Happy 50th bday to me. Flat for the first time ever.

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I been on RS following doctors and other women who...

I been on RS following doctors and other women who have gotten a tummy tuck and/or lipo. I first started my journey about 5 years ago with lipo resolved "shots injected to kill fat". Didn't work and a lawsuit was brought up against the Overland Park location. No results for me. What I did receive was a blotted belly that was dis colored. Great news is, my $2500 was refunded. Now I'm back, this time researching TT. I'm super scared but mentally I think I'm ready. I love myself but I hate my tummy and I'm so self conscious of it. I'm being brave posting these pics. I'm looking for advise from other women that feel as I do. Ps. I had surgery scheduled with SonaBella but I canceled it. Afraid of the saggy skin I may have afterwards. I long to have that flat tummy and too be able to wear a two piece. My 50th bday gift to myself. :-)

Lipo or TT any suggestions?

Dropping inches and a lil weight before my tentative surgery in March

Losing a lil weight before my precedure. I've opted out of having a TT. I'm researching triplex lipo.

Being vain

Does anyone else look at family, friends and other ladies maybe at your child's sports practice.....and feel a lil selfish or bad that you're not happy with the skin you're in? I look at people around me and think, why am I being so vain? I love me but hate this ugly A stomach that looks like a butt when I lose a lot of weight. I want this and I dream about it day in and day out....I guess I'm just feeling guilty & emotional.

Wish look

I wanna look like this in jeans. The pic on the left.

Don't need bbl but can't wait to have belly gone

After looking at the women getting BBL it almost made me think I wanted to enhance mine but then thought...my butt is already huge....why fix what isn't broke. Now that belly is a different matter....can't wait to have it gone and get my small waist back. Im taking 12 days off, I sure hope that's enough time to heal. I have a 12 year old son so I don't want to use up all my time. So I'm praying that when I have my surgery everything goes smoothly and recovery be a breeze. It scares me because of all the pain some feels. But I'm a tough cookie, so I'm ready. June 30th can't get here to soon. :-)

5weeks and 5days before my procedure.

June 28th is fast approaching. I will have a Tt/mr/lipo of the flanks. I'm more excited than nervous.


A few things to for my aftercare. Toilet seat I had from when my brother was ill. He never used it and I tried selling it in my garage sale last year. Glad I still have it. It's going to come in handy.


In 5 weeks this wrinkled mess will be gone. I pray for Gods hands of protection over the surgeon to care for me and take great care and bring me over to the flat side with no complications. I pray for great results and a speedy recovery. ???????? in Jesus mighty name. I pray amen.

Sx date 6/28/16

I finally decided on a PS. After 4 consults I finally chose a doc in my area. He was listed at the top but I didn't won't to pay for the consult so I kept pushing him off. Sx has been paid, preop was Monday, 6/13/16. Having tt/ mr and lipo in flanks and back. I'm excited not too anxious yet, but I'm sure that will change as time gets closer. I'm very secure in my decision to choose Dr. Eric Swanson. Pray for me as I pray for all of you. I will keep you guys updated.

I am now on the Flatside; Tt/mr and Lipo to the flanks

Had my surgery done yesterday, June 28th. With Eric Swanson at Swanson cosmetic surgery center. Dr. Swanson and his staff are the greatest. Kind, patient, artistic, professional and all around good people. I had 4 consults with Dr. Swanson being my last. What they say: save the best for last. My first day was very painful. I had to take 1 pill every 2 hours instead of 2 every 4. Finally got the pain under control. Feeling good right now.

Talented Doc

Dr. Swanson and his staff are amazing. From the consult to the day of my procedure. Dr. Is very kind, patient and very knowledgable in what he does. Janice and Kim are amazing. I've had 4 consults, dr Swanson being my 4th "best for last". If you're looking for experience surgeon that takes pride, then The Swanson group is the place.

