Active FX,very Basic Rejuvenation for Deep Wrinkles of Face,not Good for Smokers Wrinkles -King Of Prussia, PA

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If you are younger than 50 years of age without...

If you are younger than 50 years of age without severe sun damage from sunbathing than Active FX might be good for you. This type of laser is not targeting deeper tissues,so you only will have flaking,sloughing,redness of the outer layer of skin and somewhat softer skin. If you want to really target deeper wrinkles on face, chin, smokers wrinkles, which I have, wasn't a smoker,than consider doing Deep FX laser or Erbium laser sometimes both are used together. I've done a lot of research,these two lasers offer the best results. The downtime is longer than Active FX but the results are worth it. Mini facelifts are good for targeting sagging skin, some wrinkle correction,however I saw a women who worked for a plastic surgeon who had a mini lift, 7 years later, I wasn't impressed. I saw chin wrinkles,some wrinkling of the face,when she smiled you could see quite a few wrinkles. The cost is ridiculous for a short lived esthetic outcome. In my opinion the cost can be $5000 to $8000 and more, to still look not OK, for a mini face lift. Many Plastic Surgeons in NY, California and all over, want you to consider, both mini face lift or full face lift with laser. Basically deep laser treatments,remove wrinkles,build collagen, face lifts lift sagging skin and do correct some wrinkling. Face lifts do nothing for smokers wrinkles above the lip and don't really correct chin wrinkles or very little. The reality is you have to have a full face lift, brow lift,upper eye lids,lower lid,neck lift. Guess what you can correct most of your wrinkles with laser at a fraction of the cost of surgery,and it's better for your skin. You will look more natural and it will last for far more years than a face lift. Get the lift if your skin is really sagging badly only. If you can't afford both and who can, go with laser if you want your skin to really look new and without wrinkles for so many more years. The laser builds collagen,so it plumps your face,erases wrinkles and it's keeps you looking like a better you many years ago with a younger softer skin. Be careful who you use for laser and make sure you research the best laser for your situation. Doctors will tell you what they think however not all doctors do the same thing and not all have vast experience with facial laser. Choose a doctor that is a Board certified plastic surgeon and best case one that does a lot of facial laser for various wrinkle problems. I will choose only a facial board certified plastic surgeon who has a varied lasers. He has to have the lasers I want and has to have done many wrinkle correction laser procedures on women my age. He must show me pictures of women my age with sever sun damage and deep wrinkles,before and after. This is truly a specialist in plastic,cosmetic and laser procedures. I wasted my money on Active Fx since i was targeting my lip wrinkles and deep wrinkles. the doctor said these take time to soften, I should have realized soften is not remove,don't waste my time.He was in it for the money not my esthetic successful outcome. I worked hard for the money I saved and I'm not doing that again. I really need a stronger deeper laser for my type of problems In conclusion, If your younger,don't have lip wrinkles and want a really good sloughing of out layer of skin,not removing deep wrinkles than Active FX might be fine.Smokers wrinkles are very difficult to remove completely,fillers will help,but you'll be a slave to this and spend quite a bit over the many years when you could spend it one time be done,look great. You will have some down time and need to care for the post laser refacing, it won't be easy. If you take the time once your done for many years and look great, spend less over the long term than doing fillers that will make you look silly and possible lumps and bumps all over. My advice is, look at many before and after pictures from board certified Plastic Surgeons yourself, I have. I'm ready to take the plunge for deep laser resurfacing,a new me. Good Luck and hope I helped anyone considering a new you.
Dr.Glenn Debias

He is nice, laser was fine, not good for deep wrinkle correction. He will tell you it took a long time to get those wrinkles will take a while to soften them be patient. He never told me they would be gone just softer, well rested,not what I wanted for the many years I have to look at myself. I should have not had Active FX for my type of deeper wrinkles, he convinced me to try it, shouldn't have. I worked hard for the money I spent, not doing it again. He's OK but to forceful to try to convince you to try his laser, more about the money not making his patients happy with the outcome. His fee is OK if thats what you want or is good for your situation. I think you could get a peel that would do the same thing for half the price for mild wrinkles or softer skin.

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