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I like many of you have had a large chest since...

I like many of you have had a large chest since hitting puberty. I have always wanted smaller breasts but knew that if I ever had children I would want to breastfeed. So, my little one is weaned and now it is time for me to relieve my back and shoulders with a reduction.

My surgery is on January 26th at 11am. With the date being less than a week away my emotions have run the gambit but I keep coming back to being excited about having it done. I have read many posts on the RealSelf site and it has helped me know what to expect from the surgery and recovery.

Thank you so much to those that have gone before me for sharing your experience. It has helped me greatly. I will add photos soon.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I have a day full...

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I have a day full of getting ready. I have a two year old that will be staying with a friend on the day of my surgery and I want some order to the house so it's not harder than it needs to be on my husband. He will be taking care of me and the little one. My SO gets a gold star. He is the best.

My procedure is outpatient so I will be home tomorrow evening and I go to the PS to get my drains out on Friday.

I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I've had a C-section but have never been under general anesthesia. I've been calling all my loved ones "just in case". I know it's silly but you can never tell people you love them too often.

Oh, and I guess some sizes would help. I am a 36 I and I'm hoping for a C but want to avoid a FNG so I'll take a D if that's what it takes. MY PS said he would take me down as small as he could with out doing the FNG. Did any of you take pictures with you as reference? If you did, was it helpful?

Thanks so much for reading. Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow.

I had my surgery on Thursday January 26th. I am...

I had my surgery on Thursday January 26th. I am now on my second day post op. The whole experience was really good. I had my procedure done at Shawnee Mission Surgery Center. The staff there was amazing. Courteous, friendly and very professional. They answered all my questions without rushing, even taking a moment or two to put me at ease with a joke or kind word. If you are in the KC, MO area and need surgery, this facility is tops.

OK, so here is how the day went down.

We arrived at the surgery center around 9:30am. They did all my insurance stuff and after a little bit my husband and I went back. I changed into a gown, the nurse did my IV and I talked with the anesthesiologist. They took my vitals and we waited for Dr. Dillow.

Dr. Dillow came in, chatted with me and my husband for a few minutes. He put me at ease and answered some last minute questions I had. Then me marked me up and gave his estimates on how much he thought he was going to take from each side. He was thinking between 700 and 800 grams each.

The nurse then gave me something to relax me and it was time to say goodbye to my husband and go back. When they wheeled me into the surgery suite, I noted that they were playing "Lookin' Out My Back Door" by CCR. Next thing I know I was waking up in recovery and my husband was there. It was about 3:30pm. I stayed in recovery until about 5pm then went home. I could tell the difference in my chest as soon as I woke up. The PS told my husband that he took 780 grams from my left and 830 grams from my right.

My pain has been minimal so far, mostly pressure and itching from the pain meds. I went the next morning and had my drains taken out and was fitted with a FOTL bra. The spots were my drains were still hurt a little but that is going away.

I was feeling pretty good and there was a JCPenny's on the way home so we stopped and bought a couple of the zip front sports bras that they sell. I am so glad that I did. Very comfortable. I pretty much spent the rest of the day hanging out reading and watching movies.

I woke up this morning and was feeling a sore in my abs. The same feeling as when you do too many situps. I think it's from trying to not use my arms to move or brace myself.

I just finished up a shower and had a wonderful peanut butter protein shake made my my husband. I've been drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. Eating pineapple and using ice packs for the swelling. I also have been eating steamed eggs, chicken and protein shakes, but really I haven't been too hungry.

Here's the TL:DR - Surgery went great. Boobies feel and look great. I'm feeling, generally, pretty good. Minimal pain. Do not regret it at all.

I am now just a little over two weeks post op and...

I am now just a little over two weeks post op and I feel pretty good. I have resumed mostly life as normal with a few modifications. My PS released me to "use reason" with activities and lifting. My breasts are shaping up nicely. My right breast looks like it is bigger when actually it is just set a little lower. I'm hoping that they will even out a little.

The PS removed my steri-strips at my one week checkup and was very pleased with my healing. I have to apply polysporin twice a day for two weeks, then I can start scar massage after that. Sports bra 24 hours a day until my 5 week checkup then I should be cleared to wear normal bras.

I'm trying to eat a clean diet with lots of veg and lean protein. I'm drinking at least 64 ounces of water, if not more, a day.
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