Hysterectomy, Extended TT, Implants and Lipo on Saddle Bags!!!! - Katy, TX

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I have hated me body since my first pregnancy 12...

I have hated me body since my first pregnancy 12 years ago......Done having kids!! I am 5'3" , 140 lbs. Breast size 34B. Always wanted bigger boobs! Going with Dr. Rodgers in Katy, Texas. Loved the staff just from talking over phone before the consult! Having hysterectomy due to pain, heavy bleeding and clotting...uterus problems run in my family.
So, surgery is in a week.....I am nervous, anxious, scared, excited! Every emotion you can feel, I am feeling it!! The next week is going to be crazy busy! So much to do! My husband works offshore and is gone for 4 weeks and then home for 2 weeks. He will be coming home early, on Monday. Day before my surgery, so I gotta get everything in order so I don't have to worry about anything while I am recovering. I am a control freak so this is not going to be easy for me!!!
I go for My pre op with PS on wed. Have to decide what size implants to go with. Decided on 405cc at last visit.....but I tried on 425 and 450.....not sure....will let ya know!! Will post before pics soon.

So embarrassing and gross!!

Here goes nothing... My horrible before pics!!!

Better view of saddle bags and belly

No matter what I do... These things get smaller but never fully go away...


So had my pre op yesterday!! I was so nervous I was sweating bullets! It was so hard deciding on implant size.... Originally was going with 405cc.... Small D in the end.... All I see on here is how everyone wishes they had gone a lil bigger..... So.... Going with 445 cc!! Will be a full D possibly DD... My husband is worried I will look funny bc I am so short... Even doc said since I have broad shoulders and hips I will look proportionate!! Hope so bc at this point I figure I have never had boobs..I am paying for these.. Go big or go home!!!

Last pre op apt

So I had my pre op with my gyno today...he said his portion should only take 30 min....total surgery time 2.5 hours!! I am good with that...I thought it was gonna be 4.5 hrs. Will be in hospital Tuesday through Thursday, with a button I just push for pain meds!!! Got my scripts waiting for me to pick up tomorrow....so over the next few days I gotta get a lot done. Went to costco today and going to walmart tomorrow..house will be stocked for my husband! Got try outs for 2 of my girls on sat and its my middle ones bday! I had to go get her from school today bc of fever and chills...then she threw up! Whatever it is I hope I don't get bc I don't want to have to reschedule my sx. Oh and I have to thoroughly clean this house and laundry!!! So much to do!!!
I should be starting any day now....will be the last time I have to deal with the pain!! Hooray so happy bout that!!

side note!!!

My gyno told me he has worked with dr. Rodgers before and has a few patients that have had work done by him.....he has heard nothing but great things!!!!!!!

time is flying by!!!

Surgery is in three days!!! Today was my middle daughters bday and we had softball tryouts...planned on comig home and cleaning.....that didn't happen..just chilled out with the kids! Guess what I am doing tomorrow??? Cleaning this house and doing laundry!! Then one day at the office....one minute I am nervous the next I am soooo excited!!! Went and got my whohaa waxed today...glad I did it today and not Monday...I'm normally not red after...today I was...so it has a few to calm down....


So tomorrow is the day!!! Nerves are so so..... Got everything done around here.... Just waiting to tuck my babies in, husband is on his way home.... I'm also waiting for this citrate if magnesium to kick in..... Not looking forward to when it does.... Gyno told me to take it.... Then take a shower with the bacterial wash the hospital gave me and try...try...try I get some sleep!! Got to be at hospital at 6 a.m... Scheduled for 7:30.... If it weird that I just now started to worry about the pain I will be in??? I think I am a bit more stressed than I thought... I hold all my tension in my shoulders and neck and they are killing me right now!!! Say a prayer for me!!!!

I am home!!!

Sx went great... Stayed in hospital Tuesday and Wed... Been home bout 40 min... Pain is manageable.... Lower back is compensating... Can't stand up straight.. Tummy is super tight!! Boobs are huge!!! Love them.. They are gonna look awesome once they drop!!!

It's only been 4 days since sx....

