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So I have finally picked my Dr...Dr Barnthouse......

So I have finally picked my Dr...Dr Barnthouse....I am a little iffy on the size and type of breasts I am going for...I felt good with 450.s but the doc said 500's...so I will let my hubby pick....Also I am more concerned with getting rid of this flapping skin I have. Typical story I was a big teenager...lost weight...gained weight..lost weight...had my 1 and only daughter 13 months ago gained back all the weight and got it off within 6 months...Thank god...crazy thing is I weigh the same but my bootie is as wide as a house..I picked the lower body lift bc I need work in all areas tummy hips buttox...I am nervous and have several months to prepare mentally and around the house...I will have my aunt with me for 2 weeks...then my husband is home for 10 days to help with baby while I get back to work on day 15..I take my baby to work with me but 23-25 lbs picking up I think is a no! No! So he will do the lifting for me:) (love him) i will go in later this month to pick size of implants...I.m going with gel...not sure why I just am..I am so embarrassed of my before pics that I took that I don.t want to post them...but I will eventually...I need to take some more...I have been randomly taking pics with clothes on and I can.t wait to see what clothes will look like later...I wonder what size i will be..I.m a size 12 now...

The dreaded before pics

Well here they are...I can.t wait till all that skin is gone...and I don.t have to tuck it in...I have never had a flat tummy...and never been thin...The last time I was in a single digit size was when I was 10 years old...I.m praying I can get to a size 9...I never had these hips till I had my precious baby...I want all the fat and skin gone!!!!


So I came to the realization today that I have never had a pair of panties lay right on me....they always roll up into my fat roll then I have to unroll them several times a day...I wonder where my panties will even lay after I get my body lift....hmmm...When I was at my Dr he pulled them up near my hip bones and it made me wonder if that's where they are supposed to sit...kinda sad my stomach and hips eat my panties...lol...

the mind battle....

So I went from battling my weight to battling others opinions to battling my own thoughts about the money I have worked so hard to save for (it's literally taken me 5 years) i battle myself bc I could use this $ for a large down payment for a house of my own or gem skin cut off...and I continue to say take the skin!!!! (What do they do with it btw?) My brother told me yesterday "oh I forgot u are broke bc you are saving for a tummy tuck" then proceeded to say "now really how important is that"...wow...did that really happen...yes it did....I never ask to borrow money I always by my nieces and nephews nice presents for birthdays and christmas....I really didn.t deserve that comment....or how about the comments of "what happens if you get an infection"...Wow everyone is so positive...so I have decided to only speak to my mom husband and aunt (who will take care of me and my baby) then I battle how my daughter will react when I can.t pick her up... (I have been with her 24-7 since day one) she has only spent 2 days without me recently for as vacation I went on to see how she would react....she clung to me the first 24 hours when I came home...after that she was fine...she needed mama's love...luckily my husband is my #1 supporter But at the end of the day needs reassurance that I won.t leave him due to him still being 270 and me getting my skin removed...I love him large...I wouldn.t/couldn.t and have never been with a thin man...it's just not attractive to me ...I was supposed to take my husband to pick out boobie size when he was home for the few days on October but were ran ragged when he was home due to the vacation we took...so my next appointment with the dr is nov...22 I think...he will take pre-op pics answer the rest of my questions...and I will possibly add a breast lift to my procedure...doc said he could get by without one...but I really like how a lift makes the breast look....For now I will stay positive about this change I want in my life...I have overcome so many obstacles in life...I want to wear a form fitting shirt I want....I want the saddlebags to be even out...one is so much larger than the other...I want my middle to match my arms and legs....I lifted weights with my nephew yesterday it was alot of fun...taught the kid to do pull ups at the gym on the pull up machine (makes a pull up doable) wow i am sore today....anyway ladies I know of all the struggles u have or have had bc I am going thru it myself....good luck to all of you and my prayers are with all of you...xoxoxox


I have been waiting for my surgery and watching all of your updates and I am getting so excited!!!! Everyone's results are so amazing....I can.t wait to see the doc later this month (Nov 24) for final decisions and before pre-op pics! I love rs site!!! Everyone here is great!!! Thanks ladies!!!

getting things in order...

