Fantastic Results with Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck Revision!

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It's only 6 weeks away from my surgery date of...

It's only 6 weeks away from my surgery date of September 26th, 2014....Whew!

I began Olympic Lifting 7 months ago and kept missing my lifts to the front of me....when a video was produced to show me why my bar pathway kept swinging forward, I knew part of reason why was my Size G Breast Cup! I had saline breast implants placed over the muscle 25 years ago and at only a size B. At that time I weighed 106lbs. Today I weigh 115lbs. Thirteen pounds heavier, however I have much more muscle now and overall my BF hasn't changed all that much but my cup size has continued to climb!

Pre-Post Pictures of Breast Lift and Abdominoplasty Revision

Here's just a few of my pre-opp pictures. I'm looking forward in pairing down from a droopy G Cup to a lifted B Cup.
As far as my revision for my abdomen...Dr.Peterson said I'd be needing to do a small vertical scar below my belly button. At first I didn't understand why, but with a bunch of research from this forum...I now know why.
My BF is at 23% here. BF is typically higher for we may gain muscle & strength. But even when my BF was at 18% my cup size didn't change.

A little bit of history of my past procedures with diffrent Plastic Surgeons

Over the past 25 years I've had various procedures with a few different Plastic Surgeons.

I had a Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr.Lorne Brown of Langley when I was in my late twenties. Pleased with the outcome, I later went back to him in my early thirties for a mini tummy tuck & lipo suction of my waist, hips & thighs. The lipo was amazing but the tummy tuck turned out disastrous! There were irregularities of the skin and the procedure was VERY painful! I was so embarrassed...I hid my lower abdominals for over twenty years.

Not long after that I did a breast augmentation by Dr.Reed. He used saline implants placed over the muscle. I went for a full B cup.

As time passed, I went on to have lipo suction of my arms & waist with Dr.Stan M. Valnicek. He was good but I can't say I was over-joyed with the results! More fat was taken off one arm and one side of my waist line!

Just before turning 50, I knew that it was time to get a neck-lift...I finally booked with Dr.Peterson! All I can say is WOW! The work he did was the absolute BEST! He paid attention to the smallest details~he even did a fat transfer on my tear toughs! Dr.Peterson is courteous, listens well and is very pleasant! No question goes unanswered. Sooo....that was 4 years ago.

In 5 weeks time, Dr.Peterson will be removing my aging old saline implants, giving me a lift and returning me back to a smaller cup size! He will liposuction my armpits and where-ever else that is needed. He'll go onto fixing Dr.L Browns messy mini-tummy tuck that I've hid for all these years! I highly recommend Dr.Peterson and I'll be more than happy to keep everyone updated as I move through this upcoming procedure that is scheduled for September 26th, 2014.

You won't believe Dr.Peterson's AMAZING Neck Lift!

For those of you who might be interested in Dr.Brian Peterson's work...I've posted a few pictures. You really won't believe the transformation! The afters were done 2 Months Post. The incisions went up and around my ears and right up to my hair line (about 4inches above my ears). So funny...when I went in I said to Dr.Peterson..."i don't want a face lift, just neck lift" He so funny, he said just leave this to me and I'll make you 10-15 years younger" While waiting for my neck lift(2 months) he sent me to the skin care clinic to start a skin care program. I'm working with Denita to this very day...who's AMAZING! We started a full line of products to remove sun spots & perk-up my tired skin.
On day of surgery Dr.Peterson did:

-Fat grafting under my eyes (bonus-by his own discretion)
-lipo suctioned fat under my chin-planned
-lipo suction fat around my mouth (bonus-by his own discretion)
-and of course lifted everything up-planned

I don't have pictures of me today...maybe I'll get Denita to do some....but I look better now than even after my afters! Lol! Since the face lift I've done the following:

-Removed the broken capillaries from around my nose
-Touch up Thermage of my lower face
-changed from tretinoin to tazorac
-IPL on my chest

Hope this helps anyone considering a procedure with Dr.Peterson! And NO REVISIONS! I was back to PT training in 10 days~

14 Days to Go!

So...2 weeks from today my procedure will be underway. Did my pre-opp appointment yesterday & decided to pick up two sports bras for day of surgery. One a 34-C and 34-D. Was informed that the NEW stitching methods at time of surgery...may mean I MAY NOT have to have any drains put in for my full tummy tuck & breast lift, reduction & augmentation.
The MOST FUN thing about yesterday was....
Reviewed my thermage results from March....OMG my arms look amazing!!! THERMAGE ROCKS! Also, my thermage on my stomach looks amazing as well. I wanted the skin tissue to be as healthy as possible for my tummy tuck.
Lastly, I have lots of air mile points now that I paid for my procedure yesterday!!!

Post Opp Diet is now Organized!!

I'll be going into my surgery with a few extra pounds of muscle added on to my small 5'1' frame~
Weigh-in should be around 117lbs. BF% about 21%. Will be eating a high anti-inflammatory diet. Will be pre-making 5 days of meal's a sample of some of my foods:
*Greek Yogurt
*Chicken Breast
*Protein Shakes
*Dark Chocolate
I'll be monitoring my Vitamin A, B's, C, E...minerals to watch for is Potassium, Iron, Magnesium.
I want to promote tons of collagen growth and speedy healing without losing to much muscle. Macro-nutrient ratios will look like:
30% Proteins, 40% Carbs, 30% Fats
Once I'm through the 1st 30 days Post-Opp I'll be doing a 9 Day Cleanse to cleanse out meds, etc
Some advantages of being a PT knowledge of foods...

6 Days Pre-Surgery

So....I thought I should post a few of my own (selfies)! The1st picture you can see how low my breasts hang. I have to use a super tight sports bra to hold them up and I'm really getting tired of all the deep strap marks on the top of my shoulders.
Picture #2...all I can say is...."just gross"! When Dr.Lorne Brown of Langley, BC did my mini tuck 25 years ago...he pulled all the muscles in tight below my belly button...but then he left all these weird divots (pockets of fat) sporadically under my belly button. Dr.Peterson said it was a result of poor liposuction. I just don't get how Peterson is going to fix this tummy of mine? The skin below my belly button is very tight and I don't think there's enough skin above my belly button to pull everything down? Dr.Peterson said he'll more than likely need to place a vertical incision below my NEW belly button. Well....ladies...this will be an interesting FULL Tummy tuck revision for sure!

Post Recovery Recepie Idea-Comfort Food packed with pure Nutrition

Hey Ladies~Give these a try:

496 calories per serving-58 Grams Protein/23 Grams Carbs/19Grams Fat
1 serving

Quaker -Large Flake Oats, 1/4 cup -whip in bullet to make an oat-flour (do not use flour, otherwise pancakes can be doughy when you cook oatmeal is loaded with way more nutrients.

Greek Yogurt Plain 1/2 cup (15g protein) Vanilla Protein Powder,
1 Scoop (27g protein) Eggs - Whole, raw, 3 extra large (15g Protein)

Coconut Oil (considered a super food)

Maple Syrup- 1/2 Cup or more if desired of pure maple syrup (very important to add, as this will carry protein to your moving vehicle...

100 Grams Fresh Fruit of your choice (about 6-7 large Strawberries)

Stir all ingredients together with spoon until mixed(don't worry, u can never over stir this batter, as with regular pancakes, hence the perfect Post Surgery choice recipe). As you cook these, place pancakes on plate and coat each pancake with Coconut Oil...(very yummy) Top with Syrup!

Had Shower and on my WAY! Recieved A morning Prayer...

Peterson has been in Ireland...hope he's rested and hands are steady! here's a Prayer that I recieved this morning:

Day 1~Not Quite 24 Hours since my Mommy Make Over

Sooo...everything went FANTASTIC! Old Saline implants that were placed over the muscles came right out with no problems and NEW Silicon implants were placed under the muscles. Combined with my lift I'm now a 32 C.
When Peterson removed the implants he discovered that I had a slight Pectus Excavatum (PE) also known as sunken chest. He explained that this was part of the reason why my upper abdominals were lax and appeared extended. So he tightened all the upper abdominal muscles, liposuctioned my waist, created a NEW belly button, did an incision where my old scar was and apparently he did a small vertical incision under-neath my belly button. Haven't seen that yet. My 1st shower is this Monday, so I'll post my TT scar for all to see.
I definitely have to take pain-meds every 4-5 hours as my pain-level is at about a level 8 without them & level 2 with them!
Walking hunched over and I have 1 drain put in.
I slept about 7 hours in our spare bedroom at a 30degree angle with 2 pillows under each arm and pillows under my knees. Just got up once at 2am to pee & take pain meds.
I need assistance getting in and out of bed. My husband is my nurse! I thought I wouldn't need any help but I was wrong on that one as I can't use my arms & core. It's legs only guys!
Lucky I have a strong lower back~NO BACK PAIN what so ever! hasn't been 24 hours we'll see how that goes.
For the BL & Augmentation I have NO PAIN! Based on a pain level of 1-10 that's absolute 0! All my pain is from the TT! How-ever...this is nothing compared to the pain I had with my mini-tuck 25 years ago. Peterson said, more than likely Dr.Brown cut some of my nerves and that was why it was so painful back then!
There's some of you who just got your MM and I'm anxious to hear about your recovery and others who are preparing for theirs!
Thanks for all your support guys and Ill continue to post.
Soooo as far as I can tell~Dr.Peterson did an amazing job! And as the bandages come off we'll see the results.

