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I am a 45 year old woman who is 5'5" and I weigh...

I am a 45 year old woman who is 5'5" and I weigh 150 pounds. I am within my weight range but at the top of it so I would like to lose around 10 to 15 pounds still.

I had 3 children all c-section, an appendectomy, my gall bladder removed (from my navel) and some cysts off my ovaries also taken out through my belly button. One of my babies was over 10 pounds and to me that is like carrying 2 babies because he really did a number on my tummy.

I decided I should do this many years ago but because of expense and time to recoup I couldn't do it. I decided this summer it was now or never and so I started interviewing plastic surgeons. I had to plan ahead for my business and having it done after Thanksgiving seemed like a good time.

I recommend if you want to do it in the late fall or winter that you book ahead because I found out that it is a very popular time of year to do it. I am now 3 days post op.

I am now 6 days post op. I got the staples taken...

I am now 6 days post op. I got the staples taken out yesterday and the heavy bandages removed. It looks marvelous! Even with the swelling I have much more of an hour glass figure and all the nasty stretch marks and scars from my other surgeries as well as my apron hang are gone! I got a new binder that wraps just under my chest and down to my hips. Suddenly I feel much more secure and my back has stopped having spasms. Today I got to take my first shower. Hopefully my drains will come out on Friday at 8 days post op. That will make me feel much more human. I think the drains are some of the worst part of this surgery.

I had a muscle repair, lipo and an extended tummy...

I had a muscle repair, lipo and an extended tummy tuck.Today I am exactly 2 weeks Post Op. I got my drains out at 8 days post op. I am still VERY swollen. In fact, the doctor drained off some fluid yesterday in the front just above my incision with a syringe and needle. I feel like the sides, front, pubic area and upper thighs are all swollen. However, my plastic surgeon feels this will all go away on it's own. Most of my bruising from the lipo has faded and I just have a few small bruises. All my stitches, staples and bandages have been removed. I am still pretty tired and although I can stand up straight it is not possible without my compression garment. It's been a much harder surgery than I thought it would be. I have had a couple of set backs. I choked on lunch one day and that upset my belly button. It started to ooze. I also have had a minor case of the flu so I haven't been able to heal as quickly and this has made me more tired. I am completely off all pain meds though including Tylenol. I may have to take something in the future but as for today I feel great. Just trying not to over due it and rest so I can keep the swelling down. My doctor said I can go back to work at the beginning of next week or at 18 day post op. So far I feel the surgery was a huge success. Just looking at my before and after pictures I can see a big improvement. I also feel my doctor lifted my upper thigh and pubic area. I am very excited to see how it all looks once all the swelling goes down, the scale shows my real weight and the incision heals. My doctor says this can take 4-6 months for the final results.

I am now 4 weeks post op. All the scabs have left...

I am now 4 weeks post op. All the scabs have left my incision and my belly button is starting to look marvelous. My belly button is a nice, little, vertical, oval shape, It looks just like I dreamed it would be. My doctor told me at 3 weeks that I could switch from my compression garment to a spanx type garment. That is because I am very curvy and with wider hips the other garment was riding up and not supporting lower areas. I found a nice Bali brand garment that was more lycra than spandex which gave me a firmer support. It went from just under my bra all the way down into a boy short panty. I felt this particular garment gave me more support in my lower abs and upper thigh than the binder. It was much more comfortable to sleep in too. I don't think I could go without something to support me yet. Of course I am really glad I had this done in the winter. I can only imagine how hot it would be to wear support garments in the summer!
I am also now smaller than I was before the surgery. I now weigh 140 pounds. I went from a size 8-10 to a size 6-8. No matter what size I am it is a dream come true to go to my closet, pick out anything in there and put it on know it will fit without bulges or bumps. I feel like I look amazing in everything! I love to go shopping again because I can pick something off the rack and have confidence it will fit. My surgeon is my hero and a true friend. I feel like if I look this great now, how great will I look when all the swelling is completely gone and my scars have faded? At 45 years old, I think my body looks closer to someone who is in their 20's and I finally feel like all the damage done by that 10 pound baby boy has been corrected. I only wish I would have known that it takes a little longer than 2 weeks to feel like yourself again. I have always bounced right back after surgeries but the recovery on this one seemed to linger. I am just now feeling the energy come back although there are others on this forum that had the surgery the same day as me and are still recovering. I would recommend that people planning for this surgery prepare for 4-6 weeks or more for tiredness, swelling and serious discomfort. However,despite the pain, money, and time off from work required it is definitely worth it in the long run!

At 2.5 months post op I am doing very well. I will...

At 2.5 months post op I am doing very well. I will be 3 months at the end of February; my surgery was Nov. 29, 2012. I still have swelling and tightness in the evening and I can't wait to get into more comfortable clothes after work. In my latest photos at 10 weeks you can see how my abs are developing a nice line down the center. I have managed to keep my weight off despite not being able to work out regularly at the gym. I am walking on occasion and stretching and just generally doing what I can and still feel good. I have to keep myself in good enough condition to go to work and not feel too exhausted being there. I have decided to just wait and heal before I go full force back to the gym 6 days a week like I used to do. I am very glad I did this however and my plastic surgeon says it's just going to keep looking better and that full results won't be until 6 months. I can't imagine how it could look any better actually. My surgeon couldn't have done a better job and my belly button is adorable. Honestly even at this early date nobody would be able to tell that I had revision on my belly button. My scar is fading nicely and very straight, flat and thin as you can see in the photos. I think it all looks amazing except for a few deep stretch marks that I would like to have fade more. It may be a little greedy of me but I am considering fraxel laser for those in the future. ;)
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

I interviewed 3 top plastic surgeons in the area. Dr. Barnthouse was the first one that I went to for a consult and after seeing the other 2 surgeons I decided to go with Dr. Barnthouse. His bedside manner is excellent and he answers questions and makes himself available to all his patients after hours. The nurses and anesthesiologist at the surgical center told me that is who they would use and often refer him out to their family and friends.

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