28 Years Old, 2 Kids 4 and 2 5'5 120 Lbs 34A Cup. Kelowna, BC

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I have always been small chested, after...

I have always been small chested, after breastfeeding the two kids they pretty much vanished. I barely fill the smallest bra in the shop and the bra "falls away " from my body when I bend over so if I'm wearing a mid to low t shirt everyone can see my nipples - and with the two kids I feel like I bend over A LOT. I have to wear an extra shirt or sports radio over my bra to keep myself covered and give the illusion I have breasts.
I've never been happy with my breasts, I always imagined I'd get implants. I feel like I don't wear a lot of things because of my small breasts .

Anyway - I had my first consult yesterday!!!!!! I finally worked up the nerve to book in , calling felt like a big deal but the receptionist was really great over the phone. We talked for about 15 minutes and she was happy to answer all my questions - as dumb as they may have been.
I really liked the nurse and surgeon . Dr Stan valnicek. I felt like they weren't rushing through anything, took a lot of time with me, answering questions trying sizes.
The dr had a 3D picture imaging software where they took photos and were able to show me how I would look with the different sizes and shapes. It was the most exciting part! Seeing my own skin stretch out to a nice full boob! It was beautiful.
I tried on some sizers and I think I liked a 350 cc moderate plus gel (gummy bear). They felt so big for me but I feel like I'd be disappointed if I went smaller...
They did tell me I should come back to decide on size atleast once more.
But I'm not even sure when I can do this - the worst part.
I don't think we are done having kids, we think we want one more baby but I really don't want to wait ! I don't want to space the kids 5 more years but I also don't want to wait to get new boobs!!!!! Why can't I have both?!
Anyone have this battle? I feel like the more time without the surgery is just a waste! I'm young, let's do this now!!! What if it takes a full year to get pregnant again!!
I'm struggling with the back and forth. I want to do this so bad


On vacation. And endlessly frustrated with my bikini tops. All too big . And yes they are the smallest ones. Iv kept to bandeau style with busy prints or little frillies to make the illusion that my chest isn't actually this small. Yet, it is.
I feel like my torso is one straight line from armpit to hip. Looks like I havent hit puberty yet.
I wish i could fast forward to finally having boobs! Nothing scares me off. There's too many success stories for each bad experience that I'd rather give it a shot then live the rest of my life frustrated with what I have!
But I fear surgery is probably 2 years away ????
Still considering a 3rd baby and even I were to fall pregnant now , 2 years feels "soonest"

Anyone out there have 2 kids, got their boobs then had more kids???? I know people say to wait but it's driving me crazy

Trying on sizers

Pictured trying on 325 and 350 moderate plus to be placed under the muscle.
I know there isn't a big different between the two but with what I have naturally these feel big . Are they too big on me???
I know people regret going too small so I'd hesitate to go smaller but I don't want to look like I have big fake boobs.
I want to look natural - as I'm sure most people do.
It was so exciting trying these on ! Green shirt picture is with a frilly bathing suit top so actual boobs are smaller looking in a top
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