Day 2~Recovery of Mommy Make Over!

Sooo just got out of bed~tried to go pee so I gave up! Made my Supermix Moringa with 340ml of fresh water~then tried to pee again and this time with success but ohh so slow.
There's a burning sensation on my right side where the drain is and OMG so much swelling. Walking around pretty hunched (of course). Peterson said he pulled my skin super tight~so i think it'll take me longer the stand up-right.
Swelling is minimal with my breasts...(at this point anyways). I keep forgetting that I even had a breast lift &!
I was taking 1/2 dose of painkillers....but had to double up on those last night. Back to 1/2 Dose this morning.
Having a MM is NO EASY thing. I'm in pretty good shape and I can't image how many of you felt the 1st 3-4 days and If only I could use my arms....

Day 2~OMG I had my Shower and BOY was I FAST!

Hey,'s what I look like on day 3...and I'm sorry it's blurry, but my husband was so nervous as we had the shower running & ready for me to step in and he was afraid I might get nauseous and fatigued standing there with no binder on.
Everything looks great and it looks like there's no vertical incision? Horizontal incision is nice & low and upper abs are super tight. The lipo to arm-pits & waist look awesome. LOVE the breasts...they are a full C cup and no more drooping boobs! High & round. When, I look at them....they seem sooo small. Lol!
Swelling is horrendous! Drain is still in (thank goodness) and I'm super hunched over. But overall doing good. Still taking Pain Meds and I now have fresh hair, skin...pajamas and cozy socks. Glad, I prepared all our meals & snacks ahead of time~whew!
Next photo's I'll do is next Tuesday...I'll get the nurse to take some photo's for me at my appointment with Dr.Peterson.

Day 4~Another Baby Step forward...7:00am

Went to bed at 9:30pm~woke up an hour later and peed~back to bed...awake at 12 midnight then back asleep and so forth. I sleep well when I sleep...but jeeze it's never 8 hours in a row! Any one else sleeping like this? I often have low pressure sitting around my pubic bone~so it feels like I have to pee every hour or so. However, today is BETTER. Team Nurse said it's because of all the intense swelling. Anyone else?
I have to say...I've been so darn pre-occupied with my tummy tuck...i keep forgetting that I had a major BLA done! This morning is the 1st morning I noticed a little tenderness on my left breast. Mostly a little itchy tender feeling...
Of course, my back is stiff (not sore, but feeling very stiff) from sleeping on my back and still walking around hunched over.
Lastly, I couldn't imagine leaving the house until my appointment next Tuesday! My drain is still in...but I don't mind that it stays in. But once it stops draining (and it looks like it's slowing down) team nurse said it HAS to be removed~that means a trip out of the house~ugh.
My husband left me on my own for a few hours this morning. We both reviewed how to roll over on my shoulder, drop my legs down on the bed stool and sit up without using my arms or tummy. The bed is set up on a HIGH incline so it feels safe and non straining. We decided the recliner is off limits until he gets back as I'm tempted to use my arms and stomach to position my body.
Sooo here I am...all by my lonesome for just a few hours. Just got an i-phone 6 so I think I'll play around with that and set it up. I hear the camera is supposed to be better than the older versions.

Dr.Peterson Chose to Implant Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile filled to 225cc for R & L

Like duh...just looked in my take home bag from the Surgery Centre and found my implant Registration Form. Here's all the info. I have:
Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile filled to 225cc for R Breast & L Breast
The Gel Implants were based on a few things prior to & during surgery:
My ribcage measurement (of only 32inches)
Shoulder Width
Thickness of Muscle Chest Wall (discovers during surgery)
Height 5' 2'
Weight 115lbs
Sooo that's it! I really LOVE the size. Not to Big and not Small. They fit me beautifully.
Thank You Dr. Peterson!

Day 5~Best Day Yet!

1) Today's the 1st Day that I don't need my Pain Killers...more than likely I'll take 1 before bedtime!
2) Still hunched Over~shuffling feet has changed to a walk...
3) Aches & Pains through abdominal area have decreased by at least 60%
4) Drain site has dropped over 24hr period from 205ml to 120ml (fluid is getting lighter)
5) my period a whole week EARLY! Now I have to deal with that bloody mess and it's a heavy one!
Husband had a dream (nightmare) last night that he got a compete facelift~and the PS botched his ears! He woke up horrified! It was our little morning laugh...LOL!
I haven't attempted to use my arms or core to lift or push. Husband is still lifting me up and out of recliner & bed (I keep my arms crossed over my chest). He's still at home almost 24hrs per day.
Our food preparations are running low! Husband is panicking...he's very handicapped with food preparations. So...this evening I get to coach him through preparing a balanced meal of Prot/Carbs/Fats. Should be fun...

Day 6~Recovery...another shower and we went a little SLOWER this time.

Feeling much better today. Energy is soaring. Took my 2nd Shower today and we went a little slower! Sooo...

1). Definitely I have an inside stitch for my belly button! Sooo happy & love it! I'll clean it out next shower.
2). Swelling is UNBELIEVABLE! No change.
3). My skin is pulled in super tight~like a drum!
4). There's lots of swelling above my belly button & waist with little swelling along the stitch line! (Probably due to the drain).
5). Over 24 hours my drain has collected 95ml (down from yesterdays 24hr of 120ml)
6). Pain is be replaced by deep internal itching! Ugh.
7). Off all pain meds now. Just will use Tylenol Extra Strength when needed at night.
8). Overall Pain has reduced by 95%
9). Still launched over~but little more up-right by maybe another 1/2 inch higher.
10). CONFIRMED. No VERTICAL Scar. I'm sooo happy!!! Guess there was more skin above that old belly button than what we thought!
Overall...I'm over joyed with my results! Absolutely LOVE the breasts and especially my tummy! We noticed that my garment slid down~so I'll adjust every few hours by pulling it up. My appointment is coming up 5 days~so I'll get the office to take some better pictures.
Diet, is going really great. Steak dinner tonight (high in iron/protein), green salad with vegies, avocado & russet potato.

Day 7~Recovery...

1). Swelling is a little bit better today! Today, I decided to put on my flip flops when walking because when I walk in my socks I'm really not using my whole foot the way I should be. I set my timer and walked 10 minutes in the house...and I had to use my toes & lift my feet a bit higher wearing flops therefore increasing circulation in my legs. We'll see if it makes a difference by tomorrow.
2). Drain collected 40ml over 24hr period (over yesterdays 95ml).
3). No Pain 100% Gone, still itchy (not sure if I even need Tylenol at bedtime).
4). Yes...still hunched over...maybe a little more up right.
5). TODAY, I gently blew my nose with no abdominal discomfort.
6). Can use the recliner on my own...hubby went out today and will be gone for the afternoon. I absolutely feel fine with being alone for that long.
7). Increasing my water intake to 10-8oz glasses starting today.

Ha...ha...husband is doing really good with: cooking lessons, washing dishes! Later this afternoon (when he gets home), I'll have him strip down all the bedding and wash it and give the house a vacuum. We live in a really old house (we call it our little getto house)...we brought a huge parcel of lakeview land and are in the midst of building our beautiful new home steps away from our old shack. So cleaning our old house can be a challenge. My husband couldn't understand why I didn't wait until after we moved into our NEW house then have my NO...more than likely we would've used my surgery $$ on something while building! Ha...ha...this time I really did put myself first and with no regrets!

Day 8~3rd Shower and stayed in a little longer...wasss nice!

1). Swelling was down quite a bit over yesterday! Legs still rub together when I walk. Swelling around my tailbone has decreased.
2). Drain collected 35ml over over 24hr period (over yesterdays 40ml).
3). Still just using Tylenol Extra Strength at bedtime only.
4). Still hunched over....I'd say 85% up-Right today
5). Keeping water intake to 10 Glasses per day....drank 6 so far...4 more to go...

Overall, I'm doing pretty good. Husband cleaned out the dried blood from my belly button. He takes my binder off and puts it back on for me. Out of curiosity I weighed myself and OMG I'm 127lbs! That's 12lbs about swollen. So I'll document that over the next while for sure!
I'm super worried that my PS pulled me in too tight! I had a birthmark right in the crease under my right breast and when I looked down it was about 3 inches down on my tummy...yikes! My breasts are now turning yellow and I still have bruise marks all over my sides and upper tummy from lipo.
However, my RS family said it's better to be to tight than too loose around the middle! Ok.ok I do agree...but this standing up business is a killer...

