Best wishes to everyone!!!

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I'm looking for a Doc for my surgery. I really...

I'm looking for a
Doc for my surgery. I really like dr Glunk. I haven't had my consult yet and so scared he's going to be out of my 5-6k price range. Any heads up on that ladies? I just moved here from Florida and have no idea who to choose or what the cost. I have seen some of his work and he is really good. Maybe out of my range good. Help!!! I need some advice.

Happy 48th birthday to ME!!!!

Just met with my PS. He was great!! Felt comfortable right away. We talked and I told him exactly what I wanted. We were totally on the same page with everything. He suggested saline implants for the fullness I wanted. Going back tomorrow with my size D non padded bra for size. My surgery is scheduled for next Friday the 21st. My birthday is the 20th. It's the best gift I could ask for. My surgery is on a Friday so my hubs can be with me all weekend recovering. Total cost is 6000. All in all I am super happy and super scared but have complete faith in my PS Dr Glunk. I will make sure I take before and after pics.

No more flat chest jokes for me!!!

Well, I had my BA at 10am today. Everything went great!!! 700cc left and 700cc right. I was nervous and scared over nothing!! I'm hurting moderately but resting and taking my Percocet 10's right on time. No nausea so far at all so I'm just kickin back. I'm all bound up but on Thursday I think they come off and I will post pics. I can't wait to see!!!!!

2 days post-op

Doin pretty good. Still pain but controlled with the meds. I'm hurtin this mornin tho. I don't know what morning boob is but I think I woke up with it today for the first time. No nausea. Pretty swelled up but I think it's normal. All and all. Not bad. I haven't even seen them yet. I can't wait!! Thursday!! Can anyone tell me what morning boob is??

Post op day 5

Feelin pretty good today. Dressed and headed to the grocery today. Can't wait till Thursday so I can finally see my new boobs!!! Still pretty swollen. But they are definately going to be large and in charge!!

We're your nipples unusually pointy after surgery?

Just got back from my 1 week post op check up and all looks great but my nipples are kinda pointy. Will that most likely change as my implants settle and drop and fluff?

1 week post op

It looks a lot worse than it is.

Getting there!!

Another pic

8 days Post op

Lookin good so far. Starting to soften up some. Pain is mostly gone. Just waiting for them to drop some. Hopefully not too much longer. I love my new boobs.. They are sooooo

I love my big fake boobs!!

Love em!!! All 700cc's

Almost 3 weeks. Some pics

3 weeks post op

Just came out of the doc!! No more ace bandage or sport bra!! No underwire bra yet but finally I can let the puppies breathe !! He says they are absolutely perfect! I love the size. And doc did too!! The nipple incision was completely undectable. I am very happy with all 700cc's and would have been disappointed with anything less. Dr Glunk is a wonderful, compassionate man and a stellar artist ! The girls are perfect in every way. Easy surgery, easy recovery with very little discomfort. Very happy camper!! Love you and my DD's

Gor measured today!!! Surprise!!!

Thought I would take today since I was. Bored and the hubs was working OT.
Surprise to me!! 36 DDD. How awesome is that??!! Love it!!!!!

Dropping and fluffing

I must be starting to drop and fluff. I am now actually spilling out just a bit of the DDD's. post op is going great!! Feeling great and no signs I have even had a surgical procedure. All is well!!

Feeling awesome!!

I feel so great and I love my results!! Not to big. But I can see that my new boobs have definitely turned a few heads. Lol. My clothes all still fit with the exception of bikini tops and bras, so that's great. My clothes just look better now. A few more pics. I love pics!!

One month post op

HELP!!!! Feeling strange!!!!

Help ladies!!! I'm post op now about 5 or 6 weeks. I love love love my breasts and how I look don't get me wrong. But, they still feel "funny" not part of me. I'm supposed to be wearing no bra now but it feels so strange it feels better to wear a sports bra. Sleeping is uncomfortable still and I'm feeling super depressed like did I make a huge mistake? Will they ever feel like a part of ME not a prosthetic? For real!! I'm really feeling sad!! And scared but still at the same time
I love my girls!! Color me confused!!

I'm good to go!!!

Well, went for my 6 week post op check up yesterday. I'm all good to go with whatever I want to do!!! Yaaaay!!! Bras and swimming and anything else. He said they were all dropped, my left breast has a lil bit to go but nothing I even noticed. Only a PS would notice it so I'm feelin pretty good. I asked about them feeling funny still and he said it just takes time to get used to the feeling. So I feel better. So all in all, I got a fabulous result and they look awesome!! I really have to hand it to my PS. He did a great job and thank God I had a smooth and relatively painless procedure from start to finish. I'll have to take more pics and post. No scaring at all!! Really happy about that!! That nipple insertion is the way to go. I asked him why all PS do it different. He said he does a LOT of dancers and they hang upside down a lot so he started doing it thru the nipple to avoid the under scar. I found it interesting how he came to perform it that way. Makes sense to me. Either way, thanks doc!! I love my trip D's!! Lol.

Feeling fabulous!!! I should have done this 25 years ago!!!

