Lip Lift,to Shorten Distance Between Nose and Lip (1,9 cmat the Moment).

Cant wait for my op. So excited when found this...

Cant wait for my op. So excited when found this procedure, coz i always wanted something different with my lip, but didn't know what. I have beautiful lips, but they are just to low on my face. I want to lift it but so scared to get bad results.. I dont even afraid of scars, just the results.. I am afraid to get rabbit/fish look :(
Well, anyway, I love realself and want to share my journey too :)

Its done.

Few hours after surgery. i had breast augmentation too, so were in full sleep. I can see my teeth. But not as much as i liked. My sides of lip are not lifted enough, i think only center of the lip. I am scared to be fish-rabit looking. Swollen is poor.

Second day

I woke up and felt pleasant. Look much younger. My lip got swollen and i even liked it. Looks so full and nice. But when swollen gone, i am not sure with results. I am wearing plaster cos my incision is awfull. Its somewhere inside nostrils ant they are sooo big. I am scared :(
Incision still bleeding sometimes. I had much talking and bit laughing, thats not helping :)
I dont feel any pain, as my biggest pain is about breast :)

Back home from hospital

Nostrils looks soooo big :(

I dont know how my scar will be, now it looks awful. And also i wish it were removed more skin, its only 2-3 mm of teeth are shown...
Now i am scared just about nostlil look..

Feeling better

Looks its getting better. I like the way i feel. But if healling will be easy, I am going to talk with dr about remove bit more of skin..
Oh, one side is bit higher than other but its not noticeable. I dont think its becouse of swollen...

Before and after (3 days)

Still healing, not a big changes since yesterday

18 monts post op

So here I am.. Thats my final result. My lip lift and lip (just upper) injections (3 weeks ago) just to try..
As you can see, there is not a big difference.. After all swollen were gone, result wasn't as i expected (i wish it was removed much more).. This wont be too bad, as i was going to repeat procedure. But... My nostrils were healing sooo long, my collumela has droped so badly... That i dont need lip lift any more, I need columella lift or reduction, not sure.. As this is a big surgery, I am not ready for this..
I dont know why this happend..justsad, i didnt get what i wanted, maybe because of my previous nose job or so..
In general, i still beleve, this procedure is very good, and i would recommend it for the one who really need it :)
On pictures you cant see my collumela but it is hanging..
And a scar, its still obviously seen. Well its only on collumela, which is much lower then my nose ( no shadow so it can be seen).
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