Feels like I have been down and out forever!! Going to take my second shower in a few hours......afraid to look!! My thighs and hips burn, tingle and feel numb all at same time... Had lipo done there.... My poor butt is sore!!! Still can not stand up straight, doc said that will take 7-10 days.... So I wait.... The swelling sucks!!! I am a side, tummy sleeper... Sitting up to sleep is not fun!!! My husband is doing way better at taking care of me than I thought he would..

First post op

Had first post op with Dr. Rodgers yesterday... Got one drain taken out... Let me say.. I was nervous. Some say it doesn't hurt at all.. Some say it's painful... Worst part was him clipping stitch... Just felt like a worm..... He said other drain out by Friday!! He also said everything is healing up nicely! Still can't stand up completely straight.... And I would love a full night's sleep. Can't get comfy...
The tape around my belly button is getting loose... It looks good from what I can see...


Day of surgery I was 138.8 lbs..... This past Sat I was 148 lbs.....ibs expecting this bc of fluid and swelling... Today am 145.... Going down slowly... I bet once I can move around better it will drop more

Starting to see!!!

I am starting to see slow results... Swelling is going down lil by lil... I am still bruised all over, but able to stand a little bit better.... My vag got a lift also!!! But it is swollen and bruised also.... All around my tt scar is swollen and hard.... Been told that is normal.... One minute I have energy the next I'm exhausted like I haven't slept in days...... I go to get the other drain out tomorrow.... Looking forward to being stainless!! Hoping that will help me walk straight....

Wow!!! Getting so much better!!

Let me say this, the cg from doctor ain't no joke.... The one he put on me was way too tight so he said to wear mine till swelling went down some.... I put it on today for the first time since the hospital and wow what a difference!!! I could even stand a lil better!!! I am in amazement at how good things look so far!!!!!!


My skin..arms, stomach, legs, butt...everywhere...is dry...really dry...nothing I do helps...anyone else had this problem and if so how'd you fix it??!!! It is so gross!!! When I take off my cg there is skin everywhere!


Back down to pre surgery weight!!!!! Hopefully I get into some of my clothes soon, tired of PJs and sweats!!!

2 weeks 3 days

Loving results more and more everyday!! Lipo area on hips and saddle bags still swollen and needs to smooth out. Can't wait till I don't have to wear that evil cg and can go bra shopping!!!

Update on how I'm feeling

Forgot to add.....I am almost walking 100% upright...if I have on my cg from doc I can....lower back still hurts when standing for to long...I feel like I am energized and then all of a sudden I need a nap...pain at lipo site gotten way better....still some bruising and a lil of the numb feeling, but getting there....breast have twinges of pain every now and then, but not to bad...my nipple's are really sensitive, like sore...dry skin is getting a lil bit better...I like my belly button but it doesn't really go in like normal one...not sure if I should do and/ or say something to doc? I am slowly taking on more at house, husband has been great! Still not sleeping the way I wish, even on ambien I still wake up once or twice a night....when did y'all start sleeping on side? I don't start breast massage till my month check up, is this normal? Overall getting back to me slowly but surely, just wish it would go faster!!

What a difference!!

Even though my belly is covered in new pic you can still see the amazing difference!!! I can't stop looking!!!

Better view!!!

This is a better view of the difference and a pic of my bathing suit from last summer.... My belly was all jello and nasty then and I had a roll in bottoms that you could see..... And no boobs!!

Side view


For those of you that have implants, how long did it take them to soften up? It's only been three weeks tomorrow and I know it takes time, just wondering... They have dropped a lot, still waiting for my nipple's to come up some more. They have softened up a lil... I can feel them bounce a tiny bit in car when we go over a bump!! Which makes me so excited!!! I love my new boobs!!!! Just can't wait to let my husband take them for a test drive!!!!!!

First bump in the road, hope it's the one and only!!

So the tape on my incision has been falling off little by little.... Today the piece that looked like it has the biggest scan under it fell off.... It looks infected and so gross!!!! I go to doctor tomorrow, will have him look at it then... Hopefully some antibiotics will clear it up!!!! My dog kept coming up to me smelling right there.... Guess he new!!!

Neosporin is great!!!!


I know it's normal when things start to heal for them to itch, but omg!!! Any suggestions on how to help with this before I go crazy????