So my new furniture will be delivered this week (I got one hell of a deal at lazy boy a friend that worked there gave me her discount...woohoo!) So i will have 4 recliners to choose from during recovery... (I ordered the furniture 4 days before my consult so it's working out nice that it will be broke in by surgery time) has anyone covered the chair with plastic or something after surgery..I am not sure if I will have a mess with drains or not...
Also I got the yarn for the crochet project I will start post op...it's going to be a blanket for my baby ashleigh...oh she will love it...anyway I have 2 weeks until my next appointment with Dr barnthouse...I have alot more questions and i.m really thinking I should have a breast lift to...doc says he can make me look good without a lift...but man I don.t know...I really like the look of lifted breasts..but still gotta talk with Dr b...

Been thinking....

Well at first I wasn.t worried about my scar placement but the longer I have had to think about it ..the placement does really matter...I will talk to Dr b at next appointment and make sure he doesn.t pull my panties up on sides and that he can get the scar under my panty line...it makes me sick to think that I would pay all this $ and not be satisfied....of course I hate the extra skin but I want my cake and eat it to...skin gone and scar low...God I hope the doc isn.t offended by me pointing out my expectations...I wish the day would get here so I know if he can make what I want happen...

favorite jeans

I am a huge fan of silver jeans...these are my favorite pair...I can.t wait to see what jeans look like without this hanging over!!! See the doc Monday for final questions and before pics (surgery is still Jan 7) god I can.t wait for this to be gone... I have recently decided I am getting a breast lift to...I will make sure on Monday that doc will do it also!

answered questions

I am leaving dr barnthouse office now...I am so excited to tell you ladies that my husband helped me pick the size today...I am going with 400 cc and 375cc. Also I am getting a breast lift..I am so glad my husband helped me bc he knows me well and I was going a bit bigger than I Wanted for him...then he said baby I like the smaller ones bc you love to work out!!! So we will both be happy! I got all my prescriptions today! Paid my bill! And now I wait! Oh yea I will be a 36 d when it's all said and done!!! I am so happy right now!!! What else oh yea scar placement (I wore low rise bikini panties from vs) the doc said that he would mark me up in those and I have to give him an inch higher or lower but he would do his best to get it low! And the skin goes to waste management...so all the crazy thought I had were probably right (which is it's shipped over seas to the lowest bidder and I will stop there my sick mind thinks lots of things!)

prepping around the house

I am still 1 month pre-op...but trying to prepare pineapple juice (lots of it! )
Arnica tablets
Smooth move tea
Lots of protein bars and shakes.
I am still looking for something to cover the furniture and bed with for my drains in case they leak
I can.t remember what they are called...any suggestions?


Oh I wish I knew what size I would be after my surgery. victorias secrets has a great sell right now...lol

making myself sick...

So I have to stay extremely busy or I start getting sick to my stomach. The doc gave me Xanax for anxiety but i.m still 3 weeks out so I should be fine but I am not. I get sick thinking of the scar placement and the money and healing... $hit...i.m sitting here at work wondering what I will look like and damn why does the doc I picked put the scars so high. I wore panties that I could live with the scar under during my last consult and I am literally freaking out thinking it's going to be higher than that. I am literally sick to my stomach. If I tell my husband he will tell me then just don.t do it but I have to do it! Bc I want to be able to be bent over the bed and not be distracted by my gut(sorry for the visual)...jesus! I.m sick...

need more projects!

