PART I: Two New Tatas & a Skinny Binny Belly: 4/18/12 - Kansas City, MO

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I'm your average lady. I love life. I find...

I'm your average lady. I love life. I find happiness in the little things. I love my family. I love my work. I love food and I love to run. So, I don't have a fast metabolism like my husband and children and gain when I celebrate with food and lose when I eat mindful and exercise. Yes, I've struggled lots with weight. I'm 5'6" and at labor have been up to 220+ and have been down as lows as 125 (too skinny for my hubbies liking - he loves curves!) My body likes the 160 range and that was goal for me to get my cosmetic surgery. Ideally, I'd love to be in the 145 - 155 range. I'm at the 160 range now and have been stable for some time. So, I'm uber duber excited! I'll be getting a breast lift with gel implant augmentation under the muscle. I'm a sorry 36B. I squish the skin and boobie into the bra and it doesn't quite fill up. My goal is for a natural round perky full C barely D cup which I can with a great support bra run easily and be active with my kids. My doc is thinking a 375cc will do the trick. My tummy is a squishy icky mess and I can't wait for the lipo and full tummy tuck to give me some flatness and definition and just plain confidence to go swimming! So, here goes! The journey begins. YIPPEEEE!

Making payment today! Wahoo! This is becoming...

Making payment today! Wahoo! This is becoming very, very real! I can't stop the obsessing. I now am not only thinking about this every day but dreaming about it too! LOL

2 WEEKS PRE-OP: Today is my pre-op appointment via...

2 WEEKS PRE-OP: Today is my pre-op appointment via phone. I have a full sheet of questions to ask regarding medications, an anti-nausea patch to put behind my ear...can I climb stairs to my bedroom after surgery to camp out...when can I walk in the neighborhood....what kind of supplies should I have on hand....should hubby stay close by during surgery or in the waiting room...etc. etc.

I went to Victoria Secret during my lunch break yesterday thinking I would buy a lil something cute to use for before and after pics, but having no idea what size to get, got myself the new perfume "Angel" instead. OMG, it has such a sweet, sexy scent to it! I walked around touching and feeling the lingerie dreaming of what my new bod would look like in the garments. Truly, I can't wait for when you see my side profile for my boobies to be bigger than my tummy. Right now I've got the reverse.

Headed out for a nice morning run now. When I return, I'll be doing push ups. I'm trying to do a last minute arm strengthening to help get myself out of bed post-op. :)

10 DAYS POST OP: Thank you Jesus for my time of...

10 DAYS POST OP: Thank you Jesus for my time of month! Wahoo! I'm on the end of my period and I truly am thankful that I won't be having my period during or immediately after surgery.

I need to buy some of my undergarments/spanx but am kind of stressing about this, because I'm really uncertain of what to get. Also, I want a good zip up the front bra, but don't know what to get and don't want to spend over $100. Any suggestions on what works/doesn't would be so appreciated! :)

I'll be shopping this coming weekend for food items and medical supplies.

Last weekend was so fun. I got some extra hubby time in. We went to a concert and had a blast. Easter was a delight with the kids. I keep swinging my 16 month daughter in the air and am getting lots of stroller runs in with her. Now I need to lay off the Easter eggs and candy. 10 days left and I'm serious about feeling great before surgery!

Next weekend we have another date night planned. I feel the need to give hubby lots of lovins and attention before surgery day as he will be helping me out during recovery. I think hubby is quite nervous about the drains. Thank goodness my sis and mother-in-law are nurses and will be helping me too.

I'm trying to stay chilled despite the long growing list of To-Do's. I have lots to accomplish at work, a big church event planned for next Sunday and of course the cleaning, and shopping and preparing my bedside. Oh, and I need to get a Pedi too! Lots to do, but I'm totally cool. It will all get done. :)

9 DAYS POST OP: The Nurse from my PS's office just...

9 DAYS POST OP: The Nurse from my PS's office just called. They moved my surgery up from 1 P.M. on Wednesday, 4/18/12 to 7:30 A.M. I need to be there by 6 A.M. I've got goosebumps, I'm so nervous and excited!

6 DAYS POST OP: I'm feeling really good and...

6 DAYS POST OP: I'm feeling really good and excited as the "To Do" list items are being checked off. Big accomplishment this week was filing taxes! Hooray! We did have to cut a lofty check this year, but the taxes are done and there's still a little left in the bank. LOL Good thing, because I shopped late last night on Amazon. Since I get free 2 day delivery, I will be guaranteed my zip up bra, wedge pillow, gauze, pill container and shower seat by Tuesday. Yikes! That's the day before surgery...but as a busy working mommy and wifey that's how I roll! My mother had surgery on her hip 6 years ago, and has a toilet seat lift which she used during her recovery. Lucky me, she's gifting it to me. :) LOL. I got a call from the surgical center a couple days ago going over all my medical stuff and giving me directions on how to get there. We can check in at 5:45 A.M. on Wednesday. Yesterday, they called me again and said I need to go to a lab TODAY. I have to get nose swabbed for MRSA. I contracted MRSA last summer on my inner thigh. It was very scary and I was hospitalized. I guess MRSA is the prevalent bacteria in our communities these days. Some people's bodies have trouble fighting off the bacteria once it enters their bodies. I was one of those people. I had razor burn and since we all carry it on our skin, it got inside me and tried to take me down. It's weird, because I'm certain everyone in my family and my work carries the bacteria on their skin. I mean, we all share doors, pens, appliances, computer equipment, etc., but no-one else that I know has ever been infected. I'm a very clean person, almost to an anal point about my own hygiene so I still ponder at times why it happened to me. Anyway, my PS has no concerns. He's giving me special antibiotics to start prior to surgery and continue during recovery as a preventative. I had a bone removed last November in my foot and had no trouble with MRSA coming back, but the surgical center does want to double check and make sure I'm ok. So, to the lab I go today. It's Friday! Yip, yip yippee!

2 DAYS POST OP: Hello, hello. I’m feeling very,...

2 DAYS POST OP: Hello, hello. I’m feeling very, very happy. My To Do list items are about complete and as promised, I uploaded before photos. They are a true image of why I’m doing this. I’m pretty grossed out by my entire torso area and am excited for my body to be re-sculpted. Tomorrow night, after I get the kids’ bags packed and drop them off at Grandma’s, I will set up my bedside with magz, journals, charges, medical stuff, laptop, phone, comfy clothes, medicines, water, saltine crackers etc., etc. so that all is easy accessible in the coming days. I will also prepare my final list of items to run over with my PS on Wednesday morning. Such as:

1.) Please remember to keep tummy tuck scar low and beautiful.
2.) Please give me symmetry.
3.) Please fill up my C cup Bra that I bought over the weekend.
4.) Please keep my areolas semi-large and not too youth/mosquito like.
5.) Please don’t forget the freebies you promised:
a. Repair my ear lobe (too many years of nieces/nephews/kids pulling on my heavy earrings)
b. Snip the little skin tag I have in my bikini line.
6.) Please put some anti-nausea stuff in me and give me the ear patch.
7.) Please be the perfectionist you are and make me as beautiful out as I feel inside.
8.) Please let me live.

