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Ok I am 29, 170lbs, a 38H cup and Miserable and...

Ok I am 29, 170lbs, a 38H cup and Miserable and have been since I got boobs when I was 14! I hate the unwanted attention and the way people look at me! It drives me insane! I was approved for a breast reduction when I was 18 but still couldn't afford my part I think $900 :( so anyway 2 kids, boys, 11 and 1 both breastfed and now instead of just huge I'm saggy and droopy and even more miserable :O!! So anyway went to the plastic surgeon on Thursday 27 (I was more nervous about taking my shirt off in front of a strange man and taking pictures more than anything else) but he was super awesome and nice and long story short I got a call the following Monday (4 days later) saying I was approved and my surgery is scheduled for April 11!! I am overjoyed and I'm not afraid one bit! I feel like the consultation and my self consciousness of not wanting anyone to see me is my biggest fear by far!! I would hop on the operating table tomorrow if they'd let me!!! Any advice appreciated!! I'm just worried about holding my baby after and getting all my business done!! Hopefully I can try to lay low for a week or so but that's hopefully!! Any get well quick tips or general TiPs!!! I'm the happiest I've ever been knowing I'm getting this surgery! It's better than Christmas and I cannot WaIT!!!

Patiently waiting

Just patiently waiting for the big day! Well maybe not patiently but I can't wait! I bought a button up shirt can u guys think of anything else I need to buy ahead of time?

12 more days

And OMG I can't wait! I am so miserable. I'm ready to get this over with

Wow almost here

I cannot wait to be done with this surgery and start the healing process. I hope I have all I need I hope I haven't forgotten anything. I have to be there at 6 and they said I would be out by 1!!! Hoping and praying all goes well!!


well i had the surgery friday and the drains removed today! I was absolutley shocked that this didnt hurt a bit! It felt a little funny but no pain at all and i feel so much better! I still have tape around the incision but i cannot believe that he turned what i HAD into what i have now. I feel like a new woman. I feel like maybe i can actually walk around naked without constantly covering myself up. Even when im alone! No more horrible comments from strangers about my "huge tits" I feel confident and happy and i have never felt like this in my life. Its an indescribable feeling and i hope everyones experience is as awesome as mine has been so far!! Im still black and blue and horribly swollen but i feel like a million bucks!!

Scar revision

Ok so my first surgery was awful, I believe the bottom part of my boobs opened up about 5 or 6 times and finally had to be left open to heal that way. I look awful but still physically feel better will small boobs however I will not be showing them off because they look like Frankenstein. I have a scar revision Tuesday with a new dr. I'm scared but just hope it all works out. I've been thru so much with this breast reduction surgery

1 week post op

I had my scar revision surgery one week ago. This is my first surgery with UK hospital and dr.wong. I'm trying not to feel pessimistic but I have had a really bad experience so far and feel very rushed and am not clear on much of anything, I don't even know my restrictions, I'm still trying to take it easy and I think I'm healing ok however. I haven't gotten any clear answers from my doctor and that is very disheartening.
Dr Chris Mereck

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