35yr Old 2 Children Time for a Tummy Tuck - Lithuania

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Hi all I have just booked myself in for a tummy...

Hi all I have just booked myself in for a tummy tuck with lipo in Kanuas Lithuania through the wellness clinic ,all has gone well so far with Skype consultation and booking hotels etc ...just a bit nervous as I have never went abroad for surgery before .has anyone here on real self have surgery with Dr. Markus Norkus If so how did it go ?

Getting excited & nervous

Not long to go till the 6th jan and my TT and lipo ,I'm so looking forward to getting rid of this horrible overhang excited and nervous as the same time but that's quite normal

Not log to go

Oh the nerves are setting in now ,Tuesday is my big surgery day , . Typical I can't stop eating the last few days aaarrrrhhhh .new year new me bring it on!!!!

Post op

Well I had my surgery today and it went well had a little wobble befor I went under ,usual thought "on am I doing the right thing " etc.... The staff put me at easy and I was out For the count ,coming around I felt uncomfortable ,,in and out of sleep for the day so excuse my the shorty update

Day 2

Yesterday was good pumped full of medication I was feeling no pain ,today I'm in s little pain & discomfort around the lipo sites and also where the drains are ,I'm
Ok other wise ,I booked into the clinic for an extra night just incase .i think the staff are thinking Im a bit weird for staying but I'd feel better ,and if you have a TT with lipo in Ireland you are in Hosp a couple of days anyway so
Airing on the side of caution

Feeling good

Well I really feel i benafited from staying 2 nights in clinic ,felt much better getting back to hotel today ,still a bit sore but that is expected with lipo ( as doc say it's like I've been hit with a baseball bat around the waist ) my TT scar is totally fine no pain or discomfort from it ,drains still driving me mad the have to be the most annoying thing ,the feeling of them tugging sometimes is aaarrrrhhh

Healing well /drains out

Woo hoo got the drains taken out today ,oh the relief ,I'm feeling good went out for a walk today with was good was tired afterwards though ,drinking my way through cartons of pineapple justice to help with my bruising and popping arnica tabs too ,not any pain just a little discomfort when laughing or getting up and out of low seats and beds ,happy sfar with the progress ,my nurse said today it will take out 3/6 months before total swelling will go away and I will seen final results ,also said to wait until 1momth befor using dermatix scar gel ,definitely recommend Dr Martynas Norkus & Dr Domantas STundys .

Home sweet home

Flew home from Lithuania yesterday ,long ass day it was out of hotel room by 3pm then had to hang around till 7.30pm to be collected . Was a bit uncomfortable after flying home as didn't get in till 1.30am ,ooh my bed was soooo good and it was great to see my husband and children again, ,woke up this morning with my daughter wrapped around me ,a little sore but it was good to get the cuddles ,,felt well enought to walk he to school (10mins down the road ) tired getting home so went back to bed till nearly two as .i did a bold thing and drove to see my gp today to get my cert for work ,he was actually very positive about me going abroad for surgery and he said my wound looked great ,take as much time as needed,drove home and chilled out for a while before the kids came home ,,,had the best shower today ooohhhhh I was sooo happy to feel clean again (hadn't showered since Saturday night) .a bit swollen this evening but that's normal gonna take a while for that to go down ,happy happy happy :-)


Few of today's photos


Feeling swollen today ,and the site where the drains were is bloody itchy cant wait to take the mepore & paper stitches off and let it heal properly .i know is only just over a week since surgery and swelling is very normal ,.i am so glad I spent endless amounts of hours on realself and Google readng about after tummy tuck ( what to expect ) as I'd be very upset right now if I didnt :-)

Woo hoo no tucking in my belly into my jeans

Well I've put my jeans on for the first time since my tt ,oh it was great not having to tuck my tummy into my jeans :-) .... Over did it a bit today i hoovered & washed the floors in the house ,( my husband just doesn't clean the way I do ) went food shopping too (hubby carried bags and pushed trolley though ) ,feeling exhaushed now so gonna sit with my feet up for the night... Question : is the area around "new" belly button meant to feel a bit sore and a little hard ?

Sore belly button

Feeling a bit down today as my bellybutton is still a bit red and sore ,everywhere else is healing so well with relatively no pain of discomfort ,(except when laughing ,sneezing and coughing and that's even getting better :-) I'm wondering if anyone else is feeling this discomfort ,I know I mentioned it in my last post but it seems to be getting redder ,my gp gave me a perscription for an antibiotic last week just incase I need it so I've been taking it so I don't think its an infection ,just afraid it might be a haematom or a sermon buildup ???? I'm probably just letting my imagination get the better of me !!! ????

Worry over ????

Well I emailed my photos of my bellybutton last night (super sized photo as couldnt add as attachment ????) just to see what he thought of the redness ,he email back first thing this morning to say it is quite normal as this is the last area to heal ,also to just keep it clean and not to cover with bandages ,phew panic over :-)


Well I done what my ps told me to do with my sore inflamed/irritated belly button I've sterile cleaned with alcowipes ,applied antseptic cream and covered with a dressing and it seems to be improving ,not as red but I swear I think it's trying to close over as it looks smaller maybe it just cause its a little swollen inside !! aaaahhhh could u imagine not having a bellybutton I'd be like an alien ????????anyway hopefully it gets back to "normal " soon .or I will be on a flight to London to have a word with my ps ,( he is flying in to do consultations on Friday ) .

Bellybutton photos today

Doing good

I'm feeling good ,my belly button redness has seemed to have gone down ,well I have been cleaning ,applying germolene and covering it for the last week ,I'm finding that I have to pack some wadding into it to keep it from closing over though ,I thought it looked a bit like a slit the other day eek alien belly . . I'm happy with my TT scar it's coming along well I've started to apply the dermatix silcone gel on it to help with the scaring ,roll on the summer :-) I am still wearing my compression garment 24/7 at the moment ,as I'm not to sure when I should take it off lol ,I'm kind getting use to having it on . Overall I'm happy :-)

doing good

Feeling god at the moment though still a bit swollen expecially in the evening time but thats normal (I think) still haven't gone back to work yet as I wanna make sure im totally healed before I go back , ive uploaded some recent pics ofmy tummy this evening


Doing great

Well it's been over 6 months since my tt and I feel brilliant ,I have to say it was the best decision I ever made , I am definitely going back to see Dr Martynas Norkus for my breast lift & reduction maybe next year . I will post photo of my tt scar ( quite faded now ) soon

Year one over :)-

Well it's been over a year since my tt and lipo and I'm still happy with results , my scar is barely visible and I'm completely healed , I don't have complete feeling back in my lower tummy area but that is totally normal . I am now saving off my next op (breast augmentation ) with the same surgeon :-)
Dr. Markus Norkus

Dr martynas Norkus is brilliant his manner and skills is top class . Would definetly recommend surgery by him to all . Dr domantas sturdys is also brilliant he was with Dr Norkus during surgery and did an exceptional job too ,he bedside manner is also fab:-)

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