35 Year Old Planning on 375 Ccs - Kelowna, BC

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Ba surgery date is coming fast and I'm getting...

Ba surgery date is coming fast and I'm getting crazy nervous! I've wanted bigger boobs for as long as I can remember. I kinda got screwed over since everyone in my family is very well endowed and I've never been more then an a cup. After I had my son I dropped down to AA sized. I'm definitely going back and fourth between 375 and 400 since I'm going under muscle. I'm also feeling nervous since my hubby is out of town during my surgery and 2 weeks following it, so that means I'll be looking after my 4 year old on my own while recovering

1 week away

Hotel room is booked for my stay overnight. Does anyone have any tips for traveling the day after the surgery? I'm pretty nervous about having to wear a seat belt for 4 or 5 hrs! I'm waiting for my call to tell me what time surgery is going to be, hopefully it's not too crazy early or I'll have to come up with a plan b for getting there on time. I'm mostly excited about this but right before I go to sleep every night I get so scared and can't stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong lol. I'm sure everyone is like that too though

getting closer

Just finished my last workout with weights for a few weeks, I'll still be hitting the cardio hard until my surgery date. I'm finding the restrictions on exercise are causing me the most anxiety right now. I know how important it is to follow Dr's orders but exercise is such a big part of my life. I'm a dancer and I'm going to miss it so much.....I am also a big fan of food lol so exercise is how I balance everything out. Luckily I'm traveling to dance this weekend so I'm able to stress about the performances coming up and not the surgery. I'm really hoping I'll at least be able to go for walks after 2 weeks so I can keep somewhat in shape for the fall performances.

A super happy development today is my in laws have offered to take my son to visit his cousins for five days while I recover. It's such a huge load off my mind that it won't just be me and him while I heal up. I've never been apart from him for more then a night so it will be really hard but he will have so much more fun with them and I can concentrate on healing :) :) :)

day before surgery

Today is the day before surgery and I'm really excited but also really overwhelmed. My emotions are really all over the place lol hopefully they level out pretty quickly. Here are 2 pictures of my breasts currently (sorry about the quality ) I have to say I'm really excited to not see my tiny little boobs everytime I get naked lol.
Kelowna Plastic Surgeon

Only met dr peterson once for consultation. He made me super comfortable and I'm so excited to have my surgery over and done with

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