Mom and Daughter Searching for a Way out of Obesity - Tijuana, Mexico

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I am a 40 year old single mother who has been...

I am a 40 year old single mother who has been battling obesity all my life. My obesity has been like a thick coat or shell that is very difficult to remove. It has kept me from living life or feeling like I have a life. During the many reminders of my obesity from either family, friends, or the media; the emotional failure of my attempts have added more weight.

I've tried countless weightloss regimes and have spent countless dollars to 'fit in'. My weight is at its highest, 290 pounds, and I am tired of feeling and looking fat and tired. Surgery is an option but it is not covered under my insurance because my BMI hasn't been over a certain point for 5 years. One of my greatest regrets is passing my dysfunctional eating habits to my daughter. She is 16 years old and is 20 pounds less than me. She and I are both looking for something that works. I want her to enjoy the last two years of high school. I want her to enjoy life, being part of life not looking at others enjoying life behind a 'partition'.

In closing, I am searching for other options for my daughter and I.

Date Scheduled! Count Down to November 18th!

I've been following this site since May of this year trying to make
the final decision. The reviews and support from my closest friends have
convinced me to move forward to make a change.

With my weight steadily increasing and the promotional offer, I
decided to schedule an appointment with LTVSG for November 18, 2016. I
picked this date because my recovery period can be with my and my
daughter's thanksgiving leave. My deposit, flight and a hotel room for
my daughter are paid for. The reality of my decision is getting stronger
and now I am feeling scared of the unknown. The closer I get to the
preop diet time, I find myself eating to comfort my fears and anxiety.

I will upload a picture later and periodically track my journey just in case someone finds it helpful.

Height - 5'6"

current weight - 297

My surgery date is this week. I am nervous,...

My surgery date is this week. I am nervous, scared, skeptical, anxious, have a headache and a little depressed. Reason being, only 2 of my friends and my daughter know about my surgery and my mother was just hospitalized. My mother is overweight, has asthma, diabetes, neuropathy, and is in a wound care rehab facility for her legs...I hear the depression in her voice; and my daughter, 17, is overweight too, cried the other day because she couldn't find clothes in her closet to fit her. I felt so helpless! If I could magically make it better in an instant, I would in a heartbeat. Thinking logically and in perspective, my mother is in the best place to get better and has lost weight in rehab, and I hope my daughter find some weight loss success in doing the pre op diet with me.

HW 297

CW 295

The pre op diet is 2 weeks but I got off track with my mother being in the hospital, so I have 5 days to stick to the diet. Overall, I hate being overweight! Food is my everything/comfort...since childhood. But my relationship with food has to change because I have allowed the temporary satisfaction ruin my life far too long. I'm tired of not wanting to do anything because I can't find clothes or observing others wishing to be in their shoes and I don't want to be the lonely fat chick in the room. Im tired of being single and sadly, I was single when I thought I was in a relationship. A picture was uploaded so that I can use this forum to track my ups, downs, milestones and help others along the way. I have so many places to see and memorable experiences I have yet to have! Your encouragement is greatly needed!


I'm sleeved. Just as other reviewers mentioned, the staff at J P
surgery center Ltvsg are very nice. My 17 year old daughter came with me
and they made sure she got something to eat and to her hotel safely.
The doctor even met with her and bought her by my bedside after the
procedure. When I spoke to her, she was cool as a cucumber in her room watching Netflix. Her only concern was the smell of the water...don't know what's up w that.

How I'm feeling...

When I realized I was back in my or a room,
i didnt know the procedure was done! I was surprised to see the drain
bag. My thought was 'wow, I did it!' I felt drunk and light headed.

roommate is nice. She's from vegas recovering from a Brazilian butt
lift and a breast augmentation. She introduced herself which was very
comforting being in a strange place. The nurses speaks a little English.
When the nurse was asking me questions or discussing my chart when they
were changing shift, my roommate translated for me.