Day 9~Recovery Down 2lbs over yesterday!!!

1). Starting Weight's Weight 125lbs! Wow...I didn't even think to weigh myself after my's only when I noticed my legs were rubbing together and my knees & calves were HUGE! My husband said ,you look like you gained 20lbs! So, I jumped on the scale just before hopping in the shower and...OMG I was stunned to see 127lbs. However, my swelling has decreased over the past few days and I feel really good today.
2). Swelling is down again quite a bit over yesterday! Legs DO NOT rub together when I walk...ya!
3). Drain collected 35ml AGAIN over over a 24hr period (over yesterdays 35ml).
4). Still just using Tylenol Extra Strength at bedtime only.
5). Still hunched over....I'd say 90% up-Right upon waking and back to 85% or less by end of day.
6). Drank 8 Glasses water so far today.

Energy, is much better today and lower back pain is slowly decreasing...

Day 10~ of my Recovery & down by ANOTHER 2lbs!

1). TODAY'S Weight 122lbs!
2). Swelling is almost completely gone out legs & ass!
3). Drain collected 25ml over a 24hr period (over yesterdays 35ml...that's a decrease of 10ml)
4). Using Tylenol Extra Strength at bedtime only, tonight i don't think I'll need any...but we'll see!
5). Still hunched over....90% up-Right upon waking and once again back to 85% or less by end of day.
6). STILL Drinking 8 Glasses water per day. Can't seem to drink any less than this. So far, I've drunken 6 glasses and it's only 12:30p.

Today's Overall Post 1st time EVER since surgery, I'm alone for a full day (since 6:00am) without having any home help. Husband put a stool in the kitchen and placed bowls, cups, pots on counter for me.
This morning, I actually whipped up my high protein pancakes layered in coconut oil, and had a cup of coffee. Did some on-line banking and snuggled with my pit-bull. Tonight, I'll be taking my 4th Shower (waiting for husband to get home)...but mostly I'm so relieved that my swelling seems to be rapidly leaving my body. My binder feels looser around my belly and my tailbone area not so ouchy from all the swelling.
Other than that...kicking around in my front room on the recliner waiting for Dr.Phil to start...and reading comments on the RealSelf family of different personal journey's.
Ohhh....and I received a RealSelf Badge today....

Opps...I meant 3lbs Down from yesterday's weight!

Like duh...125 -122 is 3lbs! Was never good at math...

Day 11~And I'm DOWN another 2lbs!!!! NOW 120lbs!!!

1). TODAY'S Weight 120lbs! Ohhh...thank goodness. Only 5lbs of water left to deflate!!!
2). Swelling is now just SITTING in my abdomen!
3). Drain collected YET ANOTHER 25ml over a 24hr period (over yesterdays 25ml).
4). You guessed it right...Still HUNCHED OVER....90% up-right upon waking and once again back to 85% or less by end of day.
5). FIRST DAY out of the HOUSE!!! OMG....I can't wait....cabin fever has set in!! Warm & Sunny today! I was beginning to feel like a WALKER from the Walking Dead!
6). Drinking 8 Glasses water per day....minimum.

Today is my very 1st appointment with Dr.Peterson at 3:45pm. I'd like to say thank you to his team of nurses who called me EVERY SINGLE day (especially Catherine) to get a full report of my progress! Today, they won't be calling me...the team of nurses drain will be removed at today's appointment.. Sooo out of curiosity, I totaled up my drainage amount collected over the 11 days...

I DRAINED a WHOPPING: 940ml since I came home from the Surgery Centre. That's almost 4 Cups of fluid from my stomach over 11 days! I'm just wondering, if that little annoying drain should be left in a little longer...or will my body absorb that little bit of daily fluid? 25 ml seems like ALOT to leave behind everyday...

Lastly, I decided TODAY....that I'm NOT returning to work until October 20th. I work from 7:30am-1:30pm on Monday's. I will try & sit 90% of the total, I'll have 24 healing days under my belt before returning to the loud, noisy, chilly Gym!

Day 12~and I'm DOWN Another 2lbs!! NOW 118lbs!!!

1). TODAY'S Weight 118lbs! Down 9lbs in 5 days.
2). Swelling is just SITTING in my abdomen, but belly appears to be shrinking rapidly!!
3). NO DRAIN~apparently any excess fluid will now be absorbed by my body.
4). All the terrie strips on incisions of BL & TT were removed on Day 1. Incisions are sealed tight!
5). Bruises are fading FAST!
6). Go ahead was given to have BATHS!!!
7). Dr.Peterson said ditch the binder, just wear tight fitting Span (what-ever that is) and wear nothing at bed-time except my under-ware and my sports bra.
8). No improvement here at all...Still HUNCHED OVER....90% up-right upon waking and once again back to 85% or less by end of day.
9). Drinking 8 Glasses water per day....minimum. what a fantastic appointment. The drive was beautiful, it was sunny and warm....when we arrived we were 30minutes early. They took me in waiting. So, as the nurse helped me with removing my skin tight binder and removal of sports bra....the 1st thing she said was (as her mouth dropped open)"whoa, where do YOU work-out? Are you a bodybuilder"? Then, she said"how old are you"? was a great compliment, especially when I was swollen like Miss Pillsbury for the last 10 days! Anyhow, she proceeded to remove all the little terri strips and then drain (I really didn't feel anything when she took it out). When she left the room, Dr.Peterson was there with-in moments. He said, my incisions are healing incredibly FAST, and said I can start with scar tape therapy next Tuesday. I asked how he managed to get away without a vertical incision for TT and here's what he had to say, "Once I removed the skin below your belly button, your skin felt very elastic and springy, because of this, I was able to pull everything down and then some, there-fore removing the old BB hole completely". I was so happy....I could have KISSED him, RIGHT THERE and THEN! Four months prior to surgery, Denita from the Okanagan Skin Care Clinic did Thermage on my entire belly! We felt my TT results would be better, if the tissue was super healthy and elastic. I feel that decision really paid off! We keep the thermage at level 5 the entire time...hence all the hundreds of tiny burn marks! next appointment is NOT until November 12th (one months time). As far as pictures...well the battery in my camera died, and when I went to retrieve my husbands phone, he stepped out to grab a I'll do my own pictures over the next few days so everyone can see how FAST I'm recovering. To top thing off...we didn't get home until 8p that evening...felt fine, lots of energy, just can't stand up straight....
Sooo...what's next? Now that I can bend over without the aid of leaning on the sink...I'm in full swing back into my skin care regimen (feels good)! As a bonus...I noticed the skin on my chest & neck is firmer & tighter! I think it's from the BLA! I have an appointment with Dentia in 2 weeks time...she'll assess my scars and overall skin condition plus we're working on resolving a bunch of tiny broken capillaries.

Day 13~Down YET another 2lbs! NOW 116ls!!!

1). TODAY'S Weight 116lbs! Down 11lbs in 6 days.
2). Swelling is just SITTING in around my Belly Button, but overall belly is shrinking rapidly!!
3). Bruises continue to fade each passing day!
4). YES improvement here...WOKE UP at....95% up-right! So, I thought I'd better grab some photo's before the hunching begins!!!
5). Drinking 8-10 Glasses water per day....minimum.

Well, today is the 1st day that I actually critiqued myself from top to bottom...

Here's what I don't like:

1). Shape of belly button (looks wrinkled & long)
2). Right Breast is slightly Smaller than Left!

Here's what I like:

1). Breast Size & Shape
2). Sleek & Firm Tummy!
3). Nicer Shape around my Arm-Pits!
4). Evened out my waist from previous LipoS to waist (7 years ago)

Sooo I realize that I'm swollen & RAW from surgery still....but I LOVE. LOVE. my NEW improved shape. My muscles are holding up tone & shape really well! It takes a FULL 6 weeks for atrophy to occur~so I'm good for another month. If the next few weeks unfold, my body will look super lean & defined. I naturally weigh between's not uncommon for my weight to dip down to 108lbs. However, I do compete in the 43kg Class (106.4lbs).

Yes, I have really clear & tight Skin...still working on the clearness tho. I DO NOT go into the SUN at all with out a Sunscreen!

The Okanagan Skin Care Clinic & the Okanagan Plastic Surgery Centre work together as a team.

Here's my most recent Skin care regimen designed by Danita.

