35 y/o Wife, Mother of 2 Girls, in Long Awaited Need of Serious Weight Loss -King, NC

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I have been overweight since I was age 8. I have...

I have been overweight since I was age 8. I have tried multiple times to lose weight with out success. I have researched sleeve gastrectomy and feel that this will be the best tool for me to use to help with my weight loss. I am scheduled for my surgery on 1/27/14. My family is supportive. My sisters have both had lap band surgery so they have both been through this before and can tell me a little of what to expect.

Nervous ....19 days until surgery

I am getting nervous. I have to start my pre-op diet in 5 days. I know I can do this. I have been stocking up on some of the things that I need to have for my diet and post-op. I am going to go ahead and post some of my pre-op pictures.

Pre-Op diet starts tomorrow! 15 days until surgery

Well, I have had a good weekend, went out with friends, had a good time, ready to start my pre-op diet and get this show on the road. I am looking forward to having a better looking summer body.

1st day Pre-Op diet

Not too bad, but I do have a headache.

4 days until surgery

Only 4 days until surgery. I have lost almost 7 pounds on my pre-op diet. It's getting closer.

3 days post-op

Surgery went well. Had some post-op nausea and vomiting. It did abate and I was able to leave on time. Still having quiet a bit of gas. Able to sip liquids, but not really wanting anything.

9 days post-op

Doing much better. I am able to tolerate fluids well and I am actually wanting to drink. I am looking forward to getting something a little more than fluids, that will be in a few days.
My staples were removed a couple of days ago and that helped with the discomfort in my abdominal area, not having any pain at all. The only real pain I ever had was from the tugging of the staples or from the gas.
I will be posting pictures again at the 2 weeks post-op mark.

18 days post-op

Well Monday will be 3 weeks post-op. Doing a lot better. I am actually getting hungry now. I am tolerating cream soups with my liquids. Sorry I haven't gotten any pictures up, hopefully I can get some taken today. I returned to work this week. Since I have a sit down job that went ok, but I was still really tired. I think I was suffering from some dehydration. Had some labs done to be sure my electrolytes were ok and everything was good.
I have lost an overall total of 12.5 inches in 3 weeks. I will post my weight with the pictures.

3 week post-op photos

3 weeks post op. Starting weight 242.2; surgery weight 220.4; current weight 207.9
Dr. James Dasher

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