Day 1 pos


Feeling really good with the exception of all this darn swelling. Good news I can sleep in my side somewhat. Dr. Swanson is the man. He did a great job. Mirror pic is today 7/21

Happy Early Birthday to Me. Loving my Results

Very happy with my decision and everything is getting better each day. Only thing I can't stand is the lower part of my swelling....under my bb. My kengina is huge, my flanks and lower back are just a lil tender. I can now sleep on my side. 4wpo. My experience was great. From the consult to the preop to the day of sx.

Pleased with my results each day

Very happy with results "5 weeks Po" 6/28 Sx pictures taken 7/2 & 7/3. TT/mr/lipo of flanks.

Happy Mother of Two

Dr. Swanson is an artist. He's great at what he does. Very precise, kind, patient and talented. From my very first visit untill my actual Sx date; my experience has been on a scale from 1-10 it's been an 11. TT/mr/lipo of flanks. I'm not where I wanna be yet, but with time and patience I'm confident I will be in 6 mos out. My scar is super thin. I love my dr and his staff.

Almost two months

I feel fabulous. 50 today. TT/mr/lipo best decision. Sx 6/28

Feeling good 2mospo

Just a pic update. My waist 2mpo

Almost 3mpo

I'm happy with my flat belly but not with my lipo area. My scar looks good except on one end. It may be swelling though. I'm still swollen and sore on my sides. Clothes don't fit like I was hoping they would. The key is patience. I'm definitely learning it.


3mos today very happy with my results. I will be getting lipo to my back, arms and outer thighs.

TT/MR/lipo of Flanks

Someone as why did I choose Dr. Swanson. My answer is; RealSelf.com is how I found him. I had 3 consults with other docs. Swanson was my 4th. I kept looking over him because his consultation cost $50 but you get a hardback book on body images. It breaks down every procedure. Once I met him, I knew he was the one. His demeanor, his professionalism, his honestly and his knowledge were just a few key points. His staff is amazing. All his before pics & after were good too. So many more factors why I chose Dr. Swanson but what I mention are just a few. I hope this helps.

3mpo TT/mr/lipo on flanks

I'm getting lipo on this area. Doc suggest my hips/outter thigh too.

Side view flanks

11/28 will be 5 months

Tt/mr update


8months post

Scar update 8mpo

I'll be 8mpo from Tt, MR and lipo to flanks. My hips still have a lil swelling due to the rd2 lipo 2 months ago.


I am 8 mpo from Tt/Mr and lipo to flanks.

Almost one year

Just side by side comparison

10mpo swim suit ready "body"

First time in 20 years that I can wear a two piece...I feel so comfortable and confident is showing my body off now. Best decision....

Almost 1 year

Coming up on one year ladies. Best decision ever. I could use more lipo. Tt, mr and lipo 6/28/16 second procedure 12/27/16 had touch up lipo

Scar treatment

I started using BioCorneum 3 days ago. I received this complimentary product thru the Real-friends program. Excited to see Joe it works. I've heard nothing but wonderful things.

First time in a two piece

I'm so happy and thrilled. I just came back from vacation. First it was amazing but the one amazing part was....I was able to wear a two piece for the first time ever. I will be a yer out on 6/28. Dr. Swanson is a wonderful doctor. If you're in the Kansas City/Kansas area...I'd advice you to check him out. Swanson Center, Leawood KS.

1 year today

Today marks one year. Best decision I've made. I thank God for allowing my dreams to become a reality. I'm so thankful for stumbling upon this site. Realself helped me so much along my journey. I'm thankful for my surgeon and his awesome staff. Preop weight was 178lbs, current weight 159lbs. To maintain, I changed my eating habits and I work out a lot. Now, I'm considering having my breast done. Happy anniversary to ME.????

Anniversary pic 1 year

One year photo from my amazing doc.

It was one year June 28th. Very happy with my results. I thank my doc and hi staff for the top notch care I received. I feel as if we're friends (love them). Do I sound obsessed? Lol No, I just appreciate the care I received. :-)

1 year and 1 month

Loving how small my waist is. Tt,MR and lipo to flanks, abs and back.
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Excellent, kind, great bed manners, talented, calm and very patient with me. I had tons of question during my search. Dr. Swanson & Janice answered each question precisely and was calm each time.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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