I just turned 32 years old a few weeks ago, and this is my gift to me. It’s been about 14 years of me dreaming of this and many years of saving. Oh Boy! I’m so excited! This is really, really happening!

Oh geez, I'm a dork! All my statuses says "POST...

Oh geez, I'm a dork! All my statuses says "POST OP" I mean "PRE OP"!!!! LOL Not there yet, but will be after Wednesday! Wahoo!!!!

NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY: I have mixed feelings...

NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY: I have mixed feelings tonight. I'm excited. i'm tired. I'm feeling a bit uneasy. Ok, very uneasy. I'm scared of the length of the surgery. I'm scared of the pain afterwards. I just can't believe it's tomorrow morning. In a few hours, I'll be taking a nice long shower and then will style my hair. It may be several days before I can totally cleanse and style again. I think I have everything I need by my bed: gum, crackers, chapstick, pillows, ginger ale, meds, chargers, gauze, etc. etc. The kids are sound asleep at Grandmas and hubby is waiting for me to come to bed and snuggle. We'll be leaving the house shortly after 5 A.M. tomorrow. I'll set my clock for 4 A.M. I'm chewing gum right now and need to spit out within the hour as nothing is allowed after midnight. I think I'll go down some water and just go join hubby. The morning will be here soon. Dear God, watch over me and my surgeon tomorrow. Here's to an awesome mommy makeover!

MORNING OF SURGERY: I just took a nice hot shower...

MORNING OF SURGERY: I just took a nice hot shower and my hair is looking pretty! I slipped off my sparkly wedding band and tucked away for safe keeping. No contacts in today. I have my retro ultra Geek Ray-Ban glasses on and comfy pink sweats and a black long sleeved baggy shirt and black flip flops. I've got my zip up compression bra on ready to change back into after surgery. I am super duper excited this morning! Hubby and I are about to walk out the door. The next time I post, I'll have 2 new Tatas and a skinny binny belly!!!!! YAHOOOOOO!

HAD SURGERY THIS MORNING: Hello! I'm sohappy I'm...

HAD SURGERY THIS MORNING: Hello! I'm sohappy I'm at home and able to post. This morning hubby and I arrived at the surgical center at 6 A.M. and after admissions and making the final surgery fee payment, I was whisked away by Nurse, Tobby. She had cute glasses on like me and was really nice. Hubby stayed in waiting room while I got all my vitals checked. I was 159.8 at home and 160.4 at the surgical center's scale. I was happy with it, because this the range I've been stable in. I run 5-6 times per week, so thinking some of that is leg muscle. Anywho, I took a urine sample, had my IV put in, dressed my legs with compression stockings and cute red socks and of course the typical gown. By then, Hubby was allowed back upstairs to my room while we waited for Dr. Cannova to arrive. In the meantime, I met the Anesthesiologist and Pharmacist and discussed allergies, etc. Then Dr. Cannova arrived. I really really like him. He consistently with all my appointments continues to take his time, is cool, is family-based, confidant and a true perfectionist. He marked up my body and took measurements. Loved that part because it showed how detailed he was. After marking my lower back for lipo on the flanks, he decided to go ahead and add one more entry spot in the middle of my back so he could work on a little of the back fat. YAY! He wants to give a good transition\shape into my booty. After answering a couple of my questions and me reminding him of the low pretty scar please and as close to symmetry possible I can get and that I want to be a full C/borderline D, he gave me the smile nod and left. A few nurses introduced themselves that would be in OR and then I kissed a longing kiss goodbye to hubby and I was wheeled off. I have a light allergy to Vancomicin which they would drip in me before surgery, so I had them put Benadryl in my IV before hand. All I remember is talking about my children's names to the nurses and then waking up. It really is the weirdest feeling to wake up 4.5 hours later and realize all of this had already been done. My surgeon did call hubby during surgery. My hubby was so, so scared that something happened. He said his heart was palpatating his body was sweating and was nervous as hell to take the call. The PS only wanted to discuss #'s. He said that the 375 cc would not give me the results I wanted and thought I'd need a 450cc. So of course hubby was excited about that and they preceeded. Back to me waking up: My eyes were caked with vasaline, so it was difficult for me to see. I am going to be very raw and honest here. The pain I felt waking up hurt more than anything I can imagine. It was a true 10 in pain. My breasts are heavy, I can't move into any position with the pain not screaming at me. I begged the Nurse and Hubby to let me stay in the hospital tonithg. We had decided prior to surgery that we would save the $500 and just go home. In that moment of pain I could not imagine riding in the car nor climbing the stairs in our 2 story home. The nurse came back and asked if I really wanted to and I said "YES!". Hubby was logical and said I would hurt there or hurt at home and just told the nurse it wasn't an option. I'm glad he made the decision, because I'm happy to be in my bed and have had my sister, mom, dad & mother in-law check on me. I made it up the stairs okay and am taking Percocet every 4 hours (2 of them) + Valium which I can take 2x per day for my tummy muscles. As I type, I feel good. I have my legs up on pillows, my wedge pillow plus 3 more behind me and 2 pillows on both sides of me to hold up my arms. I was scared out of my mind to go to the bathroom for the first time, but the PS wanted me to do this soon since I had a catheter and wanted to make sure I could go. I think I've been like 3 or 4 times since. I feel like all the solution used in my body during lipo and me drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, aid my dry mouth and just overall knowledge of water heals, keeps me drinking and making me go. It's really hard to get to the bathroom. My tummy muscles hurt so, so, so bad, but having someone to hold on to and take me there helps out tremendously. Also the toilet seat lift from my mom is a God send. I caught a mirror glimpse of myself in my depends and lifted up my baggy Tee. I'm all wrapped up, but my sis and hubby said I look super tiny in the waist. :) Also my boobies are in the zip up bra and taped and look high and tight and nice for my frame. I know I'll go through lots of swelling, but I'm just eager to see final results in coming months. I've eaten 4 saltine crackers today when taking meds. I have no hunger. I just took some pain pills and plan to sleep a little. Can't wait to see my progress tomorrow! Every day will get better and better!

DAY AFTER SURGERY: It was really hard to get out...