Now I feel
sore. Throughout the night, and now, my throat burned like acid reflux
and like something was in it. I want to vomit a bit to stop that
feeling. I'm hooked to an IV and have had to get up plenty of times to
urinate. Following the surgery, getting up wasn't so bad but now I feel
my incisions.

On my way home sleeved!!

Can't get the air out!

I was sleeved 4 days ago. Surprisingly, I didn't fantasize the experience of eating fast foods when my family ordered and ate McDonald's in the car with me in it while traveling yesterday. I just sipped my juice with no worries.
Last night and a moment ago I had a mental struggle. I'm in my hometown of New Orleans and the thought of and hearing all the foods I love is messing with me. My daughter and nieces picked up burgers and fries last night and all I wanted was a piece of a fry. I stayed strong and resisted. Today, they went to the grocery to cook hot sausage patties for poboys and I had them get me sugar free jello. The scent of food cooking doesn't tempt me like before but I ate the jello to have something besides broth and juice.
Well, I don't know what's going on but I feel pressure in my back and chest. I can't expell air! When I try to burp, I'm repeating jello. This is a very uncomfortable feeling. Walking around the living room does not relieve the pressure either. I don't regret my decision to get sleeved. I'm happy I didn't put a fry in my mouth. If jello has me feeling like this, how would a fry feel...don't want to know!

One week in sleeved

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope all is well!! I had a little learning lesson yesterday concerning my sleeve...and it wasn't like I was not informed.
With my mother's illness, she and my aunt stayed home and we did not host dinner at our house. Thankfully!! I cooked a soup that everyone could enjoy but I added a little more water it. When it was done, I filled my coffee cup with the broth which was sooo good. Half way done, I burped but kept going; ignoring the post I read where another sleever listed the signs of fullness. I didn't empty the cup, but I felt so full and uncomfortable. I don't think I had anything else for the rest of the day. Lesson learned!
I've been sleeved for exactly one week now. My incisions are healing well and have removed the bandages from all but one (the incision with the drain).
Twice a day, I have 3-4 pills to take. I line up and look at my pills and bottle of water or juice to prepare myself. Before the sleeve, I could drink a lot of water and had no issues taking pills. Now, I look at a bottle of water and pills and have to take my time. 64 ounces of water is recommended are hard to swallow, and taking pills adds to the difficulty.

Two weeks post-op

Hi all!

I am 2 weeks post-op and have lost 20 pounds. These have been longest 2 weeks ever! I think it's because I want fast results and my mind is on foods I don't need.
Since my experience with LTVSG was so pleasant, I've scheduled my daughter to have her sleeve done on the 20th of this month.
She will be a patient of Dr. Maytorena who has added the Oasis hospital as part of a premium package. Even though the cost is more, she'll be in the hospital the entire time and I'll be with her.
Take care!

I'm back in Tijuana!!!

Sleevers, I am back in Tijuana so my daughter can join the family. Her procedure is scheduled for today at the Oasis Hospital. The hospital and her room are beautiful!

I'll keep you updated!!!

Pictures taken on my way from the hotel to the Oasis Hospital

Looking forward to a Happy and New Year!!!

Christmas went well. Coming from New Orleans, the food wouldn't stop!!! I won't name the dishes because it's torture! And I could only imagine how good it tastes. I know my family members were wondering why my food portions were selective and drastically less but if they didn't ask, I kept my reasons to myself.
Overall, my daughter and I are doing well. I am currently 257.4 pounds and my daughter is 260. My sleeve does better with liquids and soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt and jello. I ate 2 boiled blue crabs earlier today, but I should have stopped at 1 crab because it came up shortly after. My daughter's sleeve is not as sensitive, thankfully, she hasn't thrown up yet.
For the New Year, I am really looking forward to a slimmer me. Mardi Gras is coming up in February and I have at least one ball to attend. When we return to Houston next week, my daughter and I will start exercising.
Dr. maytorena

I had a pleasant experience. I would even consider having plastic surgery through this clinic when I meet my goal weight.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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