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First my recommendation would be to please do all...

First my recommendation would be to please do all of the research you can do on this procedure. I did an extensive amount of research and still was not prepared for the amount of time I was going to be down and the pain, depression, anxiety. In the end it will be worth it. Currently I am POD 12, but it is only today that I turned the corner of thinking that I made a huge error in judgement. This is a huge surgery and I had 24 hour care (my mother) for 12 days, and I DO NOT have children. The pain has subsided it is now just soreness. The first 4 days are the worst with pain, however, through day 9 I fought terrible depression. You pretty much have to lay on your back for 7 days, getting up every couple hours to avoid blood clots. The drains are absolutely miserable, and I can't stress that enough, they hurt, they are a huge inconvenience, MISERABLE. To me, the lipo was actually more painful than the TT, it makes you incredibly sore and you are severely bruised for days. HOWEVER, with all of that said, I would still recommend this procedure and with the results that you get with a qualified surgeon you will be happy with your results.

POD 27 Update

Well Ladies-I am very happy and I'm only POD 27. I took the surgical tape off for the first time and looked at my scar. I choose to leave it on this long because I didn't want to see it in horrible shape and get depressed from it. I can not recommend this enough. I was very happy when I finally took it off and got a good look at. It's healing very nicely and even. I personally think it looks great for only 27 days out. I have a few scabs left which I will wait until they are gone and then start scar treatment. I'm still undecided about what I will do in that area, there are so many choices. I'm still in my binder and my doctor wants me in it until my next appt which is June 17th. I'm swelling quite a bit from below my belly button to my pubic area. My PS said this was because of gravity and it will eventually go away. The only complain I have is I had a very nice round butt pre surgery, and I couldn't wait to get the tummy tuck to accentuate it even more, however my butt is gone. I talked to the forum and it seems to be normal. I'm not sure why it happens, but hopefully can fix it as soon as I'm cleared to do squats and workout. Overall, I am very happy, and extremely happy with my scar, I was so worried about it. If it heals properly I will be over the moon.

POD 31

Mixed emotions today. Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy, I just can't tell at this point what is swollen and what isn't. Obviously my mon pubis is swollen but my upper abs seem to stick out to me. I'm going to be patient just bothers me a little. Again, can't expect perfection but I want it pretty dang close. :)

PO 5 Weeks 3-4 Days

I had my brothers wedding this weekend, and was still disappointed that I had some swelling. BUT it was a great weekend and even with the swelling, it is so much better than it was!

Same Review as above Realself didn't take photos

5 weeks 3 days, brothers wedding

6 Weeks PO Today

Here are my concerns that I plan on asking PS about Monday at my appt.
1. Is Ken Doll-Really swelling and will that eventually be flat
2. When I bend over and see that flubber is that swelling
3. Does my left side have a dog ear and will it fix itself or does he fix it
4. Is there anything I should be doing for my inner thighs, I didn't ever wear CG for it, will the skin go away?
5. Are my upper abs swelling too?
6. Do I need to put something in my belly button, I have noticed it is getting smaller.
7. What does he want me to use on the scar, I'm taking a variety of items purchased and going to let him tell me which to use.

7 Weeks PO Today

I had my 7 week follow up appt on Monday and asked so many questions, the PS told me to stay off the site....LOL. He said that I'm healing so well and so quickly that he doesn't need to see me for two months. He said I was done with the binder (I wore it for 7 weeks). However, yesterday I felt so swollen with just wearing the CG (Fleexes from Kohls). So I called them to ask if I could still wear the binder if I wanted, but that I am going to have to come in and get a smaller one, because the one they gave me after surgery ended up wrapping clear to the middle of my back and I couldn't put it on by myself. They told me yes, not a big deal but that I did need to ween myself off of it eventually. BUT then this morning when I woke up, (wore the CG to bed) I was flatter than I have ever been! Here is my dilema, and a lot of you will find this funny. I like the CG's with more compression in them, and the more compression they have, the harder they are to get on and off, as most of you know. They have a whole to pee out of, BUT I don't pee straight so they really aren't working for me. And I don't want to take them up and down because he approved me to start putting scar treatment on, which you see in the picture, and those darn things are expensive! So, I just need to figure out a solution to my current problem! I asked him about the Ken Doll and he said most of it was swelling, but all of it might not go away. I also asked about when you bend over was that going to go away, and he stated that he could go get a picture of a 25 year old model and when she bent over it would look like a bit of flubber, I said, I understand that, but she didn't pay $8000 like I did. He just laughed and said I would be fine...we shall see. My left side did have a bit of a dog ear but he said it would fix itself and if not he would fix it. He is a little concerned about my inner thighs. If I had it to do over again, at this point I might not do the inner thighs, but he said he was hopeful that they would even out. He said the inner thighs and inner arms are the most difficult to do. Yes, my upper abs are swelling and so are my hips still. He said not to put anything in he belly button that it is perfect and will continue to be. I took all of my treatments into him for the scar. Out of Kelocate, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa butter gel, cocoa butter with vitamin E, Bio oil, and scar guard he picked scar guard. So I have started using that, and we shall see. I feel pretty good, actually I feel great, but he still did not approve me to do core exercises. I think I will start doing my exercising next week (slowly, I haven't exercised a drop in 3 years). I was a little disappointed with the Ken Doll and that I could have something minor there when all is said and done, but he said we could talk about something in 9 months if it didn't fix itself which he had full belief that it would. THEN, he showed me my before pictures.....OMG, what a difference! I have to remember not to be so critical of myself and feel sexy and confident all of the time because I AM!!!