1. Zo Medical Foaming Cleanser (am)

2. Platiné Peptide CR Eye Crème

3. ZO Melamin every other morning/ZO Brightenex every other morning(this makes me peel, ouchy).

4. ZO Power Defense

5. Always Finish with EltaMD SPF 40 Suncreen

At Night:

1. ZO Medical Cleanser (pm)

2. Platiné Peptide CR Eye Crème

3. ZO Melamin every night but 2x's per week I mix tazorac gel into the ZO Melamin. I'm trying to work up to 4x's per week....but that's going to take quite some time. When I use the melamin/tazorac mixture, I skip using Step 4 altogether!

4. Alternate every other night with: (a) Platiné Peptide CR Complex
(b) Ossential Growth Factor Serum

I treat my: hands/face/neck/chest with all the above products. This winter, Denita will be doing Fraxel 1927 to clear up some surface spots on my entire arms/face/neck. I also do yearly maintenance of Thermage & IPL to various body-parts.

Nutrition & training hard are my #1 Priorities. When I's with tremendous force/almost beyond what I can do. I have an Olympic Lifting coach watch every move I make/then verbally cues my movements. My best Snatch is 32Kg, my Best Clean is 48kg, my best Clean & Jerk is 45kg (that's in the hundreds of lbs). When I move this weight, the speed is tremendously FAST and it feels like I'm lifting a house all within seconds. As we age we loose fast twitch fibers...well my training program is built to recruit sprinting, sled sprints, jumping with a heavy weighted Barbell is all part of it! I'm not very good at my Snatches...I can only stabilize 70.5lbs overhead before standing up out of the hole. If I go heavier I just keep missing the weight....frustrating as hell!

Soooo...I'll re-post NEW pictures in 1 Weeks time. Happy healing to everyone out there!

Day 20-Back to my Normal Weight

1). Weight 114lbs
2). Weird Swelling is just SITTING in around my Belly Button!

Sooo after 20 days of recovery, my weight is back to NORMAL and 1lb less than day of surgery. But, I still feel swollen & puffy!

For those of you who were watching my weight loss...the loss I was monitoring was from fluid build up after surgery. I've always stayed with-in 10-12lbs of 106lbs almost all my life. I had a mini tt after giving birthday to 2 children at a very young age. My lower tummy muscles were extended...however....the mini tuck turned out to be a disaster. It was only now, that I finally fixed it!

With my 1st child (son) my starting weight was only 93lbs....I finished at 106lbs (gained 13lbs). Shortly after I gave birth to my daughter, my starting weight was 89lbs...I finished at 103lbs. Now that I'm older and fitter...I generally weigh between 112lbs-115lbs and I NEVER really weigh myself...only now because of swelling.

Here's a few things I'm concerned about:
(a) My BB is VERY swollen....STILL
(b) A crease below my NEW BB....don't like!
(c) I feel like a mini barrel

I noticed that both my breasts are now the same happy about that! And my incisions of TT & BLA are healing really nice & tight. I just put coconut oil on the incisions today. My torso is basically tight, sore and bruised. When I stand up in the morning...that only lasts until I sit down~then when I stand up from sitting....I'm hunched again! Ahhhh...

Soooo...overall I'm healing nicely, I'll post again in 4 weeks and hopefully my side views will look better and my upper abdominals won't be so sore!

Ohhh...I had an old Bra I saved from years ago 32-C...I loved it so much, I couldn't bare to throw it away. Well, today it FITS!

37 Days POST and recovery is coming along....

Today is Sunday...and I just had a shower so I thought I'd grab some quick pictures while I was in the mood and do a fast update.

1). I've been back at work for 2 weeks....and I feel I should have taken an extra week off (at least 30 days).
2). I'm JUST now able to stand up completely~however my abs are super tight by end of day.
3). I still have swelling just above my BB (however it's just starting to come down).
4). I have twinges periodically in my breasts R&L while reaching
5). I have twinges on my right side beside my BB (a lot)
6). My waist measurements are up but my weight is the same 114lbs (means SWELLING)

I realize swelling is a sign of healing and i think my BB has been very traumatized so I expect this may take some time to heal

So...that's it for now...I'll do a better update on Day 60 along with a promised Video for Miss Sexy4life!

Lastly...I'm a bit annoyed that I only saw my PS on Day 11 and next Appointment will be on Day 54! I'm hoping I don't have Seroma. However, if I do...I'm hoping my body will reabsorb the fluid. I leave on Day 55 for a quick flight to Phoenix, Arizona...back on Day 56. Just taking a small carry on bag.

A Few Photo's to Compare from Day 20 to 37 of BLA

MEN are a just a BIG PAIN in the ASS!

Well, I'm at 6-1/2 weeks post and I've been back to PT training for 3-1/2 weeks now. I've been openly honest about my surgery with all my clients including the guys! And I must admit the women I train have been fantastic! They're always concerned about me. They won't let me lift anything such as bands, balls, weights, benches, cable attachments, etc. They bring me stools to sit on and won't let me sit on the floor in fear I'll have to use my arms & core to stand up. They even bring me HOT tea & Starbucks coffee. I LOVE them all sooo much!

Now...this is a WHOLE different story for the MEN! They whine & complain about the kinks in their shoulders, backs and knees. They sit on the benches and expect their Dumbbells & Barbells handed to them. They want me to jump up & spot them on heavy high bar & low bar squats. They want me to demo tricky Olympic Lifting techniques including high pull cleans and drop snatches...I honestly think men are so out of whack with isn't even funny! One of my Olympic Lifters handed me a 45lb hip/trap bar today and if I didn't grab it quickly it would have slammed on my thighs! Ugh....I could have killed him. Another one of my guy clients couldn't get it through his thick head in how to place his feet into the TRX I had to lay on the dirty lifting platform and demonstrate to the frustrated male baby in how to do it....and of course my heel got stuck and I tweaked my abs...honestly, I'm amazed I haven't killed myself over the last 7 days training these clueless, needy babies.

End result: I'm very sore tonight, a little more swollen than usual but overall I'm still hanging in there. Thank GOD my PS stitched my tummy muscles tight.

Gotta hold it together because it's 12 Days & counting until I post the Squat Challenge Part 2 Video!

Did 1st Work-Out at 8 WEEKS Post!!!

Had my 8 week post opp with Dr.Peterson on November 19th, then flew to Phoenix Arizona on the 20th, back the next day and did my first major workout on November 24th!'s what my PS told me for the TT:

#1. We're both dis-satisfied with my BB as it appears he left fat, so once the swelling is gone or most of it (2 months time) he'll liposuction around my BB.
#2. The muscle repair is leaving my abdominals extremely sore on a daily basis!!! When I'm sitting for any length of time, it takes awhile for me to stand straight again!
#3. It feels like I have a hard lump above my BB! Apparently this is normal???
#4. I feel the healing process has been SLOW!
#5. I no longer wear a CG...only when I feel I want to.
#6. I can begin working out....slowly's what my PS told me for the BLA:

#1. Implants are soft, there's no need to massage them, ever.
#2. Scars are healing nicely
#3. I no longer wear a bra, day or night unless I want to.
#4. I can begin working out....slowly

The 24 Hour Phoenix Trip:

I packed only a carry on! The trip was to have a consult with Dr. Shapiro. I've decided to go ahead with a minimal incision arm-lift. This is my only option to fix the bad lipo from Dr. Valnicek. Dr.Shapiro was straight up and honest with me. Too bad Peterson couldn't have done this procedure but he doesn't do short scar arm-lifts. Dang! Guess he can't do everything! You can visit me under Arm-Lifts...if you want to follow this journey. I'm making some RS Sisters over there.

Lastly, the work-out was brutal! My abdominals felt strained and my breasts felt tight and restrictive, limiting my range of motion. Push-ups were shallow and weak! I pushed myself through one hour and wasn't sure how things would turn out. However, today I feel the best I've felt since the operation 8 weeks ago! Tomorrow is leg day!

Overall, I'm really happy with my surgery, but wish I didn't have to go back for a revision of my BB! But at least I don't have to pay to get anything fixed as it seems like all I'm doing is back tracking to fix bad surgeries from the past! I feel that my tt muscle repair was over-tightened...this just wasn't necessary. However, what is done. is done. As time passes, it'll only be a memory...

Next-Up: I'll post a Squat Video this up-coming week-end. Stay tuned Miss Sexy!

Leg Work-Out was a Success at 8 Weeks 5 Days Post!

Soooo my 1st Leg Work-Out was a Success! Here's the run down of my 60 minute training routine:

6 Sets of 10 Reps *ATG High Bar Back Squats@21kg(46.2lbs) my usual weight is 55kg(121lbs)
4 Sets of Walking Lunges (Regular Stance)@8lbs ea. hand (my usual weight is 25lbs ea. hand)
3 Sets 15 Reps Stability Ball Lying Hamstring Pulls
*ATG (Ass to Grass)

I would consider this a rehab or beginner leg work-out.

