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Vaser Hidef to abdomen Vaser to, chest, flanks and...

Vaser Hidef to abdomen
Vaser to, chest, flanks and lower back
I will update further when surgery is complete but I booked through too medics Poland and their contact and help has been very good so far and I've read good reviews too.

As got the surgeon himself, I've read good things about DR Mekle and the reason I chose him is because firstly surgery is cheaper than here in Uk by far and he trained with DR Ravi Jain who was my preferred uk surgeon if I could have afforded uk prices


1 day pre-op

Well I arrived here in Poland this morning, what a days it's been, haven't slept for 24 hours die to being dropped a the airport at midnight and having to wait 6.5 hrs for our flight, then arrived in Katowice and was met by Peter from top medics Poland and takin straight to hospital for the blood tests

There was clearly some issues, as Peter explained who I was the nurses started talking to Peter and making some phone calls, Peter then called people and I could tell
Something was wrong? But wasnt sure what.

After around 45 minutes I was led
To the room to have my bloods done, nurse had a face like thunder, still none the wiser about this but I'm sure when I speak to Natasza it will be cleared up.

So in just 13 hours in going down for the op, excited but nervous? Ideally I'd have been a bit leaner by now, I didn't trainat the gym when normally I do, as I just want to see what I look like afterwards

In not expecting results as good as a lot of the guys I've seen in here, my fault partly for getting overweight in my teen years which I never recovered from well and also I've got pretty bad gyno, but I shall remain optimistic :)

I'll when I next can update


1 day post op

Hi all

Just a quick one for now, I am now a full day post op and going back in omorrow for removal of drains.

DR Mekle said he thought the results looked great so far and despite my concerns when he asked to tense my muscles he said "you do lots of exercise, I can feel
Good muscles" which was very reassuring.

You basically go into the clinic, sign the last fee medical forms and pay the remaining balance, a nurse takes you in to change into you're very fetching paper pants, and gown, this is where you are completely on show, no one takes any notice o you but still not very nice feeling lol.

The anaesthetist speaks to you, weighs you etc and then finally DR Mekle comes in and explains the surgery in good detail. You are then left with the nurses for out the needle in your arm ready for anaesthetic . That's all I remember.

I woke up in the compression vest, mouth Was very dry and I was generally just uncomfortable. The nurses at this clinic are great, can't fault them, most of their English is good but we get by even with those who don't speak English.

You get bought some light breakfast and sandwiches, wTer, tea or coffee. And a nurse comes to check on you what seemed like every hour or so.

Not sure about the ladies lol but toileting I found hard work , they give you a aplastic container to pee in, i physically couldn't pee in it lol, so I eventually asked if I could get up and go to the toilet, they were reluctant but agreed as many people feel nauseous getting up, luckily I didn't.

The nurses change your bad ages several times over the 24 hour stay and I was given some light therapy and ultrasound massage while I was there, I now just have to buy the cream DR Mekle recommends and massage twice daily myself as well as they MLD massages

DR Mekle shocked me, when he said he'd taken 8 litres out of me! I was shocked and disgusted but then I knew overall I had a decent body underneath as I'd always done sports, time will tell

I'm still sore and esp when trying to get out of bed, it's a nightmare lol... In glad drains are coming out tomorrow as my clothes are soaked in blood. Not sure about anyone else but my appetite is pretty much non existant still, I feel pretty full quickly sure that's sign of the GA though.

As I type this I've now got to clean up the mess I've made in the bathroom and can't wait for then drains to be removed hopefully I'll stop leaking the , not counting on a goods night sleep I admit but we will see and hopefully I'll report back tomorrow

Hope this all makes sense, as I'm typing on my phone not feeling too great. But from what I've seen so far DR Mekle has done a great job and the nurses are amazing too.

Natasza from too medics Poland rang me too, which is a nice touch

Speak soon

2 days post op - drains removed

Well today's the day I had my drains removed and, I am so happy to get them out lol ... I as fearing it abit I'm not going to lie bit as someone else once said on here, it's over in minutes and I didn't look so didn't even realise they were out until DR Mekle said he was finished .

I'm much more comfortable now without them in , and DR Mekle again said how impressive he felt the results were already and then I had more of the light treatment and ultrasound massage , I'm dreading the MLD massages tho lol, I still feel really tender but it's got to be done.

All in all, so far I think Natasza from Top Medics Poland is great and DR Mekle and his team are honestly amazing, I'm happy to have gone through such a surgeon.

I will port pictures when I can, I've not even seen the results myself standing up yet but he removed 8 litres so should be worth seeing!

