Replacing Old Implants & Getting Full Lift - Kelowna, BC

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Ive been following this site since my first BA...

Ive been following this site since my first BA back in 2010, now 1 baby later & I'm ready for an upgrade! Ive chased dr. brian peterson from Kelowna as i wasn't thrilled with my first plastic surgeon in vancouver. I currently have 525 HP natrelle style 68 implants under the muscle that are extremely saggy . I will be getting either a lollipop lift or anchor lift & new 750cc saline implants ! counting down the days!

before photos

Counting down

Cant wait to get my implants fixed but the nervousness is beginning to set in, especially because I'm torn on what size to get :( any ladies on here get a lift with large implants?

down 5 more lbs

Update / since I've stopped breastfeeding I notice my breast tissue is getting tighter . hopefully this helps with the end result

Counting Down

Im starting to get anxious & a bit nervous. I have an 9 month old baby this time around & we are in the middle of moving. Crossing my fingers things go smoothly & recovery doesn't take to long!


tomorrow is my pre-op appt over the phone! then only 2 weeks till surgery, hoping to remember everything i want to ask!

Still really confused about cc's that i want :( anyone else getting old implants taken out with lift & new large implants?

some wish photos!

3 More Days!

So there is only 3 more days until my surgery. My husband and I are going to make the 3 hour drive up on Thursday morning for my pre-op. I have decided to get 750cc (700cc shell overfilled) To hopefully achieve the look i am going for. My doctor has said i will be getting a full anchor lift as well. I will post again once i have arrived with some updated photos! Anyone else have a young child ? My son is 9 months old and although my parents and husband are going to be there to help i am nervous i won't be able to do much after this surgery , any experience ?


had pre op

Got to kelowna. Surgery is tomorrow at 730am. I changed my implants to cohesive gel 800cc Ultra high profile !

Here's a photo of my old implant and my new one !

did it

Surgery has come and gone ! I ended up getting 800cc cohesive gel UHP with an anchor lift. Pain is very minimal.


1 nipple is really dark :( cant tell if its necrosis or bruising. i attached a photo.


Day 4. My nipples are still really bruised but the shape is getting a bit better.

new photos . day 6

Today is day 6

So as you can see my right nipple is still dark, but the top layer of dark skin is sloughing off in some places and the dr said it is just superficial skin and that the skin underneath is healthy and will heal fine ( yay! , i will still have a nipple :) ) . I started back at the gym yesterday doing light cardio and leg workouts, Im in virtually no pain , a little tightness when bending down but thats all. They seem small but they're the biggest size you can get so i suppose it will have to do!!

feeling good

My nipple is healing & things are looking better ! I'm pleased. Here are some new photos

day 9 update

No pain! Which is nice . my right nipple has now turned black and hard in some spots so that means necrosis but not all over thankfully. The left one is great incisions healing super fast. Time flies by so fast !


Well my nipple is turning a greenish color. In assuming this means infection but I am waiting for my doctors response. This was after my shower today. All I've been told to do is keep it clean and put polysporin on it


My doctor finally wrote me a prescription for antibiotics as well as a cream… typical haha
I will update in a few days to let you know how it goes.
As of now my nipple is still gross , itchy & scabby. but he claims there is no infection.

2 weeks

Now that I'm on antibiotics (oral & cream) it's healing faster. I'm also starting to have boob greed. I feel like they look so small :(


I feel like this was a mistake , my bottom incision is hurting terribly, I'm scared its opening? , or maybe the weight of the implant is causing it. My right breast has been nothing but problems , at least my old implants didn't hurt :( I know healing takes time but I'm getting reallllly discouraged! , if it wasn't for you ladies it would be a lot worse!

18 days post op

Some new photos.

looking up

Nipple is 100x better !
No more pain in the crease after changing bras. Things are getting better !

new lips !

Just got my annual lip & botox treatment ! Also implants are healing well into place now !

havent updated

Sorry I haven't unpdated in so long !
My nipple is almost healed ! Yay! And my breasts have dropped. Hopefully in a few months I can have scar revision!


So i finally went to find a new bra today and before my second BA i was a 34E and now I'm nearly a 34D, just 1 single D… hahah its depressing. I figured they would've been a lot bigger. Serious boob greed!!

2 months

2 month update !.
Things are looking great still. Really happy even after the nipple problem ! Ended up healing pretty good. May get it tattooed but overall glad I did it.

Im back again , 3rd times a charm?

Just had my implants fixed again. He took off more skin and tightened the pocket and re-did my nipple. Hopefully this will be the last time !


Update 4 days later!
Much higher & my nipple looks like it matches (yay!!)

happier then ever

Finally i have the boobs i wanted !
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