Well I was going to start my babies blanket during recovery and was going so crazy that I started it already (to pass time!) & it's almost done...just have to put her name across the top Ashz...

one sz smaller

O.k. so I got my bikini bottoms to wear from victoria secret but I got it 1 sz smaller than I currently am. Bc the doc will remove so much skin and that is where I will want my scar...has anyone done that...bc I bet he takes 12 - 10 lbs of skin...

lifted up my skin

O.k. I tried my bikini low rise bottoms on yesterday and my hubby said those don.t look to small...lmao anyway when I lift my skin up the bottoms lay so perfectly and my hips will be gone...omg if I can wear this swim suit (or any 2 piece) then I will kiss the doc! My husband loves the bikini! I.m so excited right now 16 days girls! Xoxox Happy holidays!

holding drains?

What has everyone used to hold drains? I bought gauze with tape on it to hold them is this a good idea?

5 days and a wake up...

Dear jesus...I have been up since 5 a.m. organizing every drawer in every room...cleaning, online shopping, more cleaning...I AM SO NERVOUS...EVER THING HAS TO BE IN ORDER... (even the junk drawer got cleaned...wtf!) My bag for hospital Is starting to get packed....i.m ready for the xanax and a bottle of wine... (just kidding I don.t drink lol) I am sure with 2 more days off (this weekend) i.m going to be even worse this weekend...come on Wednesday get here so I can get this over with!!! Excited but frantic!!!

last minute changes

I was frantic after talking, reading, & trying on bikinis. So I called drs office to try sizers in one last time. This time when I went in I knew exactly what I wanted. Same sz breasts just full or a tad over full. What started at 500 cc at 1st visit came down to 275-300 cc today. 2nd visit we went to 400.s but they still make me look top heavy which defeats the purpose to me. The doc listened and he gave me exactly what I wanted. I go in for surgery at 6a.m. on wednesday and now I am 110 percent ready and could not be more excited and comfortable with my decision. I have been a mess for days but Rs sisters I AM SO FREAKIN STOKED RIGHT NOW!!! Word of advice if you don.t feel comfortable go back and work it out with doc! I love dr b... I love wendy...they wanted me happy and last minute fixed my worries!!!

It's my turn!!!

Tomorrow is my day...fully prepared. Going in to hospital at 5:45 meeting doc at 6:00 the nurses get there @ 6:30. And surgery is scheduled for 8a.m. it's a 10 hour surgery and my mum :) will come see me afterwards. I am so excited!!!!!! See ya on the flatside friends...xoxox!!!!

I am alive

Med kicking in again. Surgery was all of 10 hrs I am pushing pump button every 10 mis...will update X when I cab

staples removed

Doc stopped by to remove staples and I got a glimpse.. my scar is extremely low exactly what I wanted...dr b is awesome! I.m supposed to get up and walk around now...excited about that.

day 4

First 2 days were hard hiccups. Eating was minimal. Meds made me nauseated (had them changed)but I still got up and it gets easier every time. It is hard tho. I am getting up and down out of my recliner just fine. My aunt is reclining it for me. I itch alot. I can.t see anything at this point and o.k. with that. The scar is extremely low tho. Boobs are not to big. I.m sorry I haven.t had energy to message personally. I get headaches severely and the light bothers my eyes. I.m good thanks for all your support.

Good morning.

I am up ate breakfast did dishes. Been hanging out with my baby my light. God I miss her so much it makes me tear up. I woke up last night with blood coming from 2 of 6 drains. Called doc said it's o.k. just pulled a stitch during the night. Going to give myself a sponge bath. I have been in hospital gown since I got home. I feel staples everywhere. No pain meds since 2a.m. it's now 8.30 I do take advil. Dr said it's o.k. for my headaches. Drank smooth move tea and it didn.t work yet. Guess I should have more. Uuugh. Other than that today is my best day yet. I.m ready to get at it. But instead i.m going to lay back down. Xoxox

4 days evening.

