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I'm nearly 32yrs old, mum of 3 young kids, 5'2 and...

I'm nearly 32yrs old, mum of 3 young kids, 5'2 and 52kgs. I have always been small chested so have wanted a boobjob for as long as I can remember! Loved being pregnant and breastfeeding as my boobs made their way from a B cup to a D-DD! But since losing 11kgs just in the last few months, my boobs are back to an 'empty' B-C cup. After losing the weight and finally starting to feel better about myself, I would love to have boobs that I can love too! My husband hasn't been too keen on the idea but he came to my 1st consult today and I think he is a bit more on board now :) my bestie has just had her BA one week ago and had an amazing recovery/surgery and he boobs look amazing!! Let me say I am very envious!! ;)
So my consult today went great! He explained everything and was lovely and made me feel better about the whole thing. I came out knowing for sure that this is what I want to do as I have been umming and ahhing about it for a while. As I am quite short and have a small chest/ribcage area, after trying on a whole lot of different sized implants, I have gone for a 325-345 very high implant! I laughed at him when he said very high implant, but he explained that the ones he uses for e.g. a very high profile is like a high in other brands. Wish I could remember the brand??!! So the reason for the very high is cause I am so small/narrow around by ribcage/chest it's so they don't sit so wide but more sit up and out front? I think that's right?? Haha. Glad hubby was there as I have the worst memory! Anyways, sorry for the novel! Just wanted to let you know a little of the start of my journey :)

My future sized boobs??

Just a couple of pics taken from my consultation yesterday. After looking back over these I started thinking that maybe I should go bigger??

Rice sizers! haha

Tried the rice sizes trick yesterday to see what I would look like in a bikini :)

Natural size

Thought I had better show what natural size I am now. 3 breastfeeding kids will do this to you! Can't wait for fullness again!

Obssessed and impatient!!

So chances are I won't be able to get my BA until around July-August next year. Seems soooo far away! Need to save up the $$. And I feel like all I am doing lately is looking at boobs! Haha. Reading everyone's stories has been fantastic and makes me get super excited! I think hubby is sick of me talking about it and showing him pics of nice boobs that I hope mine will look like! What kind of guy gets sick of looking at boobs??!! Haha.

They aren't so bad...

So today I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and boobs aren't really that bad. I have been a lover/hater of my boobs for a while. One minute I think they aren't really so bad, then next minute I want new ones! Haha. Just wish I had the 'fullness' like I used to before having kids :( mine are small but at least they aren't non existant I guess? Still though.....I am definitely still on the boob train!! :)
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