46 yr old mom of 7 Ready for next phase of life! It's my time!

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Hi everyone, I'm a crazy busy mom, (45 yrs young) ...

Hi everyone, I'm a crazy busy mom, (45 yrs young) and wife. I way the same today, that I did 17 1/2 yrs ago when I gave birth to my Babyboy. I had 2 children and adopted 5, while I was a single mother for 16 years. I've been remarried now for a little over 2 and want to be able to be healthy and happy for my family for many years to come. My husband was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so I've already changed our families diet for the better and this procedure is something I've been thinking about for many years now. It's time for the next chapter in my life with my wonderful husband and children.

We went today to Texas Bariatric Specialist with my husband by my side for the seminar, evaluation, initial meet with the physician and visit with the dietician. We were there for 3 1/2 hours and all went well. I decided on the sleeve procedure, due to the lesser downtime. I'm 5'4" and weighed in at 235 today. My husband loves me and supports me 100%. The visit went well and they gave me a script to have an upper GI scope and lab work done. I have to make myself star walking daily, which I will start tomorrow with my trusty hairy friend "Buckeye" she will pull me around the neighborhood. We left there and immediately went by the hospital and scheduled the upper GI for next week. The lady at the registration office laughed when I asked for it to be done asap. She said "people don't normally get excited about having a GI scope" I figure it's the next step in making it towards the procedure. Per my insurance I have to do a 3 month pre op diet, which is fine. I'm excited about the next steps and will post more as things progress. After my GI procedure next week, I'm already scheduled for the psychologist visit on 06/20 and will continue the pre diet for the next 3 months.

Psychological Exam - Check

Had my psychological exam today and other than answering too many questions about nothing, it was a piece of cake. I passed! Yeah. Now just 3 months of monitoring and get my labs done for approval. Just another step in the path towards my brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Upper GI Check

Sorry, forgot to post that this was fine as well. Had it last week, all good to continue.

Jumped through a couple hurdles and keep moving forward

Had my labs done and had 1st weigh in of three before insurance will cover the procedure. I lost 3 lbs and the nutritionist was happy with my progress. I go back on August 8th for next weigh in and then September and then to get it approved. Wish me luck!

45 yr old mom of 7 ready to regain my life! Ready to not hurt anymore!

Had my 2nd weigh in required by the insurance company and only 1 more to go! My weight was the same but since I've been doing some traveling, I wasn't surprised, never eat as well when living out of a suitcase. Next weigh in is September 19th and then they will present to the insurance company for approval. I've jumped through all the other hoops, completed all the tests, now just ready to move forward with the next phase in my life.

Last weigh in finished yesterday!

Now just have to wait for the insurance company to approve. They say they have everything they need and will send it off on Monday for approval. If approved, should have pre-op in 2 weeks and surgery 2 weeks after that. Yeah! Ready to keep moving forward and find the smaller me hiding inside my shell.

Hate Waiting for word from Insurance Company

Still no word on approval...hate waiting for other people to make decisions about my life!


So happy that the insurance company approved today. Now just have to goto pre-op class on Friday, start my liquid diet tomorrow and have some labs redrawn. Kinda scary now that it's all approved to know it's going forward and the next chapter of my life will begin in 2 more weeks. Just in time because normally I'd eat tons of candy with my children for Halloween but this year, older daughter going to take them Trick or Treating since I'll be recovering. Feels like I can breath a sigh of relief.

Day 5 of pre op diet down 6 lbs. Yeah

Haven't been hungry drinking lots of liquid and getting between 80-90 grams of protien

Guys I need support and patience!

My surgery just got cancelled and put on hold until the doctor finds another hospital/date for me. Mess up with the prior hospital no longer taking Cigna for their surgeries! I'm beyond pissed!!! I need a zen moment before I blow my top on this doctor's office!!! I will keep you posted.

Surgery Date finally Confirmed!

My date is finally confirmed and approved with all of God's little children for this Thursday, October 30th at 8:30 am. I'm so ready to get on with it. Get to the losing side and feel like the old me again, the one that lived her before children and motherhood took it's toll on my body along with my back and knee hurting all the time. I'm excited but organized, prepared and ready for the next step in the process. I've made all the arrangements, dotted all the eyes, crossed the T's and now to just get through the next 2 days before we leave here at the wee early morning at 4am to get to the hospital by 6:30 am for check in.

Less than 24 hours to go and ready to roll!

I'm was working like a mad woman yesterday and getting all my work done before tomorrow for the week. I work from home and love what I do, healthcare recruiting. I'm so ready for surgery tomorrow. Still have to pack but just confirmed with hospital that my husband can stay in room with me overnight, which is great. He has diabetes, and I take care of him and make sure he take his meds and I give him his insulin. I know tomorrow is about me and my getting better but I will feel better knowing he's there with me and I can keep an eye on him to make sure he is eating and taking care of himself as well. I've been working on a special project for all my children for Christmas and should finish them all tonight. I want to have them all done and hid from them, so they are all done and I don't have to stress about those as well. I made handmade quilts for each with matching pillows for their beds. I have a blanket I purchased when I was 13 yrs old with my first "real money" and I still have it and use it today. My hope is that 30 yrs from now, my children are still using their special gifts made with love by Mommy. I picked special patterns that are special to each of them and they are going to love them. I also made one for my husband and myself, but since there was no way to keep it from him, I let him see it as I was making ours. It's been several nights locked in our room working on them, while we watch tv, but they are awesome! I dropped them off at the embroidery shop yesterday to have their names put on them. So excited about them seeing them at Christmas and seeing what they think of mom's handywork!

I will report in after surgery tomorrow if I feel up to it, but if not when I get back home this weekend. Blessings to all!

4 days post op and doing great!

Today is my first day back to work. Only took off Thursday and Friday as I work out of my home, so don't have to drive or do any heavy lifting. I feel just fine and as of this morning down to 220 lbs from start of 235, so 15 lbs down so far. Was down 10 lbs going into surgery which helped, but Friday when I came home weighed 235 again due to the bloating and extra water weight. It's been a learning process over the weekend, but have gotten in more than my 64 oz of water and 80 gms of protein per day and all my vitamins. I have never thrown up in my life and happy to say the wonderful trend continues...not even a little bit of nausea. Just the gas and bloating, for which Gas X strips have been a lifesaver. BUY THEM NOW! if you haven't already. I will keep all posted as the days go on.

Another 3 lbs down today! Seems so amazing at this great blessing!

I think not enough of us who are doing great post enough. If all you hear is the bad, you fear the worst. I know I did. We should all be thankful for this amazing gift we've been given on another chance to be happy, healthy and live much better lives because of our hard work and this great gift. I'm down another 3 lbs today. Can't imagine it will keep coming off this quickly because if it did, I'd lose over 60 lbs this month and can't imagine that. I'm blessed to be one of the lucky ones to see the scale going in the right direction.

20 lbs down as of today

Feeling great! Power walked around the block two times twice today with the dogs. Beautiful day and great walk.

Down 31 lbs as of today!

Sorry been busy with the holidays
Texas Bariatric Specialist

Texas Bariatric Specialist

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