Vaser Hi-Def to Abs and Vaser to Waist/ Flanks - Katowice, Poland

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Hi all I'm writing one day post vaser to my...

Hi all

I'm writing one day post vaser to my waist, flanks and back and vaser HiDef to my abdomen. You may want to make a pot of coffee before continuing to read, throw in a few digestives as well. Overall my experience with Dr Mekle and his team was excellent, sit down and have a read, hopefully my review will help.

Day 3 Post Op

I have been a little lax in updating my review. Today I had an early start. Taking a shower was not a pleasant experience, my body felt tender. my choice of dress was a pair of sweatpants (the shame) and a smart t shirt. I was collect by my driver and taken to the clinic to have my drains removed.

The clinic does not have a lift which post procedure is unfortunate. I had to hobble up the stairs. The drains and stitches were removed and I returned to my hotel. By this stage no fluid was leaking. I arrived in time for breakfast and returned to my room for a three hour nap. I packed my case and checked out of the hotel at 2pm. The hotel staff are very understanding and offered me a late check out til 7pm for 80PLN. If I had not decided to go shopping I would have taken them up on the offer.

A pot of Mint tea later and I took the bus to the Silesia city centre complex and shopped for a couple of hours. I had to walk slowly and generally found my reaction times were slower. I returned to the hotel at 7pm and left for the airport 30 minutes later. The airport was busy and I felt dizzy and exhausted. I was greatcoat to board the plan. I was thirsty all day. I had planned to take the coach and spend the weekend in London but I felt so unwell (tired, feverish and achy) that I arranged to be collected. Sitting on the plane and driving home (as a passenger) was comfortable enough, sleeping is difficult. Dr Mekle told me not to sleep on one area but to keep turning. Well laying on my tummy is really painful as is laying on my side. I'm only comfortable laying on my back.

9 days post op

Today is not such a good day.

My skin feels tight and numb. I have tried massaging myself but I find if very uncomfortable. I have an odd stinging sensation at two of the drainage sites and abdomen has swollen.

My clothes no longer fit and I am alternating four maxi dresses. My lower back is in pain and I have more bruising than I expected. The upside I that I've almost finished the working week even if I cannot stand up straight as yet.

Onwards and upwards

Day 11 post procedure

Today is my first session of MLD. In hindsight I think I am starting too late. My abdomen feels hard and lumpy, full of fibroious tissue which may have been avoided had I started MLD 48 hours or so post treatment.

My skin still feels a little numb so I will book an appointment with my GP.

Although I'm not quite feeling sorry for myself I am wondering weather I should just booked myself in for a low impact bootcamp instead.
Dr Mekle