Only think go stupidly forgot, DR Mekle suggested buying some cream from him, and I forgot all about it, think I'm still drowsing from the Anaesthetic lol, but I'll have to survive without. They said I could shower today (finally) but I don't have any dressings to replace the ones I've got one typically.

Hopefully I'll update this soon when I find the before photos and take some after photos


After photos, before still to come, feeling hopeful after seeing the results myself for first time, got a lot of swelling around lower back so hopefully that settles soon enough :)

1 week post op

I am feeling really good considering its only been a week since having the Vaser, I had my first MLD massage yesterday and another today, got another booked tomorrow and I can honestly say I feel much better after each massage so far and bruising went down considerably after the first.

Only issue I have is still swelling down below lol.... I hate to say it, but i cant wait for that swelling to go down and be @normal sized@ again haha

Overall im in high spiritis, I feel great, though numb and swollen, mentally I feel much more confident already... roll on summer!

I will get some more photos done in a weeks time and also I will try get the before photos up from DR Mekle when I contact him next week


8 days post op

Now 8 days post op, genuinely feeling pretty good, since the first 3 mld massages the bruising as swelling has gone down dramatically, the person doing my mld massages recommended 10 sessions, already had 3 of those. So we will see I guess

Added a new photo, I admit it's not the best photo I admit

2 weeks post op - stitches removed

Well it's two weeks post op today, I feel very well, recovery has been a breeze since having the MLD massages, infact I booked 10 for time being, and she said today she doubts I even need 10.

I just feel numb and abit tender round my flanks and abs, but no means in pain.

DR Mekle asked for update photos after 2 weeks so I will send him them now.

I have felt great since starting the massages though.

If anyone has any questions etc please ask, the advice I've had from people on here was sound and greatly appreciated so thanks to everyone that helped me, I'll ask for some before photos today when emailing DR Mekle so you can seen the full results. But if recommend him %100


7 weeks post op

Hi all

Back again, I've just started going back to the gym as I fell like I've recovered well and am in no pain, very slightly numb in places but it doesn't hurt at all which is good.


Overall I think as I mentioned the results are great, I'm generally very happy. I have one concern and that's my chest still which was my biggest issue in the first place, to me my chest looks like a lot of peoples before vaser, while I admit DR Mekle took a lot out, I do unfortunately think I'll have a revised surgery through him next year, which isn't ideal. I did email Natasza and said this and she said to wait for final results first, which ofcourse I will but I don't think it will make much difference being honest, so on that front I'm a little disappointed. I must stress I'm not disappointed with DR Mekle though, he reduced the chest area massively I just feel I could look better in that area and as he did a great job elsewhere my chest lacks I feel

Other than that I feel good so I've uploaded a few more photos to highlight the chest and just generally how I'm looking. Back at the gym so that can only help too :)

3 month post op

3 months post op now, feel great, very happy still with results and yeah I am still considering going back to have chest done again sometime next year, the only bit I feel lets me down abit to be honest

New Pics

8 months on

Hi all

Just thought is update as I'm now 8 months post op, and think the results I have now are likely to show them at their best. I'm very happy still, but I am going to hopefully go back and have my chest done again. No fault of the surgeons I just want the upper chest targeted more
But overall I'm very happy and though Id rather not go back, I know the results will be worth it all over again

Going Back....

Just a quick update

As I mentioned I was considering going back to Dr Mekle for Vaser on my chest again, well went through Top Medics Poland again and have booked it, so going in on 13th April. Not long at all, and I can't wait to get it over and done with, least this time I will know what to expect, and they offered my surgery at a reduced price, presumably because I'd bee there before.

I'll update with new photos when it's done again


Setting off tomorrow

Well in setting off from England back to Poland again tomorrow and then having the second surgery on the next day.

Nervous again, but I know I'll be in the best possible hands and can't wait to get the 2nd surgery done and forgotten about

I'll update once surgery is complete and then post new photos again if anyone wanted to see my original before photos you're welcome to ask and I'll send, just didn't want to public ally post them up


Round 2 in Poland

So as everyone knows I went back for vaser on chest and flanks, thought I had cheat and flanks done last time, I wanted slightly different areas of each treated.

For anyone considering Poland for surgery I hope my review proves helpful, I contacted Natasza again who was on the ball and quick at organising my second trip with Dr Mekle.

the clinic now has an apartment which has been renovated to an very high standard just 2
Mins away from the clinic itself, it is self catering, but it's cheap, very nice and they even had a cleaner come on daily whil you are out to clean it for you, nice tough and
Less hassle all round, I highly recommend.