DAY AFTER SURGERY: It was really hard to get out of bed this morning to the bathroom. My hubby helped me get over there. I'm feeling extra sore and bruised from all the lipo. In some ways, I felt the pain was greater/more uncomfortable than yesterday, but I did force myself to walk down to the 1st floor, sit in an office chair which we rose as high as it would go and have some low sodium chicken noodle soup. I was able to do a few laps around the family room. The valium makes me sleepy, so that has helped quite a bit with just sleeping off some of the discomfort. I repeated my lunch today when it was time for dinner. I went down the stairs, had some more soup and probably did like 5 or 6 laps around the family room. My back is hunched over and my tummy feels so, so tight. My boobies feel swollen and high up on my chest. I itch really bad under my bra in the back. I can not wait for the shower tomorrow just so I can get undressed, see what I look like and to wash the itch off me. My mother-in-law is planning on helping me with this. Thank God for my family. I am so blessed. Tomorrow will be another day and then Saturday I should be at the 4 day mark which I hear is a great day in this recovery process. Both the surgical centers and Dr. Cannova's nurse called me to check up on me, which was great. My drains are dispensing about 10 - 30 CC every couple hours. I feel good about the drainage. It doesn't seem too crazy high. Also, I'm wearing Depends with a maxi pad covering the lipo incision just to catch the fluids. There has been much less leakage today compared to yesterday. Every day will be something to celebrate. My daughter comes home tomorrow night from Grandma's. My son is going to the KC Royals Game and then a sleepover afterwards. He's 8 and stopped by and saw me in bed a few times and gave me hugs. Okay, I feel like these entries are a bit jumbled, but I am on meds. Getting tired now, so think I'll get some shut eye. More to report tomorrow. :)

2 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: I'm feeling pretty good...

2 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: I'm feeling pretty good right now. Actually very fresh and clean since I took a shower and washed my hair and just let the soap and water run down my back and front. I even shaved a little to keep my bare legs smooth and silky in bed. My mother-in-law helped me take all the dressings off and get into the shower. It was like opening a surprise gift. I had no idea what I looked like underneath. In the shower, I just sat on the $20 Amazon shower chair and let the water run down and cleanse. She then helped me out of the shower, and we patted me dry and took a quick photo. I can tell my boobies are really high and swollen right now. Also, my aereolas are a bit smaller than I thought they would be, but Dr. Cannova did say that they would stretch out over some time. It will be fun watching the boobies settle in the coming weeks. My tummy looks tiny. I LOVE it! I'm sure it's swollen a bit too, but man, it looks SO different compared to before. Walking around the house feels really good. Laying down in bed causes much discomfort to my booty and back. I'm trying to roll over a little and learn to not use my core stomach muscles when getting out of bed, but it's extremely challenging. I have not had a BM but haven't eaten much so I don't feel stopped up or anything. I am urinating frequently. Dr. Cannova recommended to give me a shot daily for a week. It helps thin the blood and prevent blood clots. He said I was borderline of needing to get the shot because of all the lipo, and since my mother-in-law is a retired nurse, he went ahead and prescribed it and trusted she could give it to me. So, last night I got it in my left thigh and today in my right. Two of my friends sent me a beautiful arrangement of pink peonies and other cool flowers. from my favorite local florist. I can see them from my bedside and they are filling the room with sweetness. Ahhhhh, recovery is going well. I'm very pleased.

I'm spending my time in bed on RealSelf. I can't...

I'm spending my time in bed on RealSelf. I can't seem to get off of here. So fun reading everyone's goals, excitement leading up to their big day, progress and then recoveries. I'm able to get out of bed myself now. Trust me, it HURTS, but is now doable. My husband took the kids to my son's flag football game and left me alone for a few hours. I took the stairs down and heated up some soup for myself with a mango for dessert and sat out on the back porch with our dog and enjoyed a little quiet lunch. I sat there in my baggy tee, bloody drains and my depends! LOL I don't think I was in anyone's view. I just was eager to let some fresh air hit my lungs. Then, I did a few laps around the family room and went upstairs to sit at the computer and then decided it had been 6 hours since I took anything for pain and thought it was probably good to pop 1 percocet and lay down. The strangest discomfort I'm having is when I've layed for a long period of time (overnight or just during the day). My booty is SO, SO sore. Is that the lipo from my flanks/back? It's pretty numb too. Then I wonder if maybe, since my boobies and tummy are compressed, the swelling has moved to my bottom? I dunno. It's just uncomfortable and I have not figured out how to lay on my side. Tomorrow I'll shower again and probably take another photo to see if there has been any progress in swelling. Days are moving right along. I can't believe today is Saturday already. I've already cut my pain dose in half, so I think I'm recovering nicely! :)

4 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: I hear this date is supposed...

4 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: I hear this date is supposed to be a mile marker? Wahooo! I started off the morning downstairs with the whole family. Hubby and I had coffee and watched the news while the kids ran around the room and played. I had some koshi cinnamon wheaties cereal for breakfast and then popped pain, anti-nausea and antibiotics. My MIL was going to come back over after church today to help with my 2nd shower, but determined me set out to do this by myself. I did it! It was totally doable. Granted I took it very slow and easy and used the chair in the shower and out of the shower. I was able to get all the gauze off and stare in the mirror longingly for minutes. My boobies are beginning to take a very pretty shape. I think I'm still in shock that this type of procedure is possible and that I could do it. I feel amazing and so sexy already! I put antibiotics on my scars and secured with gauze and finally lost the depends since I'm no longer leaking and put on some cute KC Royals color sweats with pockets and a white women's sparkly tee. I stuck my little baggy drains in my pockets and wallah I look semi normal! This afternoon we're going to do a family walk around the big circle in the neighborhood. Our little 16 mo. princess loves to push her shopping cart with her baby in the seat outside, so that's the plan. A slow walk in the neighborhood. Right now it's quiet time in the house so I'll probably take a little nap. Getting in and out of bed is easier today than yesterday. My MIL was proud of me for taking the shower by myself and said she'll be by later to give me my shot. Yesterday evening I read books with my little lady in bed and then we went outside and blew bubbles. Tonight I'm thinking hubby and I may watch a good movie together. The drains were close to 90 - 100 the first couple days. Then yesterday around 45. I'm hoping less today, cuz I would LOVE to have them removed Thursday at my appointment. High hoping. I'll post a pic that I took in the mirror after the shower. It's a little blurry from the flash in the mirror, but I'm thinking you can see that the boobies are dropping a little. I'll be calling doctors office tomorrow for refills on my scripts. They gave me very minimal and I only have 2 percocets left. I'm sure they'll give me more. I'd rather stock up and have them in case I need them. For lunch, hubby served me in bed some low sodium chicken noodle soup and saltines. Yum, yum. Time to take a nap. :D

Oh, one more thing I wanted to share. So, my...

Oh, one more thing I wanted to share. So, my sister and I were curious how much the skin that was removed weighed? We calculated that the new implants were probably 1 lb. on each side. So, it they took at least 2 lbs. off of skin in my belly then maybe my weight would remain the same. Sure enough, I was 159.4 morning of surgery and now 4 days later 159.4. Interesting! :)

5 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: Yesterday was good. I feel...

