I seem to notice them, less and less.

Clothes now fit like they should, I'm able to work out without wearing 2+ sports bras, I own my first strapless bra (which is a huge success for me) and I actually wore a bathing suit without a shirt over it (in fear of a nipslip). Plus not to mention my back and shoulders are feeling fantastic! For a while after the surgery I was still getting pain, but I expect it was just my body getting used to not having to haul around two huge boulders any more.

My starting measurement was 36J and now I'm 34DD, which I love because they're now in proportion to the rest of me.

Now I found that lefty is still not as I wished it would be. Not as round, and a bit droopy compared to righty. The incisions are healed, however, I have noticed some swelling and redness on part of the incision on the right breast (which is being monitored by my doctor and doesn't anticipate it is anything to be worried about).

So total I am down 4lbs of boob and about 5 cup sizes! So happy with my decision and would encourage anyone who is considering it. Such a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, literally haha.
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