Finally I am proportioned to my bubble butt! 700cc HP silicone unders.

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Well, I'm booked in! Picked my new boobs today!! I...

Well, I'm booked in! Picked my new boobs today!! I am getting mentor, high profile 650 cc silicone. I CANNOT wait! At first I did a lot of research, confused myself with profiles, I started to second guess myself on sizes and was too focused on what "sounded too big" to me 650 sounded horribly large... I'm 5'7.5" 170 lbs, no kids and I wear a 34-36 c that I generally fill. I have a big bum I wanted to proportion myself with it and today when I went in and tried sizes on I was relieved, 650 cc on my frame really isn't as big as it sounds. Also as far as HP and mod + go, I compared them after 500cc the narrow-ness of an HP At the base of the implant, is not any different than the base of a moderate plus implant- just in case anyone else is as confused as I was with profiles. The larger moderate plus, in my opinion is too wide for me and if I were to get it I would worry i would have too much boob in my armpits lol.

Counting down the days!!

Got my first post op bra to sleep in, because of the large sized implants I will be getting my PS informed me I would need to wear a bra 24/7 for the first few months... :( but gotta do what I gotta do to make them come out as nice as possible!!! I got the bra for $12 at walmart, it has adjustable straps and is a stretchy sports bra, it's seamless too so it should be comfortable I'll add a picture of it in case anyone wants a cheap alternative, I'm also posting my pre- operative photos, so you guys can see what I have to work with prior to surgery!

Possible inexpensive post op bra

Here is the bra I picked up, I'm hoping it's comfortable. It's the "seamless" style and the straps undo, so I can probably step into it. For $12 I figured I couldn't go wrong lol

No post op bra is provided

After emailing the office to request if it was possible I could et a second recovery bra, so I have one to wear while I wash the other... I have been informed that my surgeon doesn't supply them and I am responsible for getting my own... Keep in mind I'm spending almost $8000... And they can't even give there patients a bra, when we won't even know what size we will need after. Not very happy about that but I'm sure I will get over it. I have to wait until my pre op appointment for them to go over the different styles of bras and then I only have 2 weeks to try and find one, order it and hope to god it fits and arrives in time... Poor thinking on there part. I hope ordering one through them is an option because there aren't any others locally. The lady in the office also seems as though she is getting annoyed with all of my emails, I've sent a couple over the last month with basic questions.... Which I'm not overly impressed by, I'm paying a lot for a service I expect my questions to be welcome, it's not like they are difficult ones. LUCKILY the nurses are fantastic and I know I can save any questions I have for the because they understand and actually encourage I ask them.... Guess I will just have to wait and see what happens with my post op bra :/

Pre-surgery preparation! Goodies!

Hey guys I've mentions in a couple forums the handy things I've picked up for surgery that will probably be super helpful (some have been mentioned by other ladies aswell) I went to walmart, because it's cheap and wanted to see what I could score..
They had genie bras on sale so I snatched one up, I hear they are very comfortable!
I also got some boob-specific "pearl therapy" packs, they were $10 and you can freeze them they even come with custom cloth covers and have an area in the middle that doesn't freeze, for those sensitive nipples. They're in the baby's section. They are actually for breast feeding, engorged boobs but I think they will work wonderfully!!!
I also picked up a pillow with some arm rests, to keep me on my back. I find the ones at walmart, because they're cheap they aren't too stiff and are more squishy and soft. It was only $20.
Now I just need to pick up some babies wipes which I will do closer to and a couple last minute groceries to prep and have ready. Luckily my boyfriend who lives down in the US, is flying up for 10 days to be my nurse. So greatful to have him!

Getting in shape for surgery!!

I've noticed with surgery coming up in 22 days, I'm feeling even more pressure to look good for my new boobs. I've been working hard and eating clean! Seeing progress and im getting so excited!! Can't wait!

Bad dreams galore!

