Coolsculpting Experience- Abdominal Upper and Lower Half 1 of 2 Sessions - King of Prussia, PA

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I want the most optimal results I can obtain so...

I want the most optimal results I can obtain so will have the procedure done twice on the upper and lower abdomen. The procedure wasn't as bad as I thought- the cold protective sheet tickled and the vacuum suction application felt like a super vacuum and uncomfortable for only a few minutes. My biggest discomfort during the actual procedure was the removal of the cool sculpting machine- It looks crazy and I shouldn't have looked as I wanted to faint but other than that- I watched old DVDs of Friends- of which made me laugh and did cause a little discomfort but no major pain at all. Left office went to mall, little sore but I think my slow movement was more from the compression garment then anything else. I was unusually tired that evening, took a shower, felt numb, but no pain, have taken no pain meds at all. Slept a little uncomfortable due to back pain which may or may not be related. Next morning went for 2 mile walk, still feeling ok just numb. I keep the compression garment on all day but I can tell Im swollen, I like immediate results so I am nervous about not seeing results but with this process it clearly says its a progressive change so I have to wait it out. I will post pictures after I have something to compare to.

Day 4, went into office today so couldn't wear...

Day 4, went into office today so couldn't wear compression garment, wore a spank, didn't help as much, took some advil but not sure if it helped, pain was bearable but annoying. I am on a six hour flight in a few days I sure hope this goes away but the biggest issue is I've told no one (besides all of u :-)) I've done this so I am hiding my pain from my hubby, ugh!

Day 5, was the worse day. I've tried all day to...

Day 5, was the worse day. I've tried all day to obtain some relief. I would compare the pain to how I felt after having a c-section. I tried the ice therapy. Didn't work for me. Took Advil, that didn't work. It's just like everyone says, pain around belly bottom but I also feel like I have pain where my c-section cut is which is 7 years old. I just made some tea and took some old pain meds I had after surgery last year. I feel ok enough to not be in tears right now. The only thing I have additionally going on that I haven't read about yet is very dry skin on my belly where the machine was placed. Well I'm hoping this is the worse of it and I will be back to feeling normal very soon. I do feel like some of the swollen went down, but won't know till I try and put on some non elastic waist pants :-) trying to remain upbeat. Will up date tomorrow

Oh wanted to also note my stats, 5'4 , 145 lbs,...

Oh wanted to also note my stats, 5'4 , 145 lbs, walk 3 to 4 miles 3 days per week and light cardio. Eat relatively heathy. I weighed self day after procedure and I was 148lbs so certainly bigger. I haven't weighed myself anymore. Will wait till swelling is down. Thanks for allowing me to share

Well day, 6 and 7 was pretty much like day 5. I...

Well day, 6 and 7 was pretty much like day 5. I was miserable. I did not call doc for pain meds since this pain is suppose to be temporary. Ice doesn't work for me as it has for others However applying pressure and removing any garnet from the area seems to work at least for a small period of time. Today is actually day 8 and I had little pain during the day, but this evening is a whole other story. Most of my pain is around belly button and oddly near my old c-section scar. Just throbbing. Hopefully tomorrow will be more of an upswing from this pain.

Day 9, I had my business trip to Texas. On a six...

Day 9, I had my business trip to Texas. On a six hour flight and virtually no discomfort, thank goodness. I had sporadic tingling during flight but nothing at all like last three days. This evening I feel a little burning or heat like sensation around my belly button and my old c-section area. Still numb to touch but I think the swelling is going down. Still way 3lbs more now then I did before I had procedure. But I haven't done much of my exercise routine. Hope to get back in swing of things by Friday of this week.

Day 10 and 11

Pain has all but completely disappeared. I still feel bloated and absolutely see no results but hope that changes soon. I'm just at a wait and see game now.

Day 12-15 no change

No pain and swelling down as I can finally wear my regular jeans but no results yet :-(

29 days post procedure

No pain, no change, no results. Feeling like this was a waste of time. Many people on here have stated they seen results in 3 weeks. I'm not one of them. Hope to see something so.

No change but.....

I'm about 5 days out before my 1 month post procedure. I don't see any change but who knows. The office called me today to check on me. Told them no results yet and they said I would see lots before my trip in July. I did mention the extreme pain I went through for about three days and they told me I should have called for pain meds. Tod me I would get after I undergo my post op surgery. I go for second procedure on 6/10

Second procedure on upper and lower

I just had my second procedure today on same area I had my first 34 days ago. The procedure was uneventful for the most part. I still don't see results from first procedure but my clothes seem to fit better so maybe there's a little. I'm hoping between the two procedures that within the next few weeks this will really show it's benefits. I can say I was smarter this time and obtained lidoderm patches in advance for day 5-10. I will update again soon.

Not worth it At all!

Totally waste of money, results after two procedures is minimal at best. I'm just very disappointed

Not worth it, totally regret!

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