My Truthful Experience with All on 4

So after getting over the awful shock of needing...

So after getting over the awful shock of needing such drastic treatment and doing a lot of research and visiting different dentists I made my appointment to start my treatments. First appointment was pretty easy, cat scan and friendly reassurance. Next appointment, awful experience if I'm completely honest. Had normal dental block ( I'm not a nervous patient) to numb my entire upper jaw. Had 12 of my own teeth removed, most came easy as I had very small roots but the back teeth took a bit more work. Unfortunately towards the end of removing my teeth the numbness started wearing off, this frightened me, then I started crying. Had to keep having the dental block topped up what seems like every 15 minutes. When my dentist told me all my teeth was now removed I think my body went into a sort of shock as I started shaking and was extremely upset. My dentist was absolutely lovely throughout the whole procedure, I think it upset him and all his team at how upset I was. I had a lot of work done, as I said 12 upper teeth removed, bone grafting on the right side, only needed 2 stitches, 6 screw things and the temporary teeth thing. It took about 4 hours to complete the upper jaw. Couldn't wait for my husband to take me home. I've read lots of people say they had no pain at all throughout this experience. Not so for me. Once the dental block started wearing off at home I just didn't know what to do with myself. Took 2 co-codamol every 4 hours for the first 2 days and I probably could of done with taking them every 2 to 3 hours to be totally without pain. On day 3 things started to get a lot better, only needed pain relief every 6 hours and salt water rinse really helped a lot. By day seven no more pain at all. The temporary teeth felt just weird and sat a little bit wonky ( hated this as my own teeth was perfectly straight before any problems started ). As at this point I still had all my own bottom teeth the temps didn't sit properly on my own teeth, made me look I was just learning to eat solids. My 2 week check up went very well, dentist extremely pleased with my healing, he said I was a week ahead of where he thought I'd be. Booked in for my lower set to be done. 18. November 16, went in to have lower teeth done ( needles to say was feeling very worried this time ). Had dental block to numb lower jaw ( worked amazingly this time ) had 13 teeth removed, again very small roots ( like taking out baby teeth the dentist said ) no bone grafts needed this time, 4 screw things fitted this time and temporary teeth put in place. Did have a lot of stitches this time. Much better experience at home this time to. 2 pain relief tablets every 5 to 6 hours was fine. The swelling was painful under the Jew, didn't feel much pain inside my mouth though. 6 days since procedure and no pain or swelling at all. Can't say I like the feel of the temporary teeth. It feels like there is too much in my mouth. Hate the extre gum like part to the teeth on the inside, it just gets in the way. Both the upper and lower teeth sit lovely on each other and the upper temp set are not as wonky now. Find it hard to eat with these teeth as they don't have all the back teeth too. The other really annoying thing is that they sometimes feel very dry. I no it sounds like I'm just complaining at the moment, I don't mean too. I just have to keep telling myself, I had to do this and it'll all be worth it when my permanent teeth are done. I think as long as you go into this being realistic with yourself then it'll all be ok. Having teeth removed is painful and I think a shock to your body especially when your having a lot removed in a single day.
Will keep posting on my progress.

Little inconvenience. Hope it can be sorted Monday.

So 5.30am Saturday 26 November. Had a little uncomfortable night as the stitches feel very tight and leaving gums feel tender so hadn't really slept well. Anyway woke up with an awful crunch sound and the temporary teeth thing had broken, the back 2 teeth on the left side along with the gum bit had broke of. Didn't hurt but very sharp and as it's Saturday I'll have to wait till Monday to get to see my dentist. I think this have happened as I think the teeth just sat to high so probably was putting a lot of pressure on them all the time. Hopefully this doesn't happen very often, a little concerned as they only been in a few days short of 5 weeks.

Temporarys fixed

Got my temporary teeth fixed today. They had broken because the bite wasn't right. The bite has now all been sorted out, they are sitting straighter than before and now great, well apart from the gum part on the inside of my mouth. Not sure I would ever get use to that bit. Almost felt completely normal eating. Hopefully they will now last till the permanent teeth are fitted.

2 week check up for lower teeth

Had my 2 week check up on 1/12/16 for my lower teeth. All great, healing lovely and booked in for my first appointment of 4 for the permanent porcelain teeth for February next year. So excited.
My dentist checked the upper teeth to see how the fix was doing, unfortunately it broke again ( hasn't completely broken off this time but has a crack in it ) so I'm booked in again for next Thursday to have it removed again and fixed. This time it will be attached to the back screw thing too as hopefully the screw thing has done what it needs to do to be secure with the bone. Fingers crossed this time it will be all ok till my perm's are fitted.

Update for temporary fix no 2

Had my upper temporary teeth repaired again last Thursday. All went really well, this time it was attached to the back screw thingy so it should now be good till my permanent teeth are fitted. Fingers crossed.

First stage for permanent teeth

Yesterday I had my first appointment of 4 for my permanent teeth. All went really well. Only 1 of the posts had to have something changed to a smaller size but everything else was great. My dentist is extremely pleased with how well everything has heeled. I'm so excited for getting the permanent teeth done now. My dentist told me my finished teeth won't have any of the bulky gum bit ( that part on the inside that just gets in the way ) I'm so looking forward to being able to bite correctly. And hopefully lose this lisp I now have. Only 6 weeks to go now.

2nd fitting appointment for the permanent teeth

Yesterday I had my 2nd appointment for the permanent teeth. Pretty easy visit really, I had the temporary teeth taken out, the screw things on top had to be changed to try the new plate thing, ( as I have a lot of gum still my permanent teeth won't have any of the bulk that the temporary teeth have. My dentist said my permanent teeth will look like they come out from the gum like your own teeth would. So happy about this ) he needed to make a few adjustments and I had another moulding thing done. All was pretty perfect with the bottom one. I choose my new teeth colour. I've gone for the whitest white, ( figured as I've had to go though all this I might as well go for a beautiful Hollywood smile ) only 2 more appointments to go now till all finished. Roll on march 22. It's going to feel like the longest 4 weeks ever.

3rd appointment for my permanent theeth

Had my 3rd appointment on Wednesday 8th march. All good, was hoping my next appointment would be for the final fitting of my permanent teeth but it looks like I'll probably need 1 more appointment too as after trying the template thing it was clear that when I smile ( I have a wide smile ) you could see there wasn't back teeth right at the back so now I'm having more teeth done. I'm actually really very pleased with this as it means I'll actually have a full set of teeth. As much as I'm now getting very impatient for the final teeth to be fitted ( just because I'm so excited for my new smile ) I'm very happy that I'm having 4 more teeth added to. Now jut 22 days till completed, fingers crossed.
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