I ate normally today. Took 1 30 minute nap. Sponge bath. Aunt washed my hair. Feeling good. I pray my staples come out tomorrow. I think 2 of 6 drains will come out been in my recliner hanging with family all day. There is so much love coming my way. And people say the damndest stuff about me being tough. Laughing has been the hardest part. God it hurts but laughter heals faster. Still no bowel movement after 2 days of smooth move tea so I took mom tonight. Hoping that works. Lots of bruises popping up. Maybe I can post a pic tomorrow goodnight rs!

bowel movement

5:30 . Been up 4 times. IN the night to walk. To sit on toilet and "concentrate" my dear husband's tactic...lol. made coffee and drinking it. I feel it moving around in there. I also itch pretty good. Sign of healing I massage my breasts and legs to get blood flow going it just feels good.
Goal for today...1.bowel movement 2.to see the doctor (hoping to get 2 drains out& these damn staples) 3. To get my jewlery back in my piercings. It's on the lady parts and I was to out of it at hospital to have them put it back in. I.ve had it for years but i.m afraid it might have closed up. My goodness today sounds like an exhausting day. Will update again after I see doc this afternoon. If I have enough energy. I.ve tried putting pics on with no success.

marked up

Hoping this will upload. I will have more pics soon I hope.

goals accomplished!

I had a bowel movement.
Got staples out.
Got piercing back in.
2 drains removed!!!
Doc said looks good standing good. Low scar. And I am happy! Almost 12 lbs of skin and fat removed!


Did so much yesterday that all I can do is rest today! Gotten up to eat twice. Take antibiotics and That is it. I am in the recliner in my room. Resting. I did have my coffee yesterday which was probably they key to getting kick started yesterday. Anyway the best thing this past 6 days is homemade soup. It warms me up fills me up and is very digestable. Everything else has seemed hard to eat besides fruit and eggs. I normally drink water nonstop but milk has been my choice at meal times. I have several gallons of pineapple juice in there but it's to sweet. Can.t get that down. Happy healing! I pray all of you are doing well. Xoxox

tight binder

So the day got better and better but as the night came my binder keeps getting tighter and tighter. Swelling I guess. It is so tight it is annoying...I haven.t done much but lay around, dishes, meals, mostly things that consist of sitting...I use bromelain and arnicare tabs...even forced myself to drink pineapple juice...I hope it goes down they the night...good night.

worked 8 hours today

Well I know it sounds crazy but I went to work at 5:30 a.m. got off at 1:30 p.m. I have an office job. I work on the computer and phone and I can honestly say the hardest part was driving 30 mins each direction to work. I took a pillow and sat on it. Kicked my feet up every chance I got. After work I came home sponge bath washed my hair ate and now recliner again. My day gets a little hectic bc I normally take my 15 month old with me. But luckily my aunt is still here and she watched her. It made my day 20 times easier than normal. My toush got a little achy. But all in all I had a productive day at work. I will see how I feel in the morning as to whether I will go to work or stay home. I have to say I did not make a full 10 hours like normal. I had to leave to give myself enough energy to take care of hygiene when I got home. Also I was able to wear my p.j. pants and zip up hoodie...yes I looked rough but who wants to spend 2 weeks of vacation sitting on computer at home when I could save 1 week vacation and go to work to be on computer. And make money at the same time...i want to spend my 2nd and 3rd weeks vacation on a warm beach. Not at home in a recliner without my husband. Everyone says it's to early but I feel fine. Yes a tad sore but nothing out of the norm. I am supposed to call doc tomorrow to tell him my drain #'s so we can see when 2 more drains will come out. It is possible. I was nervous about going in but once I finished I was like...I got this!!!!!


I have 4 drains left. Called doc with numbers this morning and I have an appointment for Monday. I was really hoping to get 2 out tomorrow and 2 out next week...one drain is less than 20 ml in 24 hours...the other 3 are above 60...shoot. just ready for them to come out so I can take a long hot shower. Also I am scared to undo my binder. Bc I know if I redid it I would not have it as tight as doc made it. I.m being a cry baby. But man at least pull the one. It will make me feel like progressing.

slept in bed last night.

