31 Yrs Old, 4 Beautiful Babies, and Ready for my Body Back. Kansas City, MO

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Hi all! I'm 31 years old, 5'3", 125 lbs, and...

Hi all! I'm 31 years old, 5'3", 125 lbs, and probably a size 34B even though VS says I'm a 34C. Lol! I'm looking to get rid of my excess belly skin and make my boobs fuller, after breastfeeding I've got what I call "tit sacks". They're just a sad excuse for breasts. I'm looking to be fuller and more natural of a shape. I also have diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia.
I've looked forward to a mommy makeover for 10 years. I'm stoked to be able to be in the stage of interviewing doctors. Yesterday was the first day I've ever had a consultation with a PS. It was very informative. The Dr. I saw did a great job describing the procedure and what he would do. My favorite part was trying the implants on. This doctor suggested using gummy bear implants, which I've head my eyes in for some time now. I've gotten a good idea of what size I want to be.
Then the tummy tuck, he said that he could pretty much ensure that he would be able to get rid of the stretch marks below my belly button, but that the ones above my belly button would still be there. Hell, I knew that. Wouldn't I look strange if I had stretch marks on my legs and butt and boobs??? Lol I really thought that was the funniest thing. I earned those marks, I'll keep some of them lol
I can't wait to see the next doctor and then I'll be able to compare.


Super excited for my next consultation! Next week I go and see the dr I've been waiting to see. With my job, and kids, it's hard to take off work to get to go! Thankful for some vacation time! I'm excited because it's just another step closer to making that decision on choosing a doctor and getting my mommy makeover scheduled. Anyone have any recommendations on PS in the Kansas City, MO they want to suggest?
Have a Merry Christmas!


Just posting a laying down picture of my belly...sad. Major separation of the stomach muscles, as well as a lot of loose skin. Blah!!


I've booked my surgery!!!!!! May 26th will be right around the corner before I know it!!!!


Tried on 450 and 485 sizers the other day. I tried them on with a tank top with a shelf bra, but no other bra. The picture with 485 looks a little droopy, but it's because there wasn't much holding up the implant with that tiny tank lol
What do you think?

Countdown to the new me!

Wow! I can't believe I'm almost just a month away from surgery. So many mixed emotions right now. I'm excited, but then again, I feel so selfish for spending so much $$$ on myself. I'm the mom that shops for her family and rarely shops for myself. It is hard for me to see myself a new way and have confidence, so I'm glad to do it. I know I'm rambling, but it's exactly how my mind is processing it all.
Did anyone else feel like this, too?
I'm still unsure about cc size. It's the most confusing/frustrating part of it all. The tummy tuck is a no brainer, you cut it off and stitch me up and boom! It's done. The boobs, completely different story. I don't want to go too big, but yet I don't want to go too small. My goal is to be a full C when I'm done. Right now I'm 115 lbs 5' 2". So, if I gain weight, I don't want my boobs to be too small, but I don't want to look top heavy either.
I just need to see my dr and tell him all of my worries and place my anxiety about them in his hands to to fully trust that he will make me look gorgeous.
Sorry for the rambling! I'm sure you know what it feels like lol

A week

One week left until the big day. Lots of things to do and finish up before then. Still a little nervous on going too big on the implants. I plan on letting my surgeon decide which he thinks will be best for me and my body. After all that is why I'm paying him.
I'm not nervous about the TT, except complications that could arise after surgery when I see pics on here of incisions opening up and such. Thank goodness my surgeon will be putting me on antibiotics for 2 weeks after surgery. That makes me feel a little better.
I'm super excited! Can't wait to show off my new self!

Less than 3 days....

I can't believe surgery is almost here. Starting to feel rather nervous about the end results. The TT I'm not really worried about, except how my belly button will look. It's the boobs, still. Ugh! I want natural looking breasts that don't enter the room before the rest of my body lol! It seems like each day I go back and forth about sizes still. Even when I feel better, something I read or see makes me change my mind.
More importantly on a serious note, is the thought of not waking up. I have a fear of leaving my kids. I know the chances are small and I'll be at one of the best hospitals around with a kick ass anesthesiologist by my side. I just really worry about that.
Any pointers to help me get over that feeling? Or did y'all feel the same way and just swallowed it and moved forward? Any suggestions/ideas are appreciated!

Today's the day!

Excited! Nervous! Worried! Wondering! Giddy! All of the above emotions I've felt this morning alone. I've showered this morning, as well as last night. Completely went through a huge wave of emotions. And that is exactly what it is a fucking wave. It's not a good one so be prepared. It set in that I won't get to pick up my littlest one for 6 weeks. That hurts. A lot. I've been told by a friend that I just need to ride the wave and go through the emotions but not dwell in the lows. I can't believe today is finally here. No turning back.
We are on our way to the surgery center. I'm ready to see the "new" me. :o)
My husband just pointed out a rainbow on the way. I love rainbows! Maybe this is a great sign!