5 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: Yesterday was good. I feel like I'm definitely steadily healing. I was able to lightly tidy up the kitchen and help get the kids put together for school/daycare and then hubby left and the house was all mine to the dog and I. I took it pretty easy. The percocet with valium are keeping me pretty mellow. My sis came over and we spent a couple hours reviewing and dreaming of what else we would love to have done. We both will not ever touch our face. But, the brazilian booty lift did look appealing! I absolutely love where my body is settling right now. I'm so happy with the results. I get to see Dr. Cannova on Thursday morning for my follow up. I'm surprised that I've had very little bruising because I understand he did a lot of lipo. The afternoons I'm taking nice long naps. Getting around and out of bed is becoming easier and easier.

6 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: The hardest part of my day is the night. I get up around 2 or 3 A.M. to use the restroom. I probably don't need to, but I feel the need to move my body. Usually pain meds have worn off by then, and I have a burning sensation in my upper vajayjay area close to my scar. I will definitely chat with PS on Thursday about this. Getting in and out of bed or chairs during the day is quite doable, just during the night after I've been laying stiff is when it becomes very challenging. This morning I took the delight of making my kids breakfast and was able to review spelling words. Being a working mommy, I'm usually out of the house before the kids are up and I just totally loved being able to do this for them. I was able to get my little girl's hair in pig-tails and get her all cute for daycare. After all were gone, I again relished in the peace and quiet of the home. I don't think I've ever really had a day in my home to myself. I LOVE it! :) I went out for a slow mile walk around the neighborhood. The sweet quiet neighborhood, sun shining on my face, birds singing their songs, breeze through my hair, was so relaxing, I was a little self conscious of my drains and tucked them as far as I could into my sweat pant pockets. After my walk, I took a nice long hot shower. This time, I didn't feel the need to sit through the entire shower. I tried to scrub some of the glue and tape spots off some areas. Most are just being too darn stubborn. After I patted my new body dry, I decided to take a few photos which I'll upload shortly. Then, I braided my hair and sat outside and enjoyed a nice quiet lunch of my usual these days: 1/2 a Can of Low Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup and 1 Mango. Yum, yum! Going to take my nap now before the house becomes alive for the evening. :)

7 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: WOW! It's been a week! I'm...

7 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: WOW! It's been a week! I'm so happy I could cry. This has been just such a wonderful experience. I took another mile walk in the hood today but this time I utilized the hills in the neighborhood for a little strength training (don't want to lose that booty!) LOL My tummy is so very tight and of course I have little discomforts here and there but overall I think I'm healing super, super, SUPER! I can't wait to see my PS tomorrow just to thank him for his art! I really don't have much bruising from the lipo which surprises me. The areas that my drains are sutured in at the end of my TT scar look kind of weird so I'll definitely ask about. The skin is a bit wrinkly and puffy. I'm guessing that maybe they take those sutures out when the drains are pulled and everything falls in place? I'm debating taking a shower. We do have someone coming over tonight to chat about our master bath so maybe I should clean up a little? LOL If surgery wasn't enough, my hubby surprised me with a bathroom remodel for my birthday! YIPPEEE! Love him! If I take the shower, I get to see my boobs again. Oh, okay - that was easy enough. Off to the shower I go!

8 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: I went to see my PS and the...

8 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: I went to see my PS and the first thing my Nurse told me after she called my name in the waiting room was "Wow, you're walking fast and doing great!". My PS said I was healing beautifully and loved how I had little to no bruising because he did a ton of lipo. I got my left drain removed! YIPEEEE! I didn't feel a thing, because my PS was talking during removal. My hubby said there was like 6" of tubing and he almost fainted from the grossness. I was totally clueless. I got my stitches out of my ear lobe (they'll re-pierce in a couple weeks and I can not wear clip ons - oh how naked I will feel when I return to work). They also removed my stitches from both entries on my back where the lipo was performed. I will start massaging my breasts now lightly. Basically during my warm shower in the morning I am to press on the upper part of my breast down hard until it hurts for 10 seconds. I repeat on other side. Then I press my breasts together from the sides by my arm pits for 10 seconds. In the evenings, my hubby is to put a warm wash cloth on me and do the same routine since he's stronger. Next week I should have the 2nd drain removed and they will moderate the massage exercises and make them a little tougher. My Nurse loved my tummy as did my PS. He seemed very pleased with everything and was as nice as can be. I kept thanking him and told him I felt awesome. I do have one disappointment though. So far EVERYTHING has been amazing and I am so very very thankful! However, today I put on some yoga capris and I thought I had noticed this in the last couple days, but it was definitely confirmed in the pants that I've lost a lot of the top of my booty. I have lost like 2.5 lbs. in the last few days, but that wouldn't make me so flat in the butt. I asked my PS if he did lipo on my booty and he said just in the upper trunk area which he said was necessary all around. I loved all the fat in my booty as it gave me great shape in jeans/pants. My only hope is that when the swelling goes down in my torso and tummy which he did confirm I have a lot of, I'll get my little rump back. I'll definitely be working it and may just have to be serious about a Brazilian booty lift in the coming years. LOL So, aside from the booty drama, I felt gorgeous today. I did my hair and makeup for the first time in a week. My hubby owns his own business and ran me over to one of his job sites (I think he wanted to show me off). The guys knew what I had done and one of his best contractors sheepishly smiled big and said "oh ya...I can look good!" LOL I think I might go take a little slow walk in the neighborhood now and then lay down for a nap. I'm kind of pooped from the morning, but think some fresh air will do me good. Laterz....

9 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: My oh my, the time is just...

9 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: My oh my, the time is just flying by! I have 4 days left to recover and recover and recover and recover and then return to work. I'm an Office Manager so my position consists of me being very "upbeat and running around between 2 floors making sure everything is highly functioning". I'm nervous, but will do my very best. This time off was "personal time" for me and I was not being vocal about what I was doing during my time off. So, here's hoping to having that last drain removed on Tuesday, and much, much more recovery and happy, healthy healing in the next few days to come so I can be my best at work on Wednesday. I so love my job, so it will be good to be back, BUT...I have relished each and every day of being home. It's been like a stayvacation and I have LOVED every precious minute of it. So, all this talk of needing to take it easy and recover doesn't really fit with my day today. I drove for the first time and my car just happened to park at the mall! :) Before I go there, let me just tell you finding something to wear out was really tricky. I tried on a pair of wide leg high waisted stretchy loose jeans that I could easily button before surgery. Those babies could hardly make it over my thighs and were no way close to closing. I couldn't believe it. My tummy is so flat, but man I must be swollen as heck still. I will have to post this on some veteran's reviews to see when I can expect the swelling to go down. Macy's was having friends and family day, so I just slowly perused the department store. I found some AMAZING Guess shiny beige with yellow peaking out of the soles cork wedge shoes that I put on hold (only to purchase later). Can I just say ADORABLE! Then, I found a non wire bra. The old lady helped me kind of peruse the bra section. I wanted a "graduation" bra from my compression sports front zip bra which would be low cut enough for a bit more revealing tops but with much back support and she put me in a brand that ran small and I was a 36D. Sweet! I think my PS hit goal perfectly as the C's I'm very round and full in and once the swelling goes down, I'll fit perfectly and maybe I'll still be able to find some D's here and there in smaller running brands. Since no pants fit me right now I decided some semi loose blouses and A-line skirts would be a good option for work for the first few days/weeks back. I have some, but want to return to work a bit freshened up. So - Forever21 it was! Cheap, cheap and lots of cute, cute stuff! Got the hubby a couple cute Tees from the Mens' section too. Now, I can't wait to go back to work in STYLE. The skirts are stretchy, so they'll fit too when the swelling goes down. I love to shop by myself and really take my time. Since I was moving a bit slowly to begin with, after almost 4 hours (YES - 4 HOURS) later and not having anything for pain, my back ached really, really bad. I found a bench in the mall and just sat for a little while and rested. I so needed to just relax. Then I made my way to my car, got home, popped 1 1/2 Percocets and half a valium updated this post and am now going nighty night for a nap before the kids get home. Fun, fun day! I will not be walking my mile outside today. Enough walking for me for the day. It's FRIDAY! So, I'm looking forward to the weekend with the family and maybe a good movie night "in" with hubby tonight.