Background I'm 5ft 4 and up until August last year my weight fluctuated between 8. 9-9.5 stone. I was very happy with this range. Late August I came off my friends motorcycle and sustained a lot of soft tissue injuries and a few fractures. Prior to this I was a regular gym bunny, weights, running, rowing. Surgery was in my mind for "other people" people that for whatever reason did not work out. My injuries took a long time to heal and the process is continuing. By December/January what I can now describe as depression set in. I weighed 10 stone, I was no longer getting my exercise high and just felt awful although I would also put a lot of this down to the various medications I was taking. By March I had turned into porky pig. I tipped the scales at 11.2stone the extra weight became grave concern. I formulated a plan, go to my GP ask for some anti depressants and a slimming aid. My plan did not get off the ground. I think it was the thought of anti depressants that did it. I continued dining out, sometimes daily but not on junk, just everyday meals. I did not overdo the biscuits and desserts in a big way but I was constantly eating. I started to do my research into liposuction, I figured if I was going to join the "other people" down the surgery route the it had to be the best available with the best surgeon. Consultations I did my research, in my top three were Dr Ravi Jain of Riverbanks, Dr Grant Hamlet of MYA and Dr Mike Comins of Hans Place/The Private Clinic. Dr Jain's costs were over my budget, I didn't meet Dr Grant, I just didn't like the set up of MYA. I was quoted £4,900 for my abdomen,flanks and inner thighs by Amy, I think she was a co-ordinator. She was friendly but i really did not understand her purpose. I don't want to travel twice and that set up seemed of benefit to the Dr (I guess to weed out the less serious) but a waste of time for me. Dr Comins I think had a bad day or he was just tired. I liked him but the consultation felt rushed. My appointment was not in his diary, the same for another person and one woman was very late so maybe all that contributed to his demeanour and what I perceived to be a lack of interest. I had done my research but I still expected him to discuss the procedure fully which he just doesn't seem willing to do. His attitude was one of a Dr seeing his last patient of the day and wanting to go home. I had made my mind up to have my surgery with Dr Comins but I was so disappointed by him. The good thing about the consultation is that Dr Comins told me not to do my inner thighs as they were very muscly so he would not be able to remove much fat as there simply wasn't enough. All my weights and running in what now feels like a previous life paid off and saved me £1,100. I was quoted £3,800 I think for vaser to my abdomen and flanks. I had to pay for the compression garment separately. I still wanted to book Dr Comins and tried to brush off his demeanour. I transferred the money into my current account. He had four appointments in June, a perfect one for me was 12 June but try as I might I just could not pick up the phone and book him. That consultation really ruined it and felt unprofessional. I could not treat my clients that way no matter how bad my day was, you just suck it up and have words with whichever receptionist was responsible for the numerous cock ups. Dr Mekle While reviewing this site I came across Johnc212 and London456 posts, thank you gentlemen, very helpful. I used Top Medics Poland and liaised with Natasza throughout. I nearly gave up as she took a while to come back to me after my first email but like John I researched Dr Mekle on both English and Polish websites. I was quoted 13,500PLN about £2,700 for vaser to my flanks and vaser hi def to my abdomen (upper and lower). The figure included the compression garment, blood tests, a one night stay at his clinic and a present from Dr Mekle, some slimming cream which I am to massage into my skin twice a day. I took up the local assistance package for 650 PLN which took care of the blood tests and the transport. I think it's worth it not to have the stress when you get there. I took a few weeks before deciding to go ahead, no one knew I was having the surgery and I travelled alone. Top Medics Poland recommended the Campanile hotel and Best Western. I stayed at the Campanile hotel the night before my surgery, it cost £20 room only but breakfast is not required as its nil by mouth on surgery day. Post surgery I stayed at the Best Western, I would not recommend Campanile hotel post surgery. It's too basic, has an odd smell on the fourth floor and just isn't the kind of hotel to recuperate in alone. However if you can cope with basic then the location is better as there is a shopping mall (and a McDonalds) if you want to pick up some things or just stave off your boredom. The Best Western is £30 room only and 40PLN for breakfast. The Best Western has Internet problems. Surgery day, I was collected by Greg and taken to the clinic which is in a residential area. The building outside looked dreary, I nearly bolted from the car but the inside is brand new and shiny. I was met by Danuta who asked me to complete some forms and took the rest of my payment and was honest when I miscounted and gave her too much money ....nerves. Dr Mekle came out and introduce himself, I recognised him from the pictures on line. I was taken to my room and given a disposable bra and pants and a gown, very nice. His English was not as good as i expected. Dr Alex speaks fluent English, like a native. The anaesthetist came in and wanted to know my weight, I told her and it took five minutes of wrangling for her to believe I was as heavy as I said. I have a small frame and I don't look 11 stone so I could understand her disbelief. Also she did not speak English which was a bit disconcerting I was given a tablet and Dr Mekle came into see me. I showed him pictures of the effect i wanted Janet Jackson, meets Kelly Rowland with Cat Deely thrown in for good measure. I was marked up and next thing I knew I was in bed in my room. I opted for twilight sedation. I felt nothing, I still have no idea when they moved me, I was thirsty and had a mild headache and I was all bandaged up. Immediately post surgery I