My lower abdominals feel a little tight around the incision (more on one side) and my upper abs are sore. However, I feel that my upper ab soreness might be a little less sore than usual! Go figure! I noticed that I'm sleeping much sounder and I have way more energy.

Tomorrow is: Back & Biceps and Friday is: Olympic Training (just axillary type exercises, such as clean high pulls or light dead-lifts).

Back/Biceps & Shoulders Completed at 8 Weeks 6 Days Post!

This work-out was yet another challenge and I really had to modify a lot of the exercises in order to complete the routine. And here's why...

The scar tissue around my breasts is very tight! Because of this, I wasn't able to pull my arms overhead very well. I ended up having to do my pullovers on an incline bench to make up for the reduced mobility.
For the One Arm was a challenge for my core to hold & stabilize a neutral spine due to the raw feeling of internal muscles not healed 100%. The last 3 exercises were no challenge!

I left out:

Chin-Ups and we both (my partner) decided not to train tomorrow! I felt I now need to REST.

Started today's routine with:

4 Sets of 10 Reps of DB Pullovers on Incline Bench@15lbs (usual weight 38.5lbs)
4 Sets of 10 Reps of DB One Arm Rows on Flat Bench@15lbs (usual weight 40lbs)
3 Sets of 10 Reps of E-Curl Bar Standing Bicep Curls@25lbs (usual weight 45lbs)
3 Sets of 10 Reps of DB Seated Shoulder Presses@15lbs(usual weight 35lbs)
3 Sets of 10 Reps of Standing Frontal Raises@10lbs(usual weight 25lbs)

So...body chest & triceps are so sore it was hard to wash my hair (Monday's Chest/Triceps) and my legs and ass are so sore it's hard to sit! (Wednesday's Leg's). I would image my Back/Bi's & Shoulders will be stiff this week-end). My tummy muscles are sore and because of that I'm avoiding any work that involves planks.

Whew!!! Time for REST!

9 Week Post Squat Video Tips!

Miss Sexy, had a little trouble loading a video on a full squat routine, so I just re-made Squat tips! Enjoy some of these tips RS family and have a happy thanks-giving week-end...

TT Incision Up-Date from Day 13 to Day 65

Hey Guys, here's a close up picture showing how much the swelling has decreased throughout my tummy and around the BB. Dr.Peterson is planning for a BB revision in office, late January. He feels much of the swelling should be by then gone is going to do some detailed liposuction around my BB.

I'm also booked with Denita in January for my first round of Laser V-Beam to my tt scar & bl scars. I'll probably do 3-4 treatments spread over 4 weeks between sessions. I'll take photo's before & after each treatment.

Just for FUN Before After Pictures of BLA

10 Weeks Post Recovery~My thoughts on the use of a CG beyond 8 Weeks!

When I train & work in a Gym daily, I often see men & women who wear weight training belts, knee & elbow wraps religiously...these types of garments definitely help with initial swelling and gives muscles & joints support. However, I encourage my clients to go without as soon as their able for a very good reason...your body will actually build the required muscles quicker & stronger without the aid of constant support.
I have no idea why I was wearing my CG on & off between week I washed my CG on week 9...folded it and put it away! Since I put it away:

1. I've done all my workouts without it
2. Slept without it
3. Haven't cared or even worried about swelling (who cares, I'm not a bikini model)
4. My Swelling actually decreased after day 5!
5. I'm way more aware of using my core muscles.
6. My transverse muscles have to work harder without having the constant support of a CG.

Give it a try going without your CG if your beyond 8 weeks Post TT and I'd love to hear how your feeling. For sure...your tummy muscles have to work harder and you'll find you'll actually be pulling in your tummy when lifting things around the house. You might even feel sore or swell without it~but all that does get better!

Happy Healing!

The Transverse Abdominis – Ladies &'s the Spanx of Your Abdominal Muscles

As we push past all these January winter storms and frigid temperatures, we all cling onto the hope that spring and summer are on the horizon. Warmer weather signals a time for less clothing, the beach and of course to show off our NEW TT's and BLA's (the Mommy Makeover)! And for some of us we are surprised and maybe even disappointed with the shape of our tummies after our surgery's! I'll try and explain why it's important to strengthen an important abdominal muscle known as the transverse abdominis and will give you some tips on how to get started on toning up your tummy. Now's the time!!! What is the transverse abdominis? The transverse abdominis, also known as the TVA muscle, is the deepest innermost layer of all abdominal muscles and is located underneath your rectus abdominis (the six-pack stomach muscle). The transverse abdominis muscle runs horizontally across the abdomen and is recruited almost anytime a limb moves. So why care about the transverse abdominis? Your TVA acts as a muscular girdle, it stabilizes your pelvis and provides support. It protects against repetitive physical stresses from various motions your body makes such as twisting, bending, running, squatting, etc. A strong TVA will help you transfer force more efficiently through the muscles, rather than through your back and joints, thus aiding in the prevention and reduction of aches and pains (and injuries) caused by related stresses. A developed transverse abdominis muscle helps protect your back and joints during movement, but a strong and well developed TVA also equates to a tighter, slimmer waist. Wahoo! What causes a weak TVA and what are some problems associated with weakness in this muscle? In many cases, inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle can cause weakness in the transverse abdominis. Surgical procedures that involve cutting of the abdominal wall can also create a dysfunctional TVA. Caesarian sections, hysterectomies, hernias and child-birth are just some of the procedures that can be responsible for this weakness. During such surgeries, the muscles, nerves and tissues are cut, causing a loss of neurological impulse. After these surgeries, your brain will try to recruit your stomach muscles to wake them up, but often, they do not answer. A lack of neural drive to the core muscles can create the belly to push outward, creating a “pooch belly.” This pooch belly will be more pronounced the weaker your TVA is and/or the heavier you are as an individual. A weak TVA can further create poor body movement quality and instability, which oftentimes leads to early degeneration of bones and joints. Exercises geared towards strengthening the TVA muscle help to reconnect the nervous and muscular systems so that the stomach muscles can function properly again and rid you of a pooch belly. Another cause of a weak transverse abdominis is improper training of the core. For the vast majority of us, abdominal training has involved flexion and extension (bending) movements that focus almost exclusively on the rectus abdominus (crunches). For many years, people have been taught to train the wrong muscle during abdominal exercises. By doing crunches and other bending exercises for your stomach muscles, you are essentially only shortening the rectus abdominis and in effect pushing out the abdomen, not pulling it in, which can cause problems if you are not also training your TVA! So now you're do you get a stronger transverse abdominis? To build strength in your TVA muscle, you will need to know how to activate it through a series of “draw-in” abdominal maneuvers. “Drawing in your abdominal muscles” is a conscious process and takes a lot of practice, but once you get it, you will see great results. For many people, learning to draw in the abdominals is a difficult process. Most people are used to working their core by developing the rectus abdominis muscles through conventional methods such as crunches, sit-ups, and other flexion/extension exercises which push out the abdominal wall. The concept of drawing in is the exact opposite of rectus abdominis training. It is the process where you pull IN your abdominal wall. My clients are familiar with this movement, which I call “tummy vacuums.” Truly, the best tummy vacuum exercises is just a good old fashioned weight training routine! Anytime you lift weights, your body instinctively activates the TVA muscles...especially lifting moderate to heavy weights and if you run or walk, you'll have to think about pulling in those TVA's! I squat 3x's or more a week...squatting not only burns huge amounts of fat but in order to stabilize the weight either front or back of my body...I MUST activate my TVA's at all times. if you can't squat? Then planks are a great core workout...I'm a Pilates Instructor as well, but I find that my clients really default to rectus abdominal work when doing I have them lift weights them far better results! Your thoughts? Remember, all of this is true as long as you eat a well balanced, nutritional diet geared towards your body-type, participate in movement activities 4-5 days per week, and consistently strength train your entire body, not just one part. If you would like to share any thoughts about this topic, I'm open to your ideas. Sooo happy healing everyone...and good luck to those who are ready to begin a 2015 program to enhance their brand new tummies!

POST 3-1/2 MONTHS 1st HEAVY OLYMPIC LIFTING TRAINING! I am...back on the platform doing drill training preparing for my Olympic Lifting! I did:

6 sets of 3 Reps High Pull Cleans@45kg (99lbs) SEE VIDEO
6 sets of 6 Reps Olympic Dead Lifts@50kg(110lbs)

Notice how I take a breath in? You can hear me & see my mouth open. What I'm doing is tightening my tva's...then as I pull up, I lift up on my toes & instinctively hold my core TIGHT! I left go of my breath, lower the weight & start again.

I HAVE a NEW lifting partner(male) and our training goes intensely for 2 hours. I'll be training 4x's per week. Started a lean-up program as well...So OMG my ass is sore already as I post this. Also....I can't believe how tight my abs are...ribcage to pubic bone. Not in a bad way....but feels like I did 1000 crunches!