Hello all!!! Well, it's about 5 months since my surgery I never EVER thought I would have the luxury of having and I'm feeling awesome!! We're getting all settled back home in Tampa and I just feel so blessed!! I LOVE my new boobies!! I am so pleased. My PS did a stellar job! My surgery is absolutely undetectable! That nipple incision was the best. No scar at all! It's amazing! Soooo, for me, my friends and fam know I have always been FLAT as a board so trying to hide 700cc's is impossible and quite undesirable! LOL. I can't wait till summer to let the puppies breathe and show them off a bit. I'm still trying to find a bikini top (XL) that comes with a Medium bottom. But what a GREAT problem to have!! I KNOW you all GET IT. It's so hard to express how changed and different you feel after surgery. I love this site because we ALL know how profoundly it changes how you feel about YOU! I thank you ALL for that! The hubs is comin around too. I think at first he didn't quite know how to feel but now he enjoys them very much!! Woot woot!! So all you gals with the standoffish partners, don't worry. They will come around. GOD!! Why the hell didn't I do this years ago.....I'm just so thankful. My hubs calls em porn star tits. LOL. They aren't THAT big but I'm quite proud of them!! hAHA for him and I just keep smilin inside and out when I turn a head now and then. Y'all know what I mean. Anyway, I need to post some more pics. I will. So I just want to tell everyone thanks for your support and to all you PRE BA ladies out there.......this experience will most surely be the best thing you will ever do for YOU!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!!!! And YAAAY!!! Two thumbs up for BOOBIES!!!!! XOXO

A few new pics

I take awful selfies!! The hubs took some pics for me. Still feelin great! LOVE my boobies!!!

Oops!! Deleted one

More pics

I love sports bras!! I never needed one before at all so they are very new to me. They are sooooo comfy I live in them and yoga pants.

Hi Ladies!!!! Anyone getting boobies for Christmas?

6 months and feelin awesome! How's the holiday shopping for everybody??? I'm hoping everybody here is well and happy. This is a happy place!! I don't think we can do the original plan but make sure we donate anything we cant use to those who are not as fortuneate as we may be. Jingle jingle!!! So is anybody getting boobs for Christmas? I would LOVE to hear the story!!!

I love love love my new realself friends!!

Just a little funny story

I've been feeling GREAT!! VS semi annual sale was awesome!! 36DDD baby!! Love em!! Can't wait till summer!! A funny story.......I have 3 boys, 2 of which are still at home. 14 and 16. They have other teenage boys over ALL THE TIME! So the other day my youngest son comes to me and tells me something one of his buddies said. My hubs has been healing from a broken leg for a while now and has been a bit on the grumpy side. Anyway, my son says his friend Carlos told him "why is your dad always in a bad mood? Your mom has huge boobs!!" It was so funny to me. That's pretty much what 14 year old boys think about girls. KIDS!!! LOL. My boob job is no secret to anyone and I sure cant hide these babies!! But it's all good! I feel great and beautiful and confident inside. Lord is wish I had done this years ago!!

Loving summer! Feeling great

It's almost 18 months I believe and I am more confident and I feel more beautiful than I ever have. My right breast is slightly firmer than the left----I think. It's so subtle that I can't tell for sure. I pray everyday that I don't have CC. What are the chances? Anyone else ever had that?

Just sum current pics. About 15 months post op

Still fellin like a million!!!!!

Really used to my new body. Been trying to keep my weight down. I just feel like I wanna take more pride in the rest of my body as much as my boobs. I have a few late summer pics. So, thought I would share. Thanks RealSelf!! Y'all are all so awesome!!!

Before pic

So many people have asked me for a before pic and I just ran across one. Doin great. I did develop a very mild case of CC in my right boob. Not visibly noticeable but I'm still feelin great!!

It's been awhile

Everything with me is still about the same. I still think I have a mild CC on the right but by looking you couldn't tell so I guess it's good. It's not severe enough to have a redo at all but still so glad I went for the 700cc. In looking back I might have gone HP instead of MOderate. It's still wonderful. I hardly EVER wear a bra. Only a Bralette or summer tops with the Bralette built in. VS has a great line of tops and dresses with built in support. I LIVE in them!! Still, not a single regret on any part of my journey. Still feel like a million bucks at my 34DDD OR 36E. I just encourage anyone having a BA to follow your dream and listen to your heart. You won't go wrong!! I knew I wanted big boobs and I have never looked back. From research to table I took about 2 weeks. Once I found a most awesome doc, less than 7 days from consult to surgery. That may seem so crazy to some but for me it was WHY WAIT! Let's DO THIS!! I had been ready and waiting since about 15 years old.

Wow!! Dr Glunk!! He is awesome!! I think I was sold on him from my first phone call. Not only does he have 25 years of practice as a board certified plastic surgeon with beautiful work, he is so very down to earth. When I called to make my consult appt, he answered the phone, I almost always delt with my doc and never a nurse or secretary. He made me feel at ease right away and from the very first call I knew who I trusted with my body!! Highly recommended!!

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