Lip Lift with Dr. Horndeski-Sugar Land, TX***Not worth it***

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I'm considering getting this procedure done. Will...

I'm considering getting this procedure done. Will travel if needed but would rather stay close to home. Any recommendations? I would like a surgeon who has experience with this procedure, it seems the more they do the better the outcomes. It would also be ideal to have it done close to home in case there were any issues.

Lip lift scheduled for Nov 6th

So I have scheduled my lip lift and put my deposit down. I'm so excited for this. Reading all of the reviews have been very helpful. So far Dr. Horndeski and his staff have been very friendly and helpful. I like that he does this procedure a lot and that the reviews say his staff is very attentive.


The space between my nose and upper lip is 18mm. In my consultation with Dr. Horndeski I told him I would like 5mm removed from the center. He said 8-9mm will be removed on the sides, if I remember correctly. I will need to start preparing soon by reading reviews of others who have had this done and paying attention to their tips and suggestions. I've read that people take Arnica to help keep down the bruising, I'm wondering if that really helps.

My lip lift date is less than a week away...

I have to say I'm feeling very, very nervous. This will be my very first procedure ever and I'm scared. It helps to get on this site and see all the great outcomes other people have had.

Well, I did it!

Laying here in the hotel room, what an experience! Not going to post too much right now since I'm feeling a bit out of it and in pain. I did take a pic of the markings like someone had requested. I will update again soon!


Here's my first after pic. They aren't lying about the 2nd day swelling, woah...It was in my cheeks and lower face.

Day three

I still have some major swelling, wondering when that will start to resolve a bit. I am sleeping on my back in an upright position so I hope that is going to help. The pain is much better now. I'm not taking the hydrocodone anymore. Eating is not an easy task, I think I've lost weight since Friday. Dr. Horndeski's nurse said to limit chewing (and all moving of the mouth) so I've only been eating soft foods like oatmeal, applesauce and pudding. I do hope I am feeling close to normal tomorrow. Will update with another picture tomorrow.

Day 8...

I would say that I am 70% on the side of saying "worth it". There are some issues that I hope resolve and I know not to make a final judgement until the swelling has gone away and everything has settled down. The right side is still lower that the left. Dr. Horndeski identified that and I was hoping he would be able to even that out a bit, though I sometimes think that the juvederm I received in August made it look uneven where it didn't have that before. Took the stitch out yesterday and I am hoping that the incision will start looking better. I have compared my healing to other reviews on here and I feel that I am way behind and looking worse on day 8 than most of the other reviews. I did measure today and it is at 13mm which I love!
Looking forward to seeing how this turns out and hoping I will say a resounding WORTH IT!

3 Weeks

So, at this point I am not very happy with my lip lift results. As you can see in the pictures the right side and the left side do not match at all! A major factor of beauty is symmetry and I do not have that at all! My lip slopes down on the right and my nostril slopes down also. Like I have said before, prior to the juvederm I got in August my lips/mouth were even. I think she put too much on the left and not enough on the right. Dr. Horndeski noticed the unevenness and pointed it out to me. He never said whether he thought it was because of the juvederm. I'm wondering if he thought there was an uneven amount of space between the right and left side of my mouth why he didn't lift the right side a bit higher because now there is an even bigger difference. It actually makes me sick to even look at it. I'm happy with the change in space between my nose and mouth compared to before the surgery but know I have the difference in the way my lips look so it's a wash, and it cost me almost 4,000 dollars with meds/hotel/airfare thrown in. My only hope at this time is that the lopsided-ness is because of the juvederm from August and when that finally dissipates it will be more even. Until then I am just going to be patient and not fixate on it. I guess if it doesn't resolve I can always go get juvederm on the right side to even it up. Until then I am saying definitely NOT worth it.
Also, does anyone know if the nasal distortion goes back to normal?

what my lips used to look like....

This picture is from about 3 years ago. They are not uneven or crooked. I really hope it's just the left over Juvederm that has whacked them out.

Almost five weeks out

I like the reduction in space between my nose and lips. I like the healing of my scar. What I'm not happy with is the pulled down stretched out nostril and the assymmetry of my top lip (In these pics I've evened it out with lip liner)

Nasal distortion resolving?

Don't know if I'm imagining it but I think my right nostril may be going back to normal.

Another pic

6 weeks

Went to a Christmas party today so I was in the mood to take some pics. Happy with the distance and I feel that the nostril that was distorted is moving slowly back to normal. The difference in the symmetry of my lips is still bothering me but I have an appointment to get some juvederm to even them out.

Scar up close

I use foundation with a beauty blender to hide my scar. I'll take a pic with no makeup on soon.

Scar w/o makeup

11 weeks out

Kind of feeling like this may be my last update on the lip lift. My feelings about it are mixed. I feel now that he pulled one side up farther than the other. I know for awhile I was hoping that it was left over filler that was making the difference, but I did go a couple of weeks ago to get some juvederm in the hopes that it would even it out. It did a little bit but I still notice a difference. Honestly, I see it more in pictures than I do when I look in the mirror. I think our brains even everything out when we look in the mirror so when I see certain pictures I'm shocked with how lopsided my lips look. Also there is still a little bit of nasal distortion. I try not to take too many pictures and then I am happy with my results, lol. I think maybe in a year or so I may go back for a revision. Take off another 4mm and have them even it up. Not sure if I would go back to Horndeski though. I am going to post two full face pictures but will take them down soon. I can easily fix the lopsidedness with lipstick/lipliner. My measurement is still holding at 14mm and I am happy with that. I remember during my consultation, Dr. Horndeski said not to expect perfection....well, that was good advice. I feel like it was a trade off. Some things gained, some things lost.

A before pic

Not a lot of head on pictures to choose from. This was one week before procedure.
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