52 and Ready to Be Rid of Saline Implants, Under Local , No Lift - Kansas City, MO

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First thank you so much to all of you have posted...

First thank you so much to all of you have posted your stories and pics on this site. It has given me courage and helped me to learn, and for that i am forever grateful to the brave ladies who post here. I'm not brave enough to post a pic yet, but I will try to work up to it. After 11 years, my saline implants are coming out! That old Frank Sinatra song , "I gotta be me..." was all I could think of as I drove home from the PS office today. I started out an A cup, and am now a 36D and ready to feel lighter and less matronly. I am post menopause and about 30 pounds heavier than when I got them put in. I sed to run, do tons of Pilates and had a svelte frame back then and was still not confident with my appearance. In So. Calif. where I used to live, so many gals have breast augmentation. Anyway, I did it too, and immediately regretted it. It hurt so bad! I recall sitting up in bed the night of my BA and tears streaming down my face saying "what did I do!". Anyway, fast forward 11 years, and tops don't fit me right, my boobs get in the way of my arms moving properly (sounds weird but its true), they are heavy and I find myself holding them if I have to run downstairs. It's ridiculous. I am older and don't want to face a surgery in my 60s or 70s, so now when I am healthy and well I am taking care of business. I suspect that my neck, shoulders and upper back are going feel better after this is done too. I won't lie...I am nervous. Even though I know this is what I want to do, I'm wondering what the end result will be. I am not getting a lift, and am doing the removal under local. I didn't think I would want that, but I am really happy with the option now. My capsules a very soft, so my PS thinks this should be fine. What a blessing. I am scheduled for 3 months from now, a week before my 53rd birthday. Happy Birthday to me. :)

tomorrow is the day!

I am sitting here and thinking wow...tomorrow is the day I get my implants out. Just wanted to say thanks again to all of you ladies who posted here and gave me the courage to go through with this. I am looking forward to it being over with and letting the healing begin. A tad bit nervous, but those who have posted that they had the removal under local said it was pretty much a breeze so that makes me feel a lot better. See ya on the other side!!!!

2 and half weeks after explant

The procedure was pretty easy honestly. The recovery has been way easier than getting the implants in. I never took any of the Norco and just took 600mg of Advil every 8 hours for the first few days and a Valium a few times to help me sleep and stay relaxed. The incision sites look really good so far, but are sore. I have been massaging with lotion, coconut oil etc. as the nurse suggested. What is hard to figure out is how to keep the bottom band of a soft bra from rolling up onto the incision. I put gauge pads under the band initially and that was ok at first. Now I am wearing a super soft cotton tank top first, and then the bra on top of that. Genius!!! So far today this feels the best and seems to be keeping the bra band from rolling up. Yay! I tend to do too much too fast, as I am kind of impatient...but I felt so awesome about a week after the explant that I cleaned my house, went for a long, went grocery shopping and ended up really sore in my chest. I have since dialed it back a lot. My chest muscles are a bit angry and my breasts are a bit sore, but I haven't taken any Advil, so not unbearable. Still tired easily. But here's all the good news...upper back and neck pain is GONE...the bumps on the back of my arms are GONE. And, I am totally fine with having smaller breasts. Not bummed out at all. In fact, I just feel like my old self. I know I have a way to go and the look will change as the skin retracts over time, but overall I am so happy I did it. Wondering how long it has taken others of us to get back to the gym. Just going for a walk still makes me sore, so I am not ready yet. Thanks again to all on here who gave me the courage to do the explant. I am forever grateful.

Cotton tank tops have saved me post explant!

I may have mentioned this before, but my incisions and my rib cage were so sore from the sports bra band at the bottom rolling up onto my incisions that I tried everything...gauge pads (didn't work well enough), different sports bras (what a waste of time!). Then I had the genius idea of using first aid tape to tape the bra band to my skin at the bottom to keep it from rolling up. It worked great...but I forgot that I have a reaction to medical tape and I broke out in a rash. Aaaaargh! Ok, so next idea was to wear a soft cotton tank top first, then put the bra over that thinking it would keep the band from rolling/creeping up under my breasts. It worked! I haven't gone a day without one yet. just a soft summer cotton tank...not the kind with a shelf bra I, or ribbed..just soft plain cotton like you would throw on in the summer for a shirt. I am 3.5 wks post explant and healing up really well. But my incisions get irritated if anything rubs on them so I am still doing my undershirt. Who cares! As long as I am comfortable.
Dr. Paul Leahy

I picked the perfect doctor and his team to do my explant surgery. I went to 3 other consults, 2 in LA where I used to live and one other here in KC. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Leahy right away, as he listened and heard me when I said I did not want to replace my implants and wanted to know if we could do the explant under local. His easy going personality and confidence made me know that this was the right guy for the job! His nurse Emilyn, was a huge help and answers all of my crazy questions. The staff at Monarch Plastic Surgery is super helpful and friendly and it is just an easy going atmosphere. The day of the explant I was a bit nervous, but Dr. Leahy talked me through it, step by step while he was doing it, which made me feel much better. He is calm, caring and just a nice guy. I would highly recommend him. And I am very picky.

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