Oh my goodness what the heckle jeckle? After my...

Oh my goodness what the heckle jeckle? After my shopping trip I came home and had a late lunch. Just the regular: some low sodium chicken noodle soup and some celery with garlic hummus. Layed down/rested and then woke up 2 hrs. later STARVING! I looked in the pantry and a can of black beans and tuna were calling my name, so I quickly googled a recipe and came up with a yummy spicy mayo/black bean/tuna/cilantro salad recipe. It called for 4 - 5 servings, so I halved the recipe but ended up eating the whole thing with saltine crackers for dipping. Then, the giant bag of reeses peanut butter cups were sitting there (which I have had no interest in for weeks and the boys have just been snacking on in the evenings) and I downed a lot! A lot meaning like maybe 10 of them or so? WTF? So, I quickly googled possibility of tummy tuck popping out of place with over eating and couldn't find anything, THANK GOD! Then, I read about how 7-8 days before your period, women can tend to get super hungry and feel like eating a horse. It's basically because progesterone levels drop and metabolism increases by 16% thus making you feel much more hungrier. Some say it's just mental, but man I was STARVING. Also, serotonin drops which makes you go after "feel good" foods to bring the levels back up. I'm only 8 days PO and there's no way I can afford putting on some extra poundage/swelling so please ALL encourage me to the fullest to be use my MENTAL strength to void from overeating and just chill. My period will be here in a week and then I know I won't be hungry again due to the fullness/cramping. OK - had to vent. Just needing to put this down in writing so I can feel some accountability from ya'll. :) LOL

10 DAYS POST SURGERY: Sweet! I am just sailing...

10 DAYS POST SURGERY: Sweet! I am just sailing right along. Despite my hunger last night I lost a couple lbs.! I'm down to 155.4 lbs. now. Love it! Swelling must be getting better. After my son's flag football game my little princess (who will be 17 months tomorrow) and I just hung out together at home while my son ran around with his neighborhood pals. I gave her a hot pink pedi and then we went on a 30 minute stroller walk. I probably totally should not have been pushing her around, but I stayed on flat areas in the neighborhood and she is a tiny itty bitty thing (6th percentile in weight for her age), so really the stroller was practically pulling me. :) We found some dandelions and blew them and made wishes. :) The day was pretty layed back. Hubby put in an extra day as he's nearing the end of a project, so it was just me and the kids. My 8 year old helped pick up my little girl and put in her crib for naps and on the diaper changing table for changes. I did cheat a couple times and picked her up and put her in my lap, but overall I've been trying to obey that rule. I'm supposed to wait another week to pick her up, but seriously I've been feeling really good. Right (and only) drain was down to 27 today. I have to remain this low through Monday and hopefully will have it OUTTA me on Tuesday. :) Looking forward to my boobie massage by hubby tonight. LOL

11 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: Zipadee Doo Dah, Zipadee...

11 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: Zipadee Doo Dah, Zipadee Day, My, oh my it's been ANOTHER wonderful day! Not much to report. Feeling good. Rainy day in KC, so we played, ate lunch and shopped at the mall as a family. This afternoon got some home organizing done. Winding down now, so in bed with hubby. Popped a valium and going to sleep away some sweet dreams. Oh, right drain remained at 27 today. Let's hope for lower tomorrow and then hopefully Tuesday I'll be free as a bird. Peace...

12 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: I am a happy, happy girl!...

12 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: I am a happy, happy girl! Called my PS's nurse this afternoon and announced my great news that I've been draining 27 on my last drain for last 2 days and did 26 today. She said GREAT! As long as we're under 30, then let's go ahead and remove tomorrow. I go back to work Wednesday so perfecto timing! Here are some ?'s I need to ask tomorrow:

1.) When can I graduate to a new bra (maybe no underwire but non-sports zip up front)?
2.) What can I expect from some of the wrinkling on my TT scar where my left drain was removed?
3.) When can I bump up my exercise? What can I do for my arms and when can I start RUNNING? :)
4.) When can I expect swelling to go down? My side profile still looks a little bloated from the swelling and I can't fit into any pants because the swelling sits on my thighs. A-Line skirts is what I'll be wearing to work for a while.
5.) What type of SPANX am I supposed to graduate to after I retire my compression binder (which I do honestly love). Like a full body, or shorts, or tank or something just around the belly?
6.) When is my appointment next week? Can I get my ear pierced then and what do I bring for that? What kind of earring and how long do I wear? Is it like a 6 week deal like when little girls get their ears pierced?
7.) Should I modify my boobie massages this week? When can I expect them to drop more? I think the swelling is definitely going down as they look smaller (shucks! was beginning to get used to BIG tatas!) LOL
8.) Should I be concerned about the lumps/bruising in my upper thighs where I got my daily blood thinning shots the first week after surgery? I'm sure no worries, and they just need to heal.
7.) Will I get any stitches removed today? Belly button cleaned? :)
8.) Can I get refills on pain & Valium? I'm done with the Percocet and like the Valium now. I'm thinking I'll really need in the afternoons/evenings after work.
9.) Is there anything else I should be asking or need to know about being 2 weeks out?