Anyhow, thought I'd share my 1st Heavy Training Session as this is how I personally train my TVA's.

Scars & BB Swelling Slowing Decreasing at 3.5 Months Post

This January 26th will officially mark 4 months post op for me and with an upcoming appointment with my PS (Dr. Peterson) next week January 21st, we'll be reviewing my results along with a BB revision.

*Looking at my last photo dated November 30th (2mo. post) the swelling & crease below my BB has decreased significantly!
*A little bit of Fat is yet to be lipod by Peterson
*Sooo happy with my BLA...the scaring is fading dramatically! I do NO scar therapy. I felt I wanted to wait a full 6 months before deciding on V-Beam Laser.

Lastly...I can't believe the healing progress made in only 1.5 months after the my last set of photo's.

Happy continued healing to all RS members! I truly enjoy reading everyone's journeys no matter what surgeries you've had!

REVISION of BB is set for APRIL for APRIL 24th! 4 Month Post-Op went really good with Dr.Peterson this past Wednesday. Here's what we reviewed & then decided:

1). Breasts are healed and implants are soft~we did the AFTER photo's (no further appointments req)
2). Dr.Peterson felt the skin tissue around my BB and said: the skin is thicker & fuller feeling than the skin of my upper abdominals, meaning there was some fat left behind ( i knew it) There's MAYBE a little swelling...but most is now gone, so we booked a revision in his OR (not office) for April 24th at 2:00pm in the afternoon. This will give my body an extra 3 months to fully heal before revising my BB. I agreed this was a wise decision as i didn't want him to lipo an area that still had some swelling! I had an option of:

(a) anesthesia or (b) local (of course I choose the local)

The Revision will take approximately 30-45minutes to complete. I'm NOT a FAN of lipo as MOST of my past experiences with this type of procedure has been I'm a little nervous about it. However, Dr.Peterson said, he'd be meticulous with the lipo and assured me there would be no bumps or lumps and I have excellent skin elasticity to achieve a good result. *Plus, I GET to be awake and talk to him during the jury will be out for that one...we'll see the results in 3 months time.

In the mean time...I'm 2 weeks into my lean-up diet. Starting measurements of my torso as of today:

Ribcage: 28
Waist: 27 (goal 26)
Abdomen (just above my bb):30 (goal 28)

My Olympic Lifting Program is in FULL swing....I've now added in (as heavy as I can manage 3 Reps):
THE OVERHEAD SQUAT....or also known as the core destroyer! Overhead squats firm up the torso & build solid muscle fast. I also hate!

Lastly, I'm turning 53 in a few weeks...yikes and I've booked my last surgery for a minimal incision arm-lift September 18th with Dr.Shapiro in Scottsdale Phoenix, Arizona! That surgery is to fix the lipo that was done on my upper arms by Dr. Valnicek!

With all that said...I'm excited to celebrate the rest of my fifties with good health, style & confidence! Cheers to all my RS followers...I really enjoy reading all of your own journeys, struggles and life changing experiences...

The CORE Destroyer...the OverHead Squat!

Do NOT attempt these until you're at least 4 months post! And if you do decide to add them to your program...hire a PT to give you proper instruction. Ladies & gentlemen~THEY WORK!

Now 53 & slowly leaning up after TT & BLA at 5 months Post

Well...3 weeks into my lean up program and abdominals are slowly taking better shape...
(except the BB)

Ribcage: 28 (SAME)
Waist: 27 (now 26-1/2)
Abdomen (above BB) 30 (now 29-1/2)

My Calvin Klein's now fit perfectly! They were way to tight 3 weeks ago...

Yesterday I e-mailed Dr.Peterson & explained how upset I was with this whole thing about leaving sooo much fat around my BB. I truly believe that doing lipo will leave me with loose skin...if this is the could this be fixed properly? So... I'm now booked for March 2nd at 1:00p to explore our options. I was thinking he might have to re-drape my skin by actually cutting around my BB but since I don't have a-lot of redundant skin to work with...(as in the case of Miss BBNoMore)...needless to say...I'm very worried. On top of it husband say's..."it looks like I have a flap of skin hanging above my BB" Ugh!!!

Guess, we'll see what losing additional Body Fat on my abs looks like in another 4 weeks. My skin might retract nicely...if not? Then, I guess we'll see what Dr.P has to say...and I do think it's important for Peterson to see what my BB looks like after I reduce my Body Fat further.

Good lord...after 5 months who would've guessed! I don't want to walk around with my arms up to make things look stretched. lol!

Consultation Went GREAT today with Dr.Peterson

So my 6 month Post Opp/Pre Opp Appointment went well. Here's what I asked Dr.Peterson:

1). Was ANY skin removed from my stomach? Answer: NO
2). Was my BB detached at all? Answer: NO
3). Was my Existing BB moved? Answer: Yes...2 centimeters down
4). Was my Muscles tightened? Answer: Yes-top to bottom
5). Can we do a Reverse TT? Answer: NO, would not be effective as I don't have enough skin to pull up
6). Will my skin retract after the Lipo? Answer: YES (fingers crossed) it stands we are going forward with the Lipo that is booked on April 24th. HOWEVER, Dr.Peterson wants to get in and hit a few areas a little aggressively and now changed his game plan from a LOCAL to a GENERAL. So I've agreed. Today, we re-did a NEW SET of Before photo's of my tummy...

Today, I just received my Afters of my BLA that were taken January 21st. OMG what a huge difference! I can even see the results of my TT. I had fun comparing the before & afters. To top things off...everyone I knew said to me "you don't need a BLA"! Well...check these photo's out and you be the!

So my lean up diet & heavy training program are progressing nicely. My coach revamped my Front Squat so I may hit my core muscles more effectively. A little NO HANDS! Ahhhh.... post will be April 24th after my BB/Tummy revision.

Here's the Results of Lipo done 7 months later to Revise Fat left around & along side BB after TT.

Sooo here's the results of my Lipo, a revision to my TT. Apparently the Lipo procedure took about 40 minutes (not long at all) and it does look like Dr.Peterson was very conservative and careful removing fat, if done to aggressively, waviness & divots can appear.

I see I'm already bruised & swelling has begun in the area he lipoed. I imagine I'll see a better result in 3-4 weeks time.

I fully agree with Miss No More...Dr. Peterson SHOULD have detached my BB, pulled my skin all the way down as far as he was able to do (leaving a vertical scar in needed) create a new BB and then JOB actual full TT! Now I'm a little frustrated fiddling around with these little revisions? Yes, I know I have fairly good skin elasticity...all the more reason to do a full TT, don't you agree? If, I'm STILL not pleased (and since I paid for a FULL TT) I'll ask for a full skin only revision, however I don't think Peterson wants to do this as he said I don't have enough skin...

I see DR. Shapiro next month for another small surgery I'm doing, so I'll get his opinion on this.

I've included a full view pic of my Mommy Make Over...BLA is amazing & all incisions are turning into nice scars & fading more & more as time passes. It'll be exactly 7 Months tomorrow that I had my TT/ I know the scars will continue to lighten up as the months pass by.

I'll post Dr.Peterson's before & afters of my TT in 3 weeks time but until then...mine will have to suffice.

Happy Healing to everyone else and I sure hope you're all pleased with your OWN procedures that you have done. I have seen many inspiring TT's & Mommy Make Overs...including Miss Mommypet, Miss Sexy, Miss No More, Miss Awake and Miss Natty, Miss Belly Tired, Miss Matea2, Miss Foreverfit19, Miss Fullcirclemer and so many others! Thank You for your support on my journey, I sure enjoyed following all of you...

Of Course Standing always looks good...but what about when I'm sitting at almost 8 months Post and After Lipo (Revision)!

Here's what I look like sitting. I think he left too much skin behind....and I think it's a load of crap when he said there just wasn't enough skin. I do remember him saying months ago I had fantastic skin elasticity?
And course I look good standing up....

Wahoooo....I'm Booked for August 18th for a Skin Only Full Tummy Tuck!

Today was the BEST DAY EVER! My appointment today with Dr. Peterson was SOOO Fantastic and here's a HUGE THANK YOU to Miss BB No are so much FUN so FIT so FABULOUS and so SMART!

Here's the how things went down today at my 1:00pm Revision Consultation:

Dr.Peterson fully agreed with me that I now needed the skin on my tummy to be pulled down maximally. This would require a vertical incision to be made between my BB & existing horizontal incision (now scar). He will:

#1. Re-open my old horizontal scar
#2. Detach my BB
#3. Pull Skin Down as far as he can to tighten upper abdominal skin
#4. Make NEW BB
#5. Make vertical incision (where needed)
#6. Close & Finish.

I think that's the order of how he will do the surgery. I told him he'd be surprised in how much extra skin I have....he said..."Maybe" but be prepared for a vertical incision. But I was already prepared for that a year ago.

