40 Year Old, mom of 21 year old twin girls, finally getting mommy makeover. Kentucky, KY

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My surgery is scheduled for Feb 2nd, 2016. I'm...

My surgery is scheduled for Feb 2nd, 2016. I'm getting so excited. I had my pre op appt on Tuesday. Went over all my questions and concerns, size of implants, how the day of surgery will go, etc. I couldn't be more excited. I've waited for over 20 years for this! I hope the next couple of weeks go by quickly

6 days to go...

I'm so ready to have this surgery! I've been getting things ready all week. Cleaned house, laundry done, groceries bought and bills paid! I have to work 12 hr midnight shifts the next four nights so hopefully time goes by quickly. I'll get off Monday morning at 7am, take a quick nap, then head to my hairdresser at 10am! Gotta get this hair colored! Afterwards will get my bag packed, go pick up my daughter and head to the hotel. My PS is about 2 1/2 hours away so we are going up the day before to avoid early morning traveling. My surgery is at 7am so this will be a lot easier. Getting so excited and a little nervous. Please keep me in your prayers!

My first post on RS... Didn't show up so here it is again!

I just realized my first review when I started with RS is not showing. In a nutshell.. It said... I'm 5'8, 175-185 pounds, depending on the day. I had a set of twin girls when I was 18 and my body hasn't been the same since. My PS is Dr Edds in Owensboro KY. Him and his staff are wonderful. My surgery will include a tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo to upper and lower abdomen/back and sides, and a breast lift with implants. Haven't completely decided on the size yet but somewhere around 375cc, saline/under the muscle. I've waited for over 20 years for this and can't believe it's finally happening!


It's been a little while since my last update but I had my surgery on the 2nd. Came through surgery itself with flying colors. Stayed in a hotel near my doctors office that night and my daughter did such a good job taking care of me. The next morning we go in to see the surgeon before our two hour trip home. The nurse gets me in the exam chair and starts to take the dressing off my abdomen and as she does she pulls several areas of skin with it around my belly button. I ask her to please take it easy and all she's says is that's weird it's just paper tape I don't know why it would do that and proceeds on. So once my dressings are off I now have red areas all around my belly button and on my right breast. My doc comes in and I explain to him about the reddened areas, he apologizes tremendously, exams everything and feels like it will be ok with polypsporin ointment and telfa dressings with no gauze. So we make the two hour trip home, my daughter turns my care over to my husband, who also does an excellent job. He does everything he's supposed to, gets me up every 2-3 hours to walk, makes me eat, helps with my dressing changes twice a day etc. So on Friday I notice the areas that were red from where the tape was yanked off on Tuesday are now blistered. Very concerned I call my ps office, spoke with a nurse, she said to continue what I was doing that it should all be ok and to keep my follow up with my ps on Monday. Over the weekend I babied the areas and tried not to bust the blisters and they stayed looking pretty much the same. Monday morn we get up, take old dressing off, and blisters have burst, some of the areas are dark red and seems to be bigger than before. My husband tries to keep me calm as we get ready to leave for my ps appt, however; I pretty much cry the whole way there. Once I'm called back, the nurse removes the sutures from my left breast which looks wonderful, then takes the dressing off my right breast breast and notices the darkened red area on my nipple, & she asks is that still from the tape coming off last week, I say yes and you need to look at my belly also. She pulls the dressing off and says she going to get the ps before she removes any other sutures (thank god) He comes in and is mortified. He can't believe it. He says its definitely a reaction from the tape that can lead to necrosis (which I have never had an allergy to) He says its very rare, he's only had it happen 3 other times in his 35+year career. So leave it to me, I swear I have the worst luck of all time. Anyway I'm now in a hotel staying all week near my ps office. He has changed my ointment to Bactroban and nitrobid (gives u awful headaches). Dressing changes ever 12 hours. And having 1 hour treatments In hyperbaric chamber daily til Friday My ps is being great, very concerned and staying on top of it. I'm just beside myself. I can't believe this is happening. I've waited 21 years, saved up the money for the surgery and now look worse than I did to begin with. I am normally such a happy go lucky person and never let anything get to me but this has done it. I can't stop crying. I can't sleep. I'm just miserable. I'm just beginning to regret my decision of having surgery!
Owensboro Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Edds and his staff are excellent. During my consultation they spent nearly 2 1/2 hours with me.

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