So at 8 days post op I slept in my bed for 2 hours then in my recliner for the remainder of the night. I think that I got better sleep in recliner bc i was trying to stretch to much.
Went to work again today. All I know is sitting on tail bone hurts. Not when sitting but as I try to get up. Ouch. Not much change. Energy level increases daily. But falls short if I am in need of food.

pain pills

So the only time I have taken pain pills is when the swelling gets bad which is at night before bed. I get very irritable and can.t get comfortable so I will take just 1 pill and it makes the uncomfortable feeling go away completely. I went grocery shopping by myself today. And at checkout picking up items one by one and packing them back in cart, then into car, then into house and put up. Wow I would have rather gone to work. Needless to say i'm resting and plan to go to early dinner (yes in yoga pants and hoodie to the plaza lmao)...when I told my brother I was going he laughed. I said keep laughing and i.ll show up with my walker and my open back hospital gown...my brother saw me for the first time yesterday since surgery and his comment was you haven't been this small since you were 17. Then he threw paper towel roll at me and I didn.t catch it....it doubled me over when it hit my stomach...lol...gotta love brothers! My 4 drains are 45 ml and less so i.m praying they all come out in the morning!!! Happy healing...and i. so grateful to have done this for myself! If and when in doubt...I can reassure you it's worth every dime...every ache...every anxious moment!

3 drains left

1st of all yesterday exhausted me. Grocery shopping then out to dinner was to much. I really feel exhausted today.
Went to the doc thinking all my drains would come out but he only pulled 1...i.m supposed to call ps with numbers tomorrow. If to high I will call again wednesday. It bummed me out a bit bc l am ready to shower. But have to wait ... i.m at home in recliner reading book all day.

drain output

I called doc today about drain output. They said still to high and call tomorrow. So I asked what I am doing wrong. I asked if moving to much or not enough. I was told your drain output has nothing to to do with activity level. Which makes sense bc I went to work 3 days last week and the output is similar to when I rested 4 days straight. Anyway I will call again tomorrow. I told doc I went to work last week 3 days he said it's fine bc it's not effecting my healing. Healing is going good. My husband comes home tomorrow and will see me for the first time. (I just wished I could have had a real shower before he came home!) I know the scale is the enemy but I jumped on there anyway and i.m down 6 lbs and that was at the end of the day! So that made my day. Thank god for all the people that have helped me the past 2 weeks!

drains removed

Doc took last 3 drains today. Told me I can shower now. That everything looks good. I felt like I could stand a little straighter today! Doc is emailing me my before pics. .omg wait to you see the difference I will post them as soon as I get them! I cried when we compared in mirror today! I got the drains out with 1 hour to spare before I get my husband! I am soooo happy...my scar is low. Boobs not to big....and all the skin is gone! Oh yea going back to get permanent eyeliner later this year!!! I love my doc!!!

2 week post op pics

Keep in mind i took these after a long day! Swollen and hunched over.

2nd attempt to upload pics

more pics

cleared by ps

21 days post-op. Ps cleared me to pick up my baby 26lbs. Cleared me to exercise. Cleared me for sex as long as I wasn.t in pain. Cleared to wear spanx. Next appointment is in 6 weeks! I am so glad to get into spanx compared to the compression garmet. It was a huge step for me. Although the first hour felt weird like my stomach protected. Anyway I am still really swollen and swell more with exercise. I had been Taking 1 vicodin in the afternoon to get me threw 6 more hours of day without lashing out on someone (cranky bc I was uncomfortable) ...and today was the first day I went without vicodin in the afternoon. My hubby leaves on saturday so my routine will hit again in a couple days. It's been so nice having him help me with everything! I do get very tired by 2p.m. and hoping to get full energy back soon. I will take and post pics saturday or Sunday when there is more time. My breasts seem uneven but ps says they will drop and look better! I am excited about that! I will try clothes on tomorrow bc with my cg on last week I was stuck wearing sweats.

updated pics

I am still swollen. Lipo areas are still tender to the touch. Doc said all the lipo areas will slim down even more, so back, upper abs, back bra line area, inner and outer thighs. I am same weight as when I went into surgery. Breasts look uneven bc one has dropped the other hasn.t yet. And started using scar gaurd (the paint on kind) and I could literally see a difference in the scar after one application...very impressed with scargaurd.