Well they've finally started happening hahaha I've has bad dreams every night about having surgery and not looking good after... It's my own fault for being nervous and google botched breast augmentations ... :( just gotta hang in there and stay positive!!! Luckily my boyfriend will be here in 11 days to calm me down.. Only 15 more days until surgery!! 3 days until my pre op appointment! Wish I wasn't so worried..

Pre op appointment done!!

Just had my pre op appointment!! Feel so good, but nervous as hell now!! 12 days!!! Finalized my size, I am getting 700cc HP silicone under the muscle. Tried them on to make sure I felt good. They looked great! Feel very prepared for this thanks everyone on here I wouldn't have been able to be prepared without you!!! My Surgeon doesn't use the death trap of a strap as some of you have unfortunately had to use, so that was nice to hear but I have one just in case.

Prescriptions will be filled while I'm in surgery. They will give my mom and boyfriend the prescriptions when I am prepped for surgery.
I asked if they could prescribe me something for the night before, to keep my anxiety down and help me sleep, they're seeing what they can do! Surgery is 10:30 am august 26th!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!!

Dun dun dun dunnnnnn

The day is approaching fast!!! 6 days... I am so scared and overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. Boyfriend flys up in 2 days, sisters wedding in 3 days .. Busy busy. I just hope the weather is in my favour and it is not too hot the first few days post op... I have no A/c and I feel like it will be a horribly uncomfortable time if it decides to be hot. I feel like no matter what I do I won't be fully prepared. I now have 2 body pillows a lounge chair pillow thing and 5 regular pillows... Lol. Picked up the Ativan my PS prescribed me so I have something for my nerves as surgery day approaches... So glad he had job problem prescribing something to keep me relaxed. I'm gonna have to keep myself busy the next few days to keep my mind off of it.

Well today is the day!

It's 6 am and surgery is in an hour and a half... I am freeeeaking out!!! My phone got cut off today so I won't be able to update unless I'm at home :( I'm really scared, I feel like I'm gonna be sick. I'm just about to go shower with the soap they told me to use....I feel like I'm gonna have a breakdown. I wish is as more excited and less scared right now.


Just got home, very comfortable on Percocet . Tight but it's bearable, the pillow nest I have in amazing and making all the difference . I took a couple photos with the bra unfortunately. I'm too scared to take it off at the moment cause it's keeping me comfortable. Thank you ladies for all your kind words and support it means the world to me

Got brave

A little uncomfortable

Starting to hurt now, near my armpits and on top, I'm due for more pain meds in 20 min though so that's probably why. Just currently icing at the moment

Just some more photos

Took some pictures while I got up to pee. I love them already

Post op day 2,

Well having rock hard boobs is a bizarre feeling. Nurse called today to check up on me. Everything looks great, pain comes gang does but the Percocet and Ibuprofen seem to really help aswell as ice... I don't know what I would do without ice. Thismorning was terrible I think I now know what morning boob is. It definitely sucks. It's also pretty bizarre not having much feeling when I touch them.. Makes me feel like they're not attached to me lol I'll probably eat something in a bit. Besides the 20 minutes of mild nausea last night after eating, I haven't had any which is nice. Throwing up with this pain would not be a good time.


I'm officially obsessed with my boobs hahahahah

Left is more swollen it seems, feels harder too

On that note sitting up and undoing my bra, so painful.

Today is better.

Less pain today, except for when I'm walking around too long. Went to the mall and walked around a little. Felt weird but it was nice to get out for a little bit. Back in bed now. I noticed some squishy swollen bruising between, on my sternum. Is this normal? Or should I be concerned? Not sure if it could be bleeding or not.

2 days post op

Update of stats

Before surgery I was a 36 C not sure my size now. I got 700cc HP silicone unders with a dual plane placement. Im 25 years old with no kids and I weigh 170lbs (before surgery) Couldn't be happier!

