Saying Farewell to Hamster Cheeks - Kiev, Ukraine

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First and foremost English is not my first...

First and foremost English is not my first language so if my writing will have a Russian accent that because I have one ))
So... I hated my fat cheeks since I was 14 or sometime near that age. But people kept telling me that the fat will melt away when reach the age of 20. Well I'm 25 now (just had my Birthday a week ago) and my hamster cheeks are still with me. Several years ago I thought about buccal fat removal but was to scared. But a couple of month ago I needed to go through a small operation - to remove a atheroma tumor from my head - and I found this doctor. I liked him so much and enjoyed (if one really can enjoy such a procedure) the process that I started considering having him to remove my buccal fat as well. I consulted with doctor already. And today I'm going for another consultation to learn what other doctors I should visit first (like gynaecologist, gastroenterologist, anaesthetist) and to schedule my op.

Also I want to say that I read all the reviews here. And yes, I am a little concerned as most of people regret it. So I tried and tried to find my inner peace with cheeks and to believe those people who tell me that my cheeks make me unique etc. Oh please! So stupid. I see fat cheeked girls on the streets everyday. Fat doesn't make me unique! At some point it makes me charming and youngish but c'mon I want to be gorgeous! Plus my eyes are pretty charming as well.

Been there, done that

Today I had my surgery. It went really well. I don't see any actual results yet (maybe a little bit on my right cheek IDK) but I know this is the way it should be. So I'll wait. One of my cheeks is more swollen then the other but they both look all right so no one will notice.
I don't feel any pain just a little discomfort.
Really glad I did it!

Still swollen

So it has been a little over a week now. I feel great. I look alright. Dr Simonov told me not to look for any results yet. It will take a good couple of month before all the swelling will be gone. So I'm patiently waiting although I and my mom see some difference - my cheekbones now are more dignified.
The first couple of days after surgery my cheeks were really swollen, I couldn't fully open my mouth, I talked funny and I couldn't touch them (or sleep on the side) as they hurt. Now I talk okay, I sleep as I usually did. And they never really were in pain! A fe days ago some bruising appeared on both cheeks (but in different places and colors - one is blue and the other one yellow) but it isn't that obvious so you can't really see them especially after some BB-cream magic.
Anyway I feel great, I'm glad I did it and I look forward to see the actual results!

Okey, I love me

Before surgery everyone was telling me how it wouldn't change my perception of myself and happiness about my body/face image comes from the inside not from the mirror reflection. And I was like Hell no, I will be finally satisfied with myself.
And you know what? I was effing right!!! I love how I look! I love to see myself in the mirror! I see huge difference. But I also see that I didn't change drasticly. My boyfriend doesn't see it. Which is kinda good since he was against surgery and any changes in me in the first place.
I mean this is what surgery suppose to do - to make you a better version of yourself. Not an entirely different person!

It's been 3 months and 7 days

Hey guys!
So it's a little over three months now. From my last entrance my face haven't changed that much so I didn't want to post loads of similar selfies.

But today I had my last appointment with my doctor Simonov for him to take my after pictures. He is such a sweetheart I totally adore him and would miss him a lot. So I wanted to wait for this day to post my ultimate look ) Actually I wanted to use his photos of me as I thought they would be more accurate but I look so ugly on them... Maybe I should post them anyway because you don't care about my ugliness - only 'bout the result which you want or do not want to achieve yourself.

Every time I look at myself in the mirror I'm glad and grateful that I did this! I still don't have thin oval shaped face, you know like Kim Kardashian. But this is how God created me. Some things you can't change and some things you should change. Why not? After all we develop and evolve every single day and why not try to be the best version of yourself?

So now I think about a nose job. But it's expensive so I have to give it a good thought while saving money anyway.

And I also want to mention that trusting the doctor you chose is very important as well as understanding whether you need this or you don't.

Hope my little diary will help all of you, lost chubby-cheeked souls out there.


It's been almost a year

Hey guys. It's been almost a year after the surgery. And I'm still happy that I did it. First several month I was like "OMG! Thank's God I did it!" every time I saw myself in a mirror. Then I just kind of got used to this image of me. But still once in a while I see my reflection and give myself a credit for doing it. And for not listening all those people who told me I should not do it (because after the surgery they were like "Girl, you look amaze!").

The only bump on the road I can see is that my face kinda dropped a little. But all I need is a course of face massages or some other beauty treatment. It's like after you lose weight and your skin feels a little loose. But you still know that you did everything right.

Promise a photo for the 1st anniversary ;)
And thank you guys for commenting!!!

2 years later

Hey guys! So for those of you who asked how I look now. There's a picture.
Although I'm still more then happy with the results there was a little problem. I'm not sure wheather it's just me or many people have to deal with this afterwards. But the story is that my face kinda dropped. Like you know when you lose weight and you have all this loose skin... A bumer actually. So I did some fillers injected to my cheekbones. Not much. I wanted to look natural and like myself. So it did the trick and lifted my face so to speak. Now I'm extremely happy with my face!
If you are considering buccal fat removal and you hate your face like I did - do it. But only if you completely trust your surgeon! I'm very proud of myself that I did it! Now I look back at my old photos and realise that it was a right desision. I was not ugly, and people loved my cheeks etc. but I was not happy with myself, now I am. Good luck to all! And thank you for commenting!

Do you really need that fat?

Just wanted to clear something. Many people think that it's wrong to take out fat from a face because with age you will need that fat. It's not the same fat!!! Not at all!
With age fat from the face really goes away (maybe it goes straight to belly or hips? :)), but we lose the fat from the upper part of cheeks - between nose at cheekbones. And this buccal fat lies in the lower part of your face. It only drops down and really doen't do any good. I posted a picture of that fat pads before, it's not the fat that you will ever need.
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