37yrs Old, 2 Kids, Tummy Tuck/breast Lift With Implants - Kingsport, TN

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I am a 37 year old mother of 2 kids in need of a...

I am a 37 year old mother of 2 kids in need of a mommy makeover. For several years I had thought about having a tummy tuck and breast lift so I could wear cute clothes and 2 pc bathing suits without feeling so self conscious especially about my mid section. I breastfed both of my kids that left my breasts saggy. I finally went for a consultation and decided it's time to do this for me! I've always put everyone else's needs ahead of my own and it is time to do it while I still feel young! I wear 34DD bra and happy with overall size so having breast lift for now with possibility of small implant later if fullness is not achieved, my doctor recommended the 2 stage procedure anyway due to being larger breasted and am happy with my overall size. Just don't like the sag! We have a vacation already scheduled so I decided to wait until after that to have my surgery. October 26th is the day!

2nd consult

I went for a 2nd consult yesterday because I had been on google way to much and got all nervous!! The worst thing I could have done before surgery!! I wanted to make sure my PS and I were in the same page of what outcome I wanted. I left the office feeling very confident in my upcoming procedure. I definitely want upper fullness after seeing many, many, many photos of breast lifts only and my PS said we could go ahead with a small implant with this surgery and I added lipo to my underarm areas because of the enlarged areas that will be very visible following breast lift. A Little over a month away from my surgery date!

Pre surgery

Wow! Surgery day is almost here and I have been getting everything I think I will need together! I added a few more 'before' photos and can't wait to see the 'after' results!

Day 1 Post surgery

My Surgery was yesterday! 250 cc saline implants for upper fullness in place and looking good at the top of my compression garment. Tummy tuck is what hurts the most, doesn't help that I have been sick at my stomach and vomiting ever since the surgery! I think I have turned the corner from that after change in nausea med and pain med tho. Bruising is present under my arms from liposuction, posterior medial and lateral thighs are sore, kind of like a sunburn feeling but not bad.

I am very happy with East Tennessee Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Pastrick and his staff have been excellent!

Day 2

Was able to sleep more last night but woke up with a severe headache and nausea. Called my PS office and they said I need to eat and drink more when taking my medication. Drainage has been minimal. Stomach pain is more prominent and I have been icing that area more. That seems to help.

Post op day 3

Headache and nausea were terrible last night I thought my head would explode! Spoke with my PS nurse and changed pain medication to Loritab. Said it would take a little while for the Percocet to work out of my body. Within 12 hours of the last dose of Percocet I could tell a big difference. Headache had lessened significantly and nausea was very slight. Felt good to sit outside on my back porch for a few minutes! Incision sites have not been painful, I do feel burning sensation on occasion when getting up from chair and pressure in my chest at times. Placing ice packs on those areas helps. Was able to cough up some congestion so that is good too. All in all I think today has been a successful day.

1st Post op visit

Went today for post op visit and suture removal. Feels kind of weird to be standing upright now but so good at the same time! My new compression garment is a lot tighter but feels good and supportive. I am very happy with how everything looks so far! Nice lines and everything pink! I told my husband I'll be looking at myself a lot more now. Haha. The drain will stay until next Monday and I can have a shower starting today. I love having my flat stomach and perky breasts! Still have some swelling but not too bad. I am so happy!

Feeling worn out

Haven't posted in a few days so thought I would. I've been very tired for the past few days. Between dressing changes, my body finally waking up and functioning regularly, and trying to get this compression garment on absolutely wears me out. Last night was the first night I actually slept well in a while and have felt a bigger improvement today as far as energy goes. My husband has been such a big help and am very grateful for him as I don't think I could do this without him. Showering for the 1st time was amazing, I was a little nervous at first but felt really good. Shower chair and hand held shower head is a must due to lack of energy. I've been working on my standing posture the past few days and am making some improvements. All in all I am doing well, only a couple of emotional moments here and there so far.


Forgot to add updated picture yesterday. Here are the girls, healing nicely. Dealing with the swelling of breasts and my underarm area. Glad to be off of prescription medication and only using Tylenol for pain. Can't wait to get my drain out in 3 days, maybe I will feel more human then. Had a little tiny bleeding this morning from my R nipple area and abdomen while changing bandages. Hopefully not going to be an issue.

2nd post op visit

Drain came out today! Woohoo! But oh how it burned when it did come out. Not fun! I have a bit of fluid above my belly button but My doctor said my body should absorb it and to keep watch on it. Steri strips came off today and I have 3 places to continue to put ointment and dressings on for the next little bit. Feeling kind of sore this evening.


Before and at 2 weeks post op! Still have lots of swelling.


I'm Having a little redness and itching on the outer part of both breasts. No fever or new drainage. I called my PS office and they assured me that this can happen and can be normal. Told me I could take Benadryl for the itching and to lay on my back with no bra for a little bit to air out, also to let them know if rash or fever occur, or if it becomes worse.

3rd post op

My 3rd post op visit went well. Healing nicely and only have the 1 small area under my right breast still having to put ointment and a bandage as it continues to heal. My PS removed some excess fluid with a syringe from the area above my belly button and it feels and looks so much better. (Yes, he numbed it before and yes, I kept my eyes closed! ??). Still having to wear the Compression garment for another week. I Took a photo of myself yesterday in the same pair of pants I had worn a couple months ago and really loved seeing the difference in how I looked in them! So very happy with everything!

Feeling good

I can't believe it has been 3 1/2 weeks since my surgery! I am loving the way my body is looking even with the swelling that is still there. I also love not having those nagging bra straps digging into my shoulders everyday from trying to hold the girls up. (Such a pain before surgery). I cannot wait until I can start shopping for new bras and clothes!

Bathing suit

Tried on a bathing suit I wore on a vacation we took in early October. The top is a little too small. I love the difference I see already in my body! I can't wait until
Bathing suit season and trying new ones on to fit my new body! I always hated bathing suit shopping before.


I have read about 'swell hell' on here from numerous reviews and kept thinking to myself i haven't had it too bad so far. Well, I wish I hadn't let that cross my mind because I am paying for it now. I am sure that having eaten different foods from this Thanksgiving weekend has not helped, I also had a couple of drinks that has contributed I am sure. I am Paying for it now! My stomach feels so heavy and uncomfortable. Ugh. Going to have to chug tons of water and get back to eating foods I am used to.

Scar therapy

Yesterday I went for another follow up with my PS. Everything looking great and still have swelling in my stomach area but not as bad as my previous post. I don't have to wear compression garment if I don't want to but I did purchase a waist compression garment so that will help with the swelling in the stomach area and give support while at work. Scar therapy has begun! Anyone ever used Kelo-cote?

Scars are lightening some

Scars seem to be lightening a little. The one on my TT still seems dark, however in this pic it looks darker than it does in person. Swelling in my stomach comes and goes with the worst being late in the evenings. I did go bra shopping! I was measured as 34 DDD ( I was a DD before) and fill it nicely! Still has to be wireless for now tho. I am so happy with how everything has turned out!
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