So, today I kind of got caught up on some work E-Mail so I wouldn't be too overwhelmed when I return Wednesday. I also made my son's favorite meal plus fresh hot chocolate chip cookies out of the oven along with a side of cold milk and brought them to him at school for lunch. We got to sit at the back table and whisper. So fun! He's a 2nd grader and all his friends kept telling him "you have such a nice mom!" :) :) :) I then did a little more shopping! DANG! I'm gonna look springy/summery fresh when I return to work. I just found lots of deals and really felt the need to freshen up my wardrobe. Can't wait to go to work just to play dress up again! I also bought my co-worker a cute little thank you bracelet for all the extra work she took on while I was out. I did notice after all my running around today that my back ached. That seems to be the area that I feel some pain. I came home and took a 1/2 of a valium and just layed in bed for an hour and it didn't make me sleepy but just took care of the ache. Ok, before I make this entry too lengthy, I just want to share one new obsession which I'm not too certain how soon I'll retire. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sleeping with so many pillows! I'm using 2 under my legs, my wedge pillow behind me topped with another 2 pillows, 1 on the side incase my head wants to fall sideways instead of back while sleeping, 1 on my tummy (read on someone's page that a pillow on your tummy creates the feeling of laying on your tummy) and a couple small ones just to pop my head up a bit more temporarily for when I'm typing my updates on RealSelf LOL or watching T.V. It's just so stinking cozy to be in a sea of pillows. Okay, nighty night for me. Tomorrow is my last day of PTO and I'm celebrating with a brow wax and a drain removed. YAHOOOOOO!

13 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: YAY! Got my last drain...

13 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: YAY! Got my last drain removed today. So exciting! I had such another happy, happy day. My husband spent the day with me and we ran around together. I'm so sleepy, valium is kicking in LOL but I will quickly recount the day. I'm going to work tomorrow and need to at least get a few hours of rest! LOL So, my doctor appointment couldn't of gone better. Drain - outta there! I told my PS that the incisions on my TT in some areas were GORGEOUS and miraculous as I couldn't see any stitching. He said they were done from the inside. Seriously!? Had no idea. He said I can start running next Wednesday. WOW! At 3 weeks out! :) He said it will hurt and to just take it easy and listen to my body. I get my ear pierced in 4 weeks. I can start wearing no wire bras. He gave me my last refill script of pain meds and said this is it honey so use them wisely. :) My next follow up is in 2 weeks. No modifying of breast massages. I'm just to continue doing what I'm doing. He said I'll notice a considerable amount of the swelling going down at 6 weeks PO. The wrinkling in my TT scar on the ends where my drains were, we'll give 6 months to settle. If we're not happy, he's going to clean up, extend the scar a bit, remove a little more skin all for FREE. I just pay for the room fee which he said will be like $200. I ended up bringing a pile of compression garments with me for the nurse to review which I purchased. She thought I was overdoing it with everything I purchased. LOL She recommended like a panty type that goes up to under the bra line. I went shopping this afternoon and couldn't get my booty in that uncomfy and no pee holes, so I just ended up getting ones that wrap around the tummy with bra like clips to fasten. Basically similar to my compression garment that I'm already wearing. I got my stiches removed out of my belly button. Can I say SEXY!!!!!??? Love my new BB. Hubby said it looks GOOD! Maybe this weekend when the work week dies down, I'll take some photos. Hubby and I had lunch at Crown Center and sat outside by the fountains. He was looking hot! I got a new bra at VS. Was fitted for a 34DD - YAY, actually double D YAY! But, they didn't make the wire free line in this bra in 34DD so, I got a 36D in hot pink. So, so, pretty! I got the brows waxed today too and have a cute outfit layed out for tomorrow. Okay, I know this entry is SO random, but I HAVE to get to bed. Nighty night. Looking forward to seeing my coworkers tomorrow after 2 weeks off. Will SO miss spending lots of extra time with my babies, but Mama's gotta bring home the doe! LOL Peace...

14 DAYS AFTER SURGERY - it was my first day back...

14 DAYS AFTER SURGERY - it was my first day back to work and boy did I feel GORGEOUS! I was definitely sensitive to note if anyone noticed. I wore earthy tones and had a pretty ginger colored polka dot A-line short skirt to hide my massive thigh swelling and a cute loose khaki short sleeved sweater to hide my DD's. Nothing obvious for any on-lookers. I did lift up my sweater for my hubby before I left work and his mouth dropped open. I wore a regular (no wire) bra for the first time, and with my teeny tiny waist spanx compression thing and my high waisted skirt my boobies were looking HUGE! He said "Oh, we're going to have fun with those!" LOL - Such a guy! My co-worker that took on my duties while I was out knew about surgery and she saw me in the parking lot, gave me a hug, and told me she could tell and thought I looked great. I reminded her of all the swelling and that I won't see results for a month+. I was running all over the office trying to get it into the shape I'm happy with most of the morning (all in 5" platform cute new Guess shoes) and finally sat down after a couple hours and worked on a project at my desk for a few hours. I took lunch to my car where I had pillows set up, turned on some tunes and layed back and just relaxed. I didn't need it, but I think it helped to just chill for a little while. The afternoon flew by with projects. I was overwhelmed by all the "missed you SO muches" :) Everyone is so sweet. Most people just complimented me on my cute outfit, and I didn't get any longingly stares, so I think for the most part, my secret was kept to myself. Don't get me wrong, cosmetic surgery is like the most amazing decision I've ever made and I want to SHOUT it from the mountain tops because I'm SO, SO, SO happy with the results, but you know this is a total personal thing and I just don't want to be judged by some of the executive level folks. Maybe as time goes by, I'll share with a few, but you know how that goes, once a few know, the whole office does! :) LOL There was one gal, that gave me an up an down look while I was refreshing our coffee bar at the office, and she remarked "Wow, YOU look really, really, SKINNY!" I just smiled and said "Thanks!" and kept on going. LOL I worked a little late. I sure did miss my babies and gave them longingly hugs yesterday evening when I got off. But, it was great to be back at work. I do LOVE my job. I think I work for the BEST company ever. It's super artsy/creative and I work with some of the most witty and intelligent and creative and stylish people I have ever met in my life. So, I'm beginning to think how much happier can life get? I think I'm just filled with so much gratitude for all the little things that I just constantly feel that inner peace and am super happy with the state of where my husband and my family's life is currently. We have our health, we have great kids, we have jobs we love, we have a huge family that lives close, we share the same religious beliefs, we are comfortable in our cozy home, we like to splurge and go clothes/shoe shopping together, we have an active lifestyle and my husband got a NEW HOT WIFE! LOL Yep, pretty happy with just about everything these days. I do recognize it and like I said feel Gratitude each and every day.