The day of vaser approaches and all the staff seemed happy to see me again and Dr Mekle asked what Iwanted to achieve this time round, he then marked up accordingly, cutting the boring stuff out I woke up post vaser and was driven back to the flat by a driver and nurse as I personally chose not to stay in overnight due it only been a small surgery.

I'm now 3 days post op and had my first MLD back in England, used the same masseuse as last time and she said "your surgeon has done a fantastic job once again" which I knew too.

All in all, Dr Mekle an his team were yet again amazing and nothing too much trouble, I can't thank them and Top Medics Poland enough, without them I'd never have been happy within myself.

I won't bore you with loads more
Photos, but I've taken some from this morning 3 days post op, and I'll post my original before photos from
Before my first vaser HD surgery then some several months from
Now so everyone can see what a godsend Dr Mekle has been

Any questions, please ask away! Happy to help, but I'm very pleased, yet again

Before Vaser - May 2014 -- front

So, Ive done alot of talking about my vaser experience, but never publicly posted my original before photos

Well, i tink you will agree the results speak for themselves really, and show how good a surgeon DR Mekle is, and how results can only get better with gym a decent enough diet too

10 days post op

10 days post op,

Just a quick update though as I said I won't keep updating as I don't want to bore you all, but for anyone reading:

Generally no pain whatsoever now though I was in a huge amount of pain to begin with.

Had several massages now and the masseuse said everything looking and feeling good, have swelling on my flanks still which doesn't surprise me as I did last time for quite some time too

So next time I'll update will be when I get the before photos of chest for this last surgery so though will be subtle difference, it will show why I went back (I hope lol) latest photos today

7 weeks post op

Hi all,

I thought id post a quick update, as had people message me regarding my review, so its obviously of interest to some people still, which is great. Hope I can help others decide if vaser is for them or not

Im pretty happy with my last touch up, though If Im %100 honest, I dont think ill ever be happy with with the general appearance of my chest, I dont blame the surgeon for that, i think its just partly me, and how I'm built.

Thanks for the positive comments from people, Im going to Australia in december, and would be nice to have the confidnce to take my shirt of for the first time in years, but i remain unconvinced im that confident yet lol

Heres a few new photos anway, scarring will subside soon...

Just another update

Not really much to say, as you'd expect, I posted a question for the Doctors on here, to help determine if they thought I'd require Gyno surgery

It seems so far, that yes the do...

As annoying as this is, In some ways I am also relieved, as its not necessarily fat left behind from Dr Mekles surgery (I didnt think it was, still very happy with his work, always will be) but actual Gyno surgery seems the way forward to me next, Im not sure when it will happen but Im going to start saving, now to do some research on my next surgeon options.

Anyway a couple more photos for those interested, I'll probably only update this review now when people post on here, as you get what I look like now lol

Going back

Hi all

So as I mentioned I was a little worried about my chest, again and I was hoping to was gynecomastia and not fat left behind.

After going back to Dr Mekle twice I was very happy as you'll read with him, his surgery and his team.
I contacted natasza from top medics again and originally asked her advice on a surgeon in Poland to perform gynecomastia surgery as I didn't know Dr Mekle offered it.

To my surprise Dr Mekle does offer it and he offered it to me at an extremely good price and i qualified for the surgery, which to me is good news

So, November 2nd in booked in gain with Dr Mekle, hopefully the last piece of the puzzle

Following a nutrition plan now too ready for both this and my holiday to Australia, can't wait :)

Will update before and after gyno surgery :)

Leaving soon!

Hi all,

Firstly, to anyone that messaged me, regarding my review I apologise I hadn't replied until just now, I didn't receive notifications of the private messages, so I hope I replied in time to help

I'm back off to Poland in 2 days for Gynecomastia surgery and vaser to chest to hopefully, and finally finish my chest, which is my most annoying area as you can probably tell!

Ill update here once done and I will create a new review for the Gynecomastia surgry itself having never had it done before.

Again, any questions, please ask away, but I apologise again for the delayed replies fro my PM's I didn't see!


Gynecomstia and Vaser HD to chest - done

So I am back again from Poland, hopefully, the 3rd and Final surgery!

As much as I enjoy visiting abroad, and as easy as Natasza from top Medics and Dr Mekle and his great team make it, surgery and the after care isn't a walk in the park, so I hope this is it for me now :)

I spoke to Dr Mekle on my consultation, and It was made understood by us both that I wanted gland removal of chest, and he took 100mls fat out each side to smooth the area out and make my chest flatter. I'm only a day post op now, so I cant comment on the results yet.