Sooo...after my appointment with Dr.P (over a Starbucks Coffee) Miss No More recited my Operative report to me. Here's what it said:

1) 250cc of fat was harvested via liposuction (not much)
2) Dr.Peterson encountered difficulty removing the lower abdominal flap of skin due to extensive scaring from previous Mini TT & also an old seroma cavity was encountered and resected (I'm not surprised).
3) My umbilicus was incised circumferentially & isolated in it's stalk (I asked Dr.P if he detached my BB, he said "NO"). So, not sure what exactly is meant by the above statement. Miss No More & Me weren't really sure.
4) Dissection of my skin was then carried out over the rectus abdominus facia to the lower costal & sternal margins
5) A diastasis of the rectus abdominus muscle above & below the umbilicus was then repaired using a two layer closure.

Lastly, when I was closed Dr.P removed NO SKIN resulting in the excess skin that all of YOU can clearly see. So my "gulp" 3rd Tummy Tuck is now going to finally address this excess & redundant skin!

Dr.Peterson was very pleasant, understanding and anxious to give me the finishing result that I'm so needing and wanting (like every-other women) a beautiful flat tummy! we GO AGAIN! Round 3 everybody...the surgery should only take 1 to 1/1/2 hours.

Before & After of Front

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the tightness of the under-lying muscles & fascia that was performed by Dr.Peterson last September 26th, 2014 and I can certainly see a more contoured waist-line. The last step now is to remove the extra skin. Dr.Peterson was hoping that I could get away with-out having a 1 to 2 inch vertical incision...well at least we gave it a go...but as you can see by my above pictures in a previous just didn't quite work out that way.

Miss BB No More couldn't have said this any better...I also have the:

1). The Good (Stomach Standing)
2). The Bad (Stomach Sitting)
3). The Ugly (Stomach Leaning Over)

Sooo....I can't say that I'm NOW nervous alll over AGAIN! I'm nervous for these reasons:

1). Am I just being too picky and should just say...suck it up & be happy!!
2). OMG...maybe things will look worse on my 3rd try at this!
3). Will there be enough skin to pull down?
4). What will my NEW BB look like??? A giant HOLE?
5). How BIG will this Vertical Scar really be?
6). More time off & for how long? Will it be as bad as last time? According to Miss No More my recovery will be quicker than last time.

So Dr. Peterson said our procedure will be the same...a Pre-Op Appointment will be set 1 week prior and my surgery time will be given to me for August 18th...

My very FIRST Olympic Lifting Meet is for August the 14th and I'm trying to qualify for the Worlds for next year in Europe with a required combined total lift of 67kg. Currently, my training total is provided I make NO MISSES I should be fine. I'm shooting to compete in the 48kg weight class and currently I weigh 52kg. That means I need to loose 4kg (8.8lbs)!! Since my surgery is booked 4 days after my competition...this might be an excellent advantage for me going into my surgery.

It looks like I'll have a busy few months ahead of me....the count down is on...64 DAYS!

Lying Down Photo's with Head Up-Pinching Right & Left

I have more fat on the right side than the left. I'd like my head lifted lying down pinch test to look more like Miss Natty's...

Sportin Around today in Sports Top cause it's HOT. HOT HOT!

Only 7 weeks or so until my revision on August 18th....but until then...makin the best of things. I packed a t-shirt to trow over me when I'm sitting. So not fair!

OMG...So it's my turn to lay back in my lounger Miss Natty & Miss BBNM. Take a LOOK...not so pretty either!

My original Tummy Tuck was done on September 26th, 2014....10 months ago and my weigh-in on that day was 115lbs. Today's weight: Sooo...drum roll please...110lbs! I lost 5lbs (so far) and my goal weight for August 18th, 2015 surgery is: 105lbs!

I normally weigh anywhere from 112lbs-115lbs and used to weigh 106-110lbs for most of my adult life. However, with heavy weight training my body slowly put on muscle...topping out at 115lbs.
You were RIGHT Miss BBNM...IF I could drop to 105lbs...I'd for certain have EXCESS skin...whew-wee...TAKE A LOOK! Sexy hey? Lol!

Lastly, I just can't wait to receive a proper TT in only 3 1/2 Weeks from today.

I'll post my final before pictures 1 day before surgery (upon losing that last 5lbs)! I just wonder what I'll look like then???

6 DAYS & COUNTING until my FULL TT Revision.

Sooo, I started my calorie restricted diet July 2nd and it feels liked I missed out on a-lot of summer parties & barbecues! It's just so amazing in how food is such a large part of socializing. When I stand back & watch everyone eating & drinking, I then realize why so many of us carry all that extra FAT...

It was a hard 6 weeks...but I'm down 7lbs, my weight today is 108lbs! I don't like how my clothes fit...they feel all loose & baggy and I hadn't realized in how much I LOVE being 112-115lbs until this journey. However, for the sake of getting a good result with my TT, I'll continue on with my calorie restricted diet right up until Monday & more than likely, I should be down maybe another lb or so. I've decided that my husband and I should go out for a nice dinner Monday night as I feel I've worked hard for this weight loss. Also...I'm competing this week-end in my first Olympic Lifting Competition. I was supposed to lift in the 48kg (105.6lbs) category but today I just asked my coach to move me up to the 53kg(116.6lb) category. If I weigh-in at 106lbs they won't accept me into the 48kg weight-class & I don't want to get all stressed out with trying to lose that last 2-1/2lbs. No big deal, either way, it'll be FUN to compete even at a higher weight category. More than likely, I'll get out lifted in the 53kg weight class.

WOW...You can really see the difference in the quality of my skin after losing 7lbs, like YUCK. Same standing position and just look at that blob of ugly fat hanging over my BB! I know that some of you thought I should just accept my TT results...but honestly for 10 grand, I want it done right. Seriously, looking at my tummy, I don't even look like I had a TT. surgery is booked for 1:00p on Tuesday, August the 18th. 6 Days remaining and YES, I'm counting them! I'm told that Dr.P has allocated up to 2 hours & is basically redoing the whole procedure over. I should plan to take off 4 weeks.

Sooo this is round #1...and I'm going to STAY somewhere around 48.5kg-49kg during my recovery as I have a 2nd surgery booked with Dr.Shapiro on September 23rd for a Minimal Incision Arm-lift. Like...OMG after this fat loss...those inside upper arms aren't looking any better, compliments of Dr. Stan Valnicek lipo work! I finally had RS merge my reviews together. You can take a peek on that...if you're interested in this procedure.

So my breasts actually stood up pretty nicely to my weight loss! They're a tad smaller...but still lifted and perky. Sooo happy with them. However, my husband thought I should have went at least 1-2 sizes bigger. But, with my lifestyle, I'm absolutely not interested in BIG boobs. Thanks, but no thanks. I LOVE to jump & lift heavy shit and big boobs are out of the question now &!

Well...ladies my next post will be either late next Tuesday or Wednesday (the day after my TT). My Fingers are crossed that I wake up with tighter skin!

With that said..."Cheers to a Tighter belly in 6 Days"

Revision is FINALLY Done! TODAY is...POST-OP DAY 1...Let's hope I'm a 3rd Time Lucky...

Ahhhh....the revision is finally done. Thank Goodness. Here's the low down of how things unfolded:

The Surgery originally was booked for 1:00pm, however the Surgical Center called me at 8:30a & asked if I could be moved up to 10:30a (soooo glad to get it done at an earlier time). Once I got there the nurses did the usual prep, such as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, weigh-in, was the anesthesiologist who covered the usual health questions. And once he was out...incomes Dr.Peterson with his BIG with another young Plastic Surgeon named Dr.Duncan who is now working along side Dr.Peterson (apparently for several months). Dr.Duncan would be assisting Dr.P. during surgery.

Sooo...Dr.P had me standing against the edge of a stool & then had me bend slightly forward and the new assistant PS was like, "OMG she has soooo much loose skin". I'm like...YUP! Dr.P then said...looks like you lost weight or the skin is really softened up over the course of 11 months. I said,"both, I'm down almost 10lbs & the skin has softened up lots as well". Sooo Dr.P continued on saying that the plan was to place my NEW horizontal incision even lower than the original incision then to proceed to undermine all the skin off the abdominals. Dr.P & Dr.D are then going to pull everything down as tight as they could pull...they would do lipo if needed and a NEW BB would be created, leaving me with a vertical incision somewhere below my BB. So that was the off to surgery I went...with two doctors.

The official weigh-in was 107lbs...and the surgery started roughly at 12:15p. I woke up at 2:30p in the recovery room. The nurse said I was in surgery almost 1hr 45minutes. I had a drain on my right side and experienced little to no pain...except a deep intense burning sensation across my belly...(as tho the skin was stretched super tight). I didn't see either doctor, but the nurse said that the surgery went very good & Peterson said "I'd really LOVE the NEW tight belly". The nurse also said, they tried to do lipo but I had no fat! An inspection of my abdominals showed that my muscles were super tight from sternum to pubic bone. So no further muscle repair was needed.