Update... Tuesday will be 4 weeks

So the swelling comes and goes, as long as I don't over do it, it's not bad. Morning boobs I'd a real thing!! They are way more firm and right then, within an hour or less they are good. Standing fully straight with cg from doctor, when I'm wearing mind my tummy tightens up a little and I have to remember to put my shoulders back.... But way better!! Nerves have been coming back. So lil stinging sensations every now and then. Infected site getting better. Over all can't complain. Still some bruising at lipo site, I was on blood thinners so it made bruising worse.

1 month post op today!!!!!

So today marks one month since surgery!! I am so happy with results thus far!! Still got a lil swelling in hips and saddle bags to go down. I am down 6 lbs from pre surgery weight! Infected suite almost healed up, another 3-4 days won't even be able to see it. Got twinges of pain here and there, nerves coming to life. See Dr tomorrow and will hopefully be able to start scar strips. He will show me how to massage breast. Can't wait for summer!!!!!!


Ok, I figured I'd let people know what I got and if I needed it out if it helped. I have seen lists on here that are a mile long and I didn't get it need half of it.. So deff get a walker, used it for bout 7-8 days, it helped a lot!! A shower seat!! I still use it so I can stay in shower longer with out straining back muscles. And it helps with being able to shave! I borrowed both of those. Lots of pillows! I got two wedge pillows and haven't used them... I tried, just wasn't soft enough. Heating pad, for lower back pain. Gotta keep away from numb spots as to not burn yourself. 2x2 gauze pads, white surgical tape, i got the clear and it made me red. Neosporin, great stuff! Used it on drain sites and belly button. I have also been putting a lil on spots that itch. Multi vitamin, pain meds from doctor, stool softener. I also got that thing that you use to stand and pee.... I tested it before and it works, but after surgery while hunched over, couldn't use it bc back hurt to much, was easier to sit. If you have a high bed I suggest a step stool, I wouldn't be able to get in bed without it! Oh, I also use shower seat outside of shower, to sit and do hair and make up. Advice, drink lots and lots of water and start away from sodium as much as possible!!! I love salt, but not good for swelling!! We ran out shortly after surgery, just haven't bought anymore since, to keep me from using it! For first 2.5 weeks I slept in an arm chair with lots of pillows and an ottoman. Then moved to couch for few nights...I have been in bed for bout 1.5 weeks...

Few more things I forgot...

Forgot that I also got 2 compression garments online.... One was great. The other I thought was crotchless... It was not... I cut a hole in it and then it dug into my thighs.... Also got two front close sports bras..... Got the shower head with five foot hose..... Got a lil shower head holder that stuck to wall so I didn't have to reach above my head. And I got two lil hooks that stuck to the wall to hold my drains.....I advise trying out how good they are before. Mine stuck for a few days then would fall so I made sure to redo them....

Saw the doctor!!

So I saw Dr. Rodgers on Wed.... He took the little bit of tape off that didn't want to fall off!! Is putting neosporin on my incision to stop it from itching, he said to stop bc it can cause redness and my scar is red.... So have to just deal with itching. He said I am healing great and my results are awesome! Showed me how to massage boobs and said to start scar treatments. I still have to get the silicone strips but I have been putting maderma on every night. First night it kinda burned a lil. I asked him about lipo site on saddle bags bc they look the same as pre surgery to me, he said it takes 3-6 months to see results from lipo. Good to hear I thought I went thru all that lip pain for no reason! My thighs are still bruised, numb and tingly in certain spots. Otherwise, sleeping better at night. I can get on my side a tiny bit. I am allowed to start using the elliptical. My infection gets better every day! Boobs are starting to soften up really good, got some bounce in them!!!

6 weeks

So I will be 6 weeks out tomorrow. Can't believe it, time has flown by. Loving my results more and more! I think my breasts are almost done. Swelling is gone and they may drop a lil bit more. Either way I am ecstatic with what I have!! My hips and thighs where they did lipo still hurt and swell up if I am standing to much. So that sucks, but hopefully will be worth it in the end. I think I have what is called Mondor's chords? Not sure how you spell it... You can't see them but I feel one on either side when I lift my arms. Don't know if this is normal and/or if it goes away on its own? I am putting updated Boob pic, I will add tummy pic tomorrow.
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