PO Week 7 and 1 day

The burning sensation just started today.

PO Almost 8 Weeks and 1 week of 24-7 Scar Treatment

Started scar treatment 1 week ago today. Not sure I can tell a difference in 1 week or if I'm using something that is good enough but willing to try it for a couple more weeks just because it is less expensive than the rest. I'm using scar away from CVS. I have also figured out a trick with spanx type garments (although I hate spanx) I use Fleexes from Kohls. If you will buy something with very little pressue in it and put that on, then put your Fleexes with a lot of pressure over that, it makes it a lot easier to get on and off. I will post pictures later, mine is drying right now. Overall can't tell much of a difference between 7 & 8 EXCEPT, I'm swelling a lot more. This past weekend I did more than I normally do, but nothing that I don't think my body could handle so I'm not sure why I swelled so much.

Easier way to wear garments

I had issues with garments, they are so hard to get in and out of. Even the ones with a hole in the to pee did not work for me. So I put a loose one on with good material on underneath the full compression one, and it is so much easier to get up and down. Hope this helps someone else.

PO Week 9

I have now been on scar treatment for two weeks. I was using Scar Away from CVS. I was at Target and picked up Scar Guard, and I can already tell I like Scar Away from CVS much better. I'm going to go ahead and use the Scar Guard because those things are to expensive not to use them. But I will go back to Scar Away when they are gone. I have also noticed that starting last week I can now sleep on my sides and on my stomach without any pain at all. My sneezes still hurt but not near as painful. I also feel like I'm a little off on one side but I also have a slight dog ear on that side. I'm hoping it works it self out.

Help-What is this

I have been in the sun the last couple of days but had my scar covered with scar treatment, bathing suit and towel, today when I took the scar treatment off I noticed that it looks like the skin is breaking open in 4 different areas and one there is a blister. What do I do, do I stop scar treatment? Put Neosporin on it?

10 Week PO Update-3 Week Scar Treatment (with two day break)

At 10 Weeks I feel almost back to normal, when I turn on my sides at night I still feel it. But the big thing is the swelling. I wake up looking amazing and within 30 minutes start swelling. I'm still wearing my Fleexes and have resumed scar treatment after the bilisters showed up. I have to fly next week so I will keep you posted on how that was.

11 Week Update

Can't tell much of a difference, I still swell almost instantly once out of bed. I have eaten like a pig for the last two weeks. Not feeling great, hopefully it's just a slight funk.

12 Weeks (whoo hoo 3 whole months)!

I'm really not seeing much of a difference in the last 3 weeks, I'm sure it is slight but there. I finally got brave enough to put on some swimsuits....not bad, I feel like my left side is still a little swollen but I can't tell, maybe it's fat.....LOL. I was hoping for a little more definition in my stomach, but maybe you actually have to exercise for that.....LOL. I have not started exercising yet, but it's on the To Do List. I don't see my PS until August 19th and so far all is well. I haven't spit any stiches, my scar is healing nicely, I can actually sneeze and cough with out feeling like I'm ripping apart. I pulled weeds from the Rose Bed Tuesday night and didn't feel any soreness at all. I ended my relationship of 8 years this week, and man has it been a roller coaster ride. I really have to watch my comfort eating.....Trying to keep myself busy and know that I deserve so much more than what I got from him. There are lots of pictures in this set, only because I got brave enough for the bikini. You will see in the Peach Suit the close one that I can pinch several inches, is this swelling? I don't have that on the other side. AND the Peach is my backyard nobody sees me suit, it has strings on the side and I couldn't believe how perfect they matched up with the scar. Happy Healing!

12 Week BB Pics

13 Week Post Op Update

Just posting my weekly update. Someone posted that I don't look swollen at all in my pictures but just so everyone knows, I take all my pictures in the morning, this time I have included pictures at the end of the day. At 13 weeks, I'm still swelling.

