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After breastfeeding two children my breasts have...

After breastfeeding two children my breasts have lost almost all their tissue. I've always been insecure about my lack of boobies and faithfully wore padded bras with "chicken cutlet" lifters. I personally would love be a dd but that may not be possible for my figure. I'm 5'4" 125lbs with a medium frame. So realistically I am praying for at least a d cup. I have met with Dr. Glunk twice and have decided to go with him for my surgery. He seems pragmatic, has answers all my questions and pointed out the best placement for my body. He suggests that I would benefit from a lift but I am not getting one at this time. My ptosis (drooping) is minor and I just do not want the added expense and scars. My surgery is paid for and scheduled on Feb 8th. I still haven't tried on sizers and do not yet know what the cc's will be but about 10 days before the surgery I will figure all of that out at the preop appt. I have learned so much about risks involved that I am terrified but I still want this desperately. I am doing saline implants completely under the muscle. I feel lucky that my surgeon is capable of doing full unders, I have read that this is mainly done in reconstructive surgery and not all plastic surgeons are versed in this type of surgery. I am praying that this what is best for me and that I am happy. I am in a loving relationship where I have never felt any pressure to be something I am not, this is for me. The countdown to the new me begins.....

Hello Ladies ( Getting more...

Hello Ladies (
Getting more excited than ever. I have my pre op scheduled for January 29th. Ticktock! Get this, they asked me to bring a bra in the size I want to be. (36jj-kidding/ 36 dd) so anyways the lady at Dr. Glunks office/ Kim. Who was really nice and pleasant. (She reminded me a Spanish woman and I kept envisioning her sipping margaritas on the beach. Why I have no clue...she's in a office in Pennsylvania!) Kim told me to bring a non-padded, full coverage bra. I didn't ask about an under wire because at the time I was hung up on the words...size you want to be....the dream is getting closer! Anyway I emailed Dr. Glunks office and asked whether I needed an under wire. Okay here's the crazy part, the phone rings and it was Dr. Glunk! He was between patients saw the email and called me. I couldn't believe it. It made me feel like he is really hands on and in touch with his patients. I can't even explain how much better I suddenly felt. Its silly but something that simple made me feel like is really involved in the whole process. He's funny and confident and a real person. Well ladies the days are counting down and I'm super excited and anxious. I would love to hear from any of you about absolutely anything. Take care. Chat soon.

Alright ladies. I have decided on 625 cc's. I...

Alright ladies. I have decided on 625 cc's. I instantly picked the 750 but after thinking about it I opted for a little smaller. I hope I don't regret it! Dr. Glunk is planning to do the peri-areola incision and that scares me but obviously if its what he thinks is best then I will go for it. My surgery is 9 days away. Did my blood work today so hopefully his office will get the results and clear me for my surgery. Can't help but be extremely panicky. I know I need a lift but I can't afford one. He says my nipples will be low and that scares me too. I just hope he can make me look good. I'm used to them being low but I'm hopeful that they will look good. I'm not expecting perfection just hoping for the best. So many worries. I'm terrified of the pain and super scared of the complete sub muscular position. But its what Dr. Glunk wants to do so I am trusting him. Will update more later. ;) minky ;)

Having nightmares about how my breasts will look....

Having nightmares about how my breasts will look. Dreamt my nipples were on the bottom of my breast. Sooo scared. I emailed Dr. Glunk 2 days ago about the areola incision. Haven't heard back. Kind of feeling like I don't trust him. I mean shouldn't he make me look good? Shouldn't he say he will do his best to make me happy? I'm feeling like because I cannot get a lift I am doomed. I feel like I can't turn back now without losing 5000.00 dollars. Maybe I should call his office and talk to his nurse or helper. I don't know if they are nurses. Honestly I feel like I would be dismissed, that they would think my concerns are unfounded. I don't even know what I would say. I'm just scared. :( one week from today it will be a done deal. God I hope its worth it. ;) minky ;)

Okay. I am on my way to surgery. Didn't sleep at...

Okay. I am on my way to surgery. Didn't sleep at all. Throat started hurting last night and still does this morning. :( I don't have a fever so we will see if I can still have surgery. I am sure I can. Will update when I can. I am very, very scared right now. I just hope I don't have a panic attack. Ahhhhhhh. Its 7:25am, we are about an hour away and we have to be there at 9 for surgery at 10. The surgical center is outside of Philly so we want to give ourselves plenty if time to get there. Note to all you ladies, be on time. You don't want a group of doctors and nurses irritated with you right before your surgery. Lol. Wish me luck. :)

I am better today but last night was worse than...

I am better today but last night was worse than childbirth.I cried most of the night.Called my PS for diff pain meds but he said the percoset was what would work so we upped the dose for a few days.I am never without pain but its just more tolerable.I had the full unders.With full submuscular, the implant is placed below the pectoralis major, the pectoralis minor, the serratus and the fascia(connective tissue covering the muscle)of the rectus abdominal muscles of the abdomen.He lowered my breast crease which has added to my pain.I am wrapped so tight in an ace bandage its ridiculous, its hard to breath.The bottom can be lifted up and I can see the bottom half of my breasts.They are badly bruised I cannot see my nipples they are bandaged because that's where my incision is.PS won't see me until Valentines day.So not only can I not shower but I cannot see my breasts.I do have plenty of baby wipes and dry shampoo. I cannot handle the pain. I'm so afraid I will run out of percoset and he will not call me in anymore. He offered to try a different Med but none were as strong as percoset. Right now I regret this, I am hopeful that I soon will change my mind.

Things are much better now. I was able to see Dr....

Things are much better now. I was able to see Dr. Glunk a few days after surgery because the bandage rubbed and opened a wound into my back. They cleaned it and placed a sterile strip over it and switched my bandage to one without Velcro which is what caused the wound. At that time I was able to get more medicine in case I needed it. A week after the surgery I had my sutures removed. I am unable to see the scars on my areola because they covered in the sterile strips but I can feel one of them and its quite raised. I am nervous that I will have a rather nasty scar. I see Dr. Glunk again in the 26th and I really hope he allows me to begin a scar treatment. I am a little disappointed in the size but that is my own fault I chose the cc's and chose to drop it from 625 to 600. I am not happy with how my breasts look. One is higher and my nipples are low. I was warned that without a lift they would be low. I just pray that both my breast eventually look the same. Today my higher breast has been vibrating for hours. I hope that is normal. I am still early in my recovery so I need to give this all more time. I will try to post some pictures.
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