Not Sure Im Healing , Properly - Kenosha, WI

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Its been three and a half weeks 02/24/14 since...

Its been three and a half weeks 02/24/14 since surgery and im still having some gealing problems aling with some yellow fluids does this look normal? My stitches are Disable but looks like thier still there.. I had to go see my surgeon a week after surgery because the pain got worse and I was really ichy so he gave me some cephalexin and told me if I come back hell have to remove the stitches and let me heal on my own which would taje longer :/

heres a better photo maybe

and another


Soooooo im starting to feel hungry now the smell of food use to make nauseous but now it makes me crave things i cant have as some of u know my healing journey has been all fucked up i FINALLY see my doc to day so maybe they'll change my diet who knows even tho my tummy does agree with much anyway cream of chicken FAIL jello FAIL cottage cheese FAIL apple juice FAIL and yes all these things are drained, diluted and fat free. o boi idk what's to come but everyday is a learning process any who heyyyyyyyy sleevers hugs kisses and happy healing


So april 1st my surgeon put me on a pureed diet, but my tommy doest agreee with much i tried mash potatoes does work tuna does work tilapia is a no apple sauce no im a litte over 2 weeks any suggestions i am highly depressed and sooo over the sips and healing process i would rather heal so can eat sad ikw but hey.... Any suggestions ppl?

the storm is almost over!!

Im so excited ill be a month post op april 23 every week it gets a little bit better ive still haven't managed to get a whole 2oz in at a time but im not go push it im just ready to get pass this healing stage so i can be able to work out and sleep on my side lol ikw its hard sleevers but it gets a little better each day i am still going through the little aches and pains but NOTHING like the first week after surgery so excited to see my surgeon april 22 so curious to see what i weight in pre op march 23 267, post op 243 as of april 1 ive read at some point during the 1st month u hit a stall (not losing any weight) thats fine well see because as soon as im all healed i will be unstoppable!
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