Coolsculpting Inner and Outer Thighs As We Speak - King Of Prussia, PA

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So I'm here after years of reading reviews and...

So I'm here after years of reading reviews and researching coolsculpting. Just did 1 outer and 1 inner and coolfit on other inner right now. Going on is fine, but 1st 8 minutes until it numbs is a little rough, but the most brutal part for me is the 5-10 minutes after during the thawing out process. It does go away. For my inner they went more towards the back long ways. I may need another session for inner middle kinda overlapping the back. These are my most trouble areas even though I work them out so much with many squats, lunges and other exercises as well as spinning 3xs a week. When I diet in addition to all this I lose in my belly which is good but then I'm always bigger on my legs.

Praying for 20% reduction all around. I will be posting before, during and after progress.

Before Coolsculpting pics - 6 days post

Today is 6 days post CS the inner and outer thighs. Here are the before pics. I have had minimal pain. Def' still numb and did get that itchy feeling, but not so so bad ... little twinges of pain as well, but again not so bad. I worked out the day after and next 2 days, but feel I might have over done it a bit. I did spin on Friday and that's when I really started to feel the tightening of the muscles so I took it easy Sat/Sun and got back at it yesterday & today w/ row and piyos. I actually think sitting is worse when the blood is not flowing. I am swollen though ... def' bigger in the inner area. Now all I will do is hope for that 20-25% reduction. As you can see I need it. I'm only 5 ft and bottom heavy. Have a booty, but at least they are making a comeback. I will keep everyone updated on my results.

1 month post photos

Here are my 1 month post photos. slight changes. I actually think I'm going to need a few sessions of velashape. I have noticed more cellulite since losing a little fat. I am hoping for bigger reduction in the next 2 months. still working out hardcore spinning, barre work and strength training.

6 weeks and no changes

Getting discouraged. And don't want to pay for a second treatment if it's not going to work. Guess I'm stuck with my saddlebags and Thunder thighs. Too scared to do anything invasive. To do both inner and outer I feel i should be down at least an inch by now. So not fair for how hard I bust my butt working out and eating healthy.

For the price .... disappointmented

Maybe I need a second treatment, but for the price I don't think it is worth it. For having inner and outer thighs done and continuing to eat healthy and work out ... I def' did not have even 10% reduction. while smoother it's very minimal change. I actually feel like my cellulite got worse.

2nd treatment on inner and outer thighs

While I do not feel the 1st treatment did a lot, I am doing a 2nd treatment on both areas. I did my inner on 3/2 and doing outer 3/5. I had scheduled smart lipo, but chickened out so had to put the money towards this. Through research of coolsculpting I have read of others having better results the 2nd time around. So it may be a waste and I can always do the lipo if it doesn't work, but I doubt I will because it's too invasive and I just feel there's a point which will be after this that I just have to accept myself and what God gave me. So as I continue with my vigorous workout routines and healthy eating, please pray that this gives me the full 20-25% reduction it promises and I am following it up with a few rounds of velashape. I am doing 200 squats a day too. I failed to mention that my other trouble spot is my underarms/triceps. same problem. it's where my stubborn fat lies. I'll update with pics in a month.
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