33 Year Old Woman with 7mm Overbite

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Hello all, my name is Melodie and I have my...

Hello all, my name is Melodie and I have my surgery date scheduled....finally! I'm a 33 year old Mother of one. I've been waiting for this surgery since I was 21 years old but haven't had the money or insurance to do so. I'm excited for this journey and even with reading the scary stories with the good I'm going to take a chance! I'm ready to change my bite for the better. I've been so self conscious my whole life with my profile and how my smile is so I'll be posting many pics and keeping everyone updated. I'm actually getting my surgery done on base here where my husband is currently stationed. One of the Military doctors are preforming the surgery. I've heard the Doctor Shirley is the best! So, my mind is at ease. Please let me know if anyone has any questions I can answer...I'll be happy to let you know anything! :) stay tuned for my new face and outlook on life!

Surgery next week. December 9th!!

It's getting close and I'm getting anxious and surprisingly not nervous. I guess I'm just ready to get it over with. I got my surgery hooks on last week and man do they hurt. Whew! But, not anything compared to jaw surgery. Well, included are some photos of before and after my surgery hooks were added. Ask me any questions you have....I'll be happy to help! :)

Surgery Finished!

So, I finished the surgery and I'm staying at this hospital till tomorrow morning. Which, it's 2am here so I made it though day one into day 2! I'm super swollen and the pain is there but bearable for the chance at a more perfect smile and quality of life. :). The only complications was that one of my veins burst and it was extremely painful more so than my surgery. Oh, I did get some ice packs for my face that I haven't worn for a bit and I'm fine. :) Also, don't mind the pics right after surgery...I look dead. Yikes! Lol. But, I'm on the up and up. I'll be including some post-op pics so y'all can see and through the week. :)

2nd day after lower jaw surgery!

So, I'm still alive and kicking!! Jaw pain is only about a 5/6 and I'm just managing still with Ibuprofen. I managed a small smile so you can see how awesome that my teeth align!!!! I've never had that and was so excited to see that!!! Included are day 2 pics and plenty more to come. ????????????

Day 3 and I'm a lot of pain!!!

So, I'm kind of disappointed that no one else seemed to have any pain in any of their recovery stories, blogs, or timelines. It's day 3 and I'm in excruciating pain! I was holding off on the narcotics in hopes I wouldn't have to resort to that but I couldn't take it. Even after (2) hydrocodone and ibuprofen 800 and I can barely stand it. So, if you haven't got the surgery yet.....prepare yourself. You're in for a world of hurt!!!! Swelling is still very much there and the tingling and numbness in my jaw, lips, and cheeks is just another annoying little thing you'll be dealing with.

You're welcome for an honest review. I just wished I'd seen something like mine to prepare myself.

"F" this surgery. Day 4

This pain is not worth it. Okay, if you're young and you have a mom and dad to take care of you, sure. But, I have a kid and it's f-ing impossible to recover comfortably. I can't eat and whoever says everyday gets better is lying!!! Prepare for a lot of downtime and pain. Prepare to not eat cause it's not like you can taste anything or feel the way you're eating anyways. So far.....not worth it. I'm pissed.

Day 4 update

So, I was a little harsh in my last review and I also apologize for the uncouth title. But, I was in pain and just over it. So, I got Percocet for my painkiller today and the nausea is awful. But I'll power through it for the pain. I go back to my Oral Surgeon this Friday and will be writing an update then.

Day 5 and feeling better!

So, I ended up getting new medication yesterday cause of the pain I was in. Eureka, it worked. I was able to eat a bit more today and be a little more comfortable then the previous days. I am now on Percocet and was on Hydrocodone before and it wasn't helping so thank god I switched. I was also able to brush my teeth and not be in complete agony. So, day 5 has been the best day yet and looking forward to tomorrow and feeling even better. The swelling went down some but it's still there. :)

Day 6 and so much better!

Okay, so today has been pretty good so far. I've managed my pain with just Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen and it's worked! I was able to eat oatmeal and cheettos with a lot of patience. I basically kept them in my mouth till they got soft and swallowed. I needed something to snack on other than shakes and yogurt. :). But it worked and gave me something else to put in my stomach. My swelling has gone down today and I was actually able to sleep a little more comfortably last night. Meaning, I slept at more of an incline and not straight up and down. It made a world of difference in my attitude and how I felt waking up. Today I've been yawning a bit more than usually and.....OUCH! But I'm on the up and up to recover. More pics are included and I'll be posting tomorrow. :)

My post surgery bed situation.

Here's a couple pics of what I use to sleep propped up on. :) I wanted to show in case others had questions on.

Day 7! A full week since surgery.

I'm doing loads better and had my post surgery visit with the oral surgeon. I got to ask my many, many questions and got some answers that put my mind at ease. So, yesterday I was showering and noticed a large bump on my lower right side of the face. While in the shower I gently massaged it and blood and liquid came out of my mouth! I freaked out a little and asked my doc today what the heck it was. Phew! Totally normal and my mouth and incision sites where...okay!

I also asked about hygiene and what was too much brushing and cleaning and he reassured me it can never be too clean. He looked in my mouth cleaned it out with a long syringe and poked around. He also adjusted my rubber bands according to how my bite is looking and he said I'm looking great! I'm healing just fine and I'm right where I should be. Ahhhhh, all is well with the world. I feel like I said...tons better. I'm only down to taking (1) hydrocodone and (2) Ibuprofen a day. My face swelling is very minimal now and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Well, that's all and I'll keep you posted as my recovery continues.

Day 8! Picture update.

Day 9 pic update! ????????

Doing better day by day. I still have some discharge from my sutures in my mouth. But, the doc says I'm still good.

Day 10 update!

Swelling on my right side is still prevalent. Hoping it goes down in a month or so.

Day 11 update.

Day 12 update!

15 day update!

2 weeks (16 days) post op update!!!

Day 19th update!

23 day post-op pic update!

26th day update!

So, today I got my rubber bands off!!!!! Woohoo! It's a small feat but it's something. :) I now can start doing my jaw strengthening and stretching exercises. :) I've included photos of my strides. I still have swelling and primarily on my right side....still. But, my face is looking better day by day. I've started working out again and it feels fine when I do. I'm coming along nicely!!! :)

29 day post op. Still swollen on my right side!

36 days pot-op update!

41 days post-op pic update

9 week post-op pic update.

5 months post op! Braces off the 30th!

Almost to my Ortho appointment to finally get my braces off and be done with my 3 year journey. Message me with any questions.
Doctor Shirley

Dr. Shirley is personable and made me feel so comfortable about the procedure. Let's just say I'm ready to go under! :) My face is in his hands. :)

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