felt fine, I had a stingy sensation which was one of my drains and I was dressed in my compression garment. I had the urge to go to the bathroom and went unaided, I wanted to be mobile and to do things myself as i had a few nights alone in the hotel. What I was not prepared for was the torrent of blood. I'm going to be very graphic now so you may wish to skip this paragraph. I should have investigated the garment, I didn't and so I took off the straps and pulled the garment down, along with the foam and simply thought I was haemorrhaging but I was not sure from where. The floor was covered, I was covered, my garment was covered and still the blood kept coming. I thought i was dying. I just sat on the loo while the blood from my body ran down me and into the loo. I could not take a shower and thanked the almighty for having the sense to pack wipes and I cleaned myself up and then turned my attention to cleaning the floor. I felt dizzy but i had no problem bending. With the floor cleaned and my towel saturated with blood I was again cleaned up and bandaged up, I received a fresh compression garment and foam and took the opportunity to look at my new body 4hours post procedure. The nurse, Marzrna, kindly took a few pictures for me as the ones I was taking were awful. I'm not going to lie and say I feel great. I feel a little sick, a little light headed and while not in pain my abdomen feels uncomfortable. I don't understand anyone that says the pain is awful, it's uncomfortable but bearable. Everyone has different levels of tolerance to pain though and I can cope with this but I have been psyching myself up for a week to just grin and bear it. What I did find painful was having my pain medication by IV, I thought my vein would explode, I really had to breathe it out. I slept on and off for about 3 hours each time. I had company in the bed next to me, a Polish girl who was in for lipo with fat transfer. She did not have enough fat to remove. I joked that she should have had my 3 litres. Well my discharge note says 3litres, I was told 3-3.5litres (3kgs).My only comment, "how disgusting" I think Dr Mekle agreed. We had a light meal ham, bread, cheese, radish and red peppers with mint tea. I slept well but needed to go to the bathroom a lot. The following morning I was checked by Dr Mekle who arrived with my present, Nano-Obessia cream, all 500ml of it and I'm carrying hand luggage only. I am to massage this cream into my treated areas twice daily. My thought was how was I going to travel home with it. I was given a light breakfast and shown how to do my own dressings, I was a little worried about that. I was also surprised to find out that thick dressings were sanitary towels cut in half! I was prescribed Ketonal tablets. Re drainage, I went through a total of three compression garments whilst at the clinic, the bleeding was non stop. The compression garments varied in size, small and xsmall, they didn't have any more and the lady in the bed next to me managed two changers before they ran out and she had to leave the hospital in a stained garment. I was originally quoted £68 to purchase another garment. As I had ruined two I asked what the cost would be to purchase one, I paid £50 for my soiled garment. A ten minute soak at the hotel and it was as good as new. So I have a small and an xsmall garment. When I got to the hotel, I slept for a few hours and then took the bus 110 to the Silesia City Centre, a large shopping mall and stocked up in supplies, water, juice, oranges apples etc. I have a craving for citrus fruit and watermelon.Two shopping bags full and a light meal in the food court and I returned to my hotel after a 30minute wait for the bus. I think I may have overdone it a bit. Another pain killer and lots of sleep. There is a pharmacy in the Silesia City Centre that sells a pack of empty containers for 15.99PLN, transfer the nano Obessia cream into them if you are carrying hand luggage. The medical team consisting of Dr Mekle, Dr Alex who stayed overnight, Magda, Isla, Katja and Marzrna the night nurse were brilliant. Day 2 Ignore the above, I feel like I have done 500 ab crunches and then had a few hammer blows to my back. I can still walk although I'm a little bent over, I made it down for breakfast which was decent enough, cold meats, salad, cereal, yoghurt eggs and fruit. No I did not eat all that but it was on offer. I'm very thirsty, I read that you should drink 2.5litres of water daily post surgery. I have not managed that as yet, 2litres so far. All I want to do is sleep but I made it down for breakfast just about and I am back typing again and working at the same time. The swelling has kicked in, I look like I'm 6 months pregnant but I can't do much about it so im not going to worry about the swelling too much. I'm going to have a shower and massage some of that cream into me. I will organise some lymphatic drainage massage. I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to wear the foam all day for the first 30 days or just post surgery for a few days, does anyone know? 6pm, I'm thinking about taking a walk, I saw a small restaurant nearby and I now have a taste for pickled cabbage and citrus fruit. I'm going to the bathroom a lot, passing a lot of water. Getting in and out of bed is very uncomfortable. Dr Mekle is available by telephone and I have called him about the foam, I have to wear it for 3 weeks 24hours a day and then I can just use the compression garment. Alfredo Hoyos website suggests wearing it for a month 24 hours a day and then for a further 3 weeks 12 hours a day. I think I will just buy some larger size clothes for the next 2 months. I went for my walk, I got as far as the Carrefour express, purchased a vitamin drink, bottled water and a packet of chewy sweets and walked back. For anyone that decides to take a walk in Poland a zebra crossing here is simply a pretty pattern in the road. I had dinner at the hotel restaurant, meat dumplings and water, all I want to do is drink water. My plan was to fly back stay with a friend in London and then head out early in the morning. My plan now looks like getting a friend to collect me from the airport, drive home and pass out for the weekend.

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