I'm hoping this resolves my Gyno problem as it was the area that let me down the most I felt, but for those interested I will soon take photos and will update here and in my Gyno review when I get round to making that too, as my chest photos look different immediately post op after both ops, than they did several months later, due to gland it seems. Time will soon tell if this gland removal has been successful :)

but if anyone has any questions, please fire away

so far so good ????

Just a quick update I'm now 8 days post op, I've not had any mld massages yet as I've been busy with work and my masseuse was busy buy going Thursday for one..

I'm yet to make a new review for the new treatment but for now ill update this as I it is still of interest to some,

New photos taken just now, happy so far :)

10 days post op, MLD massage

Well I went for my MLD massage today and she again said the results are great in terms of incisions, healing etc and said I only need the one massage as there is little to no fluid there and ive healed very well given im only 10 days post op.

I wont bore you all, ive updated with photos taken just now and ill update again in several months when result will be more obvious overall Im very happy with this last surgery and I can feel myself lumps and previous scarring has decreased by quite alot.

Pre-op Photos 3rd Surgery - 2nd November

So, just received my pre-op photos from Natasza upon request, for when I post my Gynecomatsia review in the future, to be honest. The photos dont show in my mind at least the gyno at its worst, but I'll post anyway, the initial before photos and these photos are miles apart :) very happy as it stands at the moment anyway

1 Month post Gyno Update

Well its a full month since my Gyno surgery

Ive just started back at gym and martial arts, hate not training but all feels good and no pain at all, so all good


To be honest, I'm not sure if its in my mind, or whether I'll just have to accept it, I am happier with results this time round, definetly flatter than it was and shirts fit better than they did, so I'm happy with that.

I still remain unhappy with the overall look of my chest though, but I'm not honestly sure any surgery is going to change that unforturnately. I fear I could keep going back to any surgeon and be disappointed with the results. So I still would recommend DR Mekle for that reason and the fact he changed my overall appearance for the better, but my chest, I don't think i'll ever like, to me it still looks too round and not flat enough.

Ive updated with some latest photos though, critique away

Just an update

So I thoughtid update as now a few months since my last surgery on chest for gland removal/lipo to chest again, and someone asked for updated photos.

so I'll be honest, my chest looks better than before, but I'm still not %100 happy. I wont go back for a 4th time, I'll probably gibe it more time and see if things change overall, and then seek advice if need be from someone that does Gyno surgery and see if there is gland/fat or if I'm just paranoid lol

I still don't fault DR Mekle or his team, each time were amazing, and he cant perform miracles, he question why I went back before my last surgery saying I looked great, but after years of hating my chest area perhaps its partly just me

Here are some updated photos anyway as requested, so yes I am generally happy, but I might seek a final chest op in the future should it still bother me.

Generally I get good feedback on my appearance now days which is great, though I still wont take my shirt off in public, and that's why I'm considering abother op in a couple of years, though just bought another property so it will wait some time now

And Australia was amazing by the way! :)

Posted a question

So, I wont keep updating this, as plenty of others are having the same procedure done

I posted on here to the Dr's regarding my chest, and their replies were pretty much it looks normal at this time post op and wait it out

The main reason I'm posting is, ive read a few people that have had much more recent surgery than me considering revisions, my personal advice, is wait it out, your body will change over the next year and I doubt people dislike your appearance as much as you do personally, I can totally relate to that

For now, ill lave my review alone until I decide what, if anything I will do next, but as always, feel free to ask/PM me anytime if I can help

6 months post GYNO surgery

So i'm now 6 months post Gland removal and Vaser surgery to my chest for the 3rd time. Unfortunately im still not happy with the look of my chest. I've been advised to stay patient as im still in reovery time, but i think it'll be the same in 6 months time to be honest, and my chest still bothers me.

Im going to wait it out and seek opinions from a couple of other surgeons I think. Im very happy with my initial Vaser HD through DR Mekle, I cant deny that and think overall those results are great. But I think my chest needs something else, im not sure if its, gland, fat, scar tissue or what which doesnt help me figure out what procedure may be needed. But my chest to me, looks rounded and not flat in my opinon.

Final results

from time to time on here I get messages regarding my current overall appearance and asking if I would recommend surgery based on my results and going back several times, and if I am happy now.

I have updated with new photos to show my overall appearance now, and honestly I dont regret any of the 3 surgeries I had. Im alot happier now than I ever was, maybe I will consider something to my chest as noted throughout, but speaking to several vaser surgeons, Lipo is not the answer, so maybe I just need to change my feelings in my own mind.

Anyway as usual, happy to help via PM for those interested and hope the latest photos are helpful to you all, worth keeping in mind I have had very little gym time due to work recently and I over indulged over the festive period so Im happy!
Dr Henryk Mekle

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