Sooo...that's it! No pictures I'm bandaged up & have my Control Garment on. I just emptied my drain, which had an overnight collection of 30ml. I can't stand up right , but nice thing is, I don't need help in and out of chairs or the bed and super cool that I can lay on my side...but I can't lay flat, so I'm sleeping up-right. The feeling of this revision is almost completely painless, just a intense burn from the skin being pulled. I don't know if there's even a vertical incision and I wonder what my BB looks like? The bandages come off on Friday, (when I have my 1st shower) and I'll post photo's of the TT Revision.

My pot-op appointment is booked with Dr.P for September 2nd and somewhere between now & then my drain has to be removed. My previous TT the drain came out on Day 13.

Sooo that's it, just can't WAIT to see my NEW tummy! My next post will be Friday...DAY 3 Post-Op. BIG BREATH IN...let's keep our fingers crossed that everything is fixed!

Post Day 2 skin is so tight!!! So worried that I might come apart!! There appears to be an indent to the left of the vertical incision...kinda looks like they could barely sewn the skin back together. After I took off the bandage, I actually almost fainted! YES, I have a vertical incision.

Just took a pain killer and laying! Whew...big breath in & big breath out!

Post Op DAY 3

Today, my drains came out. Collected a total of 80ml over a 3 day period. Very swollen & tight.

Post Op- DAY 4....and I'm OFFICALLY on the FLAT SIDE!!

I couldn't wait to show you what I look like sitting down! Yes, I'm still swollen but I CAN TELL I have a FLAT Stomach.

Yesterday I had my drain removed & I had the nurse check all of my stitches (was freaking out) to ensure they weren't coming apart because they felt like they were. When Dr.P did my 1st TT, I didn't have that same I was freaking out.

I can NOT stand upright...weird because I have 0 from 1-10...I have 0! I just feel tight and more than likely the swelling is making things feel even lower back is feeling very fatigued from hunching over as well.

Post Op DAY 6! OMG...Dr.Peterson is an ABSOLUTE Genius! Look at this!!

OMG...I'm so darn excited!! As I slowly peel away a few terri-strips each passing day, I can see more & more of Dr.Peterson's OUTSTANDING work...and...I only get more & more excited. Not an once of fat and skin is super tight. I don't feel that much swelling, although I'm sure there is...I just don't see or feel it like I did the 1st time around.

Ohhh LOVE.LOVE. my BB! So cute and justtt right. I'm not sucking anything in, and it looks like I 'am in photo #3.

Can't WAIT to see my NEW horizontal & vertical Incision...

22 DAYS Post...and I'm LOVING my TT Transformation!!

I can't even find all the words to express how happy I am with my TT Revision...but here goes:

The Recovery (so far)...

So my recovery was nothing EVEN remotely the same as my 1st time TT with Dr.P simply because these were really two entirely different procedures.
My 1st time around involved a muscle repair and of course my BLA. The recovery was painful & slow...I'd the bone painful! It sapped my energy for at least the 1st 4-6 weeks.
My revision wasn't to the bone & beyond, it just felt....super tight. So tight in fact, I had to be careful in how far I reached my arms overhead & how much I could stand upright. My upper abdominals...actually felt sore for the 1st 2 weeks...but not the same kind of sore as with a muscle repair.
Overall, I'd rate my pain level at a 3...the 1st 3 days at a 6!


Really none to speak of. My overall inches actually dropped by removing the extra skin.


I'd say there was more surface bruising this time and none to little deep bruising.


I actually decided I couldn't bare to be skinny. Lol! There's nothing more un-attractive to me than a skinny older women..., it would just make me look older! I'm very happy to stay at 112-115lbs TOPS. Today, I'm 112lbs and feel wayyy better than 107lbs. So YES, I regained 5lbs. I e-mailed Dr.Shapiro...and he was extremely pleased with this decision and now is confident we can proceed with a planned fat transfer.


Started working this Tuesday....oh WOW...did it ever feel good! I missed all of my clients!


Back to full swing. Walking my dog & light Gym Training.


I've attached quite a few in different lighting, up front, leaning over & sitting. I must say...taking pictures is a lot of work & one MUST be in the!

Next Update...

I'll probably wait another 2-3 Weeks. Be really nice to see the incision without all the bruising. I also feel that as the days go by, the incision is beginning to flatten out more & more.

Sooo that's it! I've decided to head to a Resort tomorrow called Sparking Hills for 2 days to soak in hot tubs, and bask in the various steam-rooms as in 2 weeks from today, I'm off to Phoenix to get my LAST TWO procedures...and then ladies, the package is complete! All I need to do to maintain my body is...train heavy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Healing to all the beauties who have decided to do cosmetic surgery to enhance their already beautiful bodies & faces. I'm enjoying reading all of your own journey's...each & everyone is so different.

The Mons....a pleasant surpise!

I didn't discuss this as part of my TT Revision but I was pleasantly surprised that I received a beautiful Mons lift!! :))

Here's a before & after. Huge difference! Not so low & puffy as before and my NEW incision is more across from hip to hip as well.

Miss Awake...Here's my Olympic Lifting Sport!

Here's my lifting Competition that I did just 3 days before my TT Revision. Unfortunately, I missed my weigh-in of 48kg...I competed at 49kg therefore missing a Silver Metal.

I train with EXTREMELY heavy weights. Notice just before I make a lift...I open my mouth & take in a giant breath of air? This is so I can create a strong & solid core. You could literally punch me in the gut & my abs are so contracted, I wouldn't feel it. If I didn't have a strong core...there's just NO WAY I could stand up with that much weight.

I stay in phenomenal shape training for this Sport. Here's what I do:

5 days per week. 1 hour on the Snatch. 1 hour on the Clean & Jerk and 45 Minutes of heavy squatting along with other various exercises totaling 2-1/2 hours a day.

What I LOVE about the sport is that it's based on performance & strength. I don't HAVE to parade around in a swim suit. I'm way to old for all! Been there and done it.

2-1/2 Months Post Revision...and I'm SO SO HAPPY!

Wow...time has flown by so quickly! It's now been 2 1/2 months since my TT Revision that I pushed (convinced) my PS to do and boy oh I EVER SO glad I did! When I look at my before's and compare them to my after's then there's NO doubt in my mind I wasn't over-reacting. I'm also very certain once my Surgeon see's the result of my TT at my December 9th Post Opp appointment I'm sure he'll be pleased we went ahead with the revision.

So...right from the get go, I had NO SWELLING (or very little) after my revision so I was able to see my results instantaneously. The results are exactly the same today (nice & tight) with the exception that my scar is now starting to flatten out. Over the next months to come the scar will lighten & flatten more.

I'm pretty happy with my NEW Belly button...(anythings better than the before BB). I just can't wait for the red line around it to fade. Once that line is gone, my BB will look more natural.

My weight is up by 5lbs since my surgery and I'm not interested in weighing 107lbs! That's a ridicules weight to even think of staying at. I HATED how my clothes fit...all loose & weird looking! I only drop to that weight to compete in (twice per year) and of course for my TT revision, which I'm so glad I did as Dr. P was able to to do a tight TT. I feel my result would NOT have been near this good if I stayed at 112-115lbs.

So...I've not been doing much of anything other than walking the last 6 weeks, however I begin a full lifting routine next week! Ohh boy...I just can't wait!

I took some photo's yesterday & some today, trying to get some different lightening. Overall I'm SO SO happy...also, loving my tight arms!! Take note: my weight is the same in the comparison photo of my tummy! It's no wonder why my inches dropped. Whew, look at all that extra SKIN!

My next update will be in another month after my post opp appointment on December 9th. It'll be interesting to see what Dr. Peterson thinks about my revision results PLUS my recent full face fat transfer & amazing short scar arm-lift I did with Dr. Shapiro. Dr. Peterson thought that #1. I didn't need anything done to my face & #2. I'd be disappointed with the arm-lift. Hmmm...this should be an interesting post opp appointment :)

9 Months Post TT Revision...and everything is so perfect!

Not much to report as I feel that my TT Revision results was pretty much complete as soon as it was done!

My weight remains unchanged always between 112-115lbs.

My activity is about the same, if not more as I'm lifting heavier in my training sessions.

My scars are fading very nicely...each month that passes they're less red looking. I'd assume the scars will take a full year or more before they're completely white.

One thing...I feel my Belly Button is a bit rough looking and so I'm hoping as time passes it will soften.

Sooo that's about it. I've included some up-dated photo's that I took today of my revision.
Kelowna Plastic Surgeon

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