Finally allowed to have a shower

Took my first shower, got really light headed and nauseas taking the bandages off. Have to leave the steri strips on. It was nice showering but it was exhausting. Luckily my boyfriend hopped in and helped me. I was really scared to get my boobs wet lol they look funny from the side but it's expected I guess feeling ok right now pain isn't too bad but it comes and goes

Pain around incision area

Hey ladies, I've noticed I'm getting more comfortable everyday, I'm 4 days post op. However I am having some pain on my incision sites, is this normal as you start getting up and doing things again? Just feels really tender. When should incision pain last until without concern? I feel like it's too soon to worry cause it's only been 4 days however, I'm a Worry wart . Lol I'm gonna post some pictures in a bit


5 days post op!

Starting to feel better, less pain now it's just tender and bending over hurts. Just taking ibuprofen except for when I woke up i took a Percocet. Showered again today and it was great made me feel a lot better, having my bra off didn't hurt nearly as much it was kind of nice actually.

I was also wondering when you ladies were allowed to sleep flat on your back? Being flat is so much more comfortable for me :(

2 days between pictures

Just shows how they've dropped
A little in 2 days! Yay!!

Puppy cuddles.

Nothing like having your dog to kind of cheer you up when your lonely. Wish my boyfriend didn't have to go home today. The joy of long distance relationships. I just need to be greatful I had him here for the first 5 days after surgery

6 days post op!

Feeling better today! I've made my self stay in bed all day and it's made a huge difference!!!!!! Took a peak at the inflatables and I'm very happy, my surgeon has some skills for sure. I was also relieved to see my nipples are back to looking like themselves again, I was worried surgery distorted them a little but it was just swelling

1 week post op!!

I've survived the first week, a lot of thanks to you ladies for keeping me afloat when I was hurting. I'm feeling like I'm on the upwards part of my recovery now! I just have sore armpit muscles and incisions (but I think the bra irritates them at times.) my post op appointment is Thursday I'm hoping I'll be allowed to just wear a sports bra. Not sure how long it's usually recommended to wear the post op surgical bra. I seem to be dropping fast? Still tight and up high but much less noticeable. Here's some pictures! I'll update again after my appointment.

Incisions at 1 week

Still have no idea how he fit 700cc implants through there

Post op appointment

Went well, steri strips off the incisions they look good! In the clear to sleep flat now and wear underwires. Went and got fitted I'm currently wearing 36 E/F depending on the bra. The lady said I'm more of an F. Been off all pain meds Tylenol included for just over 24 hours now :)


well today I hiked toa. Water fall (bad Idea I know but I was careful) I wanted to take some attractive. pictures for my boyfriend in my bikini (long distance relationship) the only thing I managed to accomplish was making myself feel fat and down on myself. This not being able to work out is making me really hard on myself :(

My boobs look good though.... Tuesday will be my 2 week mark


Sorry ladies I've been busy working 12 hour days so I haven't been on here- I'm still alive and well just checking in.

Totally forgot about my account

OMG haha so with the hussle and bussle of life, I managed to completely forget about my review. Sorry ladies I'm a terrible person! I'm alive and well boobs are fantastic! 7 weeks post Tuesday! Measuring at a 34 E/F hope you are all doing good!

Just over 3 months post op!!

Ladies just a quick update, doing well. I highly recommend getting a freya deco plunge bra!! Got my first one and it's incredibly comfortably flattering and they're cute bras, which can be harder to find for anyone needing larger sizes!

11 Months post.

11 months post op, things are good. Got a tattoo to accentuate the girls ????

Still having hypersensitive nipple pains when I touch them though. A hand feels like razor blades ???? Hoping it's not forever.
Kelowna Plastic Surgeon

So far it has been great, the nurses are fantastic, so informative. They really seem to know there stuff! I was very comfortable during my appointments. The only complaints I have are that I am not being supplied a post surgical bra for recovery, with the amount I'm spending I would think I would be given a bra ESPECIALLY since i have been told by my PS it is important I wear one for the first few months during my healing process, 24/7. But that's ok I just ordered one online. The nurses are fantastic, very smart and they really make you feel very comfortable and make sure you are happy with your decisions and don't have any more questions.

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