Chin Vaser Lipo and Thread Lift to Contour Neck......... Dr Meikle Katowice, Poland

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I noticed about 7months ago that I had started...

I noticed about 7months ago that I had started developing a double chin and when looking at pictures of myself, I thought it spoilt my profile....
So I decided to start looking for a surgeon here in the UK and also in Europe.
I had two consults in the UK and three via email in Europe. The cost of just normal lipo for the chin in the UK was estimated at approx £2000!! I was not prepared to pay that as I knew there were some good surgeons who could do as good or better in Europe. As it was only a minor op,I didn't look to going even further as the plane fares would have over ruled the cheaper costs of surgery..

I new of Dr Meikle in Poland from looking on Sofeminine a few years ago and that he had been trained by Ravi Jain of the Riverside Clinic in the UK, so I knew I would be in good hands..Ravi is one of best vaser specialists in the UK, but he was just too expensive for me..

I contacted the clinic of Dr Meikle,he works at clinic in Warsaw (but not his main one) and Katowice(I am going to his main clinic in Katowice).
I sent my pics and was emailed back within a week,with two quotes..One for just regular lipo at the clinic in Warsaw with another surgeon and one for the clinic in Katowice,with Dr Meikle.. He offered vaser lipo and tread lift to contour the chin even more ..I was impressed so I chose him.

I go to Poland on 22nd February 2016 and will have the op on 25th Feb..My last check up will be on 29th February,then I leave for the UK..

I will keep updating as things progress.

Stay happy xx :-)

Back home..and sore :-/

I had the vaser/threads on 25th February ..stayed a week in Katowice(please do not book any trips,which I did,as you just will not feel like going :-/) I stayed in my apartment for 5days,as one I looked like a darling in my head gear(compression) :-/ and two ..I was actually very tired. it's very invasive and knocks you for six!

Natazsa has been very helpful, from the moment I emailed her regarding the vaser..always responding to my emails even when I just wanted a moan! Peter the driver/chaperone ..well what a darling..a God send. He ferried me around everywhere,for less than what it would cost here in the UK. You can book a taxi / chaperone via the clinic , but my partner was going to come with me until the last minute..he to cancel,so I was on my own. Peter was there for me every step of the way and even came out to me on a Saturday evening,when I had stupidly forgot to get some extra pain killers in..He went to the shop for me and bought me what I needed. He came with me when I had to leave Poland,helped me buy my ticket for the train to Warsaw and sat with me and drank coffee,until the train came..What a darling!

The day of the op..The clinic is very fresh/modern and clean ..I had to fill all my pre op forms in and then was taken through to the pre op room where I went through what I wanted to achieve with Dr Mekle . I didn't realize how big this guy was! But very easy to talk to and understood what I wanted to achieve..he even pointed out to me that my double chin was quite irregular , something which I didn't ever see..Well it just had to go.

I was prepped by two of the nurses ..we were in stitches when I put my hair net thingy on,I looked so funny..NOT a good look! Haha. I had to have my incision with part of my threads put in first..and have the anesthetic ready for the vaser ..Was left for 25mins for the numbing to set in,then I was taken into the op room,where I was laid down on the op table and painted with idoine? and stripped down to my chest. The nurses were with me all of the time,holding my hand and soothing me. I even managed to talk and giggle while it was 'happening' . I had the choice too, of either general or twilight,but I chose just the numbing,as it was only the neck..But PLEASE if you are the least bit queasy with anything like this..go for at least the twilight. I felt absolutely no pain throughout,but you can feel and hear the motion of the instruments being used..Just a warning to those NOT SO BRAVE. The whole op with the threads took approx 2hrs I would say.

I had the option of staying at the clinic for a few hrs to rest,but I wanted to go back to my apartment(you would have to stay if you have had the general/twilight) ....

I will be having my massages when the pain has tailed off a little...I am very sore at the moment,with the swelling...I have a very low pain threshold and have been knocked for 6 with the pain. Be prepared...but I guess it's all worth it in the end. I will post pics have been gathering some up.

Still swollen @3 weeks post op

Well,I have been through hell with the pain..I hate pain!!!!!!!!!!!!! My body doesn't like it

The pain was worse than when I had some lipo years ago..I guess because the face/chin is so much more sensitive.
I had to cancel my first massage last week,as I just didn't want anyone touching me.
Yesterday,I goggled 'how to perform lymphatic massage' .. My partner performed the first massage and hey you know what, it felt much better. I have some small lumps under my chin,but I am now going re book my first massage with a nurse.

I am so glad the worst part is over.. I know it will be worth it in the end.

My surgeon said that it would take 3-6months to see the final results..So I will be posting pics in monthly stages :-)
Dr Meikle

Gentle giant type of a guy and very easy to talk to. Loves his job and is very popular in Europe re- vaser liposuction. Showed me lots of his work and wow.. what an artist!

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