Bellafill is Not SAFE

Bellafill is not a safe product and should not be...

Bellafill is not a safe product and should not be on the market. I had no idea when the product was placed in my face that i was getting acrylic put in my face. It's been a huge medical crisis and has cost me thousands of dollars so far. The only way to get my infection to go away was to have the product removed. Which, I chose a minimally invasive procedure in Italy where the product had to be melted out of my face. Suneva medical has done absolutely nothing to help me correct the problem. IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED A COMPLICATION PLEASE CALL THE FDA! We have to help others make informed decisions. I still need an additional removal and reconstructive surgery. Doctors, please think about this. If there is a complication it's major. I think any provider who uses the product should have to see the consequences of complications. Silicon used off label is easier to remove than this product. Don't risk it. Even though Suneva advertises the product as being a 5 year s a permanent filler. Permanent filler equals permanent problems. Even years down the road. File your reports with the FDA, so further safety measures can be taken on this horrible product.
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