2nd try pics

One breast has dropped one has not. So they look lopsided but will change. Scar gaurd changed my scar after 1 application. Very impressed with it.

feeling great

Well not even 5 weeks out. And it's amazing how the body has healed so quickly!!!! I am so thankful for everything! I get shooting pain maybe once or twice a week but all in all i am great! The swelling keeps going down!!! I have intentions below my hip bones and above!!!!!!

pic didn.t upload

2nd try

Victorias secret

So I went and got measured for bras at victorias secret. And they measure me at 36dd. (Which I did not want to go over a d) anyway I tried on dd and it did not fit right. So I tried the d and it was perfect!!! And I just realized that I have a before and after pic with the same pair of panties on that I will post tomorrow. Such a huge difference! Also I want to thank everyone on rs that has supported , encouraged, & complimented me threw my journey...I hope you are healing all are healing well! Good night

5 weeks post op

Some before and now pics the black panties I am wearing in first pic are the same panties from the 1st pics I posted when I started account. I also took before and after measurements but have not had time to post yet.

happy with results.

a couple months post op and very happy. No pain. Swell sometimes. I went in for post op today. Doc said still should see some areas in my back change. He said since I wanted and got my scar so low I will always have a slight roll look. But I am k. with that. My pant size is a 30. And top size Is still large (medium is to short on my torso) everything fits better shirts underwear. I bought a maxi skirt and a crop top!!!!
One thing I did ask doc about was my back fat near bra line (it's better than it was but still have back boobs) recommended an extended brachioplasty and a medial thigh lift. I really doubt I do either one. But I do want to know the cost. Anyway sorry I have been so busy and couldn.t update sooner. I hope all of you are healing well! I will post pics as soon as I free up space on my phone!!!

It's been to long.

Hey friends! I know this post is very long over due....my life got back to normal and extremely busy! I lovey results I can pick out any dress and jeans and look good in it! I work out when I can. Finally got to wear I can do pull ups (assisted on machine or with bands) but my implants don't feel like they are ripping out anymore! I went tanning yesterday and kept my scars covered. Wow I got burnt (very odd) anyway I have been begging the hubby to take some pics of me to update and I think we will get it done tonight. I hope all of you are healing well And those who are waiting all the pain and money is so worth it! Of course there are more spots I want fixed but I can live with myself the way I am now....pics coming soon! Xoxoxox!


Went to the movies in a new striped (yes I can wear stripes now, first time ever) as I was walking in to movies with my husband (in an extremely upscale neighborhood) a pan handler said to my husband "wow son did you put a ring on it!" We both laughed and I said "oh he did and a big one!" Needless to say that pan handler of all people made me feel so beautiful....on top of my husband saying "yes she is with me!" What a great day. I am so swollen that I look pregnant. Yes I still swell. Do I care? Hell no! What a great day. I promise pics are coming!

one pic

Here is a pic of a new dress. I am extremely swollen today (popcorn @ the movies) I will take more when I wake up tomorrow!


Sometimes I think are those abs I see?

one more pic

I have been so busy that my workout schedule which was 7 days a week has turned to 2 days. I had to start taking my 19 month old daughter to daycare 2 months ago so on top of a 10 hour day it now takes 50 mins each direction to work. Cuts in to my work out time. (Husband works out of town)Anyway I will one day figure out a new schedule and work on my remaining problem areas but for now this is me.
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

So Dr Barnthouse is amazing. He answered all of my questions completely and honestly. He did not rush me at all. My husband and baby were allowed in the room to go over my questions and sizing options. The staff miss Diane and Wendy are very nice and thorough. I am glad I picked dr barnthouse. At the end of the visit he said he is excited to do this surgery and that it will change my life!!! I believe him..I felt like he cared as much about this as I do...after surgery dr b surpassed all my expectations. He is skilled in his work listened to every detail and gave me exactly what he knew I wanted. Would recommend him to anyone. Even as I was panicking he was really listening. And made it all happen. Thanks doc!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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