550cc gell mentor implants with a anchor lift 3kids- Kelowna, BC

Had my preop today extreamly excited brain is a...

Had my preop today extreamly excited brain is a sweet man and confedent :) i like his so far. I think im gonna go with 450cc high profile he said i need a ancher lift but thought i did will be booking some time in dec 2016 i have summer to get into shape yay in curently 135-140 5'5 will try and judt shape up

Booked my date

So yesterday I called and booked my surgery it's for Dec 8th I'm super stoked but also nervous because I have very low iron. I have been struggling with this for awhile taking iron pills hopefully it will be high enough in the next 3months


My doc said I would need to wear a bra for 3 months after surgery any suggestions on what to by??

Pre opt done

Have my Pre opt apt today decided of a finial size of 550... he's gonna remove 75cc from my lest and 25 from my right breast. I still need to by a bra I'm nervous about the size aswell ekk I'm so excited so close...


So my surgery is in 12 days and ive been havin very pacific dreams about the procedure in detail...I'm getting an anchor lit so not so nice... Anyways it's giving me second thoughts if I'm doing the right thing. Ive had three c sections and I think im more nervous about this than any one of them. Im scared :( might be silly but im worried about being put under, being in pain after and not healing proporly.
I do know I'm so unhappy with the way my breasts are now and that this will make me feel more like a women with breasts and not a mom with boobs but, Im having g a hard time getting over what has to be done to make that happen. I've already payed in full so no turning back I guess I'm just worried about the surgery.

Pre opt pics!

Hello real selfies,
I'm 4 days out from my surgery and I thought I'd post some pre opt pics also I went shopping yesterday and bought pillows emerg C and all my prescription meds it's getting close :)
Kelowna Plastic Surgeon

Dr peterson so far i haveva good feeling about him very knowledgeable and knew what I wanted from what I was describing. didn't bring any pictures or any notes lol. Seem like he knows whats up :)

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