33 Year Old Much Needed "Mommy Makeover!" - King Of Prussia, PA

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I am getting the first portion of the procedure...

I am getting the first portion of the procedure done on April 23, 2014. I will be getting a breast lift with augmentation and the second half will be done in September when I will have the rest of the winter to heal. After having twins my stomach was stretched to the point that it caused severe stretch marks. And as a young girl I developed quite early and quickly and my breasts have always sagged. I have never been particularly happy with them. Now that I am done having children I am ready to do this for myself.

The date has been moved up! And I'm having trouble not smoking!

So I went in for my pre-op consult and my doctor told me that he has a an opening on April 18 for my breast lift with augmentation. I was told not to smoke for two weeks prior to surgery but I want to stop now and am having a hard time. It's the nicotine. I don't smoke cigarettes. I use a vaporizer but I can't be using nicotine at all. HELP!!! It should comfort me to know that I will have beautiful breasts in the end if I just give it up now that will heal properly. So I figure maybe I can use this forum for a support while going through this tough time. On a positive note my surgery is closer now and I am getting excited for this change. I really am ready to do this.

Staying stopped!

So today it's official. I'm not smoking anything. No nicotine products whatsoever. This is pretty hard but totally going to be worth the results that I'm going to get in the end. Cold turkey sure wasn't the smartest way to go as one can imagine. I'm just now trying to figure out what to do with those extra minutes that I would normally be puffing on my vaporizer. I guess ill figure it out. Today makes it 20 more days until my surgery! I am getting extremely nervous now that I made a mistake picking my surgeon and my size implant. Everything I know is just nerves because I know that both are exactly what and who I want to perform my surgery. My boyfriend has been great. He reassures me regularly that I'm going to look great and that everything is going to be ok. I'm hoping this is normal for women to feel this way. Well more another day.

2 weeks from today I'll have the first half of my "Mommy Makeover!"

So I have two weeks left with these old breasts that I've been living with. I am having the first portion of my makeover which is the breast lift with augmentation on the 18th of April. I've been stressing pretty hard over the size I am getting as I'm worried I might end up huge. My PS and I decided on 475cc mods overfilled to 525cc under the muscle. I've scoured the internet looking at photos of women with the same stats as me and have had a hard time. I'm 5'2" 145lbs. I'm currently a 36C cupsize. But a lot of the pics I find are of women much taller and my weight or my height and 20 lbs. lighter. And almost all started with smaller breasts. It's quite frustrating. The pics that I have found I can't really judge because I've noticed that all the women breasts that are in that range are SO diverse in how they look. I've seen a 525 look what seems to me to be the same as some women with only 350's or around there. Another thing is that ALOT of women seem to go with silicone in the larger ranges of implants. So here I am still wondering what I'm going to look like or how Ill carry these 525's! I did the rice test and I do like the look I get from the size but I'm not sure how exact that is. Hopefully they end up close to that. I'm also nervous about the pain and healing process. I just want things to go safely and smoothly. Ive read a lot of blogs and I know this is a process that requires a ton of patience. One quality that I don't always possess. I'm not even going to be able to see my breasts for the first week because I'll be wrapped up tight. I don't know if I want to look at all the stitches that first week anyway. I'd rather look when they've had some chance to start to heal. I've never had surgery before so I'm not experienced with stitches or any kind of open areas on my body. That scares me a little bit. Thankfully my PS was good enough to prescribe me Percocet 10/325mg for after the surgery. In my past blogs be talked about smoking and trying to quit and I've been cigarette free for a week minus one slip up where I took a drag but I've stopped and the craving for nicotine hasn't been too bad. I'm going to try to stay stopped forever after this. I don't want any complications and I'd have to quit again before the next surgery anyway so I might as well just give it up all together. I know there are still risks because I quit just this past week but I know they aren't as bad as they would be if I couldn't stop. I'm embarrassed to even admit I'm a smoker on this blog because I know he increased risks that accompany smokers with these surgeries. Anyway so that is where my head is at today. I'll add before pics later.

My before photos......

This is what I look like now. We will see what happened in two weeks with the breasts!

13 MORE DAYS!!!!

So I woke up today in a pretty good mood. I'm so excited about this surgery but I'm still terrified of the pain and after are involved. I'm also not digging that I can't shower for a week after the surgery. Just half dunks in the tub for me but we will see how much I'm going to want to move the first couple of days anyway. Tuesday I have to go get my blood work done prior to surgery. Right now I'm not supposed to drink green tea or take aspirin for pain. Also no alcohol for two weeks prior which I have no problem abstaining from. Im still freaking about the size a little. But I do have faith the PS knows what he's doing. If there is anyone that could offer me some advice or support I'd appreciate it. I really just want to look great and heal well. All those scars should be worth it.

6 more days! And today's my birthday!!

Yes so today is my birthday! I am really getting excited for this surgery. I have not puffed any nicotine in pretty much two weeks which is great. I'm really craving it though! Oh and I have to tell you all I met a really nice woman from this sight who totally put me at ease about the surgery and the size I'm getting. Granted I'm still a little nervous but I'm just really ready to get this done now. Oh and her after pics are amazing. Her PS did an amazing job on her I have to say. I can only pray mine done just as well on me. It's really up to me I think to keep doing the right things to stay healthy so that this surgery goes well. My biggest fear right now really is just the pain.
I can't believe my time has finally come. I've been waiting my whole life for this. So 6 more days and I will finally have nice perky breasts for the first time in my life! What a great birthday gift!

1 day and a wake up!

So my day has almost arrived! I'm sooooo ready. Just to make this quick. I'm no longer nervous about anything. It's not because I'm positive things will go perfectly but that I've come to terms that things are never perfect and complications can happen even in the best of situations. Fact is, I'm willing to take that risk because I want to make this change for myself which to me far outweighs the risks. So I'm hoping for the best but I guess trying to be prepared just in case. On a happier note I am looking forward to seeing the results I'm going to get with these 525's! Hopefully nice and full. Just not the pain!

I did it!

I'm one day post-op! Boy do I feel tight in the chest. And as I suspected the pain pills aren't really doing much for me. But I'm getting through it. I think I'm handling it pretty well. I'm pretty exhausted from the surgery still so resting really is key right now for me. This surgery was totally worth it. I have to be wrapped for a week and a half. Yuck! Not happy about that but at leas it'll have time to heal
Y before I

1 week post-op!

So I'm one week out and feeling great! I'm still in an ace wrap. I'm supposed to be wrapped for 5 more days and the. My breasts will be freed up. I don't know if ill be in a sports bra or what. But I'm looking forward to getting out of these bandages! They're quite tight. Every morning my chest is so tight I can barely stand it but I'm assured that it will get better with time. Other than that I'm ok. No pain really except in my back! So that's where I'm at!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I have really had a great experience with Dr. Glunk so far. I am having him do a "Mommy Makeover" which is a tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation which he will be doing in two separate surgeries. Upon meeting him I right away felt comfortable which set the stage for a great consultation. He was very professional but also laid back which settled my nerves right away. He is very knowledgeable and had no problem answering all the questions I had. He didn't make me wait long for our initial consultation (5 mins. max). His staff was very polite and helpful when I needed assistance. Right away I think I knew he was going to be "the one." He was the first PS I saw! He set the bar quite high for all the other surgeons I went to. After my initial consult I continued to stay in touch with Dr. Glunk via telephone. I never had a problem getting in touch with him with further questions. I am very confident in Dr. Glunk for this surgery. I spoke with other patients of his and I have gotten nothing but great reviews from them as well.

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