15 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: To be honest, today was a rough morning. When I wake up, I typically will pop a pain pill (yes, I'm still taking my Vicodin which I'm weaning off) It doesn't affect me like others. It just gives me energy and wipes out the pain, so I'm taking the rest that I have, and then my doc said no more refills...Anyway, so I took my pain pill at 5:30 A.M. and layed in bed till 6:00 A.M. to let it kick in. My body is still pretty stiff in the morning as I get out of bed and I went to take my dressings off and take a nice hot shower. My mother in-law gave me MOM and some laxatives to take on a nightly basis to get my BM's more regular. So, I got dizzy in the shower felt like I needed to "GO" and jumped on the toilet. I know this is TMI, but I went ahead and went and suddenly got super, super, super dizzy. I felt like I was about to pass out. I ran over to bed, because I was too scared to lay on the bathroom floor for fear I would not be able to get back up and my husband was laying there super concerned. My heart was racing, I was about to slip out of consciousness, he kept talking to me and I was unresponsive. I was having trouble catching my breath. After I felt semi-ok again, I explained to him about the long shower and that I wondered if the laxative was depleting my electrolytes in my body. I have never taken laxatives in my life. I only took stool softeners after my babie's births, and googled side effects the other day and that's what was mentioned for prolonged use. Suddenly, I felt the need to "GO" and ran to the toilet and a LOT came out. I then got back in the shower (used the shower seat this time) and finished my shower (shaving, etc.). I ate some crackers, had half a banana, did my hair, got dressed and wallah, I was feeling fine again. It was kind of scary though. My mother-in-law (retired nurse) and I chatted later today and she told me to cut the laxatives in half, cut my pain pills in half and begin substituting some Ibuprofeen instead and make sure to eat enough protein. I did get on the scale this morning and was down to 152.4 lbs, so I lost another 3 lbs. I think the swelling is definitely going down, so I think that's why my #'s are down. So, for my 2nd day back at work, I've really cut back on pain. Took 1 pill every 7 hrs. today. I'll take 1/2's tomorrow along with Ibuprofeen. I felt good all day. Wore 5" heals again and was looking super cute in a red A-line skirt from Forever21. :) Isn't that just one of the funnest things in the mornings when you have a job to dress up for and you feel great in your body? I've always had a clothes obsession which now that I have 1 baby girl, I LOVE to DOLL her up too! :) Anyway, so yes, the day started rough, but has ended nicely. I'm excited tomorrow is Friday. This means the weekend is HERE already! I layed off the walking my mile per day these last few days. I felt like I needed to save up a little energy for work. However, that will not stop me this upcoming weekend. I'll be out there with the stroller for sure! Happy healing everyone and Happy Friday tomorrow! :D

16 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: It was another great day!...

16 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: It was another great day! Cut pain pills in half and added Ibuprofen. No dizzy spells.

I walked around downtown during lunch instead of resting in my car and I was feeling great. LOVE FRIDAYS in the office! After a hard working week for most of my coworkers, we rocked out to 80's and some of them popped open some beer early in the afternoon.

Spent the evening in a tight tanktop and black cotton skirt at our son's school carnival. The kids had a super duper blast especially at the cake walk and my hubby could not keep his hands off of me! :D

17 DAYS AFTER SURGERY: Took some new pics today! Some of the bloody gunk around my scars have finally fallen off in my daily showers. My binders have been tight on my tummy all week and I sleep in them (thus the binder marks on my belly). Also, I have some nice bruising going on in my thighs where I received my daily blood thinner shots the first week after surgery. Overall, I'm a happy girl with my bod. I dropped a little more weight. Was 151.7 this morning. For those that are rookies and novices - is this swelling or muscles? I can't wait to RUN again and build up my legs and booty.

Tonight my hubby and I celebrate 6 years of marriage! We're going to find a mexican place downtown...and celebrate Cinco de Mayo and of course our marriage! :) I'll have a margarita (first alcoholic beverage after surgery) and my hubby who doesn't drink but likes it when I do... LOL will get his usual authentic tacos fully loaded. I think we may shop down on the plaza afterwards and then call it a night so we can take the sitter home.

Probably a little TMI, but last night hubby lightly massaged me. He just kind of tickled my tummy (which is still numb in areas) and lightly touched my upper part of my body which is getting a little hyper sensitive. We cuddled, but still have not done the act yet. PS gave the okay for this week, but I'm a little nervous. So, next week maybe? I read on someone's page that she did the act with her man in the first week after surgery and popped a stitch and really hurt herself. Yikes!

Oh, and this afternoon I went on a 1.69 mile stroller walk (I'm a #'s gal) with my little toddler. OMG - she was too cute today in her pig tails and sunglasses. I did the hills in the neighborhood and worked on my tan (breasts and belly fully covered). I had lathered her up with sunscreen and by the time we were home she was pink faced, sweaty and hard asleep. So - I carried her up the stairs to bed. This was a little tough (1st time for me since surgery) but doable! :) Doc gave me the okay to start picking her up again. :)

Laterz peeps. CAN NOT WAIT TO PARTY WITH MY MAN TONIGHT and give him his gifts. He's going to LOVE the Ed Hardy cologne I got him. :)

P.S. - I'm so sorry I'm a bit behind replying to...

P.S. - I'm so sorry I'm a bit behind replying to some of your sweet, sweet comments! Need to get ready now for the night, but I promise I will in the next day or 2. :) I'm getting so excited for some of you who are coming up on your BIG day! For the rest of my new mommy makeover friends - happy continued healing! :)

