28 150lbs Loss After RNY, Panniculectomy

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Pre surgical appointment completed! things are...

Pre surgical appointment completed! things are getting real. After 3 years of waiting after approval, its finally happening!

Loss of 150 lbs has left lots of skin on my belly. With such an active lifestyle it is difficult and painful to complete some of the exercises or activities I enjoy.

Met with my surgeon and receiving a Panniculectomy with anew bellybutton. Sept 20, 2016 is the date!

So Excited!

Before surgery

Pictures of my overhang

Day 3 Post Op

Well day 3 moving around really well! Home and got a good nights sleep. Pain is not too bad, drains don't have too much output and will have my dressings changed again tonight.

My first look at my belly when they changed my dressings yesterday. With the swelling it's hard to picture what it will look like.

Before And After

Dressing changed

Drains out

Drains came out yesterday and things look good!

First set of staples out

Most the staples are out rest out Friday. First good look at straight on my belly.

2 weeks tomorrow

Met with the surgeon today very happy with my healing progress. The stitches came out of my belly button they were causing a bit of redness, feels so much better now that they are out. Still some swelling but not causing any discomfort

Healing nicely!

Still some bruising and some swelling but overall doing well! Massaging the scar at least twice a day to soften the scar tissue and make the bumps go away. My belly button is finally starting to heal, had to go on some antibiotics as a precaution to help fight off any infection that may be present. My umbilical is the hardest part to heal because of consent movement but finally it's beginning to heal nicely and the redness is going away.

1 month post op

Surgeon is amazed with how quickly I've healed! Can go back to the gym slowly and take it easy! No weights yet and not back to work just yet (my job is quite physically demanding) but got my return date.


It's been crazy roller coaster with events in life lately but so healthy and happy. Here is my update pictures I've healed nicely still applying cram to My scar. Gained a little weight while I was off but working hard now to get it off. Very happy with my results

Time to tone

Back at the gym and toning up still long way to go but so happy with my progress

Putting in the time

Is so great the skin doesn't hold me back now

Still working hard

Loving my body. I still have quite a bit of skin around my midsection but I would not change my surgery. Feel amazing. Rubbing and the gym is not a problem! Still staying the same weight but transforming me!
Dr. Mckay

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