Bbl Journey Post Op Day 9

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Hello all! I'm pretty sure I posted somewhere else...

Hello all! I'm pretty sure I posted somewhere else on the real self site letting everyone know I was excited to finally make my bbl surgery appt after years of research and dreaming! Not sure where that post is at this point lol So...with some direction from a sweet lady named Jill...I am posting a review for curious researchers like myself to follow. I am starting it 9 days after surgery and intend to be completely honest about every phase of my surgery and recovery...the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let me catch you up to date and maybe throw a pic or two "before photos" on here as well. Before my surgery I did several consultations with different surgeons that I'd researched (some free, some not). The surgeon I chose after that process was an amazing man (I am withholding the dr. name until a later date). He is very professional, knowledgeable, and all office staff from pre op to post op were/are just as them all! Dr. discussed with me that the plan was going to be to do lipo on lower and upper back and thighs, then to transfer as much fat as he needed to the hips and buttox to make an amazing asset! Like most of you reading this... i had questions (and demands really since I was so armed with my real self pro arsenal...I felt obligated to discuss in great detail what i wanted lol). I told him from what ive rrad that fat can die... how many liters of fat can you take. I read you can safely take 5, take all 5 and more if possible. How many cc's you gonna put in my buttox? Ive read arou d 1000 cc in each cheek ends that. Really important to me that you snatch my waist in as much as you can and give my butt great roundness and projection! I also asked him to lipo my belly cause i want it flat too. Does this sound familiar to any of you all??? Lol He was very sweet, he listened and i truly believe he took every word as gospel and what that that he KNOWS what this patient wants. Of course he already knew without my bbl expertise telling him...but whatever. Now i knew that he knew...and he gave me all the time and attention i needed to explain! He then shared his thoughts with me. He said he could, indeed, take 5 liters of fat from the areas we spoke about and that he thought he'd end up injecting the thighs and each button using approx 800-900 cc due to the room my butt had to offer. He said you never really know until you are in there injecting for sure, but this is what he thought based on my consult (this consult was not free, I chose one of the dr who didn't offer free consults). He said it isn't about how much fat...but about achieving the look I want. He suggested no lipo on my tummy vecause i had smooth and soft belly, was 39 yr old, had 2 kids. He felt this was not in my best interest without the full tummy tuck with it. I decided to just not lipo or tummy tuck after hearing that... i was in no way wanting a scar from a tummy tuck...or my belly button to move, too weird for me! So its settled... Im getting lipo on back and thighs and tranfer of fat to hips and buttox. Final price including garment 10k. Im not rich and this isnt easy but i saved my 20% down payment and booked my surgery! After all. I'd read so many inspiration quotes yourself, go for it, invest in you, etc. So there I was doing it! Okay so day of surgery I was of course nervous and excited... I gathered my stuff and my hubby and off we went. All went very well and as expected. I don't remember much but I do remember the dr talking to me post op...telling me I had the most non cooperative fat ever. He said it did not want to leave my body! I knew going in that he was quite aggressive with lipo already. knowing he had to be even more aggressive made me feel like I was in for a tough recovery! I was right. Hubby somehow got me into the back of the vehicle and there I laid across the back seat on my belly for the 45 min drive home. The first week I remember lots of pain, two more trips to my post op dr visits, constipated stomach, and essentially being 100% dependent on my hubby who took off work for a week and stayed by my side. I was heavily medicated with pain meds, swollen, parts of me numb, sore, lacking good comfortable sleep, and packing a very large asset that I was not used to! I felt like one big ASS walking around honestly by the end of the week...which is the first time I really looked at it. On real self... I see girls posting selfies of their new bodies day 1, day 2, etc. Oh not me... I was too sore and sick to even care. Could have had a supermodel body and I would not have known or cared. No pics at all for me week 1..unfortunately. it never even seemed to cross my mind or be a priority. Hindsight... I wish I had photos. On about day 6, I was weening off pain meds, finally having some small bowel movements, and much more clear headed and aware of reality again.. So now is when I realize how happy I am I did this...right? Wrong. I took one look at my backside and almost broke down in years and wondered how I was so stupid to do this to my all natural body. I mourned for my flat butt and flabby flanks.. I honestly did. I was convinced I'd made a mistake and now I'd have to carry around a big huge out of shape kim Kardashian butt for ever. Looking back... I think I had buyers remorse or post op depression?? Is that a thing? 7 days post op..Hubby goes back to work. I was mortified for him to leave because I wasn't physically very independent yet...and more importantly my mental stability was shaken. I was scared for myself for the first time...maybe ever! Very uncharacteristic for I am a pretty self proclaimed strong lady. It was mom to the rescue. I confided in her how horrible I felt about having the surgery, putting everyone out, spending so much money, etc. She made it all better like mothers do (although I had previously forbid her to talk negative about bbl. She haTed the idea and was heavily against it). She said it's okay to do things for will look amazing..and all well that ends well. 2 days with her...we talked, we laughed, we even laughed at my enormous butt. She cleaned, cooked, helped me shower, walked with me, everything. Day 9 (today) I am mentally stable, not regretting my sugery, and taking my recovery head on...ready for each new day. Know what I noticed yesterday after I took a shower? My butt looks great! When it's out of the garment it looks totally different. .. I'm no where close to Kim K...which works for me! My dr, I have to assume at this point, was right and I just needed to be patient through this healing process. I am...and I'll update as time goes on. So for all those first weekers, seconditions weekers like me.... hang in there!

Day 11 Post op

Hello all! Just looked back at ally typos from my last update...sorry about that. I am using my phone again so there will probably be more lol. My body is still relatively sore and I still don't feel like I'll be ready for work next week, so I took another week off. Thankfully I am able to do that. My lipo entry areas are beginning to itch and hurt a little...depending on location. My legs are super swollen still, making this garment my enemy. Feels like it's choking the life out of me (my legs) and the straps that come up over my arms gets tight when I lie down. Still trying to stay off my butt as much as possible so sleeping on my belly. Seems like I lie down and sleep about 3 or 4 hours at a time. Better than last week but I am looking forward to further progression! My legs are very bruised and hurt mostly when getting up after being down a while. I'm not getting out of the house much except to go outside and walk. Butt seems to have shrunken a little more. I will upload pics soon. So far, I've been unable to get them to load. Thanks for reading!

Photos finally

I tried to put them in a timeline with descriptions!

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