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So after almost a year researching this since it...

So after almost a year researching this since it came out i decided once my doctor started offering coolsculpting to go ahead and do it! My procedure was today. After reading the reviews about pain on here and speaking to several of the office nurses about their experiences of it being "intense" i was scared to death! Im happy to report it REALLY isnt that bad at all!!!! I promise! Ive had much more painful things (like babies!). I think it also depends on your thresehold for pain, how jiggly you are, and the area treated.

I did 3 areas today total. I had heard the abdomen was the most painful using the larger applicator but i decided to do it first to get it over with. When they first apply the suction it is a bit intense/uncomfortable for about 3 minutes and then its over. It was totally tolerable. If i had to do it again i would. Dont be scared! I then did my hips. They were less intense and that lasted only 30 seconds. Piece of cake.

I also read the massage after hurts very badly. It did not hurt me at all. In fact my hips tickled! I was laughing!

After i was sore. I put spanx on to help support the area and that has helped. I know im going to be pretty tender and bruised for a bit. I bruise easily. My upper abdomen is the most tender. I can sleep on my sides without pain. I am a little swollen and bloated as well. Im sure that will continue to go away. If i hit my abdomen on something, it wouldnt be pleasant, but i expect it will take a week or so for the inflammation to go away.

I wont know for w while obviously if it worked and how well but i am extremely excited and hopeful thT i get rid of some of my flabby bits! I will post before and afters soon.

Bottom line, dont be scared! It wasnt bad at all!!!!

So 3 days later and still trucking along! The...

So 3 days later and still trucking along! The swelling and tenderness has subsided a bit. My abdomen is still the most sore and tender, but it continues to get better and better each day. I didn't bruise as bad as I thought I would. I can feel the skin around the area getting feeling back (it feels mostly numb after you do the procedure) and it's not painful at all. I barely think about it. I plan to get back to exercising tomorrow and doing a run. I will definitely wear some spanx just b/c it would be tender if I didn't and the jiggling would not feel good.

I'll post photos soon. Again...don't be scared! So glad I did it!

I am now day 9 and wanted to give an honest...

I am now day 9 and wanted to give an honest update! Up until day 5, it was not bad at all. Not the procedure, massage, or almost 5 days after. From day 5 to now, it has been not so fun and there is not sign of it easing up which is the most frustrating part. It's not uncontrollable pain, but it's to the point where I'm in a bad mood from it b/c it wakes you up at night, you are constantly uncomfortable, and the only thing that eases it is having an icepack on it CONSTANTLY. I mean, you get 20 minutes of relief after the ice pack. I am literally sleeping with the icepack on my abdomen just to sleep (and I'm still waking up to have to get another one). The spanx aren't that helpful, but are better than not having them at all. I'm not regularly taking Tylenol or anything so again, you can glean from that that it's not so painful I need pain medication all the time, but it's a very annoying pain. Similar to a toothache or long-term headache. Do those really hurt? Well in that area they do, but if they keep hurting it's all you can think about and it gets very upsetting!

The pain is more needle-type pain. Like I'm getting poked with little needles, or bee stings. I imagine getting a tatoo must feel the same. It's very annoying 24-7 for 5 days!!!! I would NEVER have done this so close to vacation. We leave tomorrow for the beach and I was assured that 10 days would be PLENTY of downtime to heal before going. Ummmmm....I don't think so! Definitely don't do this if you have somewhere to be in 2-3 weeks.

On a side note, this is JUST my abdomen. It's especially painful in the area I had the least amout of fat (upper abs above belly button). I imagine people that have very little fat this hurts like the dickens!! My hips have not bothered me once. Not once. No pain at all, no issues.

I hope to post another more positive update once I get back. Hoping for pain-free and skinny! Ha!

Day 12: still in pain. No fun! Its depressing. ...

Day 12: still in pain. No fun! Its depressing. The worst is at night. It literally keeps me up it hurts so badly. I have to switch out icepacks just to get an hours worth of sleep. This has not subsided since the pain started. The day isnt as bad. Its more tolerable. I can go a few hours without an icepack-still feel the pain but if I'm upright for whatever reason its not as painful as lying down. Another thing that has me very frustrated is the bloating. I am very bloated and swollen still. Nothing like paying $1900 to feel fatter! I keep reading posts about the. Magic 14 day no pain day. I can only pray thats true. This is definitely nervepain. And it hurts!!!!
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