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So I have been researching BA for 3 years now. I...

So I have been researching BA for 3 years now. I have 2 beautiful kids that mean the world to me. Unfortunately there was a price--my body!! My cup size before having children was a C cup now after kids I wear a C cup but I should probably be wearing a B cup. All of my bras are push up bras and just w/ clothes on nobody would know the difference but in a bathing suit or with nothing on my boobs appear very deflated. I had not been swimming in over 2 years until last year I took my first vacation to Florida and I went through the trouble of sewing my push up bra pads into my bathing suit!! Not fun squeezing water out of them discretly! My goal is to get some of my self confidence back because I feel as if my personality has changed and I just want to look and act how I actually feel on the inside. This is a completely selfish thing I feel like I am doing but I know I am doing it for my self and no one else! I have chosen a PS that several of my friends/acquaintances have went to and the results look great! My big delima now is SIZE!! I have decided to go above the muscle just for the fact that I do have a little bit of droopiness. I also like the fact that it would give me more fullness at the top of my breast. My PS told me I have plenty of breast tissue to still provide a natural look....This is where the size becomes a problem....I went on my 2nd consultation w/ this PA after going to several others and I began to try on sizers. I told her that I would like to be a full D cup maybe even DD. We started at 450 CC I believe and I liked them..then she said ok lets try 500..i LOVED IT then 550-LOVED IT-then 575-LOVED IT the 600 LOVE THEM!!!! I put on an undershirt like a cami and I thought they looked great from the side and great straight on. I get home and start comparing before and after pics trying to find some that have the same breast shape/volume etc before and then seeing what they looked like w 600 cc and OMG they were HUGE!! 550 looked hug he 500 looked huge and now I feel like I am right back to wanting 450 again! I just don't want to regret going to small! or to big for that matter! I think I would rather be to small than to big. I also didn't take time into consideration when thinking about 600 cc. They are going to be heavy and I can imagine that they too would begin to droop! I have my pre-op appt today where I will be ordering the implants so it is decision time! I have decided to go w silicone for sure but I have no idea what I will end up doing!

I went with 500 cc moderate profile mentor...

I went with 500 cc moderate profile mentor silicone gel! I feel 100% better after discussing all of my concerns with my PS!!
2 weeks left!!
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