Been on Retin-A for Years. Kansas City, MO

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I originally went to a dermatologist because I was...

I originally went to a dermatologist because I was having hormonal-related cystic acne around my jawline. I'm talking about the deep stuff that sticks around for days and days. I asked for the Retin-A ( I acutally use the off-brand Tretinoin, but I will call it Retin-A because it's easier and the same thing) because I was about 28 and was wanting to start an anti-aging regimen as well as using a topical cream that would treat my acne. It worked great, and I had really great, glowy skin for years. I lost my insurance for awhile so there was a period of about 1 year where I didn't have any of my Retin-A. My skin was fine for awhile, but then it started to look "thicker" again and after about 8 months I started getting the acne again. Without insurance, the prescription was unaffordable until it occurred to me to use a canadian online pharmacy (do your research! There are web sites that list accredited online pharmacies). I got what I assume to be several years' worth of Retin-A (Tretinoin .1%) for only $50. And it WORKS. I started it in wintertime and I'm a mailwoman who is outside all day in the cold, so I can only use it every couple of days or my skin gets to irritated.

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