Wish pics

Thank you PetiteMama's perfect pictures! I think these are perfect and I can only hope I have this great result.

Pretty sore

I'm pretty sore. And eating is hard to do with a really dry mouth from the tube down my throat. Have been sleeping off and on didn't I got home. Enjoy the sneak peek


I had planned on updating daily, and that didn't happen. Sorry! Nothing new to note. Things are going pretty smoothly. Except my CG is high waisted for my short waist so it bunches up and is uncomfortable.
The exparel injection was awesome. I never felt anything from my TT, and still to this day, I still don't. On Thursday I went to see Dr. Young and he removed one drain. Holy Moses! I knew it wouldn't feel very good, but damn! One more drain to go on Monday. Fingers crossed that it still comes out.
I've been wearing my CG 24/7 besides showering and I haven't changed my bra yet. I was told to wait to massage until next week but so far the girls look awesome.
What hurts the MOST is the muscle repair. Coughing SUCKS!!!!! I'm hoping that others can help me out about this. I'm not wanting to exercise or anything yet, I just want the hurting to go away when I wear my CG or when I wash in the shower.
Anyway. Sorry for taking so long to write! Hope y'all are doing well!!!


I had my first outing today. Prodded by my husband to get out of the house. I did, however, shower all by myself for the first time!! Woo hoo!!! Dressed in a black maxi skirt because I haven't shaved lol! And wore a tank top that helped disguise this dreadful last drain that has started to leak today. We didn't go far, but we did take the littlest one with us to Sam's. It really wasn't too bad. The gravel drive and potholes suck, but I made it!! Small win!!!!
Walking at Sam's I was allowed to go slow and push the cart and not be rushed. I loved that. We were there for about an hour. We didn't need anything, we just went browsing. Then I swung by to see a friend at work. That's the pic attached. Afterwards, we went to dinner. Man. It was good, but I couldn't eat much. I can definitely tell the internal stitching Dr Young did is serving its purpose. I couldn't eat another bite lol. It was a good day. Can't wait for tomorrow for the dreadful drain to be removed. And I will be talking to him about why my tape/steri strips under by breasts itch like crazy!
Sending love!


This is exactly how I feel today after my appt! My drain was removed!!! WOOO HOOOO! Incisions are looking fabulous! Breasts are wonderful, going to start downward massage daily now. And the itchy tape was taken off my breast crease!!!!! Love it!!! I feel so welcomed and loved at my PS office. They immediately saw me walk in the door and told me I look 100x better than the last visit. I am walking a lot better and am not in much pain anymore. Just everything about today's appt was ah-mazing! Will post a pic soon!

Just some pics

Already noticing some changes with just the downward massaging. Loving the size and my waist even more every day! :o)

Bye bye TT Steri strips

Well, after washing from being sweaty all day watching kids play in the pool, the strips were staring to come off so with a little ease they did. Cut looks good. Don't you think?

3 weeks!

Well, I've made it 3 weeks! I cannot believe it! I'm so ready to be at 6 weeks though. I miss being able to do the things I normally do and having to rely on others for help. That isn't my thing at all, but I'm trying.
I am still loving my results. I'm still doing massages on the boobs and showering every day to wash the TT incision with antibacterial soap. I know it's still early in the healing process, so some swelling is still there, especially in the lower belly. I know it'll take some time for that to go down, so I'm not rushing it. I emailed Kim yesterday to ask if Dr. Young repaired muscles below my belly button, because it seems to pooch out more. She replied back and told me that he did and that it does take that part a little longer to heal and absorb. Thankful for Kim! She is always on it and answers any questions I have.

One month update

I can't believe it's been a whole month! I've only laid in bed 3 nights now. I was so afraid at first to lay down, I'm sleeping with pillows under my legs as it pulls my upper stomach. I was cleared to lay down 2 weeks ago, but I didn't think I could get out of bed on my own.
So, my stomach looks amazing. The right side of the incision looks flat and perfect. The left side, not so much though. It's kind of bumpy and sore. Not sure if I have a dog eat forming there. Not sure what that is about. But I'll address it the next time I go see Dr. Young. It's healing nicely. The boobs are dropping and getting softer each and every day. The swelling on both areas are going down. I am still wearing compression garments all day, besides showering. I've also lost some weight. Like 9 pounds! I think it's muscle loss. I am hoping to get back into an exercise routine as soon as I can. Since the muscle tightening I know I can't eat that few extra bites, so that might be why too.
I'm still sad I can't do the things I need to do. I'm not one who asks for help, but I've learned to since the makeover. I'm ready to go swimming! Ahhhh! Lol! I can't wait!
I'll upload some new pictures later.


1 month PO. Sorry about the dirty mirror.
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