14 Week Update

I find myself eating tons. Not good, I believe it's starting to catch up with me.

15 Week PO Update

Not really much to tell you any differently. Still swelling by EOD although it might be getting slightly better. I still haven't started exercising, but I am happy to report that as of today I am 30lbs lighter than surgery date! Feel great about that! I am still having a difficult time processing the scar and although I definitely feel sexy at times the scar does mess with me. I find peace in knowing that it will fade, my surgeon did a great job and it will fade, and I haven't been as diligent with the scar treatment as I probably should be doing. It's just such a pain in the ass. I have my 4 month follow up appt next week and I'm sure he will tell me that I need to be exercising.....again....on the to do list, along with eating better. I have been so bad lately going on a month...of badness. I also posted a picture with actual clothes on. Can finally get my favorite pair of jeans on.

16 Weeks PO Update

Dare I say it----I think the swelling is finally subsiding. Not gone but definitely getting better. I went for my 4 month PO-everything looks great. I still can't do core exercises but I'm not doing any exercises...again...on the list. I do have a slight dog ear that he said we would fix in the office later and he didn't need to see me until the 6 month mark, unless I want my boobs done, which I am thinking about. I have done scar treatment for the past week and feel like it has helped it some. I will continue that. Feel more normal this week than I have since the beginning. Hope I have paid it forward, and now will post periodically.

5 Months Post Op.

Well it's been 5 months, I feel really great, I'm still maintaining the 25-30 lbs weight loss which is good considering I haven't done any amount of exercise. I still tingle occasionally. And can absolutely feel that I definitely had major surgery. I'm still not happy with the inner thigh lipo, I wish I hadn't done that, but I'm hoping that by a year it will work itself out. The scar is doing decent, not as bad as some, but not as great as others. 5 months later, I still totally would recommend this surgery. It has changed my complete body image, although I do have to admit I have not been intimate with anyone, so I haven't had to deal with the scar being seen my anybody like that. Sleeping with someone isn't even on the horizon, so hopefully by the time I'm ready for that, the scar will be a thin line. I am seriously considering a boob job next, but not sure about that yet. I just think it would make the lines look complete. I will post again at 6 months.

5 Month Update-SWELLING

Forgot to tell you about swelling. I do still swell but I finally feel that it's not near as bad as it was at 4 months...If I eat doesn't matter I do still swell, but it is better. The swelling is starting later and later in the day...different from the moment you wake up and start ladies.....IT DOES GET BETTER, it just takes forever!!!

6 Month Update And Dog Ear Update

Well ladies, I am now at 7 months and the pictures I'm posting are from 6 month. I will post more pictures later. There isn't really anything different to tell you. The swelling is about the same. I have gained some weight back in the past month, went on two week vacation and Thanksgiving. I will get back into the groove soon. But the big thing to tell you is I had my Dog ear fixed this past Monday (you can see it in the picture attached on the left side). It really was not a big deal, it took about an hour, start to finish. I layed on my side so he could get to it better and that seemed to really help him. The shot to numb me stung a bit, but not bad at all, and all I could feel during the surgery was him tugging on me. He put three layers of stitches in it, all dissolve in about 4 months. I couldn't shower for 24 hours and he has me covered with tape for a couple weeks at which I will go back to see him. He offered me pain pills, I declined, and wish I would have. Tylenol did work and I did need it the following day. The following day I was sore but it wasn't bad at all. Today, I feel pretty much back to normal but still can't lay on that side. Hope this helps others. Still thinking about that boob job. :)

9 Month Post Op Review and Update

I can finally say I am back to 100%. I don't even remember that I had a TT most of the time. I still have not exercised one bit.... it's on the list....LMAO! I'm so happy I had this surgery, it is absolutely the best thing I have done for myself. I feel so sexy!! I scar is a lot to handle, but I'm finding after 9 months its actually doing decent. I wish I would have been more diligent on scar therapy but it's such a pain in the ass. I would recommend wearing scar strips for 3 months straight. I wore them for a week off for 3 weeks wore for a week...I just hated them but wish I would have sucked it up. I have attached pictures, just need to do some squats for my butt and I should be good to go!
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

I can not say enough about Dr. Barnthouse. He took so much time with me, and tolerated all of my crazy questions. He is very confident in his abilities and it shows in all appointments. He took great care of me and I am definitely happy with the results and I'm only POD 12. I can't imagine how I'm going to feel in 8 weeks. I did a lot of research as to the best in the Kansas City area and out of several surgeons decided on Dr. Barnthouse, I would highly recommend him. You may pay a little more, but you get what you pay for. I am now 7 months PO and still totally crazy for Dr. Barnthouse. I went in Monday and he repaired a slight dog ear. He is absolutely wonderful, and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! Just look at my pictures!

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