3 WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: Wow! The days have been...

3 WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: Wow! The days have been flying by now that I'm into my regular work/family regime! All is swell! I'm still sleeping in a sea of pillows. I take 1/2 of a Vicodin in the morning just to get me going and work out the stiffness from not moving much over the night (I have like 2 more pills left (so 4 more mornings) - other than that I'm taking just Ibuprofen throughout the rest of the day). Then, I've been spending my wee mornings walking for about 1.70 miles. Work is going great! I've never felt so womanly and beautiful. My favorite part of the day is picking out my clothes! Swelling has dramatically subsided. The #'s on the scale have continued to drop. I'm down to 149.3 which is 10+ lbs. that I've lost in the last 3 weeks. Family life is great! I'm back to picking up my daughter, giving her baths, snuggling with her, and carrying her upstairs. Holding her for extended periods, is still a little challenging, so I usually just sit down and we cuddle when she needs her Mama. I'm not completely wore out in the evenings anymore. I'm back to the usual routine of homework with my son, dinner with the fam and then a little cuddle time with hubby after the kids are down. My next appointment with my PS was scheduled for next Thursday, but we've moved it up to tomorrow morning as I did discover a tiny little issue. I think I popped a stitch right in the middle of the front of my TT incision line. I noticed it last Saturday and sent my Nurse photos. The office didn't seem overly concerned, but wanted me to come in a week earlier just to double check and make sure I don't need antibiotics. It does have a little puss (gross) that leaks from it, but overall, I'm still applying Poly Bacitracin Ointment and gauzing up all my incision areas and my Nurse said to continue being active and keep the area covered. I've read on here, that it seems to be kind of normal for this to happen, and the opening should just seal up. My PS told me I could start running at 3 weeks. He said it would hurt really bad and to just listen to my body. Since, I've been in a routine of walking daily, in celebration of 3 weeks I RAN TODAY!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I brought tennies and a change of clothes to work today (dry-fit pink tank & black capris) and spent 30 minutes of my lunch running through downtown. The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous! I kept an even slow pace of 14:58 min/mi. and yes, my core muscles were extremely tight but it was TOTALLY DOABLE! I almost cried when I finished my run. 3 weeks of not running and then getting out there was UH-MAZING! We have a shower in the basement of our building at work, and I just kind of wash clothed me off, freshened up, got myself some nuts (PROTEIN!) and a banana and headed back up to the office. People have been complimenting me left and right these days about my weight loss. I gained 75 lbs. with my first pregnancy, then lost it all. 7 years later I gained 50 lbs. with my daughter and have finally lost all of that in the last 17 months! Yes, I did get a few enhancements with this loss (which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Tatas & my skinny binny belly and finally a GORGEOUS belly button) and which I'm not freely telling folks (of the surgery). I'm just being honest and telling them the truth...the parts which have worked: eating mindful and exercising and that I've been working on this for the last 17 months and the results are just now beginning to really show. I told my husband that on my run downtown today, I got a lot of "hello's and smiles" from men. I feel like I'm getting more attention than I used to which is new, but my hubby loves it. He's so cute and proud when others compliment or look. :). He's a confidant man and knows I'm his. :) Since I've lost a few more lbs., I bought another bra. Does everyone know you can get no wire bras at Victoria Secret? It's a great line. The hot pink one that I bought 1 week and a half ago was a 36D (worn on the tightest clip). They don't make this line in 34DD. The 34D at that time did not fit clean around me and was kind of uncomfy. Since I'm a few more lbs. down....TADAAAA! I'm now in a 34D. So, I picked up a black one. I hope this is it! I don't want to lose anymore cup size. I'm very proud of the size and very comfortable with these new tatas! LOL Tonight, I need to type up my ?'s for my PS tomorrow. I really don't know anything about the incision lines\stitches around my breasts & tummy tuck. Are they all disolvable? Do some come out? I feel like I have one very prickly one under my skin right at the end/top of my right breast incision line that is trying to push under the skin. So, along with the popped stitch and this one that's a bit uncomfy are at the top of my list of ?'s. Then, I'm also curious about how long I'm supposed to wrap in gauze, wear my bra to bed, wear my binder, sleep with my feet I get my ear pierced next week (@ 4 wks. PO) or 4 weeks from last week's appt.)? Now that I can start running is there anything I can do for my arms? How swollen do you think I still am? BTW - I wore a pair of old jeans yesterday that I haven't worn in a few years. Total sexy low rise wide bottom dress jeans. This means my swelling is DOWN because it was a total celebration to just wear a pair of pants rather than only skirts/dresses. Hmmmmm....what other ?'s do I have? Oh - I need to find out about massaging. I know I'm supposed to look for lumps from the lipo and massage them out. I think I found one today and will see if they can demonstrate how to massage it out. I'll also ask about scar therapy. When do I start that? AND are there any risks that I'm taking by running and popping more stitches? Hmmmmm....I think that's all I can think of. Overall, I hope this read shows that 3 weeks out LIFE is GOOD! GREAT as a matter of fact. You know, with cosmetic surgery you have to go into it knowing you're not going to achieve perfection, but you definitely get what you pay for. I wouldn't change a thing. I am SO THRILLED with these amazing results. I now look in the mirror after I get out of the shower and instead of glancing away from my image of my African Boobies and my rolls of skin, I gawk and pinch myself and have to identify that the reflection is me! That pretty body is mine. It's a super feeling to be happy with what you see. I'm just so very thankful and so very blessed. I was in love with my life before, but now....Geez, it's the icing on the cake! :)

4 WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: Ring, ring it's the new ME...

4 WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: Ring, ring it's the new ME 1 month later. Did I seriously just have surgery 4 weeks ago? Ummmm, YES! I'm just really becoming accustomed to my new body that it's beginning to become a little more of a reality that this IS me now! :) Last Thursday I went to the doctor and left on such a high. My PS walked by the exam room as the door was about to close so I could get into the clinical garb and he stopped the door from shutting and was like "WOW! You look GREAT! You looked good before, but your body has really taken on the shape now". It was so nice to hear. I had a pencil plum colored skirt on against a see-through baby blue lace blouse with a tight cami underneath and some cute heels. When he came back to examine me, I was telling him how I was running and he said I was healing beautifully and that I could begin scar therapy. He said I should begin massaging 2x per day Mederma into my scars and rub them 10 strokes in each section. He also adjusted my boobie massages and said no more pressing down, but just to do 10 circular motions on the tops of both breast muscles 2x a day (specifically in shower or after warm wash cloth). I had all but 1 stitch (of the remaining in boobies and end of TT scar) removed AND my PS confirmed that I did not pop a stitch but that my incision line in the front midsection had separated and that it would heal and that I should just put neosporin on it and top it with a bandaid. Otherwise, I'm done with all gauze and can wear my binder or bras (at night/during day) as I please. I can just do what's most comfortable for me. OKAY, so that's the PS update. Now to the TRUTHS: After 3 days of running last week in a row (I kind of tend to go at it hard when given the ok), and then carrying my daughter a block down the street to her nanny's, I strained an abdominal muscle. :-/ I suddenly had awful pain doing simple things like laughing, pooping, coughing, lifting....I took Mother's Day weekend "OFF" from running/walking, called my PS this past Monday, let him know I was beginning to feel better and that nothing had changed to my contour/shape of my belly, but I definitely felt a muscle strain after I carried my daughter down the street. They did not have concern enough for me to come in, but said I should lay off running for another week. SO, I officially have rested for 5 days solid, am feeling back to SUPER again and got up at 4 A.M. this morning to get my 1.70 mile walk in. I took it easy but it felt good to GET UP and have my "me" time of peace, solitude, and daily strategizing. I plan on walking for the next 3 days and then I'll try to run again on Monday. Swelling comes and goes. Some days are better than others. Diet is definitely the key. With our anniversary, Mother's Day, my husband's birthday and oh so many reasons to celebrate recently, I have definitely found that what goes "in" definitely shows on how you look on the "out". I've begun to ease out of wearing the binder and bra at night (hubby loving this! - oh and probably TMI - but we have been active again and it is WONDERFUL - I feel so alive and beautiful and confidant LOL) and then during the day, I'm wearing my binder from my PS's office. They truly are my favorite compared to the binders I purchased from Macy's, and I feel more confidant and supportive wearing them to work under clothes, incase I run into a day of lots of meeting setup, moving stuff around office, etc. Plus - the binders help tremendously with swelling. I hope to graduate to being binder free in the coming weeks and then just using while I run/walk. Okismoki, that's all for now. Happy healing mamas and happy belated mother's day to all my upcoming Mommy Makeover friends. What better gift to give to "us", right? :) Hugs!

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16 1/2 Months After Surgery Photo Updates

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Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Can I just say I love Dr. Cannova? After 4 interviews in the KC area with Plastic Surgeons and much research, he truly seemed like the smartest option. He was 5K less than Dr. Dillow which I absolutely adored too, so money was the factor here. Dr. Cannova is cool, younger, a total perfectionist and a great listener. He's a family guy and is super honest with what to expect. I would refer anyone and everyone to him. I'm thrilled with my results and felt like I had the best possible skilled surgeon/artist sculpt me. Thank you so much Dr. Cannova!

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